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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.

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  2. Will this run on an Amazon Firestick?
  3. Is it profitable to invest money in Pattaya Real Estate?
  4. Live and learn. Maybe try to sneak on a few miniature vodkas for my fresh orange juice on the home trip.
  5. Last week
  6. Well I didn't want to put you off. I only used half of my ticket, ex Bangkok and it was business class so got drinks etc. Didn't realize they were a budget carrier! The long haul on the A350 from BKK was OK, poor transit with a slow security check and not much in the way of facilities at Helsinki. The hop to Manchester was late and I got a tour of the UK , Lake District etc. It was also really rubbish.... I turned my nose up at the food, some crappy pasta thing.
  7. Just arrived today on Qatar. A359 out of Manchester then 773ER to BKK. A359 flight was excellent but the 777 and the same age as the A359 but it looked a hell of a lot rougher and, despite being one of the Q-suite examples, the economy section wasn't in the best condition. Onegripe... You now have to ask for butter for your croissant/bread roll...
  8. Yes there wank but one of quickest routes. They even charge from Manchester for a drink. Have a great trip Sent from my LYA-L09 using Tapatalk
  9. Update. Just hit bkk after my finnair flights from Manchester. Will never use them again. Only free soft drinks. The meals are very basic. You're expected to buy better meals and booze. Plus both legs were delayed. And the trolly dollies are in fact mooses.
  10. Sterling was 38.85 at Yellow TT Sunday 3pm and also same at the Sabai Exchange under Atlantic Bar Soi 3 who up to now have taken any old notes however first time today rejected a £10 note of mine. Brand new out of ATM in UK before trip as well. Must have a been a fake as its unmarked
  11. When I first used Oman in 2013 and getting on to the bus transfer to terminal it looked like a quaint Greek island terminal. I think the bus transfer probably encouraged many poor reviews but I always found the place easy going. Vastly improved of course now since March 2018 with new Terminal with standard air bridges
  12. It is likely even more noticeable at weekends when we have quite a lot of Bangkok drivers around. They push and squeeze and do not give much clearance.
  13. You are a braver man than I to ride a push bike on a Pattaya road. Hell I often dont feel safe in a car.
  14. It used to be known as Seeb International before it was modernised, I spent enough time in and out of it during the 70's up to the mid 00's to agree that it once was a dump of the highest order. Things change and my friends say it is a pretty good airport as far as airports go.
  15. Read this a few years back glad to hear its good now. The one i read said the staff were incredibly rude and unhelpful.
  16. lol Muscat airport is brand new (March 2018) easy to navigate and has everything you need including some of the cheapest tobacco in the world
  17. Am guessing slightly but must have had 50 return flights transiting via Doha Abu Dhabi Bahrain Oman or Dubai so 100 times all up and cant ever recall a hand luggage rummage of any sorts ever. Standard bag scan we get at all airports. Have had though 3 outbound from Heathrow (at scanner check one fairly recently)
  18. Hi, My mate(RIP) liked Oman, I have a paranoia about stopping over in the ME.
  19. Muscat is modern airport. Couldn't fault it for the 90 minutes I was there. Sent from my LYA-L09 using Tapatalk
  20. Im on the bus to Manchester as i type this. I grew to dislike the arab stop overs so last year i went with air india via Mumbai. Was pretty good but not great. Today im flying with finnair via Helsinki. So maybe ill get to see the northen lights. The oman air flights ive looked at stopped in Muscat wich gets bloody awful reviews as airports go. How was it for those who've been that route?
  21. Almost got taken out after taking the pic of the construction site on 3rd Rd. And pretty sure it wasn't you, unless you were wearing long hair and lipstick. I was on my pushbike next to a car that was going in the same direction as me. The stupid cunt then made a sudden swerve into my lane to avoid a steel plate covering a hole in the street. It was perfectly safe for a car to drive over, even had tarmac around the edges to hold the steel in place. And it's not like it was the first one she would have encountered traveling on 3rd Rd during the construction. There was no reason she had to make that sudden move. Fortunately I had enough space and a reaction time fast enough to avoid the sideswipe.
  22. I have just been riding around those areas and noticed non of those! Beware jacko on the road fellow Pattaya drivers! I zone out......
  23. Today's rates.... probably the weekend's rates. After I took this pic I went to Big-CX and it was busy. Particularly busy were the two exchange places on each side of the main ground floor pedestrian entrance. I guessed mostly Russians, appearing to be exchanging cash. These places are bank affiliated so the rates would be lower, so I compared them to my picture. USD were about 1 baht per $ (big bills) down on TT Exch. Couldn't see Rubles there, but surely the rate would again be inferior .... I was thinking to let a few of them know they were losing out, then thought, they probably won't speak English, and these are the same ignorant sods who wont shuffle up on the baht buses... fxck them!
  24. Pics of a couple of construction sites around Pattaya. Retaining walls going in at the Buakhao/Soi 15 construction site. WIP at Fat Coco Site on 3rd Rd near Klang is now up to six floors. Google Translate couldn't make much sense of the Thai sign at the construction site, but according to my TGF's translation the building is for some sort of business.
  25. Xmas tree is up at T21 The race course is set for the Hello Kitty run later today.
  26. Paddy and Mick were having a few beers at the bar together recounting old times when the call of nature caused them to line up at the stainless steel, still deep in conversation. But Paddy could hardly ignore the fact that Mick was very well endowed. “I say, ‘tis a remarkable dong you have there,” Paddy was prompted to remark. Replied Mick. “Medical science can do wonders with transplants these days,” he said. “I got this done in Dublin. It costs me twenty thousand euros, but as you can see, well worth it.” Paddy was envious. In fact, he packed his bag that night and drove to Dublin. It was a good six months later before he ran into Mick once again and he could hardly wait to tell him that he had taken his advice and was well pleased with the result. “You were diddled. I got mine for ten thousand euros only” said Paddy. Mick could hardly believe it. Same address in Dublin, same doctor. Thinking that he had been ripped off, he asked Paddy if he could have a look. Once more they lined up at the stainless steel and when Mick took a peek, the worried frown which had creased his face disappeared and he started laughing. “Why are you laughing?” “No wonder you got it at half price,” Mick laughed. “That’s my old one!
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