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  2. Now looks like other airlines are having the "MAX" moniker removed from their aircraft that have been built and put into storage whilst the wait for the grounding to be lifted
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  4. Hi, I've flown lots of times on 737. Whatever they call this new version, I will avoid.
  5. I was thinking the same thing when I took that pic, and while watching a couple of others with no protection walking around in the cement soup. You would think they've suffered skin problems enough times they would learn to wear protection, but then again, TIT and you can't fix stupid.
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  7. That bloke in pic #1 walking barefoot in cement. I got chemical burns down the bottom of my leg from doing the exact same thing when wearing shorts years ago and the level went over the top of my boots. Wet cement has a ph of 12-14.
  8. Easy R-Con open sewer project; concrete pad to Buakhao was poured last night. The finished product this morning. Looks like the pumps have been delivered.
  9. Wanting to be near the action - I found a report on The Classroom - the ex GoGo up from The Penthouse, which was, in a past time a place to stay when Pattayaland was in full swing. Seems it is now a well placed accommodation option - would wonder about noise levels though - anyone know it?
  10. How many countries and airports have you been to? And you found your way every time!
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  12. You see, I never know where I am. Sense of direction goes to pot. I always thought the fountain was at one particular end and that had moved .
  13. was at it in June and still there. beach road side only a few food places. looked like some new one were being built. do not remember pricing.
  14. Sounds like it was moved. It was up on the top floor Beach Rd side. It had a big outdoor balcony with seating inside as well. Lots of food choices.
  15. The first couple of times I used the smartgate system there were hiccups and frustrations that meant I had to go through a manned gate. Now it works quickly and efficiently every time. I think there will be teething problems with any new system but they will get sorted. We waited for over 3 hours to get through in 2017. I'm hoping for a much quicker passage in 3 weeks time.
  16. In fairness I don't know that your Smart Gate experience is typical. Like I said, for me it is less than a minute and never yet had a queue. I have no idea what the future of Thailand airports will be and I have just read a rant (on Thai Visa I think) saying that around noon it is a nightmare. I can only judge as I find and if a backwater like New Zealand can have state of the art immigration I am sure that Thailand can as well. Things that could be dumped? Perhaps the photos can be taken automatically? I really don't know as I have no experience in the area. Surely there are some airport geeks that have the answers? Sent from my Nokia 6.1 using Tapatalk
  17. Well last time I was up there it was a pretty small and to be honest I thought it was at the Second Rd end, which would not make it correct for a sunset meal. Perhaps I should take a look Wednesday evening en-route to the PT crawl.
  18. I will have to see for myself in a few months.
  19. Yes. A question I have been curious about. You'd think with all the rain they understand drainage. I was curious about why the broke up what they already formed. What do I know? I packaged high frequency military electronics, not storm drains.
  20. A few pics of the Easy R-Con open sewer project from late yesterday. Forms and rebar going in for the concrete pad to join the box with Soi Buakhao. What will be interesting to see is how they'll match up the other side of the box to the existing road surface. The part they ripped up earlier in the week is now being reconstructed. Size and shape of the forms looks the same to what was there before, so no idea why they started over on this section of the box.
  21. I struggle to apply such logic to the usual ongoings in Thailand! It is about security, not efficiency. The introduction of passport readers in the UK certainly didn't speed things up for me, it never worked, so I wasted time there, then had to go back to fewer manned kiosks ! Which steps will be reduced or eliminated? At the moment I see only one added one that is a bit fiddly and sometimes takes a moment. Fingerprints will have to be supplied every time one enters. Perhaps no Tm 6?
  22. I haven't been up there for ages. I only pass through when traffic on Beach Rd is heavy, and I decide to get to Walking St via Second Rd.
  23. Because in future I would see it cutting down on some steps.Sorry to hark back to the Smart Gate system but now there is no queue, no stamps and its all handled by a machine that's not having a bad day, due her period or going through the menopause. Like it or not the gradual computerisation and AI is displacing people for technology. There would be no reason to spend hundreds of millions of baht on a system that has no advantages or long term savings.
  24. Eating his way back to PT apparently. Agreed a good report. BTW, is the food court above the Royal Garden Plaza still there? I used to enjoy the sunset with a meal up there.
  25. The way I heard it the old place was to be closed for renovation and remodeling with an increase in size, and the replacement at the other end of the Mall would be temporary. It would be surprising to have 2 places. I get the impression of a change in format in the slicker and more comfortable. I was wondering if there would be a change of focus, too and more representation of other oriental styles being introduced, ie Korean, Japanese and Malaysian, in a way copying the one in T21, and playing to the audience. Hardly surprising the improvements have come with an increase in prices, it was often busy and the opportunity to make more was there. The shopping part of the Mall I often found quiet. I expect it will do okay, despite better prices for Thai food being plentiful, being in the AC while eating is preferable. Great Report EP, was beginning to wonder where you were.
  26. GF and I were regulars at the old park. Dropped in last week and surprised how small and expensive the new one is. As you say you can eat in a small local place for less, without the crowds. I won't hurry back
  27. The Food Park on the lower level of Central Festival shopping mall on 2nd Road has been redone. Whether it is an addition to the old Food Park or a replacement for it remains to be seen. The new version is slicker, more comfortable and has a better layout than its hugely popular predecessor. I took these photos at about 8.30 p.m. on Sunday, July 14. The Food Park was busy, but there were plenty of seats available. The old Food Park was often rammed, even in low season. It's also more expensive. I couldn't see any Thai dishes for 45-50 baht; the cheapest seemed to be 90 baht, but I read elsewhere there are 60 baht dishes. The space that housed the old Food Park is still under wraps, but the ads that block off the construction indicate it will be food oriented. Maybe the old Food Park stalls with mediocre but very cheap food will return. I haven't eaten yet at the new Food Park, so I can't comment on the quality of the food. I'm not a fan of shopping mall food courts as better Thai food is available at the same low prices in any number of hole-in-the-wall restaurants in Pattaya. However, I will eventually give the Food Park at Central Festival a try. Just by way of comparison, this is what it used to look like at the old Food Park. It was packed every day with a mix of Thais, foreign tourists and resident ex-pats. Evil´╗┐
  28. I remember during my most recent trip to the U.S. I got five Haas avocados for $3.00. Must have been a bumper harvest. Now the price is about $1.00 each. I guess these guys weren't happy with the avocados on sale.
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