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  2. Another example of the world going bonkers. €12,000 as compensation for something as benign as a smiley face drawing on a cup. Insanity at its finest.
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  4. Well I suppose it is a little mesmerizing. UV6U7c0XS3XewAwU.mp4
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  6. anybody know of a place here in Pattaya that sells the large life size “Jinga puzzle game”. I believe most of them are about 2/3 of a meter tall starting off
  7. Maybe not much of a morning person. But I wouldn't push her.
  8. No one love’s a smart ass 44E0D9AF-D849-4B56-898A-98AF9634DD93.MP4
  9. I like this one for some reason. My wife was not amused when I woke her at 3am to tell it to her. Rather ironic I thought.
  10. Pussy on a pole. Just like Pattaya. Sent from my CPH1941 using Tapatalk
  11. I've been watching The Expanse season 5 week to week, really decent sci-fi series, if that's your thing.
  12. Good for you to do the research. I may have skin in the game since i have an O-A and and my next extension will require Thai insurance even though my Fed health insurance is excellent. Also with the new American administration "Medicare for all" may void my current coverage. So we are interested in what you find. Giving a first hand account of experience ,my friend in Bangkok is a visa agent and had a client here in Pattaya. They were going to refuse ER care but my friend said he would pay. The fellow ended up in ICU , very sick and had to transfer 20,000 Baht per day. I was asked to see him and give an opinion on transferring to a Bangkok Hospital which i had a contact and would take his insurance. His insurance turned out was shit as he did not understand it .Despite a strong effort from the Physician he could not be moved. So continue diligence on this. I may take exception to the advice of not getting insurance before you retire here. USA companies have to cover you. But since you are healthy getting a Thai policy now may protect you from the pre existing clause in the future. But a big may.
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  14. Not necessarily. I believe some Europeans (eg Scandinavians and yes Americans) can sometimes have some worldwide cover from their home countries, worth it's weight in gold if it provides comprehensive cover. Maybe these are all courtesy of their former employment. Other that that I would expect that you are correct.... go see an insurance broker when you get here. Over 75 years you can have cover, but that cover will usually be with a company you were with prior... they limit new customers to a certain age. But it is an expensive item some forego. Many 'self insure', ie keep a healthy bank balance to cover eventualities. Certain Visa types actually require this too, a healthy maintained bank balance, that actually you are not meant to spend on anything oddly enough. There is also a visa class that requires medical insurance... both of these associated with what is called a retirement extension, how many live here. Another topic.......
  15. Thank you for the information. It looks like that answers my question about getting insurance far ahead of moving over, pretty much a no. I am concerned about no coverage for over 75 years of age, is that normal? What happens when you turn 75 in Thailand, are you pretty much on your own? That's scary unless you have a good support network. In doing a search online, I saw many references to Mister Prakan which is an insurance broker so I used their quote function. The cheapest quote for a 57 year old for Pacific Cross was 14,670 baht. Following are what is covered: Worldwide coverage excluding USA No deductible Maximum coverage 270,000/year per disability Personal accident, 100,000 No outpatient Inpatient, multiple benefits including room and board, 2000 baht/day max 45 days. Intensive and coronary care room and board, 4000 baht/day max 15 days, Surgical fee 200,000 No dental/vision No maternity Fully indemnified for medical evacuation/repatriation If you want outpatient benefits 1000 baht/visit, then it increases to 18,377 baht per year. However, that 270,000 year doesn't seem that much considering the Thai government raised their yearly benefit for those on the social security scheme to 1 million baht. If you increase coverage to 3 million baht, then the yearly premimum for Pacific Cross goes to around 47,083 baht per year or around $1569 USD/year. As with anything in life it's a gamble I think in how much coverage you think you may need.
  16. Surely a QR code cold overcome any language problems, it’s now being used in freight movements in Europe etc
  17. Recently watched the music documentary "If you could read my mind" about Gordon Lightfoot. Really enjoyed it. Unfortunately I cannot remember which service I viewed it on. 400
  18. Interesting observation. I believe I would agree! Very watchable movie, stunning scenery. I preferred Brando (over Gibson) in the second version, Mutiny on the Bounty
  19. The problem would be that the travel insurance documents could be in many different languages causing delays at immigration
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