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    Greetings Monkeywatchers, core coon crap for coming along, and welcome to this month’s “What’s On in Stinking Pig City.” Apparently there’s a sign inside Hooters Pattaya that says “Our staff aren’t romantically interested in you.” Well Hooters, just for the record, we aren’t romantically interested in them either. Sod the flowers and chocolates, just lie back and think of Thailand, girls. One of the Russian bars on Walking Street has introduced a new concept outside their premises – hello boys. Not sure what kind of punters they think this will attract, but it isn’t likely to be anybody who’s interested in Russian women – or any other kind of women for that matter. Weird sods. There’s a strange character lurking around on Beach Road up by Soi 1 that the expression “three-legged ballerina” could have been invented for. This peculiar individual is an unfeasibly skinny Thai bloke who walks around on the balls of his feet like he’s wearing an invisible pair of stilettos. Various theories have been expounded as to the reason for his behaviour but the general consensus is that it’s because he’s as bent as a corkscrew. The opening party for the newly-built Islamic State Resort Hotel didn’t go quite as planned when the building was completely destroyed by multiple explosions. After being dragged from the rubble, the hotel manager Mustapha Kamilkok said “I told the staff to change their sodding vests before they came to work. Why doesn’t anybody listen?” … Just when you think you’ve seen it all, a street vendor on a motor tricycle was recently seen haring down the road and cooking his food at the same time. Would have been quite an innovative and timesaving idea if he’d noticed the hole that had been dug in the road and into which he subsequently disappeared. Perhaps multitasking isn’t always the best way. Thailand is planning to start introducing a ban on single-use plastic bags from next year. There’s been a rumour that they’re also thinking of banning single-use condoms, though we’re aware that certain ethnic groups introduced this ban voluntarily several years ago. On a baht bus the other week there was a swarthy-looking character who could only be described as the ultimate stinking pig. This fellow was so utterly rancid that, even in an open baht bus, the smell was something akin to being screwed into a coffin with a pair a zookeeper’s boots. Bet he’s a real hit with the bar girls. Police have finally arrested the perpetrator of this heinous crime committed on Pattaya Beach and the offender is to be publicly executed on Beach Road next Wednesday… Time for bar news, and this has been the month of the Go Go comeback with the reopening of Hidden, Super Model and Yes, though the latter doesn’t really count as it’s gone over to the dark side, so to speak. Sugar Baby has also reopened but is now Golden Club. It’s also now Chinese and utter crap. Sadly, the reopenings have been matched by closures in the shape of Ginza, Office and (possibly) Harem. Ho hum. Pattaya has come up with a new winner of an idea – blind football. Interesting, but no substitute for blow football – at least not the way it’s played on Soi 6. Drift back through time now and relive a pair of ripping yarns from Monkeywatch back in October 2009… “There was a minor disturbance in one of the fast food joints last week when an Arab starting mouthing off about his food not being hot enough. Fortunately, the establishment's customer service manager was on hand to smoothe over the situation by hitting him in the face with a chair. I must say it's most gratifying to see that so many businesses in Pattaya are taking the trouble to equip their staff with the necessary interpersonal skills for dealing with customer complaints. Did you know there's a place in Naklua called German Skatclub? The word is that it's a load of crap, but in this particular case that might well be a recommendation.” The infestation of the yellow peril in Pattaya has now reached the point where even the infamous Stinking Piggery has been forced to add Chinese food to its menu… Once upon a time (well, last July actually) Pattaya had a police chief who got the sack after a brief period in the job. He was replaced by a new police chief who also got sacked within a couple of weeks of being appointed. A third police chief was appointed and we confidently predicted that he'd be gone by Christmas. Well, we were right. He dropped dead last week on his way to a meeting. Probably couldn’t stand the strain of being in the job for such a long time. Finally, there was an oriental-type bloke who let out what can only be described as the mother of all sneezes in a go go bar a couple of weeks ago. He fell off his seat and was soaked head to foot by the pint of draught beer he’d just bought. He then got up and looked around sheepishly, stuffed some soggy notes into his bin and slunk out of the door hoping nobody had noticed - a vain hope as just about everybody in the vicinity saw it and laughed like drains. Silly bugger. be seeing you monkeyman
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    They certainly did. They deserved to win, played with passion and were hungry for the win.
