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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.

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  2. Pattaya Water Authority warns that despite rains, water supply remains low The Pattaya Water Authority, in a post on their facebook page, warned this week that although Pattaya had recently suffered flooding and isolated heavy rains that reservoirs in the city remained low on water. PWA Pattaya office chief Chaithas Eedsaeng stated in an interview with associated local press that the city water supply, although improved from prior months, was now only at 20% of capacity. This is based on all five reservoirs for the city that feed into the main treatment plant. This has led to the Pattaya Water Authority deciding to reduce the total volume of tap water available to city residents daily, to 150,000 million cubic metres from 200,000 million cubic metres. This may lead to some portions of the Pattaya area seeing reduced or even no water flow for periods of time, according to Chaithas. He also stated that the situation was likely to improve in the back-end of this month as more rainfall was predicted for the Pattaya area. The Pattaya News notes that rainfall is only one factor of lack of water, as we have previously discussed, with climate change, water management issues, construction related work and other factors also reportedly leading to the current situation.
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  4. LATEST UPDATE LHR-BKK route now to commence from 1st Sept daily 777-300ER
  5. Now we understand why Awesum wears button-fly....
  6. - Dental smile 3rd road. - Junction of Pattaya Tai and 3rd road (Tony's Gym/Walkabout Creek/Veggie Restaurant) - Walk East on Pattaya Tai past Friendship direction turn left onto 3rd road heading North and it is on the left about 3 shops before the first soi. Tel:0863388568 .It opens at 0930hrs but "operations" start at 11am. Whilst waiting in reception other customers have been Thai female adults, Thai female children and farang male adults. EDIT= If you are on a motorcye then use the route I described earlier but drive passed it to the soi by the 7/11 and do a u-turn up onto the pavement and park outside.
  7. Q. Why do they sell so many button-fly jeans in Texas? A. Because the sheep can hear the zippers a mile away.
  8. Bullfrog, are you writing about 'Dental Smile Pattaya on 3rd Road'? Several places have been mentioned aong with pronouns. Just want to be sure.😁
  9. On the biggies, this and atrial fibrillation, I've done well, although I did wonder about the delay. Had one or two misses such as overlooking a crack in my shoulder.
  10. Nkped. it is good to keep your post alive . We need to know about options i Know Martin and Kev Liked BPH, i dont. i may very well be wrong.There is an American insurance company ad. We know a thing or to because we have seen a thing or to. I undderstand you were happy with the Doctor, You have should have been in the OR whith in a hour not days i know a thing or to because iv seen a thing or two
  11. It looks a fair sized plot.....I wonder if it is gonna have a nice outside seating area like the "boat" 7/11 on Pattaya Tai.....
  12. Just a quick update. I went back on Tuesday to have the temporary filling removed, cleaning and refilling. I got home just before a thunderstorm hit and knocked out my internet for 2 days...!!! Final visit for root canal work will be next Tuesday.....
  13. I was told by the taxi guys on the corner next to Nirun they're building a 7-11. Couldn't be happier as it will save me a walk of about 100m to the other one nearby.
  14. Better late than never they figured it's a good idea to clean out construction debris from the new drains.
  15. I was issued vouchers with the 10% extra when they cancelled my flights but wanted a refund. If Qatar have cancelled your flights there should be no charges for a refund.... Their T & C's state that if they cancel, not you, then you are entitled to a full refund without charges. I got a full refund on a non-refundable ticket.
  16. A few years ago I had cataract repair (other eye) at the Rutnin Eye Hospital in Bangkok and had been going back there for annual exams. That just wasn't an option for something this urgent. Perhaps a month before I had some blurring and floaters in the left eye and saw a different, male doctor, at the BPH eye clinic. He was a bit of a jerk and said deal with it. In the US, I might, for the first time ever, be giving some thought to a malpractice action. I might even consider it here, but seeing Dr. Attaporn and and other doctors in the hospital, that would probably be taking a dump in my own mess kit.
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  18. Glad you did well, thanks for the post. My GF had significant vision loss in her 20"s Took her to Phaythai Siracha. Total disaster. After waiting and the usual basic exam we were told eye doctor not here ,i did call before.. Not a fan BPH and your experience while good for you has me staying with Bumrungrad
  19. This abrasive little chinese guy goes into a bar where a white guy is bartending. He says "Hey honky how bout a gin & tonky?" The white guy smirks a little and says "Okay." The little chinese man slams it and says "Hey honky how bout another gin & tonky?" And the white man not amused gives it to him and he chugs it. Then the little chinese man says "Hey honky how bout another gin & tonky?" The white bartender says, "Okay look here you little skeet dumb muthafucka LAST ONE." The little china man replies "Why?" The white bartender says, "Because I don't like the way you speak to me.... how would you like it if I spoke to you that way? The Chinese guy thinks about it for a second and says "Okay (as he gets behind the bar, signalling the bartender to the other side)" The white guy pretends to walk into the bar and says to the china man, "Hey slope how bout a drink?" And the china man says, "Sorry we don't serve honkys."
  20. What’s up Doc ? 739C1735-32CE-4ED4-8828-DFC8B5342389.MP4
  21. Some years ago my local council here in Oz had some renovating done to their buildings. The pavers on the footpath outside were laid three times before the job was finally finished. TiT can happen elsewhere
  22. Reservoir update time. A month since the last update and water levels are much improved. A few pics of Mabprachan Reservoir. Some very high weeds now on the north end of the reservoir. Once the reservoir fills and the weeds die and decompose, there's a good chance the low oxygen levels that creates may kill off what remains of the fish population.
  23. Thanks for the sign up whoever it was. Am 99% sure it was from here. I received Royal Dutch Shell which was £12.95 when it landed so you will have had the same...thanks again
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