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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.

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  2. OK. I am sure a Mod will clean this up. but you said you were sure that I didn't see it your way... how certain is that? Since moving back to Pattaya I have been quite shocked how total strangers think they have the right to ask you personal questions and have the right to comment on the answers. I haven't been a good person in the past. In fact I have been a naughty boy! I am pretty goddam sure that FBWU knows who I am. Kudos to him for not saying anything...
  3. Not the least bit certain, but some times cops go for what will definitely work even if the real motivation is a bit equivocal.
  4. I'm sure for many of the staff whether PBG re-opens or not is not important. They will move on and hopefully find new jobs elsewhere. If PBG re-opens in 5-7 months time, they will have already settled into their new lives.
  5. You are sure about something that happened to me 22 years ago and my attitude towards being incarcerated in IDC rather than a holding cell .... wow! Have we met? I am very open about my past and am extremely self critical but I'm confused as to how you are sure about a situation you didn't witness and about a person you have never met.
  6. How to put it, would a reasonable officer of the law thought you needed to be off the street and the lack of a passport provided convenient cover? Yes, I'm sure you didn't see it that way.
  7. I was talking of my own personal experience here in Thailand, recent. A pal of mine was pulled over last week and issued a ticket, no 'on the spot' fine. I was in town just a few hours ago and did not see any particular police presence. As you said, your experience was a long time ago and I believe what I read last night was fear mongering. I still would not trust any of them of course. But I have had few issues in recent times, getting pulled over is quite frequent, road blocks are common. It is how they do things rather than have a reason. Since there may well be another amnesty (still only a rumour) I do not expect police to be checking passports in Pattaya.
  8. To me it was the death of Wetherspoons on Buakhao when they got rid of the manager that brought in Kastel beers amongst others...Jeez I remember the place being regularly packed out especially at Christmas ....At least I still have my Donker glass that the staff gave me for free ...I wish I was 20 years younger and I would have snaffled away Ann many years ago ... but she is still there ...
  9. I notice more homeless people sleeping under the BTS stairwells, walking around lower sukhumvit, and fewer street vendors, but was able to find one to buy sunglasses. Soi 11 was very quiet. Had a burger for lunch at Daniel Thaigers, with a couple bottles of Rochefort 10%, and left my mask there. Didn't realize until they wouldn't allow me into Terminal 21. From now on, I'll carry a spare.
  10. I was not talking about you nor your experiences. In the past I've hired M/Cs and neither was I ever pulled in. But as I said I was referring to my ex pat pal's current observations, he's a keep fit merchant and goes out for a two hour mid morning walk every day so he sees what's going on. I myself as well as many others have seen the plod pulling in as many vehicles as they could between Tut Com and the Friendship Supermarket and in other locations all over Pattaya and I don't go out in the daytime very much. These motorists were not giving them any reason either as far as I could see and this was long before the current hard times were upon us all. The Pattaya police are notorious for many forms of extortion. They're even reputed to be involved in the jet ski scams. I would not even think of telling you what happened to a friend's belongings in his condo when he passed away in Pattaya, that was really unbelievable.
  11. When they start fining people for not carrying their passport around that will be the day that I and without doubt many others will call it a day with the Land of Scams. The plod are no longer getting money from the bars so they've had to find other sources for their beer money. My expat pal tells me on the phone they're pulling in falang motorists and motor cyclists for any minor or supposed infringement and issuing on the spot fines. He's also heard of their colleagues doing the same thing in BKK. And with smokers who throw their fag ends on the ground or light up in places where PC Plod considers that they shouldn't do so. They pulled these stunts long before Covid arrived on the scene so it can't be fear mongering to mention that they're still doing it now that hard times have arrived. Perhaps the BiB are not concerned about driving away ex pats and long termers. The plod must know that the jet setters really are on their way.
  12. With your narrative and clarity of the fantastic, crisp photos I would happily vote for this if there was a "Post of the year award"
  13. Apple Stores just recently reopened in US. I'm not sure if the classes & workshops have resumed yet but my guess is no.
