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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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    I concur with Jacko's depressing but realistic view of the future in Patts. I've long ceased to go to agogos except on crawls, there is an air of desperation rather than fun in many beer bars, and my beloved Soi 6 is a shadow of its former self for reasons already discussed on the board. I think there has been a concerted and planned project on the part of government to change the nature ("quality") of the tourists who visit Patts. It began to bite at around the time FLB started struggling, the Soi 9, Soi 2 and 3 bars were demolished, and Soi 8 was made unfriendly by knocking 10-15 bars down for one hotel. This project has accelerated under the military regime, and it's working very well for them if one takes this to mean discouraging the sex scene and thereby making Patts less attractive to Farang. Let's be fair, farang have made a major contribution to the wealth of Patts and the economic prospects of many, many Thai families in the boonies, and unless that income is replaced by visitors of a different nature and spending power, lots of small Thai businesses and jobs will inevitably disappear. The exchange rate problem has unfortunately worked in favour of this project. It's equally true that the attraction of Patts to the Chinese/Korean tour groups and Indians is precisely the seedy reputation it has, i.e. the flag-following tours of WS and Soi 6 for the thrill of open eroticism that is absolutely taboo back home. The sex scene at large earns nothing from the Chinese, very little from the Koreans and Japs, and only hard-haggled amounts from the Indians - all in all far, far less than was to be had from the Farang they have decided should be discouraged from coming here. So will the Asian influx take up the slack in terms of Thai incomes? Hardly. Despite a population exceeding 1 billion, word will eventually get around China that visiting Patts to be dragooned around shops selling Chinese-made goods, with precious few other attractions - least of all its beach - is not worth doing. I predict a sudden plunge in Chinese visitor numbers to Patts in around 5 years. The more spoiled and sophisticated Koreans (also usually couples) will smell that coffee even sooner, and only their mongers will come here soon. The Russians are negligible in the equation. And the Indians? Literally dozens of Indian restaurants have suddenly sprung up, perhaps for money-laundering or because the business-savvy Indians predict a large market for their own kind. They also employ almost only their own kind, not Thais, and, if they become too numerous and influential, will encounter resentment that Farang were never made to feel. Indians will not be a major source of employment for Thais in Patts, who risk being displaced with only the landlords welcoming the influx. The Arabs (to use the collective name)? Mongers who eat in their own restaurants and stay in their own areas, living four to a room in the back sois, refusing to bang anything weighing less than 15 stones. In short, in economic terms for the Thai bargirl, dancer, massage worker, shopkeeper, launderess, bus driver etc. etc. the demographic change encouraged by their government will spell hardship that has a knock-on effect back in the boonies, while the massive malls will wonder where serious, paying customers are to come from. This is a case of the rich and powerful investing in a major tourist infrastructure for their own interests, and hang the little people who are unfortunate enough not to have cooking or other, hotel-related skills. They may well regret that investment. Thai travel agencies, airport bus services, tour guides will suffer, as these consumer groups use their own. The list goes on and on. Patts will end up with a huge, self-sufficient Indian population that pushes Thais aside, very few diehard Farang here and there, and oodles of empty hotel rooms when other Asians realise that the town has bugger all for them to spend a holiday on. At least the bloody tourist buses will gradually disappear I suppose.
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    Cheers Butch. Last night I again visited LKM where I observed the difference between a successful bar and what must be a failing one. The successful one was obviously Billabong where they play a range of popular Western music, a few popular Thai numbers and sell booze at very reasonable prices and have very little drink poncing. Most seats were taken and the place was heaving as it usually is most nights of the week even in low season. I later popped into Paradise Agogo a bar with a completely different set up. Admittedly a bit late in the evening at about 1.30am. There were three falangs in there, me, another punter with a girl in tow and the middle aged manager with the baseball cap on. As soon as my drink arrived I was joined by two vultures who sat either side of me and without even asking my name one of 'em asked me to buy 'em a drink each. I had to laugh with amazement at their nerve but refused the request telling them it was too peng (expensive) then the other one made the same request and that was also refused. It was hard to hear them or make myself heard as the DJ was playing a deafening racket that was loud even out in the street. This hullabaloo was negro rap with the usual constant references to n*ggers, motha fukkas, cocaine and cock suckas etc. Surely whoever owns it or runs the place must realise that the middle aged and elderly Western blokes who represent the majority of LKM's punters have no interest in listening to such filth and should in their own interest rectify the situation. It reminded me of Secrets and the clowns that ran it. I dunno what it was like earlier in the evening but if a sweep was held regarding which will be the next GGB in LKM to go tits up this is the one I'd put my money on. What a contrast to Billabong. You'd at least think the owner would get a new DJ or make the existing one play music people like listening to and at a reasonable volume. Or perhaps the DJ runs the place.