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    I'll add the one I took last night Bazle, a few more currencies, including NZ$ .
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    Money Exchange on Soi Diana usually has rates very similar to TT. This is what they were showing at 20:44 today:
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    My first visit to Thailand was 1992, second was 1998, didn't experience Pattaya until my third visit, February 2003. I stayed at Siam Bayshore Resort, which I thought was a great place except for the 800 baht joiner fee! I only stayed a couple days before returning to Bangkok, but I enjoyed myself so much I came back the next week, booking Residence Gardens. I believe I used the special FLB Deal from this website. I moved to Pattaya in October 2004.
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    2003: I met a freelancer in BKK who suggested Pattaya. We were based in Jomtien and she (wisely) never took me over the hill to the bright lights of Walking St. For 2 weeks, we had romance, beach, and lots of seafood. Then one night she made the mistake of taking me to Walking St and she was sent packing the next morning while I moved to a hotel right on Walking St! Day and night, I lived and breathed Walking St. I didn't have a wingman so I stayed near the hotel 24/7. I met Mimi from Peppermint A Gogo and she stayed with me every night after work. The aircon and cable TV made me more attractive....
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    I too know nothing about aeronautical engineering - I was a EE major, but I do have knowledge as a pilot. No fixed wing bird I have ever flown was unstable and from what I understand none of the ones I mentioned were unstable as long as you keep within the approved W&B. To me a stable bird is one that is trimmed for cruze straight and level and you pull up and twist the stick, then let go, the bird will return to straight and level.
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    Lots of blame to go around. The crew did not have a clue how to deactivate the MCAS system and spent precious seconds trying to figure it out, resulting in the crash. Bad design and lack of training IMHO.
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    There was some sort of event at Central Festival Mall, Pattaya, this afternoon. With the absence of all but Thai signs, I have no idea what it was all about! If you can read Thai, it would be great if you could tell us: With the TV (and/or film) cameras there, I'm guessing it was something a bit more than the usual food festival! There were a lot of Thais dressed in traditional costume. My guess is that it was some sort of awards ceremony for the great and the good hisos.
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    Enticed by big discounts on Agoda and location, I was considering Hotel Selection (Beach Road) for my upcoming stay in November. I sent them a message to ask about their guest policy if I book a double room. I got this reply: Dear guest, Joiner charge @ 1,000THB. So I will look elsewhere.
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    I think we have to differentiate between hotels which: 1. Won't allow a joiner at all 2. Will allow one joiner for an extra charge 3. Will allow one joiner free, but charge for a second 4. Will allow one joiner free, but won't allow more 5. etc.
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    There you go, changed it for you.😁
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    I would love to be there to watch the All Blacks beat those boys in white. Would be a great time being had in a great wee bar, with a couple of very cute tiny girls dressed as schoolgirls.
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    Rugby World Cup is back if you want to watch the games in aircon comfort. We open at 2:30 this weekend. Hope to see any Pattaya Talk rugby fans this weekend.
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    In some ways I'm glad I only visit Thailand every second or third year. I've never become jaded about it, it's still exciting and wonderful. I love pattaya but after a few days I have to go somewhere quieter to recover from the non-stop throng of available women and the constant thrill of being there.
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    yes Thai still use 3-3-3 on their 777. I flew it out to Bkk in september, Depending on the time of the year though, thai use the A380 on their mid-day flight out of Heathrow.
