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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.

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  3. Also Emirates own the following Travel Companies in UK :- Travelbag Travel Republic
  4. Couple of snaps of the air quality from my ride this morning around 11. Looking south on Sukhumvit towards Pattaya Tai. View looking towards Jomtien from the Wat at the top of Khao Talo and Khao Noi. View of central Pattaya. I then teleported to the other side of the building on the right side of the above pic. Air quality has improved since 11. source: https://www.iqair.com/thailand/chon-buri/pattaya
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  6. About half of inspected vehicles are polluters Officials ordered 234,176 commercial vehicles - lorries, trailer trucks, buses and pickups - to pull over for exhaust fume checks last year, and 114,888 of them, or 49%, were over the limit, director-general Atthapol Charoenchansa said in a statement issued on Monday. Private cars, motorcycles and other vehicles registered for private use fared little better, with 48% of 123,640 vehicles inspected by the department found to be polluting the streets. ... Violators face fines and the vehicles can be ordered off the road until the engin
  7. FLB Theme Party F69817FE-0AC2-4454-80B4-510E279F85DE.MP4 🎈
  8. That is probably a smart choice. I think most of us are unwilling to risk being sent into 14 days hospital quarantine as uninfected just because someone in near me in the plane is testing positive. And most of the travel health insurances will not even cover the price of the quarantine if you are testing negative. Sendt fra min ANE-LX1 med Tapatalk
  9. Sadly no. We are ready to open and will do as soon as the Corona (government) situation allows tourists to enter Thailand with out unreasonable restrictions and alcohol can be sold.
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