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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.

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  2. cbrib

    Satalite Dish

    Try talking to the True reps at the counter, i go to the one in Tesco Lotus on Thepprasit. I had a talk to them as i was disappointed in the gold and they gave me an upgrade on the internet to 100 meg, platinum package and full fiber run into the house for 150 baht a month more, got everything i need pretty much. I have an android box but not to impressed with it, also have netflix which is awesome for $12 bucks a month
  3. jacko

    The rate on the street.

    Again last night on Beach Rd near soi 7, before the PT Crawl when I lost my ability to work my phone!
  4. Sure, very relevant. My Mrs goes to her home village a lot and switched to the network that had better coverage for data there, from the one that used to have best telephone network coverage.
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  6. torrenova

    Satalite Dish

    I had a huge motorised dish at one house but as others have said, it is old tech now and obsolete. A fast internet connection is what you need.
  7. frostfire

    Watch TV From Back Home

    You may also want to follow the instructions on how to fully activate your account so you do not have to wait for moderation when making posts like this 🙂 Frosty
  8. "Il Peccatore" deserves several stars just for the name (Of course I thought it was a misprint at first - and not much fish on the menu).
  9. Me and MrsFiend do the same, we get sufficient top-ups to extend our sim card validity until our next trip, but not enough credit so that it is used up automatically renewing the package the following month. I've had the same AIS number for about 5 years now.
  10. I’ve read that some of the Thai phone companies have better service in rural areas of the country, but I guess for me, that doesn’t much matter. For other people, that might be a big deal.
  11. Richard70au

    Watch TV From Back Home

    Are these boxes still available and what are the price and specs on them? Cheers
  12. Last week
  13. I have had the same AIS number for years so I really cannot comment about other brands. Here is how I use it. I do stop at the arrivals hall now and get the whole thing fixed up for the month and paid for. The plans seem to be changing regularly so I tell the ladies what I want and they install and set up. OK, occasionally there are a few people there but bugger the cabbie waiting. He will stop for gas anyway! By the way, by going onto the AIS web site you can do a bit of pre planning as to the right sim for you before you get up to the counter. One response says to pay and top up on one trip and activate on the next. This does not always work as if you have too much credit it will automatically renew even if your not in Thailand. I want data when I arrive so that I can do a bit phoning in the cab. I need data as I use LINE almost exclusively in Thailand. In Pattaya I am sure to be in Central so I use the office there and put say 100 dollars in the machine and put in 5 x 20 baht top ups. Each top up gives me a month in advance. I am currently about 10 months ahead. I suspect that it does not matter where you go and what card you get. For me, I have made decision to keep the same number as long as I can and for that reason AIS has suited me with its 12 month life as long as I keep it topped up. I also believe that the reach is better with AIS but again, only what I believe. As a matter of interest, I spend for a month about 450 baht for around a 4 gig fast plan and I top up say about 100 for phone and text calls using AIS. This just about is fine for me as I also use the sim as a hot spot for my lap top so a bit of decent speed data suits me.
  14. I haven't researched it, but generally USA phone plans are very expensive and poor compared to what is offered in say the UK. They often tie you in to rather domineering contracts too, along with companies that deliberately restrict the phone's capabilities. (I can get a plan in the UK offering 5000 minute, 5000 texts and a huge 20GB of data at under $25/month, and this will work all over the EU) But you do offer a fair deal for USA guys travelling here.
  15. No Google Fi is regular phone service with data. The data is billed to us @ $10 per GB, same as at home in USA.. Our phone calls to home are billed @ .20 per minute and texts are N/C . We also use the condo wi fi when we are there so that data is not charged only the data from the phone company. I do not know which Thai phone company Google Fi partners with but I seldem have any problems.
  16. Evil Penevil

    Under 300 Baht ... And Good! (updated Jan. 23, 2019)