  14. Back on topic I needed a new laptop, so headed to the Apple store at massive IconSiam mall, the first Apple store in Thailand. There's a free shuttle boat at Sathorn Pier, BTS Saphan Taksin. The journey takes 5 minutes, boats run every 20 minutes or so. Across the river from the mall is the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, rates start over 15,000/night. They have suites named after some of the famous writers that have been guests. They have the Gore Vidal suite, the Tennessee Williams suite, the Somerset Maughan suite, and best in the house is the Mark Twain suite. Others are named after Joseph Conrad, James Michener, and Norman Mailer. Hang out in the Bamboo Bar when the Rolling Stones are playing in town and you'll see Mick Jagger, because this is where they stay. You can see the Lebua at State Tower to the right, with the dome. They serve a special hangover 2 cocktail on the rooftop bar, inspired by the movie, since the hotel was a shooting location. IconSiam mall is over half million Square meters of retail space, it opened less than 2 years ago. Some impressive art work inside. Here's a statue made of hoses. Took a while to locate the Apple store. Also bought some vintage Levi's bluejeans in the Levi's store, as long as I was there. Finished the day with a seafood dinner with river prawns.
  15. Yup ..we have had this discussion before and I always say that I spent 3 weeks in Bangkok IDC ...A place that you should avoid ... All I can say beyond what has been said before is make sure that somebody knows where your passport is and has a legal right to enter your accommodation to get it .... .....but you would have already been in IDC a week or more...if they find you... (depending on what day you were lifted and public holidays in Thailand/Home country and what the visiting day for your embassy/catholic priest is) ... eating one chicken wing, one vegetable, one boiled egg, a handfull of rice every fucking meal every fucking day! Jacko I have to thank you...my daughter left a few months ago to find work in Bangkok.I need to make sure the lady I lay with knows where my passport is.......Bizarrely it was her that got me out of the shit more than 20 years ago ..( and charges of attempted murder suddenly disappeared - ....... Brian please note!)
  16. If it is October 31, just glad I did my last 90 day report on July 15, so I will avoid the next round of panicked hordes.
  17. Thanks Jacko. I'll give this a miss. Its more messing around than I am interested in and it will be at least 100,000 baht before I get a beer. There is also the issue that many of us don't live in cities and just sorting out the administration could be a bit of a minefield. While I am keen to get back to Thailand it would not be until the borders are open and things are back to near normal. I have accepted that this might be 2022 but what's on offer here (provisionally) has limited value for the average punter. Sent from my CPH1941 using Tapatalk
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  19. I'm sure it is ....I use my prick to measure prik ......
  20. A bit more about this new Visa. Don't take it as verbatim as it is early days yet. http://www.thailongstay.co.th/stv_visa.html
  21. I was involved in a discussion last night where I felt someone was fear mongering, saying the police in town will be asking to see passports and telling people to carry them. I am not sure immigration police have the resources or other police, like traffic police, will get involved, they are busy getting fines for minor driving infringements. Checking passports in the street has never been a Pattaya thing before, but a 2000 baht fine for not carrying it is often mentioned. Please let us not get into the 'I carry a laminated copy' blah blah that often comes from this topic. Make your own mind up if you want to carry your passport in these unique times.... personally I will not unless I get hassled, then I will comply, I take my pants off too often when in town!!!! There are rumours on Thai Visa of a further amnesty or Extension to Oct 31st, it ties in with extending the State of Emergency until then, so just maybe panic over and good luck getting folks to act prior to that date, they will not be taking the warnings seriously any more! https://bangkokherald.com/thailand/thailand-visa-amnesty-gets-last-minute-extension-to-oct-31-sources/
  22. I sometimes grab a burger at McDonalds to soak up the alcohol. The one on Soi 19 now closes at midnight, the one at Soi 5 closes at 10 PM. They were always open 24 hours.
  23. Business seems to be picking up slightly, and I notice a few more customers in the bars than a couple weeks ago. Attitude is better, too. A waitress was claiming I had bar fined her years ago, when she was young and pretty. "You no remember me?", she says, trying to make me feel guilty. I asked her to name the hotel and she said the short time room upstairs. I always use the hotels, I told her, never short time rooms, and she confessed she was pulling my chain. We both had a good laugh. Here's the Plaza last night.
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