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    Middle 90s I arrived in Thailand sick from a nasty virus I was with a mate who was on a two week trip,Bangkok, Hua Hin,bang sapan then he left and I went to Laos. I spent 3 nights in Vientiane but I was not feeling good so I thought I would go back to Thailand and get down to the coast maybe visit some islands.fetched up midday in a bus station in Nakon nowhere looking in the rough guide for a place to go and a bus to take me there, a girl who spoke good English started talking to me and said she was on her way to Pattaya to meet her German boyfriend and I should go there the bus leaves in 20 minutes.We fetched up in the Sawadee hotel on what was then the edge of town it was cheap cheerful and basic and I had the time of my life. Came back almost every year untill I became jaded and the pollution and attitudes got to me, spent some trips in Sihanoukville untill I got jaded and the attitudes and traffic/police got to me, now I go to Jomtien and only go to Pattaya for the shopping.
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    1995, a story in The Daily Star newspaper talking about a town in Thailand by the seaside where gorgeous girls would spend the night with you for $10 ”disgusting “ I thought *mental note*
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    I have three Onternet service providers in the bar. AIS is the fastest network, but terrible after sales service. 3BB also has terrible engineering standards and take days to come when there’s a problem. True, in my experience has the fastest call out time after sales. It’s internet gets throttled around 6:00pm. True Visions is a great service as well. But look at AIS Playbox
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    I use exclusively these days Travel Trolley best agent out there in my opinion. Dont even use Skyscanner anymore.... Had at least 30 tickets off them probably more ticketed within hours each time and never a single problem over payments Edited that Lufthansa included 30kg baggage £523 on Emirates your flight so roughly the same you said in Euro
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    I have also been with True for some years and it's been okay. Recently switched to Fibre. That includes TV for 850 baht p.c.m, but the basic package, loads of Thai channels to keep the Mrs happy, superb pic quality. I also have Sophon, a hangup from some years ago, I struggle to recommend it. Just lost a few of the better English language channels. I also stream from my laptop, UK TV.
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    I'm quite happy with True. Just had them switch me over to fibre for the same monthly cost. Service is 100 DL, 100 UL at 640.93/month incld taxes. Can't offer a recommendation for TV as I survive just fine w/o it.
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    TT on Soi Buakhao at 22:44 today:
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    Me neither, I think I was paying the same or possibly more than that back in the early 00's. I know a few fellas who would be interested at that price, good call. Saying that, Etihad and Oman are very competetive, both have a good product and I think the layovers with the Oman air flight are not too horrific. I'll check out the lufthansa stopover as well while I'm at it.
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    And these were the rates at TT on Soi Buakhao at 22:14
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    This was last night Monday....
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    Current shenanigans in the Commons not effecting Sterling/Baht right on recent highs at 39.35 Interbank currently.
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    For sure, the drunken fools who find it necessary to get up and dance on the stage in go go bars. Entire families who stop on the sidewalk and decide to have a family conference, thereby stopping everyone in their path. People in the checkout line at grocery stores who don't start writing a check for their groceries until they've been rung up, and then taking their time to balance their checkbook and put it away, all before moving an inch. And I still remember the guy in the grocery line in the USA who held everyone up because he was trying to pay for groceries with a check from Mongolia. All the junk mail I have to throw out on a daily basis, and all the robocalls I seem to get everyday.
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    You got most of mine there in one go.
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    People who park a motorcycle touching mine... can't get in to move mine. Those walking in front who suddenly stop, or simply stand in the way at a doorway. Idiot drunk men who get up and dance on a GGB stage. I'm so cool people who put their feet up on tables. Bodybuilders. Signs at 5ft 10 height, I am 6 ft! I'm 64 and grumpy, I could go on forever,
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    I just put in outbound purely random of 28th April inbound 20 May again random out of Heathrow Thai £448 30kg bags Eva £454 30kg bags BA £457 but no bags included Lot of the one stops were very cheap as well Ignoring the very cheap Chinese carriers all the following are standard connections Lufthansa £376 Turkish £389 Oman £401 Etihad £404 Emirates £415 (lowest bagagge 23kg with Etihad 25kg Emirates)
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    Just found this thread. Thanks. My first memory of Pattaya was when it was featured in a segment on a current affairs tv show November 2000. The segment was about the "sexploits" of some Australian guys in Pattaya. The Playpen gogo on Soi Yamato was the main bar featured on the show. Not long after, got my first computer and early 2001 found the FLB forum. Was then able to get a lot more information about Pattaya before my first visit July 2001. Stayed at Flipper hotel on Soi 8. My first 2 barfines were from FLB. The first one was not good, but the second one ( Nit) was good fun and took her about 3 or 4 times that trip.
