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  1. Yesterday
  2. What is happening in China? Can't say as I have heard any issues wrt HK
  3. transiting hong kong in 2 weeks. with all that is happening in china now some what concerned. anyone been recently?
  4. There seems to be an improvement this morning.
  5. WTF, no idea why the driver of this bus thought it was a good idea to park on the footpath. 79 Mookata has only been open a few weeks and they're already expanding.
  6. Last week
  7. That is an all time classic! And It was done without the modern editing and scripting, live.
  8. A few days ago, myself and another BM were having a cold one in a bar on Soi 7 (or 8!) and were chatting to a couple of young ladies (as you do!). They both wore name tags, one of which was called 'Me.' Funnily enough I also have a friend called 'Yu.' So now we have two ladies called Me and Yu and you can imagine the confusion this could cause if they were both together, which led us to remember the following sketch. Enjoy!!
  9. I think a step backwards today. A selection from various points along Beach Road.
  10. Many thanks for the update. Always good to hear about a ho hum gogo bar closing the doors with the hope that it's replaced by something better! Strange to hear that a customer who died in a fish restaurant. It's usually about two hours after the meal before I spew and have to spend an hour on the toilet. Sent from my CPH1941 using Tapatalk
  11. Even Soi 6 got a good hose down IIRC.. although for which virus, we were never told!
  12. Greetings Monkeywatchers, core coon crap for staying in touch, and welcome to another sneak peek at the latest goings on (or off as the case may be.) Pattaya police have been issuing leaflets to Chinese tourists warning them of online scams. Suppose they’re on about things like advertising Pattaya as a great place for families where they won’t get shot at by gangs or drowned on ferries. Now who would fall for a scam like that? A beach on Koh Larn has been given a major clean up following a rash of complaints about foul smells, flies and litter. This has outraged the Chinese ambassado
  13. I arrived from don mueang yesterday.The last 3 kilometres to my hotel on Klang soi 12 took 50 minutes.The traffic was as bad as I've ever seen.Expecting the worst I was surprised to see all the island's and a bright clear morning.
  14. It was amazing to see during the pandemic. We were in the midst of a severe drought. I could ride your bike across the middle of Mabprachan. And the authorities wasted what little water was available washing down the sois with the absurd idea they could wash away the virus.
  15. Used to be an annual laugh in the past with a declaration that there was plenty in the reservoirs followed by the post Songkran drought measures
  16. Now that would be worth forgoing the odd shower for. But actually it’s a good point I doubt the authorities gave that a thought.
  17. Are you hinting that there might not be enough to soak the sois with in April
  18. I keep an eye on the water levels over at Maprachan when I’m out that way and the lakes is still relatively full compared to the drought years but I have to say that more and more land is becoming visible just wondering if we’ll be able to survive the hot season round the corner without water outages.
  19. It’s 1926, the Governor General of the Fiji Islands is retiring, and his successor has just arrived to take up his duties. Both are sitting in the garden, and the outgoing GG is briefing the new one about current events. “I also want you to meet Carruthers, who has been my ADC for many years, and is now yours, and is a most competent officer with a splendid military record.” Carruthers is duly summoned and makes his appearance. He’s a shocking sight - less than 5 feet tall, a bad limp, completely bald though not above 35, and has a grossly disfigured face strewn with blotches, sores and with
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