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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.

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  3. Toyota Revo ROCCO 2.4 Automatic Smartcab Sat Nav. Bluetooth. USB. Leather interior Full RENTAL insurance Tel 0899326716 LINE dkmotorbike email pattayagolf@hotmail.com Rent Weekly 7,000 b Monthly 22,000 b
  4. The one I saw a while ago said 'Fox News' and another (in Australia) said 'Sky News'. I guess you can change it to suit your own whims and biases....
  5. There was an ongoing thread in the old Secrets Forum about a member that purchased an unbuilt condominium in Pattaya that went under. It could have been during the 2008 collapse. Check out old threads, it may be still here.
  6. It has been 18 days so..... "The Last Time".
  7. I'll try but you will probably get more and bettèr information and advice from the Facebook group 'Pattaya Oracle'.
  8. @tallguy can you please advice how or help me with some information.
  9. His problem was not with Diamond Tower and has to some extent been resolved. Once again, good luck.
  10. Thanks @tallguy I really appreciate it. I am also looking for people to join in a group and we can jointly approach a lawyer which will make it worthwhile rather than people trying for recovery/ compensation on their own. I know of two people who are interested in pursuing it too. So if your friend wants he can join the group.
  11. Did you use 'IMAGINARY' on that similar thread?
  12. I asked a friend of mine who has had problems with his developer of there were any Pattaya wide groups you could consult but he did not know of any. He was living in the building and found it hard to get any interest from people with the same problem to take action together. His advice was to contact a lawyer ASAP and not to let things drift along. However as Jacko said this might be throwing good money after bad. Even if you win a court case it is hard to enforce the decision. One final thought. One Development company completed One Tower on Pratumnak Soi 4 before they started this proje
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