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  2. Thanks for the update and the pics. Looking at all the exposed rebar sends shudders down my spine. Any poor sod who slips and falls onto that is in some serious trouble, or worse still, a motorbike hitting it, it's a modern day equivalent of a punji pit.
  3. In almost every major sport whether FIFA or the Olympics or you name it, money ends up being a big corrupting influence. Violations are often not dealt with until someone decides they have to make an example of some organization. That is often political in nature because they don't fix the system, they just make an example of someone while ignoring the rest of the violators. I hope City is successful in their appeal but the deck appears stacked against them.
  4. Isn't this exactly why god gave us cellphone jammers
  5. Hi, Man Utd get all the calls in game v Chelsea. Let's hope that the FA haven't decided that United must make the CL, whatever it takes.
  6. It's also bad enough when they conduct a telephone conversation in a restaurant but they seem to think nothing of having the phone on speaker so we all get to enjoy both sides of the conversation.
  7. This has become a regular annoyance of mine on public transport in London. Everything from old black ladies listening to sermons, to guys taking in football matches and, inevitably, kids sharing music. I suspect it's not helped by some phones now coming without headphone jacks.
  8. I really think it's a shame their parents didn't teach them better manners. Hate being their surrogate parent, but I have no trouble telling someone to use headphones. Or if no headphones then don't play their music, videos, games or other sound making devices in public places.
  9. Right now I'm sat in a restaurant next to an ignorant farang who's playing youtube or such like at a volume every customer can hear in German language. Waitress too polite to tell him to switch it off. Usually it's the Russians who do this.
  10. Update on the Beach Rd drainage project. Concrete drain forms in place and ready for use on the north end. Breaking up the existing pavement is now up to Soi 2. And digging commences at Soi 3. They've tied the trees to each other to keep the ones closest to the road from toppling over due to soil erosion. This is odd. Where's the connecting drain south of Soi 6. Gutters and pavement being poured just north of Klang intersection. Turned my camera to sea and what do I see. Only two parasailers in the air this morning. South of Klang, drain covers going in. Around Soi 8, gutter work is pretty much done. With the exception of a few places where drain access points are being worked on. Boardwalk across from Mike's Mall is looking very rough and on its last legs. South of Soi 12, only the curbs need to be installed. New curbs installed up to Royal Garden Plaza. If it were me, I would have installed curbs at least twice as high to keep more of the storm water from flowing onto the footpath. At the south end, work still needs to be done to connect to the pumping station. Anyone need a used IV bag. Quite the garbage pit on the south end. No way would I want to step on this access lid.
  11. I put in another 1,000L tank about six weeks ago to collect rainwater to be used for watering the garden. In the early morning hours today was the first time I got to test the system. Collected about 150L from the brief downpour. Not bad considering how quickly the storm passed through Pattaya.
  12. Yeah, I have been buzzed by them quite a few times.... they were bad enough with a fare on the back, much worse with just a pizza. Been so close sometimes caused me to jump... Don't hold your breath for the police to react.
  13. Haha, you are as nerdy as me! I have an above ground tank and have fitted the option to bypass around the tank and pump for when the electric is off and the pump can't work. I have also put a pressure gauge on the utility line so I can see at a glance when I have incoming water. The MP may well have a tank somewhere, but the rest of the pipes are a complete dog's dinner!
  14. It seems that Grab food (or other) deliveries are getting more and more popular. This is now causing a problem on the roads. Driving in the Pattaya area I am constantly "buzzed" by Grab motorbike drivers who are always in a hurry to get their deliveries to the customer. Surely it's only a matter of time before there's a serious accident caused by these morons. Hopefully the police will realize that there's a problem and put the brakes on.
  15. They may not even be aware of when the water is cut to their place if they have a large enough tank. Same at my house. The tank that gets filled from the city supply is underground and has a 2m x 2m, heavy metal access lid over the top. I decided last week to prop the lid open so I could periodically check when city water was flowing into the tank. It was only then that I could tell the water was cut during the day, but turned back on in the evening.
  16. Yesterday
  17. Interesting. I asked at an MP on Sunday and was told they had not lost water, yet, I knew some areas had been suffering water cuts. I do have this fear that they will blithely continue until the last drop, or that priority will be given to tourist and commercial areas and private households will run dry. A number of years ago I recall water shortages in my old house, and tankers were roaming the streets offering to fill up domestic tanks... they had made arrangements for the water to be cut the night before and money obviously changed hands.
  18. I have considered this. I could Uber to the airport or have my son drop me off on his way to work. When I flew from Portland to Fresno a year ago, I was waiting in an area that was next to the Portland to Seattle flight waiting area (actually a shared large area). That flight was cancelled as I sat there. That is likely rare but makes me a bit skittish. When I lived in the Bay Area, there were a couple of shuttle services that went to neighborhoods along the route to SFO to pick up people who had reserved transport. Door to door. I don't think we have that type of service here. It would be ideal for me. I have considered mtrack to Seattle and staying overnight in a hotel with a shuttle service. It would be even better if Amtrack had a station at or near Seatac. I don't know. I don't think they do. Lots of time to figure this out.
  19. Same for me when I required hospitalization for a food related illness in Bangkok years ago. Wallet size! I have 4 cc's I travel with.
  20. Hi, Well City ain't the only team gaming the system. I think FFP is being used to keep clubs like City and PSG out of the big time.
  21. Hi, Will Liverpool's luck last till the end of the season ? Happy Sunday in North London as both teams win.
  22. Think that's why we've seen a drop from 6 MCM to 4 MCM per week consumption. Even at the lower consumption rate it doesn't bode well. The only PWA announcement I've read as to water conservation efforts is a reduction in water pressure. But I now know for a fact they're also turning off the water during the day as that is what has been happening at my house, and others in our neighborhood for at least a week. I see that as a good thing, but I wish they would have announced they were doing that so we could plan to limit our day time use. My guess as to why they haven't, don't want to scare off the tourists that things aren't looking so rosey with the water situation.
  23. The water probably will last longer if the tourist stay away from using so much. Coronavirus may have a silver lining.
  24. A few years back, I found myself visiting the good people at Bangkok Hospital Rayong quite unexpectedly. Unlike BHP, they couldn't bill my insurance directly. Having a high limit credit card certainly made things simpler.
  25. Same here, but don't carry a credit card, too much of a hassle to replace if lost or stolen. Instead carry two bank ATM cards. The bank accounts have a sufficient balance, along with my insurance card, to get the hospital to admit me in the event of an emergency.
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