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    Crikey Butch, it must be as bad as mine, Steptoe would pass it by.
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    Now we know what really happened to BigD......555
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    Best bet is to go to the BB main branch on 2nd Rd across from Soi 6. My experience, and from what others have reported is they're more familiar with dealing with expat questions, such as yours than the other, smaller branch offices. Regarding FD accounts, IIRC, a few have gone this route for the money in the bank requirement. Probably best to stop in at the immigration office and confirm they'll accept this type of account.
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    Here's an account of my first visit to Pattaya, in March of 2002 - I'd been in BKK for ten days on my first ever visit and had spent most of it with one freelancer, and it was time to move on: This would be our last night together – I knew I had to get a look at Pattaya before my trip came to a close, and I was getting a little weary of Tai’s constant company anyway. She was a nice enough girl, but when you are a single man surrounded by so much beauty every day, the eye cannot help but wander… the streets of Bangkok seemed to be filled with gorgeous women, whether bar workers or not, and I just drank it in every minute of every day. I don’t remember what we did that night, probably went out to eat somewhere, and the next day we caught a taxi to Ekamai bus station. It seems to me the price for a ticket was very cheap, about 90-100 baht or so. Then I went out to the queue waiting to board the bus, and joined it after loading my bags into the bus. Well, I had just gotten to the door – we’d already said our goodbyes – and was preparing to board the bus, when the women at the door said no, next bus!! So I had to leave the line, take my bags off the bus and wait a few minutes for the next one! Once settled into that, I waved goodbye to Tai and away we went. Now Tai had mentioned to me before that she had formerly worked as a cook in Singapore for a while, and was expecting a call any day to go back there; I really didn’t expect to see her again, and neither of us had a mobile so I felt very much single again – whoopee, time for some more fun! The ride to Pattaya took about three hours on the bus, but seemed to take forever. The seat was hard and excruciatingly uncomfortable, and it was hot as well, and it wasn’t long before my ass was going to sleep and I had to constantly keep changing positions to restore some circulation to my nether regions. Then as we got closer to our final destination, I kept seeing posters in English advertising a weekend long music festival in Pattaya starting on this day!! Well, this gave me serious misgivings as I had no hotel reservation, and having lived in tourist destinations myself before, I was well aware of what special events like this can do for the availability of accommodation. Well, we finally got there and I dragged my weary ass off the bus wondering what to do next. On the bus station wall there was a sign advertising hotel rooms so I thought I’d take the easy way out and check into it. Of course I heard the words I had been dreading, “oh sorry, no rooms, hotel all full”. Jeez, don’t let this happen to me, thinks I – not in this heat, and in this strange place. So I replied, look – this is a major tourist resort, it’s gotta be full of hotels, and somebody somewhere must have a room. Okay, I make call, see if can find. First, he buggered around with a few other things while I stood there and overheated, worrying about where I would go from there. Finally he made one call and said he had found a room for me at the Welcome Inn Plaza - fine, I said – wondering why he had jerked me around at first when it was apparently as easy as making one phone call. Just having fun with the farang, I guess. I was guided into the back of the baht bus, somewhat pissed off, hot, tired and a little apprehensive as to where this thing would be taking me. As it turned out I had nothing to worry about as the bus dropped me off right at the hotel, and it turned out to be not a bad place, and for what I thought was a good price as well. I got settled in, took a much needed shower, and headed out to check out the town. (It was the Welcome Inn Plaza, a little old and worn even in those days but couldn't beat the location!) First I had to get across 2nd Road – somewhat daunting to a newbie, and I sure missed those pedestrian overpasses on Sukhumvit. There was an ATM just on the other side of the road, and with baht in wallet I was ready for action. It was great, there were so many bars everywhere, and the beer prices were cheap too. I was alone for the first time in days, and I was going to have some fun. I realized right off the bat that it was extremely unlikely that I would