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    I first visited Pattaya years ago when the GBP bought us 32 baht. It was a wonderful holiday and the people had a much better attitude and could not do enough to please you. But as you can imagine financially that was pretty dire, so much so that I never even considered returning till years later in 1999 when we got 62 to the Pound. Obviously things were much cheaper in 1984 but our income was also much less. In '84 we'd had a 19 day holiday, 3 nights in BKK with 16 in Pattaya. My pal and I realised we were running out of money but as luck had it he had recently acquired a Visa credit card and that saved the day as he drew about 400 quid from a bank on the sea front and lent me 200 of it till we got back home. Back then no one else I knew had a Visa card. But we were two week wonders and that's not the case any more. I now come for extended holidays, have a Thai bank account that I transfer a few thousand quid into a couple of times a year and have several Visa cards of my own but they are specifically for medical emergencies should they arise. When you remember 500 + 1000 LT deals (23 quid around about the time of the millennium) with GGGs when 1000 baht was about 15 quid it's hard to adjust to let alone accept 1000 + 4000 deals (125 quid) with 1000 baht now costing us 25 quid. I just won't pay it out of principle and neither will any of my chums I've got to know in Pattaya over the years apart from a German who BFs out of Sapphire at least a couple of times a week. But he's a three week wonder who earns good money as a train driver in the Fatherland. The visa crackdowns are eventually going to see off a lot of ex pats and long termers and it's the young people and their dependents up in Isaan who will suffer rather than the millionaire businessmen who own the hotels and who benefit from the Chinese visitors. The Chinese don't put a penny piece in the pockets of the girls from Surin and Korat who work the bars in Pattaya, neither do the Russians while the Indians haggle over every rupee when they're doing their thing in the Coconut Bar. The girls who come down to Pattaya all hope to one day snare a falang husband or Sugar Daddy to give them and their families a life on Easy Street. Few of 'em succeed in this venture and soon even less of 'em will manage it. Unfortunately I think we'll be witnessing the end of an era in the coming years and the ultimate demise of a holiday destination and adult playground that many of us have become devoted to and in some cases obsessed with.
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    I'm in the middle of a month trip. Fortunately I changed a load of sterling at the start of my trip, at, from memory, 39.8ish. My first longer trip was at 45 or so. Before that I was a 2 week millionaire for many years... and long for 60plus again!!! These days, what's changed? Gone are the barfines and short times from gogos. Hello thaifriendly. Short times are now afternoons, not evenings, and mainly with regulars who I know "deliver", although now the gf takes care of those needs. (Gf (a relatively new development for me!) works, often from 10am until 11pm, so I am free during the day and early evening) Gone are big spending nights out in gogos. I might visit gogos say 3 times a week, but it's one or two, for a solitary drink, not 4 or 5 for several. Gone are the schweppes manoa, or coke light at 140b in some places. Instead I, as a relative non-drinker, buy a draft beer at half the price, and it sits untouched infront of me. If I'm with drinking friends, they have it. Gone are multiple lady drinks. Tequila is banned. Occasional ladydrinks if a girl is good company, and I'm getting my moneys worth. Tips are now just the lose change, unless there are 10b coins involved. Gone is taking laundry to the little lady in her shop. I now use her 30b machine twice a week... no, I dont iron it, so maybe I look a bit scruffier...!! Gone are the daily back or foot massages. Now twice a week, and 20b tip, not 100. My regular massage girl has an aussie bf and understands exchange rates, and is just grateful for the custom as things are slow. Gone are the afternoon Starbucks with friends. Cheaper (and better) coffee to be had elsewhere. Gone is eating out daily. Even catering for one person, I can eat cheaply in the condo, although the menu is a bit similar from day to day. Yes, I do still eat out, but its thai cart food, rather than top, or even middle end stuff. Gone is the 24hour aircon. If I'm alone, its windows open and fans on. Fortunately I get a sea breeze, can open doors at both ends of the condo, and have flyscreens. Yes, I use aircon to sleep, but at 26, not 24 degrees. Gone are the baht bus rides for short distances (I've never used motorbike taxis). I walk, with obvious health benefits. Gone are the 19b ice cream sundaes from Burger King at the end of walks. Sounds like I am a real cheap Charlie. 2 years ago I stayed in town for 5 months, and was averaging 90k b a month for everything, about 2k sterling. Ive still got 2k sterling, but need to cut 10k baht from my budget. Its doable, but is it as enjoyable? What's the next thing to go? I'm looking at cheaper accommodation for next winters trip. Currently paying 16k for a nice 1 bed seaview condo. I know I can get a studio without a sea view for half that, but.... Tipping point? Not sure, but if it hits 35 I'll be seriously thinking about it... but I said that about 40...!!!
