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    Recently took a trip to northern Thailand, flew VietJet from Bangkok for 641 baht each way, but no checked baggage and only one carry-on, so I took all my photos with my phone. Stayed at the Ramming Lodge once again, has a nice monger's sound to it. Couldn't wait for a bowl of Khao Soi, so I ordered one at the airport as soon as I landed. Otherwise, I'll let the photos tell the story. MAE HONG SON PAI
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    Greetings Monkeywatchers, showaddy crap for another month, and welcome to more barmy banter from the pits of Patts. Lock me in and throw the key away. An investigation into allegations that fake police have been extorting money from people for possession of E-cigarettes has been halted after it was discovered that the police carrying out the investigation were fake as well - as were the police who made the discovery. Things are rarely what they seem in Pattaya. Pattaya officials have now installed a sign at the Tien Beach Bridge on Koh Larn to warn people of its imminent collapse. Unfortunately, they seem to have forgotten to translate it into Chinese. Pattaya rubbish collectors have been given spiffy new uniforms in an attempt to give them a more professional image. They’ve also been given training in rubbish recognition after several instances of alleged quality tourists being thrown into the back of their trucks. Pattaya has many unusual and exotic attractions on offer for the delight of tourists, such as this fossilised dinosaur shit… Pattaya’s annual Miss Tiffany Universe Contest took place a few weeks ago and was once again won by a poof in a frock. So what happened to diversity then? Thailand’s Tourist Board is reportedly considering ending the controversial dual pricing system that is used by many of the country’s attractions. A spokesman said it might help deflect accusations of racism if stinking foreign pigs were charged the same as Thai nationals. Following complaints by South Pattaya residents of traffic congestion caused by a police checkpoint at the Sophon Market Intersection, the police have agreed to relocate the checkpoint and thus remove the problem. They plan to move it to the south end of Beach Road next to the entrance of Walking Street as “traffic congestion has never been a problem there.” A Pattaya motorcycle dealer has produced this Peter Fonda tribute bike called ‘Queasy Rider’… Bar news now, and the bars are dropping even faster than the tourists’ currency at the moment. Lighthouse and Party Girlz have both closed, the latter after only six weeks, though it fared rather better than Super Model, which didn’t even last six days. Yes A Go Go has also gone, and is rumoured to be reopening as a boys bar for ladies. Wonder what the feminists will make of that? Even Club Oasis has closed, though it’s hard to imagine that anybody gives a shit, and anyway the word is that it’ll reopen shortly after a much needed refurb. On the upside, Bypass has already reopened as Moon and Beavers is up and running in place of Babydolls. We also have a brand new Go Go called Dolls open on Walking Street next door to the ill-fated Super Model. And last but not least, Scooters at Secrets is reopening on September 1. Great stuff. The King had his 67th birthday on July 28. Happy birthday Your Majesty (c’mon, you weren’t really expecting a joke, were you?) Back to the good old days with a pair of yarns from Monkeywatch in August 2009, including the original ‘stinking pig’ story. Whoever that Thai girl was, thanks for the inspiration… “An Iranian couple were arrested a couple of weeks ago after being caught shagging on Pattaya Beach just yards from the police station. The man told police that he thought such behaviour was acceptable in Pattaya, which was also the reason why he'd pissed in the arresting officer's hat. Some Thai girls were walking up Soi 3 the other day when a group of swarthy looking dudes came walking down past them. One of them said something to the girls, to which he got the reply "Stinking Arab pig!" The man, obviously very offended by this remark, shouted back “Not stinking Arab pig, stinking INDIAN pig!" Nice of him to take the time to correct her.” An enterprising little Pattaya company called Stinking Pigs ‘R’ Us is currently marketing these self-build illegal immigrant rafts. We understand they also sell torpedoes… A huge fountain was created in East Pattaya last week following the failure of a large water pipe. Repair crews were initially dispatched but were recalled after someone decided that a more economical solution would be to leave it as it is and not bother to repair the broken fountain at Bali Hai Pier. Whoever came up with that idea is undoubtedly destined for greatness in Pattaya’s corridors of power. South Pattaya residents have been complaining again, this time about a foul smelling black liquid that’s been pervading the area. They were told to stop moaning as Irish tourists never complain and they have to drink the bloody stuff. A Chinese chappie has been arrested after being caught trying to respray Pattaya with graffiti possibly related to the troubles in Hong Kong. Police have now employed a proper Chinese translator to check what the slogans actually say following the dismissal of the original Thai translator who seemed to think it had something to do with a hippopotamus and a purple handbag. Finally, the Minister for Tourism has recommended that entertainment venues in various locations including Pattaya should be allowed to open until 4am to increase revenue from tourists. Well it might have worked in times gone by, but nowadays at 4am the majority of tourists are either tucked up in bed or being shipped back to China in wooden boxes. be seeing you monkeyman
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    Sadly all on the bus perished and are waiting in line at the pearly gates. St Peter approaches the first girl in line. "Mary Margaret, I have one question for you, and it is of the utmost importance that you answer truthfully. Have you ever touched a penis?" Mary blushed a little bit. "Well, yes, I have. I once reached into a boys pants and touched his penis with the tip of my finger. But that was all." "Very well Mary. Dip your finger into this holy water and then you may enter Heaven." St Peter then approaches the next girl in line. "Anne Beth, have you ever touched a penis?" "Yes, I once reached in a boys pants and grabbed his penis." "Very well," said St Peter "Dip your hand in holy water and enter the Kingdom of Heaven. At this point in time there is a commotion in the back of the line, as one of the girls is pushing her way up the line. "Katherine Anne, you need to wait till it's your turn." St Peter strictly informed the girl. "No, I'm not staying in the back of the line. There's no way I'm rinsing my mouth out with that holy water if Karen has to wash her ass out with it first!"
