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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.

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  2. Fully agree with you. Personally, I think it should be standard, but as it appears that Boeing self certified the system as being safe, why shouldn't they charge another 80k$ for a warning light?!!! I believe the warning is being installed as part of the "upgrade" to the software. Again.... only what I have read.... but imo the whole episode reeks of "we need a new plane quickly to defeat those Airbus people", and corners were cut... Would you want to be on one of the early flights when they resume flying, even with the new software? I wouldn't...
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  4. Should that be offered as an "optional extra" or should that be fitted as standard??? You would think that a critical safety system, especially for a control system which is highly important in the ascent or descent phase of a flight would have more than just one sensor and indication. It's bad design and implementation that has resulted in the loss of several lives. I'm not an Aviation Instrument Engineer, but I am an Instrument Engineer (40 years experience in instrumentation systems) and my work involves safety critical systems.
  5. Just checked an Eva flight from UK to BKK and its 30KG included baggage
  6. EVA's new fair structure, if you purchase discounted airfare you have to pay for seat selection. $40US Long-haul & $15 regional. The good all seats were open for selection in PE except the two window basinet sides, for a June trip. EVA's price structure appears to me to be more expensive now, even shopping the sales. Paid last 2 years for PE $1,100/$1,000US for PE, which included free seat selection though limited availability. This year for PE $1,600 plus $110 for seat selection. And oil prices are still down.
  7. I read somewhere that there was an optional extra that neither lion air or Ethiopian airways took, at 80,000$, when purchasing the aircraft.... a light that warned the pilot that the two sensors were providing different readings, presumably allowing them to make a decision as to what to do.
  8. "High Ice" was a made for television movie, not the big screen.
  9. From the latest reports I don't see how we can fault the pilots if there was no instruction given by Boeing on MCAS. Boeing promoted 737 MAX as requiring little additional pilot training Pilots at American Airlines, who are represented by APA, and Southwest Airlines, who are represented by a different union, moved from older versions of the 737 to the MAX by taking an online course that lasted between 56 minutes and three hours, according to union spokesmen. That training included some differences between the two-plane series but did not explain MCAS, they said. "MCAS was installed in the aircraft and Boeing didn't disclose that to the pilots," Mike Trevino, a spokesman for the Southwest Airlines Pilots Association, told CNN.
  10. The flight before Lion Air crashed the jump seat pilot (hitching a free ride) told those two pilots how to get around the same problem as crashed the plane the next day. The pilots that did take the plane down didn't bother to read about what happened on that plane the flight before theirs. I would say the jump seat pilot had the knowledge from somewhere and that the two that crashed the plane didn't. The MCAS didn't bring down other MAX 8 planes, the pilots have to have some of the blame.
  11. Indeed so Butch. I only went Austrian as the Premium Economy was cheap compared to others and I fancied the extra leg room and more comfortable seat. Also I contected them 3 times about the connection in Vienna and told every time that there would be no problem. We live and learn
  12. At my workplace safety critical systems we very often use "2 out of 3" systems for alarm conditions and they get regularly tested to ensure correct operation. On some less critical systems we sometimes use "2 out of 2" . After maintenance we have to prove the safety function still operates before it can be signed off.
  13. I have been working on the above problem and after some trial and error have a couple of methods to handle posting photos using Google Photos. Jacko was the catalyst for sorting this out with his comment that he uses ONE DRIVE. Here is the method. Go to GP, select a photo and double click. It is no good ticking, it needs to be expanded. In this condition right click and go to "Save As...". Save to ONE DRIVE. Open your page in Pattaya Talk and go to the foot of the reply box and click on "choose files". Go to ONE DRIVE and simply drag and drop. By clicking on the + sign you can load to the post and space and position by using the cursor. One thing that I haven't sorted is re-sizing a photo in GP, not that this is really an issue with Pattaya Talk. I still have Picasa installed on my PC and it is also easy enough to use the editing and resizing functions and export to say Starred Photos or wherever and then drag and drop. Picasa has the function of Bulk Editing which is handy if you have a heap of photos to sort out. One other thing about using Picasa is that you can see what you are posting whereas posting straight from ONE DRIVE you only get the photo number information unless you rename photos as you post. I guess that DROP BOX would also work but I haven't got that far yet.
