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  4. The rumour I have heard is, its a Car Service Centre.
  5. You have the right to remain silent , anything you say will be used against you , he said arse
  6. Methinks more mask wearing will be introduced to offset the relaxation of social distancing rules. Makes sense politically.
  7. Latest update Thai Airways have amended flights :- Bangkok-London Heathrow eff 01AUG 1 daily 777-300ER
  8. I like the LK nice pool out front and as you know in the middle of the action alas last time I checked it was a tad expensive for my tastes -stayed up the road at Opey de place ...
  9. I just watched Hotel Mumbai. It was very grim and realistic A bunch of well armed Pakistani Muslims enter the swankiest hotel in India and start murdering everyone in sight. The reviews are interesting. There are many positive reviews but also MANY negative ones of 1/10. (One out of ten). The terrorists are portrayed as bloodthirsty trigger happy cutthroats so you can imagine who all the negative votes came from. The Hindu and Sikh hotel staff who could have escaped when they had the chance didn't and chose instead to remain and do what they could to protect to guests. Many of these valiant staff were mowed down along with the guests they'd tried to save. I'd give in 9/10 myself, I thought it was brilliant and a hell of a lot better than I'd expected an Indian film to be. It pulls no punches and is two hours of drama tension and violence.
  10. You couldn't concoct a bigger shambles than the UK's response in a work of fiction. Now, in June ffs, the British Medical Association finally comes out and says what many have said for at least 3 months: make mask-wearing compulsory when out of doors, not just on public transport as is now belatedly prescribed. Suddenly the medical advice that masks are not effective has been reversed. In fact this has nothing to do with the efficacy or not of masks - common sense tells us that a face covering must afford some level of protection - and everything to do with the shortage of supply in the earlier months of this pandemic. There was a woeful lack of preparation for a pandemic like this all over the world, not just in the UK of course. From January onwards the whole world was suddenly scrabbling for masks, and even the procurement people at the NHS (Europe's largest single employer, with huge purchasing clout), after having failed to lay in major usable stocks of PPE beforehand, proved unable to obtain reasonable supplies. China funnily and frighteningly enough being the major source of such supplies, as it still is. So from the WHO downwards, the medical profession, scientific advisers and politicians touted the line that masks are ineffective. This was not based on science, but on the fear of creating a huge public demand for face masks all over the world, masks that were not available or only at ludicrous prices in the general rush. This in itself is a scandal, an outright lie to cover up lack of preparedness. Now that masks are far more available, they're suddenly effective and the UK and other countries are duly making them compulsory, as I predicted on this board some weeks ago. This has been the case in SE Asian countries for some months now, and all of these have very low infection/fatality rates. Coincidence? Geographical exceptions such as Oz and NZ aside, and considering the huge fatality rates in the UK and US - if indeed these are to be believed as truly COVID-related deaths - might almost make one suspect that speaking English is a high risk factor. Were it not so tragic, the response in the UK at least has been a laughable shambles, and I shudder when I listen to the sheer bullshit on testing/tracing etc. still coming from UK politicians on the TV news.
  11. I was waiting to see if anybody replied before offering my input... I have seen a sign in an office window somewhere on Pattaya Tai / LK Pavillion. Either a lawyers, an insurance agent (on Tai) or a driving school (LK Pavilion) saying "transfer of car ownership" or something similar. I will be heading up that way next week and will try and get you a phone number or something ...In the meantime ignore me and listen to whatever anybody else says ... As an afterthought hows about that shop on New Plaza that does licenses....??
  12. Better employed would also have been the now mandatory use of face masks on all forms of public transport! Horse and barn door spring to mind!
  13. New Akara hotel going up on Nakula Soi 31. Noticed the entrance to WS was blocked today, so had a peak at what was going on.
  14. This measure would have been better employed some months back.....
  15. Personally Butch I'd put big money on that 3 weeks from the 8th June this latest shambolic effort from the UK government will be booted into touch
  16. I have come across a good deal on an auto purchase from a local Pattaya Thai. I have my Thai drivers license, residence certificate and retirement visa. They have the paperwork for the vehicle. I’m curious if there’s a link for the buying procedure. My first auto purchase in Pattaya. Or is there any third party agencies to bring all requirements and have them complete the transfer and ensure everything in accordance to Thai law. I’ll pay the fee to avoid dealing with DLT office. Thanks
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  18. The gym is still there but no refurbishment to the hotel.
  19. Wendy's, Burger King...whatever. Either way I have a Big Mac for her !!!
  20. I had to double check. That was the Burger King slogan. I had hoped it was Wendy's slogan and that was Wendy.
  21. Have it your way..... Older Americans should get the humor..perhaps some Brits? "Hold my pickle, toss my lettuce Follow my orders, don't upset us Your tongue is special, do it my way Do it my way..." Originals lyrics: Hold the pickles, hold the lettuce Special orders, don't upset us All we ask is that you let us serve it your way Have it your way.....
  22. No quarantine for me!!! I've just been through that list and I'm in 2 of those categories.....
  23. If you look at the "exceptions" to the list, I think it would not be too difficult to make yourself one of them, Self Employed Lorry driver for one. I don't think they have any way of checking credentials there and then, so you could effectively say you worked for yourself and contracted to any number of Supply chains. I think that Uber, Taxi driver and Bus driver fall into that category. https://immigrationbarrister.co.uk/who-is-exempt-from-the-14-day-coronavirus-quarantine-period/ "road haulage workers and road passenger transport workers;" bottom line, get yourself a tenuous link and put it on the form. They're not exactly going to call your boss if you're self employed working as a delivery driver of... I dunno,.... fresh fish maybe.
  24. Should this not be in the hotel and accommodation questions section?
  25. Tiger King on Netflix is totally insane, you can’t make this shit up. Supposedly a 10-part series is in the works with Nicolas Cage as Joe Exotic. Also really enjoyed The Last Dance, the inside story of the Chicago Bulls NBA basketball dynasty with Michael Jordan, Et al. 🏀
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