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  2. R.I.P. - it was my signpost when i was wandering down WS looking for FLB.
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  4. Not much left of the WS tree. No matter how sacred the tree is to the Thai's it will eventually crumble under the weight of time. Pics from 1 June.
  5. It is sad to see the old Walking Street Tree today. When I look at my old pictures I can see it has not always been this way.
  6. Last week
  7. Is the Thai-style crab walking into other people a sign of their being preoccupied with weighty cerebral matters or their oh-so-polite culture that instills respect for others? 😆😂🤣
  8. Over time, I have taken quite a few photos of the Ganesha shrine on Soi Buakhao. They show that the surroundings have changed. But the shrine is still there, and it will likely remain for many years to come.
  9. Two wind turbines were having a drink and a chat in a bar. So what sort of music are you into? I'm a big metal fan........
  10. I am wondering if Shell will provide one that cleverly starts charging from 25KWh....
  11. One and a half year ago I took these pictures from the same aria. At that time there was a more open view from South Pattaya Road. In the past they were seen everywhere in Pattaya.
  12. For those that have gone electric, PEA has charging stations on Tai. CAT on Tai closer to 3rd Rd has a couple of charging stations as well, but they didn't look to be in working order.
  13. Although smaller, it could become something like the old Bangkok Tobacco Monopoly (Benchakitti Park). It has become a lovely place to walk or cycle around. It is just off the end of Soi 4, Sukhumvit (if you haven't been there).
  14. On this morning's ride I explored an interesting hidden gem in central Pattaya. It's an undeveloped area off of Pattaya Tai, behind Pattaya City Resort. From the road the new shops going up on Tai look like nothing special. But behind the shops is a nice park area around a small lake. The hidden gem is farther back and on the other side of the lake. There's a dirt road that circles around a large undeveloped area with a lilly filled pond. The area is currently being used to grow various plants. I hope the city sees the value of keeping some green space and that
  15. More construction at the Nirun market site. Wonder what these new structures will house.
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  17. If anybody is interested, I've set up a league for this years tournament. (just click the link) If you need to enter a code - jwxsWJ https://gaming.uefa.com/en/eurofantasy/leagues/jwxsWJ/00430068006500720072007900200042006100720020004500750072006F00200020004C00650061006700750065/Adam jwxsWJ
  18. I wouldn't be stepping into what's left of this shower with bare feet.
  19. Thanks a lot for the effort

  20. Its D Day, I was watching Admiral Mc Ravens commencement speech, you guys from the UK and the Aussies have the same , I honor Anzac . Made the trip to Kanchanaburi several times reflecting on the sacrifice. I came across the Army field bands " Battle Hymn of the Republic". on YouTube. I asked my Thai wife to look at the video, I fear America is failing but this is what made us great. I pointed out the Filipinos, Korean, Black, White,Women and Men. I said you only care about Thai. Perhaps a mistake as she would not finish watching the concert, the Hymn.
  21. Canopy covers at the new Nirun market going back up this morning.
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