  14. Last week
  15. If my recollections are correct, 2 sensors isn't so great. You probably see similar in your work. hard to pick what number to use when 2 sensors give different numbers and there is a multitude of choices. I saw 3 where you can make more logical decisions based on only expecting one to 'fail'. Wasn't it some sensors icing up (airspeed) caused a lot of problems before.
  16. Always good to see reviews like this, sometimes what seems like what should be a good Airline turns out to be a pile of steaming turd. I've never flown Austrian, nor do I ever intend to on the basis of your experience. Trip Advisor reviews doesn't inspire much confidence either, as they also codeshare with Eurowings. One to avoid, along with South African if you're ever going that way, unless you like being on a cramped 747 with rock hard seats, no IFE , shit food and Cabin Crew who think the whole world owes them a favour. Despite EVA's LHR-BKK BR068 timekeeping bordering on the level of "piss take", along with their piss poor on the ground customer service, direct really is the best way to go to BKK nowadays IMO, as the in flight experience is very good.
  17. I read today that Indonesian has cancelled their back orders for 47, 737 max's.
  18. After reading through that article my understanding is that the MAX is fitted with 2 Angle of Attack sensors, yet only uses one at a time.... That is very poor design from a safety point of view if a safety critical sensor goes faulty.
  19. they go up tiddly up up, they go down tiddly down down. This afternoon's rates.
  20. The article you linked to had this... Stab Trim Cut-Out Switches The MAIN ELEC and AUTO PILOT stab trim cutout switches are now named PRI and B/U on the MAX. The switches are guarded in the NORMAL position (switch up) and CUTOFF is switch down.
  21. Found this article that sets things out quite well: http://www.b737.org.uk/mcas.htm To disable the problem function involves selecting the automatic 'stab trim' off. I've tried to find (without success so far) a photo of the panel showing the switches on the Max, rather than older versions.
  22. When i looked for the method used on my headlamps I came across loads of vids.......I'd check out Youtube for almost any car query.
  23. I may have got my facts mixed up but I heard 2 'solutions'. One was a little MCAS switch somewhere , another was killing the power to the tail horizontal stabilizers (although if that left them in an unsuitable position it would not be a perfect result). Imagine an aircraft not responding to pilot's input during climb and going nose down at a still low altitude, and a pilot has to remember about a little switch as he hurtles to the ground responsible for near 200 people. Ethiopian Airlines crash: Pilot did not receive training on Boeing 737 Max 8 simulator, sources say. Boeing has said that experienced 737 pilots needed little training for the new Max 8, an assertion that has now come under close scrutiny by regulatory officials and pilots at other airlines. Yahoo News. It is hard trying to read the latest on this, most USA press outfits (like the Seattle Times) are blocked unless you subscribe or at least let them bombard you with adverts. It's a form of News embargo!
  24. Bloody annoying overlay window that I can't get rid of, anyone got a spray for that?
  25. Thanks Gottsy - "Baggage" meaning "mind-numbing regrets"...... more BMs than admitted it. Pretty sure we ALL have some..... sorry for the TF. BTW - I, notoriously, always get out of the bed on the same side. People count on it in Purgatory. Welcome to the board.
  26. I understand that also it may be something to do with the TA if you use one, as they may have access to tickets under different rules to those purchasing direct. We often use one particular TA when we fly to the RP as we can get 40kg on Cathay if going econ under their fare rules. Just looking at the EVA allowances, under fare rule "A" in econ, it's 20 kg, "Q,H,W,V,W,S" it's 30kg and "B,Y" it's 35.
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