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  2. Hi, Chelsea lose again at Everton. The battle for the 2 CL places are very interesting now.
  3. Hands up who has "Thai Baggage".....
  4. Vienna airport is pretty new. There is a security check on leaving the EU which was the hold-up the OP experienced. When we flew a few years ago Austrian via Vienna, you could order business-class meals online in economy for a few euros extra which were pretty good. I'm not sure what I would have answered if asked whether I was flying to Bangkok for "business or pleasure"..... does that make me a snowflake?
  5. Eyewitness reports are notoriously wrong, whether its aircraft crashes or road crashes. Your average person is neither trained in the subject nor as an observer. Investigators will take them very guardedly. A mate of mine did research on the very subject some years ago for his doctorate; the outcome confirmed the lack of reliability.
  6. That would be the reason.
  7. The issue is transit is very short have looked at Austrian/Swiss before they codeshare on many flights but even when a Heathrow motor pushes back bang on time it can be another half hour before wheels up. Austrian had a 50 minute transit connection and the problem is obvious
  8. Yesterday
  9. Dont panic ! You have 6 years to claim compo
  10. Eh ?? Im Silver and having just booked only saw the baggage as 30Kh but I suspect its cos I bought it from an agent
  11. I like Thai Airways flight times..so I use them often. I have "Silver" class in their frequent flyers type club..Im pretty sure that gives you 30kg baggage as well. Saying that....I normally rarely go over 20kgs anyway........ What "amazes"! me...is some of the people bringing hundreds of bags (well OK I exagerrate!) , into the plane with them....which makes a bit of a mockery of only having 20kg checked baggage!
  12. I spoke to the chap who owns Canterbury Tales and he said Buakhao is lower than 3rd road so Little Pattaya Creek will flow towards the sea when it rains. It is really a substantial trough vis-a-vis the business entrances. Also vehicles are now double parking mostly just on the paved road vs. the ground closer to business entrances, and thus the street is actually blocked worse than before with delivery vehicles and various morons. On the plus side it seems other little MPs and bars are taking advantage of the fancy pants road and opening soon, one next to next Amon shortly (and Amon's cousin opened up right next to Amon) and a couple further down the Soi.
  13. Thats what my dear wife used to do. Unfortunately she died. I think Thai got pilloried for dropping the weight limit which was why they put it back up
  14. Just to update this thread: I ended up getting 600 Euros compensation which was £529 but for some reason they didn't give me the £68 for the two nights in the Majestic Suites which they said they would. I can't be bothered to chase them for it as I was surprised I even got the 600 Euros. Considering I booked another flight on the second night of my delay I ended up about even. It did restore my faith in EVA a little but I doubt I'll fly with them again. We're booked with Thai Airways for April.
  15. Lower luggage allowances are definitely a problem if you have a Thai wife..... Mrs Fiend has our cases stuffed full of Thai ingredients when we fly back to the UK....
  16. It wasnt cheap. It was nigh on £200 more than the economy fare. I fell for Austrian's own publicity.about how good their Premium Economy was, and the responses they gave me by email.
  17. Not much progress on the Easy R-Con Bar open sewer.
  18. Presumably you bought the fare because it was cheaper than other offerings? I remember a flat mate rejoicing how he had got a ticket from the UAE back to the UK for 50 quid less than mine. His was on Tarom (Rumanian airline in those days) and required three flight changes, whereas mine was direct. The only thing that didn't happen to him, was being asked to chip in for the fuel like some of those old Aeroflot horror stories......
  19. When I checked for flights a few weeks back, the cheapest Thai fare on Skyscanner was showing only 20KG.allowance now Ive just bought the cheapest Thai fare for May (£470) and the baggage is back to 30 Kilos, not that I give a rats arse as I only take a one of those Pilots small suitcases. But for some the weight limit could have been a problem
  20. Nahh the problem is Austrian and their scheduling, and the fact that they just dont care.
  21. We arrive on a Qatar flight and head up to CNX on Thai, the flights were booked separately... On the return flight I added 10Kg extra baggage and it still worked out cheaper than booking a higher fare class with 30Kg allowance. Don't know when they bought in the 20Kg allowance, but it was after when I booked flights to CNX for October last year as we had the 30Kg allowance then....
  22. Last week
  23. So the domestic has been 20Kg limit for a long time already? Also I guess you are not going directly from the International Thai flight as the old 30Kg limit I thought carried over to domestic transfers? Anyhow, I fly on Thai Sunday, 30Kg limit, although more than I need.
  24. I bought the tickets on the 20th December 2018 and the website was showing 20Kg then, just like it was when I checked it just now.... Also noticed the price has gone up 1100 Baht since I booked.... There's a Buddha day the weekend we arrive so I expect the flight to CNX will be very busy...
  25. But as you bought the tickets pre April 1st I believe you get the 30Kg?
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