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    The Avenue's new decorative concrete walkway The simulated wood looks good Shame they didn't use the same on the Bali Hai walkway.
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    Easy R-Con open sewer project; concrete pad to Buakhao was poured last night. The finished product this morning. Looks like the pumps have been delivered.
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    The Food Park on the lower level of Central Festival shopping mall on 2nd Road has been redone. Whether it is an addition to the old Food Park or a replacement for it remains to be seen. The new version is slicker, more comfortable and has a better layout than its hugely popular predecessor. I took these photos at about 8.30 p.m. on Sunday, July 14. The Food Park was busy, but there were plenty of seats available. The old Food Park was often rammed, even in low season. It's also more expensive. I couldn't see any Thai dishes for 45-50 baht; the cheapest seemed to be 90 baht, but I read elsewhere there are 60 baht dishes. The space that housed the old Food Park is still under wraps, but the ads that block off the construction indicate it will be food oriented. Maybe the old Food Park stalls with mediocre but very cheap food will return. I haven't eaten yet at the new Food Park, so I can't comment on the quality of the food. I'm not a fan of shopping mall food courts as better Thai food is available at the same low prices in any number of hole-in-the-wall restaurants in Pattaya. However, I will eventually give the Food Park at Central Festival a try. Just by way of comparison, this is what it used to look like at the old Food Park. It was packed every day with a mix of Thais, foreign tourists and resident ex-pats. Evil
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    Strike over. Flights resume July 10. Full service by the end of the month.
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    Greetings Monkeywatchers, showaddy crap for another month, and welcome to our latest update from the City of You Couldn’t Make It Up. Here we go. The much publicised Pattaya International Fireworks Festival at the end of last month didn’t go quite according to plan. Well it did for a couple of minutes, then it started pissing down and everybody buggered off home. It did eventually recommence a couple of hours later, when it was watched by two passers-by and a small dog. For music lovers there was also a rock band playing, featuring a vocalist who sounded like a cat sliding down a blackboard. Another event with roaring success written all over it. This was followed a few days later by the Thailand Cultural Music Festival, which reportedly tends to consist of a bunch of Thai punk bands pogoing around a stage and spitting profusely on the audience. And if that wasn’t enough, we were then treated to the Pattaya Music Festival, an annual piss-up and punch-up for Thai motorcycle gangs. The fun just never stops. Somebody must have been dreaming of a big cucumber… Tourists will soon have to pay 100 baht on arrival in Thailand as part of a new initiative announced by the Tourism Ministry. Bad news for local businesses as it will completely wipe out the entire holiday budgets of Pattaya’s new breed of quality tourist. City Hall has admitted that Pattaya Beach will have to be replaced every time there’s a storm, as it keeps getting washed away by the flood waters. Environmentalists are predictably up in arms and have demanded that Pattaya should place an immediate ban on single-use beaches. Speed bumps are to be installed along the road by Dongtan Beach following alleged complaints about speeding yahoos on motorbikes. The likely effect of this will be that the speeding yahoos will lose control of their bikes and plough into crowds of unsuspecting tourists. When a reporter asked what would be done to address this potential problem he was punched in the face by the local community relations officer. They say walls have ears but trees in Pattaya used to have them too… Bars news now, and Diamond A Go Go has been replaced by a relocated Sugar Baby and Super Girl is being reborn as Angel A Go Go. Other new arrivals are Party Girlz A Go Go and Romantic House A Go Go, the latter on Pattayaland 1 where it seems like the poofs are slowly getting pushed out by Indians. Well if you can have Soi Cowboy, why not Soi Indian? Also on the way is Super Model A Go Go (haven’t we had that one before?) Latest news is that Romantic A Go Go looks like it’s shut down already - not entirely surprising considering nearly all the passing punters are brown hatters. If you think some Pattaya bars are a bit dodgy, get a load of this. It’s been reported that a Bangkok bar called Asia 44 Nightclub, opened four months ago, has been closed by police after they