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  2. Even after looking up the answer, thanks to your hint, I'd expect only those with an advanced mathematics degree would have heard this one before.
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  4. I had the misfortune to want to go down and back on Soi Siam CC road yesterday...what a mess. Avoid at all costs. The police were not even allowing people to head East past the Railway Line Bypass, and being sent off towards the railway station.
  5. Darn. Popped into town yesterday and completely forgot.
  6. Greetings Monkeywatchers, core coon crap for stopping by, and welcome to the first rays of hope as Pattaya finally starts preparing to rise like a penis from the ashes. Let’s hope the Viagra works. The main news is, of course, the proposed reopening of entertainment venues (with alcohol!) from December 1. Nuff said. Bet the pigs are already practising their formation flying. Thailand plans to boost its economic recovery by attracting one million “quality tourists” (here we go again) by the first quarter of 2022. They reckon that they’ve learned from past mistakes and will be going f
  7. Hint: A dozen, a gross, and a score…
  8. Ok guys I know we have an issue here... I am trying to find a workaround. Give me some time please.
  9. You can almost guarantee this will happen when there is a different person on the counter. They all have their own interpretation of the requirements/rules
  10. T.T exchange - Pattaya Sai 2 Road https://get4x.com/en/thailand/pattaya/south-pattaya/tt-exchange-pattaya-sai-2-road
  11. What I used to enjoy is when they tell you that you need document-A. So you spent a while futzing around getting document-A to them, they review some more & tell you that now they need document-Z. It is difficult to get them to review past the requirement of document-A, because they assume you'll just give up.
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  13. The oldest astronaut.... William Shatner
  14. I am not going into town all that often , not much reason. Will get a pic next trip.
  15. Seems to occur for short spells only.... and then all okay for a while..... mostly seen when I 'submit reply' (But not this time).
  16. @jacko is this still happening? Do you know a way to reproduce it reliably?>
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