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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.

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  3. I have just had a thought whilst decanting my Mont Clair from box to plastic water bottles...Have you thought about Air France? OK, I have only flown ECO once with them but it wasn't too long ago...but I found CDG easy to navigate through (even though I was ratassed from the lounge and incoming flight) and the in-flight food was very good IIRC. The most important thing though was they served excellent wine in the small individual bottles so that I ordered 3 at a time stashing them in the seat pocket and all around my seat under the blanket for later...
  4. I also much prefer T.3 to T.2 Alas though! Thai use T.2. so I have to put up with it!
  5. ... And if I remember correctly the original Post Office was located "underground" between the two terminals ...
  6. I do prefer T3 to T2. I remember flying out of T3 to Oman on Gulf air Tristars back in the 70's, when T3 was full of cigarette smoke (like the planes) and had horrible brown corduroy seating and a huge "flapper" board to announce flights. T2 is like an industrial warehouse with big windows, whereas I feel T3 has got a bit of character about it, albeit mostly from my memories. I know, I know, My brain is telling me to get with the program, especially as I'll be on my own so most probably travelling econ (unless they have a decent PE price, i.e less than a grand) but the timings seem to be better, plus when they're not actually on strike they are kind of reliable. After flying with EVA since the 90's, Thai a couple of times, I'm secretly considering the prospect of flying the flag. hopefully someone can beat some sense into me in the meantime.
  7. Hi, Spurs face a difficult trip to Leicester. Scousers and Mancs are in town on the same weekend.
  8. Sterling moved up against Dollar highest for several month after Juncker said a deal could be done before before 31/10 and in effect the backstop was not set in stone
  9. How about the Dusit? I hear it has been refurbished so the tired appearance should have been lifted. Always found the service pretty good there, on the Exec. floor. Haven't stayed for a spell though, last time I looked the refurb had given the prices quite a bump up. If it doesn't work out drag your cases across the street to the Holiday Inn.
  10. Back again in a few weeks. Didn't stay elsewhere the last time, or the time before or before that ! It just delivers for me on so many levels. I "want" room service 24/7 and maid service 24/7. I don't want to have to argue or get serviced at their schedule. Fuck that, I'm dictating when. I could save 50% to 75% by going elsewhere which would be great when compared with Bt1000 places but the Hilton charges more and delivers less and others are either too far away or can't deliver IMHO.
  11. Lazy days, passing the time, some exercise, I like poolside in a good location. Can't be too crowded or just rows of chairs with 5cm between you and your neighbour. Good service, charge to account etc.
  12. Last week
  13. Of course you are correct, I get confused easily in my old age. Thanks for putting me right...!!
  14. I too have been looking at Transferwise, I always incorporate the 'fee' into the rate, and want to see 38+ net of charges. You have to watch how much it is... can be as little as 7 GBP on £1000, but on £5000 jumps to £30. More if you use cards. Thirty quid is more than I used to pay my bank for a telex transfer, now it is free. T/W still win on exchange rate overall, and bypasses the Bangkok Bank exchange charge. Haven't seen the news yet... but as the exchange rate had gone up slightly, I expect it won't please me. .
  15. Don't do it. Much of my anger at BA last time was really delayed shuttles to and from Manchester. But at LHR, from the overcrowded lounges, we were bused to the aircraft. It was still a rubbish old 777, with a bad seat and defective IFE. For the return leg into BKK I did get a particularly good stewardess, kept the liquid flowing, a little bit of a surprise, a heavy Eastern European lady....
  16. Interbank/Transferwise is 38.31 at time of post...
  17. And it does, but T2 has a Wetherspoon's and also a London Pride pub.🥂
  18. Even the folks in the low rises too ......... I fucking loved those days..young, handsome and with money to throw away... None of which describes me now though ...
  19. Where folks in the high rises hung their laundry out so that it would be dried by the jet exhaust.
  20. Yup the old chequer board approach - but we digress and it was my fault- I'm sorry.. Back on subject. T5 just doesn't do it for me I'm afraid. I just don't want to get off a long haul flight to then jump on a coach to get to the T3 coach terminal....If you are travelling with family I wouldn't want to do it either... Thai just isn't worth the extra cost so I'd go for EVA....T3 has the added advantage for anyone that wants to buy an IDP from the Post Office...unless T5 has one now...no idea...
  21. Maybe they knew you were coming 🙂 lol Happy Birthday Hammer, sorry I can't make it as I'm in the UK hard at work...
  22. In the 3rd picture "Mr white hat" monitoring the concrete pour seems quite happy that the secondary hand held trough is being held at the wrong angle such that the "mix" will seperate. Also there seems to be no evidence of what I call a "scoodger" in between the rebars to give the "mix" the right consistency....If he was working for me I would certainly be asking him to explain or dig it up and start again .All at his own cost.
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