discovered that the owner was killing customers and serving them up as meals in the restaurant. A police statement was issued to reassure the public that the situation appears to be confined to this particular establishment and that they could continue to patronise other bars safe in the knowledge that they were unlikely to be eaten. However, it was later revealed that the bar owner has several other investments in the city. We await developments. Come to think of it, Pattaya seems to have more and more restaurants and less and less visitors… Rock fans anticipating a rumoured appearance in Pattaya by AC/DC were disappointed to learn that the visit was in fact by the Air and Coastal Defence Command, who we understand are not a rock band as such. ‘Those were the days’ time now with a look back at a duo of news snippets from Monkeywatch in June 2009. “At the beginning of the month, Tourist Police swooped on South Pattaya and rounded up a number of Uzbekistani ladies of the night and took them to the police station for further questioning. Can’t believe it’s a year since the Chief’s last birthday party. Doesn’t time fly? A Brit was arrested by police the other Tuesday after being caught stealing a bag of grapes from Tops Supermarket so he could tread them to make his own wine. He offered police a sample from his last attempt but they weren’t impressed and suggested he took his socks off next time.” Looks like the Klan won’t be getting their laundry back on time… Following complaints of inaction by the local boys in brown, a regional army and police squad raided two Thai nightclubs in Pattaya to check if any untoward activities were taking place. As a result of this, the venues were found to be guilty of having 142 patrons who tested positive for drugs, allowing entrance to under 20s, selling and advertising alcohol without a licence, selling shisha, staying open after permitted hours and allowing drug use on the premises. Items found in the clubs included guns and ammunition, knives, shisha pipes and 62 bags of yabba. The local police chief’s comments that, other than this, the venues were fully compliant with the law were noted and he’s now directing traffic on Dongtan High Street. A new chief will be appointed shortly. The Pig and Whistle on Soi 7 has closed and it’s been speculated that it may be taken over by Indians. Well at least they won’t need to change the name – just expand it a little. Finally, following a report that 80 percent of Pattaya motorbike taxis are illegal, an official statement has been issued thanking the reporters for recognising this huge improvement in the figures and for their positive attitude in publishing such a good news story. Sounds like the old police chief might have found a new job drafting official statements. be seeing you monkeyman
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    Someone must have brought the hammer down on the guys working on the Easy R-Con open sewer project. They were working well into the night last night. The Y pipe seemed to be the focus of their attention. When I saw them cutting a pipe fitting in half they had made a couple of days ago, thought this can't be good. And today we see the results of last night's work. Note all the welded sections they needed to get the Y pipe to connect to the shutoff valves. Concrete road has been poured on the sides of the box. Building on the northside is getting a new step. I hadn't noticed the project sign before until a BM pointed it out. I ran it through Google translate and this is what the app spit out as a translation. Construction work, contractor work, construction period, parcel inspection committee, own town hall, Pattaya Rd. North Pattaya, Na Kluea Subdistrict, Banglamung District, Chonburi 20260 (038) 371-123 Construction of a well-drained pond in Soi Soi Kasem Yuwan (Soi Melon). Construction is low. ML size 7.00 hrs. 60. Number of cribs, installation of rainwater pumping, rate of type 2, extension of electric field with installation of transformer and 1 number of ports Prosper Solution Co., Ltd. (Head Office), Khlong Lam Chaak Road, Nuan Chan Subdistrict, Bueng Kum District, Bangkok 24230, starting on November 24, 2018. The period ended on May 22, 2019 for 180 days. Sanitation Technician 1. Field Kasama Girls Anantaya's activities. 3. Mr. Phairat Buranasil, Head of Design and Control of Drainage System Construction 4. Mr. Anawat Kaewboonrit, Senior Mechanical Engineer, Mr. Wachara Lumsap, Drawing Technician I Harn Work | 1. Mr. Maddaphat 5 Wanphaiboon Civil Engineer, Operation Kornkorn Paisarnwattanaphan, Civil Engineer, Operation 3. Hai Nat Lueangprasert, Civil Engineer Work 4. Mr. R The farmers aiming to inform the chief engineer, senior engineer with a Ouija 1. "The Bourne 097-348-493 well that the wearing of Engineering Contractors AVI CLAMIA.