    I'm a big fan of Taco Taco, but I haven't been back too many times since they moved to Soi 9 off Pattaya Klang, simply because the old location, a stall in the Soi Buakhao night market, was more convenient for me. No doubt, though, that the new enclosed, air-conditioned restaurant is a far more comfortable place to have a meal than a fold-up table in front of the old stall. The menu has expanded considerably, too. I went back yesterday to try the Taco Tuesday special: And a tempting pic from Taco Taco's Facebook page: The following tacos cost 60 baht each all day Tuesday and you can mix and match as you please: You can also choose hard-shell corn tortillas or soft wheat tortillas. I picked column B and had the conchinita pibil and chicken tinga in corn tortillas and the smoky beef on a wheat tortilla. The order came with three in-house-made sauces: the iconic Mexican pico de gallo (aka salsa fresca or salsa mexicana); habanero chili hot sauce (fiery hot ) and pineapple salsa. The pork, chicken and beef in the tacos had been slow-cooked with Mexican spices. The cook didn't skimp on the chili content and the chicken tinga and smoky beef had quite a kick without the hot sauce. The conchinita pibil was a bit milder with a sweet-sour flavor to the pork. It's based on a traditional pork dish from the Yucatán Peninsula and is a favorite of mine. I hope Taco Taco spins off conchinita pibil into a main dish and not just a taco filling. The meal cost 180 baht for the three tortillas and 20 baht for a bottle of water. Bottom line: Since Dave's Cantina closed, these are the best tacos in Pattaya. They aren't the biggest, but definitely the best tasting. Some other taco variations on offer on the regular menu. Taco Taco also has weekly specials and this week it's three-bean chili con carne with rice and nachos: : Evil
  17. Yes, if you do not have a bank account in Thailand you could get by without. But how about getting on-line with your phone. Data requires a network number, even Wi-Fi available in Malls often originates from the networks provided free to their customers. Free Wi-Fi is usually crap. There will be a lot of freeloaders on a free WI-Fi, or even managing to get onto a business network. If one Thai knows the password, all her friends will too. As I learned on Soi Chaiyapoon recently. All the girls were on the restaurant opposite's Wi-Fi!
  18. T-mobile One has a deal similar to Google Fi for international use, although not quite as good. It gives unlimited 2G data for surfing and unlimited texting, and $.25 per minute for calling. Since most people text rather than call, so I will use the line app to talk to Thai friends.
  19. gs joe

    Indian girls

    I only go to Poke a huntress , Joe
  20. Do not have a situation that requires a Thai # (no Thai bank) so above works for us.
  21. What about people who want a Thai number? For example, my Thai bank? It would be nice if I could do without a Thai number, but that sounds like it won't happen. Anyway, the sim cards are cheap and with "pay as you go" pricing, it doesn't need to cost too much.
  22. wacmedia

    Premier League 18-19

    Hi, Arsenal produce a good display against Chelsea. Like Man Utd they have conceded more than 30 goals so that is their problem. Spurs were lucky to beat Fulham and may have hit the wall. Liverpool were lucky the Palace had their 3rd choice keeper in goal. Man Utd have a great chance of finishing top 4 IMO.
  23. There is also another post saying the place is up for sale.
  24. Thanks for the review. Now I am curious to try. Had watched the soi dogs at the bottom many times, as well as roided up dudes swaggering down the stairs. Have drunk in a bar opposite many times and that's the view. Had assumed there was a gym up there. Oh well, now have a reason for a stroll upstairs...
  25. My wife and I have had Google Fi for about 3 years. It has been great for staying in touch with USA. Texting is included, calls are inexpensive and data is same price as home. For Thai contacts we use Line , What's App or Facebook messenger.
  26. I've been reading up on the new 777x and it seems to be getting closer to the actual test flight stage, (Q2 2019) with deliveries expected in 2020 (as I understand it). From first impressions it appears to be quite revolutionary in a number of areas, not least the Engine design and development, along with folding wingtips and pax capacity of over 400. Some are saying this could kill off the A380. I'm not so sure if that is a fair or relevant comparison, perhaps putting it up against the A350 might be better, here's an interesting comparison: https://simpleflying.com/777x-vs-a350/ Anyway, speaking of Engines, here's the new GE9x strapped to a 747, the comparison to the GECF6 this particular 747 has, to give y'all an idea. Either way, hopefully it'll be better for the end user (us) in both comfort and reduction of costs.
  27. Thank your for all the information and suggestions. This will help me a lot.
  28. In the past, I've used 1-2 Call with no problem. It pays to look into the different plans, though, as they have more than a few and the features differ. For example, some plans may require topping up more frequently. Another thing I've been looking into is Google Fi. I'm in the USA, and I can get Google Fi and keep my USA number for $39 a month for phone service and data. Supposedly, the phone will work in 165 countries and there's no need to change sim cards every time you change countries. Somehow, the phone knows where you are and makes the necessary adjustments, automatically. Anyway, I have an extra phone around that I can use with the Google Fi. I'll use another phone for the Thai sim card, so I guess I'll have two phones and two phone numbers. Probably won't use the Thai phone too much.
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