run into Rick (an older English fellow who was the first farang I met in BKK and hung around with for a few days) – there were just too many venues and he had gone there without making a hotel reservation either. As it turned out later, he had left the day before I arrived anyway. I kept skipping from bar to bar, and having a beer or two in each one. It was like being a kid in a candy store, always something (or someone) new to discover, and no shortage of propositions either. The beer was going down great. At some point in that night, though, things got woozy and I started to black out – I remember sitting in a little bar somewhere around Soi Post Office, then the next thing I recall was being led up a flight of stairs in what appeared to be an apartment block, hand in hand with a girl. My next lucid memory is sitting on the floor of a room with minimal furnishings – the first time I had been in what was obviously a short time place – with my pants down, and with a girl trying with not much success to give me a hand job. She had her top off but was still wearing a short skirt, and I looked at her and said “are you a ladyboy?” She just gave me a demure smile and kept on working away. I kept slipping in and out of consciousness as this was going on, but I do remember clearly asking her this question three times, and never getting any answer…. When I came to again, I was making my way down the stairs alone thinking to myself “What the f**k was all that about?!?” The next time consciousness returned I was lying face down on one of the twin single beds in my room at 4:00AM fully clothed. I lifted my head and looked around me and damned if there wasn’t a girl in the other bed! I didn’t remember a thing about meeting her or getting back to the hotel. I got up and had something from the fridge to drink, and she woke up and moved in the other bed. “Who are you?” says I. “Poo”, says she. How romantic. Well, she’d hooked up with me somewhere and managed to get me back to the hotel, Buddha bless her. I still didn’t remember a damn thing. So off came my clothes and I jumped into bed with her, but really didn’t feel like any sex at that point, so we just cuddled up for a while and went back to sleep. I gave her a few hundred baht in the morning and sent her on her way – I could see she was disappointed that I didn’t give her more, but we didn’t have sex anyway. Now I regret having that attitude at the time, I should have paid her the going rate plus a tip just for getting me back to the hotel and saving me from further trouble. Live and learn again… Now it is obvious to me that there was more involved here than just beer. I am a big, solid guy in his mid 40’s who has been drinking beer more or less steadily since I was 16, and there is just no way I get into this kind of mess from doing that alone. I will have occasional memory lapses, but not like I had that night. Also, no matter how drunk I am I still manage to get my clothes off before falling into bed. No, there is no doubt in my mind that somebody slipped drugs into my drink. The next morning I had no real hangover, and just felt a little tired – again, if I had drunk enough booze to incapacitate me in this manner, I would have had one hell of a hangover, no matter what I was drinking. I emerged from the hotel around noon or so and headed off for refreshments. At one little beer bar I struck up a conversation with a Brit about the same age as me, and we were joined a little later by a young Swedish guy with long blonde hair and blue eyes, a handsome face and a real easy going attitude. I couldn’t help but thinking at the time that this young Adonis must have been knocking the bargirls dead all over Pattaya; he would have been popular enough amongst women of his own race – lucky fella. Anyway, the three of us barhopped and played pool for a while, and they decided it was time for a trip to the Pump Station, unbeknownst to me the premier blowjob bar in Pattaya. I was starting to fade by this time, though, and I declined and found my way back to the room for a nap instead. I never did see either of these two again, but that’s the way it is in Pattaya – you make these fleeting friendships along the way with people from all over the world, and it is lots of fun. I slept for a couple of hours and woke up feeling just like new. Back to the bars again – I did the rounds of a few beer bars and then hit the gogos. What kind of girl would I end up with tonight? Now I tend to lump the bg’s into three general physical classifications: Pixie – the tiny ones Slinky – taller and very slender Chunky – more voluptuous, bigger tits but usually a little more padding as well. No matter what the type – and the lines often do blur between them, I will admit – there is one thing that any woman who catches my eye must have, and that is that lovely curving flare from waste to hip. A decent bust also serves to enhance this