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    Still that is almost 25%. For the USD it has lost about 1/6th in just four years. Here's your graph for the last ten years. Anyone can see theirs by switching currencies below the graph and hitting the arrow to the right to update. https://www.xe.com/currencycharts/?from=NZD&to=THB&view=10Y
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    Well sorry to be repetitive but I traipsed round in the rain, so you are getting it.
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    Please don't stop doing it Jacko. Some of us really appreciate it. The NZ$, which is the only one I'm interested, in seems to have remained steady for the last month thank goodness. Your efforts allow me to feel more confident I can still have a good time without breaking the bank in August
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    For anyone else sitting in the stupid section alongside Andy - as mentioned previously, this thread is specifically for 'the rate on the street' as normally seen by anyone walking past an exchange booth. It is not for deep delving questions about quantitive easing or any other such financial discussions or even about Mick Jackson and his recordings (his sister used to cut my hair!). It's really really simple. Please don't walk up to the line and piss over it to the other side and think we'll let it go, because it's getting a bit wearing. Enjoy the site and this thread for what it is and keep it for what it was intended - a quick up to date knowledge of what you'll get when you get there - ok? KM
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    The food court at the Second Road end of the basement of Central Festival mall will be closing today. It is moving / has moved to the Beach Road end, next to Micky D's. I suspect shortly a larger area will be open than is currently the case.
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    I think many bars will be laying off staff. I’m not taking on any more staff at the moment and I’ve had girls asking for work all the time. I do see the “exchange rate crisis” as an opportunity to try new things, new ideas. I’ve invested in a new tv system and I’m doing more advertising, changed the menu. All little things but dipping my toe in the water. I pity those bars who haven’t saved up for the hard tiles and thought that it would always be good, even in low season. Many bars will fold, many not paying salaries already and waiting for the inevitable. Whilst im no economist I feel that what goes up, must come down, so the exchange rate will get better and we will slowly get back to a better trade. For me, raising prices isn’t an option, although I hear of a Thai run bar near me starting to charge for customers to play songs on YouTube in the bar and the usual bill padding and 500฿ managers drink. Thais will always do that I’m afraid.
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    We are currently seeing some pretty bad news regarding USD/AUD/CAD and GPB vs the baht. sadly, the signs are that it is still going to get worse, with predictions of 35 / GBP and lower over the coming Q3 and Q4 of 2019. When it reaches parity (1:1) with the Sterling, I'm going to sell my arse in Boyztown. 3K a night sounds pretty damn good, even if it means wearing a daiper for the rest of my life. For many long term visitors and Expats , the situation is becoming rapidly untenable. I expect we all know guys who have cancelled their trips for 2019 and beyond (some on this forum) because p4p is cheaper elsewhere. The RP (Republic of the Philippines) is a cheaper destination if p4p is your one and only aim, with a half decent GFE built in. Currently running at 65 peso to the GBP and LT rates of between 2500 php up to 5000 php for a gogo girl, it effectively almost halves the cost of the equivalent of Thailand. If you can put up with the abysmal infrastucture you're halfway there. Given that you can get a years visa on arrival if you are prepared to take a bit of a chance at immigration, the smart money would be on the RP capitalising on this particular chain of events. Also, it is possible to get p4p for even less than that. In Manila you can hook up with a girl in a Cowboy Grill or even a regular bar for less without any barfine. However, I digress. My personal tipping point, the one where I (even as a non monger) throw in the towel because the value is not there anymore is rapidly approaching. 38 baht to the pound will see me no longer visit Thailand, because in my opinion, there is better value to be had elsewhere. I will miss seeing some friends, and may shorten my visit to a few days even if I do go there, but it is very unlikely. Without bemoaning the expense due to a weak £ and strong baht, even drinking a draft beer which is the bottom end of the drinkers menu at 90 baht is no longer a cheap option. With the tough Visa regs, increasing costs, decreasing levels of service and the white farang being viewed with even more contempt than he ever was in the first place, it is no wonder why there are people leaving and businesses going to the wall. Kudos to all you guys weathering the storm, stand fast, but it is going to get a shite sight worse in the coming months if reports are anything to go by.
