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  3. As always, thanks for the effort.
  4. GenZ women at 30: "I hate kids, I hate marriage, I like going on vacation any time I want, sleeping in and having a maid service to clean my place. I don't need a husband because I'm enough for me!" GenZ women at 50: "Why am I so lonely? Where are all the good men? Why do I feel so unfulfilled?" GenZ men at 16: "I want to be a woman." GenZ men at 20: "I made a mistake."
  5. Greetings Monkeywatchers, core coon crap for coming back for more, and welcome to some more dollops of dirt served up on a Pattaya platter. Engage warped drive. Let’s begin with some good news. It’s been reported that Chinese visitor numbers to Pattaya are declining. Various reasons have been put forward to explain this, such as higher air fares and visa complications, but no mention was made of things like Chinese drowning on sinking ferries, being shot dead in the crossfire between feuding Thai gangs and plummeting to their death from various high-placed locations. Must have slipped the
  6. You are probably right too !!!
  7. I took the sign as being a reference to the Brexit vote, when the vote to leave was driven by voters in England.
  8. Coincidently we used Kubla Bar as our venue after last Saturday's Monkey Hash run. The theme of the run was the Xanadu Monkey and came from the first line in the Kubla Khan poem; "In Xanadu did Kubla Khan". It's hard to see in the photos of the run shirt, but the smoke trails contain lines from the poem. @blue_flag might be interested in this as at one point he was trying to help us come up with a design for a different theme.
  9. Irish and Scots will generally drink in any pub but an Englishman will not like a pub for the smallest of reasons and leave. Kubla on Soi Pothole is the same as this pub and is named after the poem by S T Coleridge. Y'see there are some educated people that use Pothole !!!
  10. Last week
  11. I think some bloke and a girl did a livestream from there some time ago .. Is it Slow ride coffee and cafe or a place very near there ?
  12. The concreting of the Second Road end Soi 15 appears to be complete. Not only that, but road markings are being done. The bad news is that the concrete feels very undulating when walking over it, so be prepared for wet feet after some rain if you are a pedestrian. I'm not entirely sure of the status of Second Road at that intersection. It might be regarded as complete, but I hope not as there are a lot of improvements which could be made e.g. see the drain cover in this picture:
  13. My driving certificates usually come in the post with a QR Code which I just scan and move on calculating my savings against what it’d be cost in England 😊 Who said ferangs always must pay more not all bad in Thailand ☺️ I was away in the uk for a few weeks meanwhile the sneaky buggers installed a camera on the Bowin bypass needless to say I flashed past at 130 and when I checked the limit was 90 🙁
  14. Happy birthday Adam, not sure you’re remember me but I was a regular visitor to your original Cherry bar from around 2004 and then your other 2 bars. Last time I spoke to you was 7 years ago. I am Jimmy from Edinburgh. It’s good to know your still up and about. It must be hard on your life and health living there, love to catch up with you. Take care Adam. I remember the bar a wee bit down nearer beach road and other side of street was owned by a Scots guy, only indoor bar then, I think, in the street. On my last visit it was an outdoor bar and he was back in Glasgow. His wife ripped him off s
  15. Day time checkpoints I get waived through everytime. Of course being on a bicycle would have nothing to do with that.
  16. I would say that is not the case in the Pattaya area, although more recently I get waved through just out of town.....
  17. Earlier
  18. I got nabbed coming down the Highway of Death as it comes down the Korat plateau into Bangkok. The polite BiB informed me that radar clocked me at 120 kph in a 90 kph zone ... liar ... I know I was going at least 150 in that section. The sunnier side is that once you get a written ticket ... just show that at the next roadblock if they stop you, it's a get pout of jail pass for the day so to speak ... they only ticket you once per day 555.
  19. In 15 years of driving on Thai roads I've been pulled in by the cops a grand total of one time. Every time we go through the police check points I always get waved through as soon as they see falang driving the car.
  20. I have noticed today that new seating, looking very similar to what they had before, is being installed along the new Beach Road pavement:
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