curve, which to me is the essence of womanhood and results in that classic hourglass figure. Tonight I’d decided on a pixie, and I found a hot one in one of the go-go bars on Pattayaland 1 or 2. It wasn’t that late, but I’d had enough to drink for the night. She must have been about 4’10” and 40kg, just right, and had her hair in dreadlocks which didn’t really appeal to me that much, but she seemed to have a good attitude. On the way home I picked her up piggyback and ran along the street with her for a way, amusing some of the other farangs on the sidewalk – she hardly weighed anything. I had a decent session with her, but no sooner had we finished than she was itching to leave – fair enough, I paid her s/t rather than the l/t I had intended and off she went. She had told me she was 21, but I saw her photo on her bar’s website later and it said she was 18 – who can tell? I didn’t know much about their ID cards at that time, and of course I naively assumed that if they were old enough to work in the bar then they were old enough to take out of it – another thing you can’t and shouldn’t take for granted in Thailand. Well, as I mentioned it still wasn’t that late, so I relaxed for a while and then decided to go out again. I visited a few more gogos and then eventually I ended up in the Dollhouse, and my eye landed on one sweet thing that just looked lovely on the stage. She was young, and seemed a little more shy than some of the other dancers. She saw me gawking at her, and gave me a little smile now and then. I decided to check her out, and when she was rotated off the stage I waved her over and bought her a lady drink. She had almost no English, but had this lovely innocent look to her that I found appealing, and I ended up barfining her and taking her back to the room soon after. We stopped to pick up the key, and I got hit up for a 300 baht joiner fee! I mentioned the fact that I hadn’t had to pay last night, but the desk clerk insisted, and she put it right on the bill too, so I could see it wasn’t going in anyone’s pocket. I wasn’t charged the next night, and it was the same inconsistency I had noted in the Ruamchit in Bangkok. Into the bathroom for the obligatory shower, and out she came – and I was horrified to see that her face was an absolute mess of pimples – the make-up had hidden everything. I felt sorry for the poor little thing, because she was so attractive otherwise. We had a little session, but the booze, recent sex, and condom all took their toll and I was unable to finish things off – she asked in her little-girl voice, “you feenees?” No, mai pen rai, go to sleep, little one…she left quite early, around 6:AM – as I was to learn later, quite common with gogo girls, not so much beer bar girls, who often have to be almost pushed out the door the next afternoon! I am looking at this girl’s photo as I write this, and she looks about 16 years old – be careful out there, guys – even the bigger gogos hire underage girls sometimes. The next day I just cruised around and idly explored more beer bar areas – ending up in one on Beach Road not far from Soi 8 a little later in the afternoon. I ended up chatting up and barfining a nice-looking girl from there. She was more of a “slinky” type, about 5’7” or so, with a smaller bust but those aforementioned flaring hips that catch my eye so effectively. It was some distance from the hotel, but she said she liked to walk so we had a nice stroll back to the hotel, and a pleasant session. I could tell she really didn’t want to leave, but I had decided to check out a “pizza night” at a local bar that supports a well-known internet forum (this one, I might add - all of these years later-and the bar was the FLB, of course), and decided to go it alone. I watched her fine figure walking across the hotel parking lot from my 8th story window, and I thought I could see a little slump in her shoulders – I really think she wanted me to take her out for the evening and maybe I should have; she was a nice girl and spoke decent English. I met the same girl a year later, and she just didn’t seem the same somehow; the lifestyle does wear on them. I went to the pizza night and met a few fellow “boardies”, and then struck out on my own again. I checked out a few bars, but just couldn’t make up my mind what I was looking for that night. Finally I ended up in one of the “Spicy Girl” gogos not too far from the hotel – it was pretty dead but I sat down to have a drink anyway. By this time it was around 12:30AM, and there were only two or three girls dancing. No sooner had my beer arrived than one of them stepped off the stage and sat beside me, and said “Please pay bar me! I so bored, no customah, I tired dance”. Well, this was one bg who was being honest – the place was boring and I could empathize with her totally at that point. So I thought, what the hell – I can’t make up my mind anyway, she’s as good as