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    That made me laugh Butch, brilliant mate. Not sure about the Sherbert Fountain though. Fifteen years ago when a TG was giving me a happy ending I could hit the headboard if she got the timing right. Nowadays it's a belly button blob . . . 😉
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    "Negro" rap? Were you there in 1965 and it was a bar in Alabama?
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    I feel the tourist industry will survive, but not as we know it. What the farang comes for will become less and less of the scene. Pattaya is turning into a huge, traffic choked shopping Mall. Places like T21 and Central Festival are beyond the needs of the small town, yet there are more. Harbor Mall is a fail, location is poor, although as a Mall it is OK, but always empty. The Avenue, misguided, nobody wants to shop in 34 degC and near 100% humidity. Walking St, well I will give it a check out this week but I wonder how many of them will survive. The overheads must be staggering, mainly I mean the rent. Greed will kill it off. I have almost forgotten the existence of the over the sea eating places except the Beer Garden. I fear their prices and dislike their antics to get me to spend. I must take a look from that very beer garden to see how they are doing. Another well established farang eatery has gone, (Pig and Whistle). The remaining ones struggle, offering the same menus and to be honest, poor selection, of food. A few shine out though, by being cheap. Farangs, you are going to be part of history. There will just be a few lost souls wandering around, wondering what happened, likely names that have been here posting a while like myself. I am already starting to beat myself over the head over decisions I made soon after arriving here in my early 50's, with stars in my eyes, flush with 65 baht/ £. Oh well, I can go and get pissed.
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    Only if you swallow.
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    A few pics of the Easy R-Con open sewer project from late yesterday. Forms and rebar going in for the concrete pad to join the box with Soi Buakhao. What will be interesting to see is how they'll match up the other side of the box to the existing road surface. The part they ripped up earlier in the week is now being reconstructed. Size and shape of the forms looks the same to what was there before, so no idea why they started over on this section of the box.
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    Read and weep.... I know, it says Thursday again!
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    My favorite of the genre is an old one from Jack Nicholson ... My mother never saw the irony in calling me a son of a bitch.
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    Did a double take when I saw these guys. Acoustic leak detection maybe? Enlarging the the storm water drains on the north end of Beach Rd. Read on another forum plans are afoot to dig up the length of Beach Rd, again, and install larger storm water drains. Wat footpath and gutter on Pattaya Tai getting a cleaning. Soi Pothole will soon be getting a new bar.
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    My sincere thanks for taking the time and trouble to post this photo. Very valuable to us not in Thailand and outside of the top world currencies.
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    Good post. If I see a new post on the topic I look at it. My only concern is that I am aware of what TT is offering so that I can check it against my local banks. Okay, I buy little at home but a few thousand baht in my pocket for cabs and emergencies is a must. God forbid that I ever buy one sodding baht at an airport exchange. Thanks to those who post photos of the rates and don't forget we others out here looking for the information. Sent from my Nokia 6.1 using Tapatalk
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    'Twas I, sir! The Euro is ALSO an International Reserve Currency (although at 20% against 62% for the USD) only a little brother. And the little little baby brother is the GBP at 4%. The Euro is not tied to the USD in any way - hence my giggling at the back of the class where all the stupid people are. You will be distressed to know that I not only possess a passport, I HAVE TWO, one from the WTO UK and one from EU trade-bloc France. Exchange rates are QUITE CLEARLY calculated by the girl in the MAIN TT booth on Second Road (not THAT one, the other one) depending on which side of the bed she got out of on any given morning..... She then communicates them by vape cloud to the next one... and so on (as in Great Britain long ago - "the Vikings, the French, the Germans, the Russians are coming", depending on the epoch). The staff all then get together on the "TT Staff FB Messenger group - no work chat allowed" and have a sweep bet on which nationality of Pattaya Punter will drop dead on seeing today's rate. QED - quite edifying drivel.... Andy "Passports are Us" Cap
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    I was tempted to put this as a reply to Yogi's excellent post in my excellent topic of "exchange rate tipping point", but thought it might need a thread of its own to avoid TF'ing. Having given it some thought, Will the next stage for the bars, given the lack of custom, be laying off girls?. Could we see the WS big guns suddenly realising that you need at least a few customers to run a laundry, and as such start decreasing the amount of Agency girls they employ?. After all, the secret of running a good laundry is getting some kind of return on your cash. I would imagine. More to the point, the struggling beer bars, A/C joints and those with an independant source of income (that being mongers and tourists) suddenly realising that the costs are seriously outweighing the income. Khun Somchai big boss: "khun manager, how many BF's did we hit tonight?" "none boss" "S/T's surely?" "none boss" "LD's then, tell lme about LD's" "34 boss" "34? all night? Am I going to have to tell somchai lead-pipe to check your pockets?" "no boss, 34 total" "fucking hell. Start charging for the toilet and put the prices up".
