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  2. I know we are straying here but visited my Thai Girlfriend in Nom Phong, asked where are the Buffalos?. They were every my last visit. no one owned a car or a tractor. Now the Buffalos are gone and everyone owns a Kabota tractor. They family has given up on farming except 50 bags of rice for the extended family. The kids own trucks for transport business.
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  4. My Ti Wifes home is Amanat Charoen where she is building her retirement house. I am amazed how the area has changed over the last 15 years from a small rice village to urban.
  5. My Thai 'wife' lives in Sisaket, so we use Ubon for air services and commute, as necessary. I like the city and, back in my time as an academic, I had a short visit to the University to share some information on aircraft engineering (an engineered visit and a cushy one, with fringe benefits😎). I am impressed with the Boeing 747 in the grounds there now, and am further impressed as to how they transported it to the site and reassembled it.
  6. Thanks. I wasn't sure. I landed there back in 1967 and 68 a couple of times and now, although obviously still governed by Thai Navy, I don't think they have any fixed wing aircraft (yet), and so might only operate helos there at times. I'm sure it would/could still function as a military base, if required. I haven't been to the airport since its transition, so was just wondering.
  7. On Sunday I ordered the "special of the day" for delivery. It was an excellent meal. To crossthe 250 ฿ threshold for free delivery, I added a 50 ฿ side order of diced potatoes, onions and sweet peppers to bring the order total over the 250 ฿ threshold for free delivery. This is what the order looked like upon arrival after a one-hour wait. Everything had been packaged separately so all the components remained hot and weren't soggy. The Country Fried Steak order included country gravy, brown gravy, mashed potatoes and steamed mixed veggies as well the steak itself. Country fried steak, also known as chicken fried steak, is a U.S. favorite which dates to the 1850s in Texas. German immigrants are usually credited with inventing it as an adaptation of the classic Austrian wiener schnitzel. In its modern form, country fried steak is a piece of top sirloin or round that has been tenderized through pounding or with a blade tenderizer. The meat is dipped in egg batter and dredged in seasoned flour, then fried in a skillet or deep fried. It is most often served smothered in country gravy, aka white gravy, milk gravy, sausage gravy, sawmill gravy and several other names. In some areas of the U.S., country fried steak is served with brown gravy with onions instead of country gravy. The steak had been cut into strips. I'm guessing that was out of consideration for delivery customers in hotels who don't have access to metal silverware and have to use the plastic knife and fork that comes with the order. It's not always easy to cut meat with a plastic knife. The cubed steak was tender and flavorful. It had been properly breaded and wasn't overcooked. The steamed carrots, broccoli and cauliflower were fresh. Only the kernels of corn had been frozen. The country gravy was the right consistency, had been well seasoned and contained plenty of American-style sausage bits. The mashed potatoes were the weakest point, bland and a bit stodgy, but the brown gravy helped a lot. Bottom line: It was a very good meal that I enjoyed a lot. The portion size was perfect for me. I saved the side order of potatoes for another meal. I had them with corn on the cob from 7/11 and a couple of eggs that I did a bad job of frying myself. Two filling meals for less than 300 ฿ isn't bad at all. Evil
  8. One other thing to be aware of is that the 21.10 flights all have 28 to 33 hours as the first leg and the return is a reasonable 15-16; whilst the 1500 flights are all 15-16 both ways. one other thing I checked ,or my son checked the buses from Chelmsford and I needed to go to colchester nd then Stansted but the journey takes 3 and a half hours and costs £40 with national express.
  9. I can get £485 for a 2 month stay in april.thats a good price for Emirates.
  10. It's a joint military and civilian airport under the control of the Royal Thai Navy. It's the home base for the RTN's First Air Wing. You can find more information here (Link). Evil
  11. Is UTP still a military airfield, or just one used by military on occasion?
  12. Interesting, you in Ubon? My Thai wife is from close to Ubon and we are building a house there.
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  14. Thailand too. I have often watched take-offs and landings of fighters of the Royal Thai Air Force, which are stationed right there, opposite the runways at Ubon Ratchathani airport.
  15. Surely you can simply put them on an external drive?
  16. Hi, I thought Liverpool were very good and the VAR decisions went United's way. Agree, the Big Six don't look too big this year.
  17. Good point. While not the lowest point in the area, anything on the floor is going to get soaked from flooding after any major downpour.
  18. I love the way they have considered what will happen to all the water when it rains...
  19. Chelmsford? Hello there from Sunny Suffolk 🙂 A few mates from work who visit pattaya regularly now opt for the Emirates out of Stansted, taking that extra hour of M25 travel out of the equation makes a big difference. The A120 once you get off the A12 and past the single lane carriageway (only 9 miles so even at 50 mph it's only about 11 or 12 minutes) is then trouble free dual carriageway all the way there. Brilliant. Same goes for several girls heading back to the Philippines. Also, another major bonus is that National Express runs coaches from nearby Ipswich to Stanstead (via a couple of pick ups) then onto LHR. I've heard good reports about the service into BKK, it leaves around 21:10 for the night flight, arrives at 18:30 ish, or 15:10 arriving at 12:15 (both +1) coming back though is an 03:30 departure (or 02:20) arriving UK at 13:30 . Just did a search for June and it was £613 , not too shabby but not the cheapest out there.
  20. The new Nirun market has a new structure going up. Looks like another first class, Thai quality concrete pad. The other structure has been stocked with household goods. Best to bring a hydration pack when shopping though as it only opens on the front side, so it's going to be bloody hot in there.
  21. Leave it 24 hours refresh the page after clearing cache. I know that sounds daft but occasionally I get what you seeing where it says you need to become a member etc etc. Sometimes I cant bypass it myself as well so pick another site. Putlockers I think is a "cousin" of the 123 movies site and all its variations
  22. Once again a weekend where Liverpool supporters are the only happy fans of a ’Big Six’ club.
  23. In the US, at least, the uniformed officers wear name tags. Once in Seattle an officer approached me in Customs and asked for my passport. I gave it to him and, because I wasn't invited to follow, stayed planted where I had been standing. Sure enough, another guy comes up and asks for my passport. I was very glad I could say "Mr. Smith has it."
  24. When I first shipped out after training in late 1969, I took a MAC flight from Travis AFB to Hickam. These were commercial airline companies, under contract, flying military personel and dependents to duty stations. I was headed for Schofield Barracks. Many got on subsequent commercial airlines and headed for Guam, the PI etc. They call them Space-A now if I recall, for space available. In my day it was a booked flight, orders were cut. I am not sure what they use now. In Fresno, Ca. Next door to the airport is an air NG unit. The day I flew out of there the NG was sending fighter jets up using FAT runways. Watched them from the waiting area. "Fresno Yosemite International Airport (IATA: FAT, ICAO: KFAT, FAA LID:FAT), formerly known as Fresno Air Terminal, is a joint civil-military publicairport located in eastern Fresno, in Fresno County, California. It is home to Fresno Air National Guard Base and the 144th Fighter Wing (144 FW) of theCalifornia Air National Guard." https://flyfresno.com/military-operations-2/ So it is correct about shared facilities. Many other and different examples.
  25. It's not unknown to share facilities in the U.S. One is Honolulu International/Hickam AFB. A number of Air Reserve or Air National Guard squadrons at civilian airports.
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  27. I can't see where I can pick SD as a viewing option. But I guess I will have to find a different way to watch for free. Sendt fra min WAS-LX1 med Tapatalk
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