any, let’s go! I bought her a lady drink and we left shortly after. Now she was halfway between slinky and chunky – no stunner but fairly attractive; she had a lovely personality and was really hot in bed – the best of the trip by far. A great kisser, instantly wet, and very sensual. In the morning she delighted me by jumping my bones again on her own accord – now that’s an attitude I could get used to! This is definitely one girl I would have taken again for more than a night or two – a real sweetie. I’ve found on travels since that it is often these spur of the moment decisions that result in the best experiences, and usually happen when it is late enough, and I am drunk enough that I am no longer trying to think much about finding someone better later on. It also seems to happen that you find the real sweeties on your last night in town, which this was – I only had two nights left and wanted to spend them in Bangkok before heading home. I didn’t have enough money to pay her, so she accompanied me across 2nd Road to the ATM, where I had to pay her in the street – not what I like to do, but I had to get going. I was genuinely sorry to see her go – I certainly would have seen her again. Then I went and hired a taxi – no more trips on that wretched bus for me – and made my way back to Bangkok, and my last couple of days in Paradise. Footnote – while getting my gear together, I changed my pants and realized that the zipper on my money belt was partially open – what’s this? I opened it all the way and discovered that a $100 bill I had been saving was missing. Somebody got a good score….I hadn’t checked it for days, and it could have been any of the aforementioned girls. Money belts are safe if you are wearing them, but an invitation if you are not…I’m a lot more careful nowadays. I couldn't wait to go back after this trip - I scoured the internet for every bit of info I could find over the next ten months and was much better prepared upon my return, when I stayed for a month - and I've returned every year since. This lightly-edited account was originally published as a Stickman submission in 2005 - unfortunately, my original photos from that trip have been lost..
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    I was in Chiang Mai with my wife, my best friend and his farang girlfriend. The two ladies had to go back home for work, but we were staying another week. As soon as the ladies left my mate booked us flights to Bangkok with intention of getting a taxi to Pattaya. I was disappointed as I was having a good time in Chiang Mai. The guide book had said to avoid Pattaya. We didnt have anywhere to stay, taxi dropped us off at a hotel that catered to Arabs and Indians. We hit Walking St and met a couple of ladies who convinced us to move to the Lek. I threw away the guide book.
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    Thanks mate but which company did you book through? I'm guessing trip.com???
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    Yes , i find that kindness often . mostly in Issan but many times in Pattaya. I think you need to live here or be a frequent, knowledgeable visitor like Teelack. . Just dont be an asshole. I was an asshole the other day when i just was tired of the Indian suit salesman and told him to fk off. I regret that.
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    Your post would be a fair post if you had started it with what you wrote as your last sentence. As others have pointed out, Nam quoting a price that you don't want to pay doesn't make her dishonest. In fact she was doing you a favor by recommending an SUV for your group of three as that is what most people would choose if they're traveling with luggage.
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    Hi, I've flown lots of times on 737. Whatever they call this new version, I will avoid.
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    That only makes sense. Marketing 101 would say don't push something that portrays a bad image.
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    I would fly easyjet never mind Eva if they done a direct flight from MAN-BKK. You guys in London and the south east dont know how lucky you have it. Having 3 airlines serve direct flights to BKK.
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    Some more, sorry for multiple posts. A few randoms... Pink Lady ,now gone I think... Soi Honey in 2015
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    Ok chaps. here's some from the HDD I've had floating around. Not any particular year but a few venues have gone since I took them. They may be alreayd posted elsewhere on the forum in an age old TR, so apoligies if you've already seen them. Infamous Soi 6 Moving down to a quiet Beach Rd Pre improvement days lol. Gullivers Soi 1 end. Again, view from Soi 1 down to BR
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