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    They're now backfilling around the Easy R-Con open sewer project. Sure hope they're going to use more than just sand as a road base. Wonder if they'll move the garbage can, or just bury it. With the backfill in place you get an idea of how the new road surface level will impact the businesses on either side. I'm leaving Pattaya for a five day holiday. Hopefully others walking around the area over the next couple of days can post pics of the progress.
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    Strike probably called off but problems for a few more weeks: https://www.taiwannews.com.tw/en/news/3734838 The complete resumption of normal services following the vote by flight attendants Saturday (June 29) to end their 10-day strike might take until the end of July, EVA Air reportedly said. Since June 20, about 1,000 flights were canceled, affecting an estimated 200,000 passengers, with public opinion divided between supporters of the employees’ cause and critics who blamed the union for disrupting travel plans. After 14 hours of voting Friday and Saturday, the Taoyuan Flight Attendants Union announced the majority had agreed to end the strike, but only after the accord was signed by both sides, which was expected to happen later Saturday. EVA Air said that due to general scheduling procedures, restoring a completely regular schedule would take some time, but it might be completed by the end of July at the latest, the Liberty Times reported. The new pact reportedly included more money, regular talks between the union and management, the right to sleep over on some flights to Beijing and Tokyo, and a promise to abstain from retaliatory measures against the strikers, according to the Liberty Times. The fate of legal action by EVA Air including demands for compensation against the union still had to be decided, the reports said.
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    I'll take the rap over the Glaswegians.
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    Today's task at the Easy R-Con open sewer project, hook up the outflow drain to the Buakhao storm water system. Wonder what the black, plastic pipe will be used for. Still don't know what the two smaller outflow holes were for, but no matter, they've now been backfilled with sand. Hope they remembered to plug the holes first. Form now in place for concreting the top of the inflow drain. The worksite is quite a mess on this end.
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    Sounds exactly like my home town Butch. Although you missed the scrounging beggars, gangs of Romanian thieves and congregating Somalies.
  39. 2 points
    In some ways I compare Walking St and some of the side Sois over pattaya with my old home town. When times were great, we had clothes stores, Dixons, hardware stores, sweet shops, joke shops, Mens clothing stores, Halfords, Cafes, Jewellers, Menzies etc etc, something for everyone. Town was always packed on a Saturday afternoon and you could guarantee meeting up with a few mates somewhere. Today, it's got betting shops, pound shops, cash converters, "sell your gold" shops, Costas, Starbucks, Sports direct, 5 mobile phone providers plus a carphone warehouse and Turkish Barbers. As you get towards the outer edge of the main street it's Eastern European convenience stores. There are a few stalwarts there still, a Debenhams due to close, plus a handful of independant shops struggling. It is a shithole. As a result, no one has any need to visit, so the high street is pretty much deserted on weekdays and slightly busy at weekends. Although there are different reasons for the decline, the progression has been slow and deliberate, and it's only when you look hard and see what has happened over the years, make a comparison that the reality of it all hits home.
  40. 2 points
    I spoke with a girl in LKM about this matter last night. She was only to quick too agree with me about the effect of her government's clean up policies and the exchange rates were having on ordinary people like herself and all the other Isaan girls and their families. Her face contorted with anger at the mention of their leaders and she was very out spoken in her hatred of them. After LKM shuts up shop some of the girls normally head off to Insomnia to pick up punters but now that the police make it close at 4am there not much opportunity nor time in which to hook with a customer for the night. It's obvious that the new measures are already affecting the livelihoods of the Thais who work in Pattaya and if her anger is anything to go by then there must be a large percentage of Thai workers in all Thai resorts who are also furious with their politicians. So it's not just hurting us falangs it's also hurting the very people who depend solely upon us for their living. There's no job centres nor dole offices in the LOS and it's not our responsibility to part with money we often don't have to take up the slack. I used to be a soft touch when we were getting 50 - 70 baht to our GBP but I've become pretty ruthless in the last couple of years when it comes to buying LDs and I know quite a few other falangs who have as well. Many of 'em refuse to even go in GGBs let alone just buy any LDs. That much is obvious when you visit any of the GGBs in WS or LKM.
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    That's the same as the block of bars that Cherry Bar sits with, Yogi. They have one DJ who plays for the whole block and plays the wrong type of music for the paying punters. The same sort of thing you mentioned and a lot of Thai music. It's the punters who put the money over the bar, but it's the Thais who make the decision to run it their way or the 'highway'. Unfortunately for most it's the highway as punters vote with their feet. It has been known for bar owners to be threatened if they complain about the DJ, from what I've heard recently. KM
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    Easy R-Con open sewer project now has a concrete top. It's now been about five months for the workers to build what amounts to nothing more than a concrete box. Since they have openings for what will probably be stormwater grates on top, the idea the smaller outlet openings are for air vents doesn't seem plausible. If these are openings for stormwater grates, it seems odd they would have them on both sides of the box.
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    One day, when Walking Street has been demolished to create a concrete and brick paved desert that only looks good on travel videos, Soi 6 and Chaiyapoon have fallen derelict after a collapsed Ponzi scheme, T21 has become the new 'Orchard Towers' and is Pattaya's 'floors of whores'... 🙂
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    In plain English what I said to myself before I scarpered was "Fuck you, you piss taking little poncing cunt, you'll get no more drinks out of me nor any tips". By consorting with little trollops like her you're only feeding your ego and being taken for a bigger mug than you actually are! To myself I said "You stupid old bastard, what are you doing buying drinks for this little bitch for when she obviously could not have any interest in you and you have no sexual interest in her" Stick to your old regular girls that are are still left working in Pattaya. But you still can't help missing the little hussies when you don't see 'em. That's why we keep coming back regardless of any exchange rate.
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    Yes I can see that conversation taking place. Just as real will be the girls who simply cannot make a living. They have the choice to go freelance, and this is already happening.. The other is to pack up and go home. The other thing that hit me this month in Pattaya is that the large shopping malls must also be doing a freeze. Perhaps the powers that be will take more notice of the big money guys than the entertainment industry. Whatever else, there needs to be some radical changes if the tourist industry is to survive. Sent from my Nokia 6.1 using Tapatalk
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    Great post and a very interesting analysis of how things are as we head into the depths of low season, along with an up to date scan of LKM. Not looking good, not good at all. Kudos for using the word "scarpered" havn't heard that for donkeys years lol.
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    You can't use asphalt for paving there because of the heat I take it. I assume it is concrete? Concrete is generally considered more durable for a road surface. Potholes are often caused by water getting in and expansion and contraction. So it expands and more water gets in. It seems to me like they just don't understand a good mix. There are mixes of concrete for different applications. Also the underlay is important. I am not an expert but we have freeways with big rig traffic that hold up better. Afterall, how many potholes do you see on a runway? If runways can withstand passenger jets, they should be able to handle traffic in Pattaya.
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    I've reached my tipping point and not going this year. I 1st went in November 2005 for a week to get it out of the way to say been there and done that, I was 43 and I think got 72-75 baht to the pound. Since then been twice per year for the following 6 years then once per year for 3 weeks at Xmas but flying Bizz to compensat for only going once. My mate just came back and got 38.2 in Bkk which means a bottle of Heinekan in a beer bar now more than £4 and I can't justify it to myself. I can afford it but 38sh is just too little. i shop around for the Bizz and last yrs got Etihad for £1480. I normally stay in the Mercure and have done for 10 years but standards slipping and last time stopped in Tim boutique ( expensive for what it is but great location and the pool area is great, get the sun all day without having to chase it round the pool at Mercure and was pretty quiet so and the same bed every day ) ive worked out this yr will cost me between £5-6000. I could go economy but in last few years become a porker and could stay in cheaper places but I will be 57 when I go this time so I want something half decent. im looking at either Tenerife or Mexico in December for my winter sun fix, def not same same but until its back to 43/45 I can't see me going back
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    If it is cheaper than generic Viagra and you trust whatever Mongolian quonset hut factory its made in, Black Ant is still just a dose of Viagra with a list of nonsense other ingredient allegedly added. You have to like a list of ingredients that just adds "etc." at the end of the line probably due to no room to add more yak penises and hippocampuses.
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    Thinking the box was designed in centimeters and built in inches. No problem though, just redo.
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