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    There is no way I would consider that dishonest - You asked for a booking for 3 people and Nam responded with a quote for a SUV at 1800 obviously because she considered an SUV would be preferable for 3 people. You also stated you did not specify a car or an SUV so how the hell do you work out she is dishonest ! She gave you a quote and YOU rejected it so why bag her ?
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    Hi Stephen, Any other links like FB, instagram or youtube?. Maybe a price list, LD costs and BF costs, opening hours etc?, all that kind of stuff helps guys decide whether to visit or not. pics of the actual staff as well (although if that is them in the posters then fair play, but maybe they're a bit airbrushed for printing purposes). Maybe your friend would want to join here and give us a bit of info on the group, how business is going and just engage with a potential customer base.
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    I head West from LHR along the M4. I found loungebuddy to be very good since I stopped flying up front (and took everything for granted). Last time I flew out I went onto the Suvarnabhumi website and checked the history of departures to see what gates my flights left from and chose a lounge nearest staggering distance to the plane...There was a choice of buffet and a chef was available for fresh cooked food. Wine was self service from the fridge but when the girl saw me getting up and down she basically filled my glass for me every time I emptied it..All for 20 quid! .Same same for LHR but of course only self service and for 25 quid. Both would have cost me much much more in the restaurents and pubs...... But read the reviews carefully before choosing!!
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    After six months of work, twice as long as planned for, the Easy R-Con open sewer project is finally done, at least until the first heavy rain. Photos of the entire project, beginning with the first photo taken on 28 February can be seen at this link.
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    A lot of smiling faces out today. Plenty to do and eat too.
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    One day later and I have to retract my post that they were finished with the Easy R-Con open sewer project. The workers are making a lifetime career out of this project, and giving us a lifetime worth of photo material. Another BM was asking about the state of the debris clogged drain. Still clogged.
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    Matt used to have a single shop lot t'other side of the bridge and we'd sit and chat...well he'd chat and I'd listen .... about this dream he had of doing something different.. more classical more theatre..I thought he was just another dreamer...Then things seemed to happen at once...He started AW - Thaksin got elected and put restrictions on attire...Gspot put prices up to cope.......but Matt took costumes to the police and got them cleared as being OK...At the same time the wanker sprog manager of Dollhouse in Clinton Plaza banned me for taking a girl's top off FFS. It was timed perfectly for an Entrepeneur. I know I go against the flow by saying that Ricky did nothing there except be temporary Manager despite what his CV said. Matt needed a break and Ricky was experienced enough to step in...but was so fucking out of place with the initial concept of AW....I am glad Ricky did well in FLB etc so no problems there ...
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    The problem is that not all economy seats are the same. Depends on the airline and the plane. I've had some trips in economy that were just fine. Other times, I was miserable.
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    Butch Your thoughts on this are much the same as mine. I started travelling PE on EVA about a year or so ago because I had suffered the discomfort of the 3-4-3 configuration in Economy. However, my recent flights have led me to conclude that 3-4-3 might have been withdrawn on the LHR/BKK routing. My last flight was on an obviously very recently re-furbished plane, and it was 3-3-3 in Economy. Whether it is "worth it" is a totally subjective consideration. For me it is because of the extra space, and the fact that (mostly) the more troublesome passengers travel in Economy. So I have been converted! I use my business miles to treat myself to Business Class now and again. But I don't think I could regard travelling BC as "worth it" if I had to pay the full fare.
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    Not a snappy dresser like Corbyn then.
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    The development next to Friendship on Pattaya Tai is becoming less of a mystery! It consists of 3 buildings - two adjacent to Tai, and a larger one behind those two. The new sign on the road says "Honey Grand Body Massage" but the building at the back has more the look of serviced apartments or a hotel. It has the name of "Acqua Residence".
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    The GoGo scene in Chiang Mai is not impressive, so I mostly do the live music bars, which are great. Worst thing about northern Thailand is the bars close at midnight. I found this sticker on a bench at the North Gate Jazz Coop, Wolski's is a bar in my home town I used to frequent in the 1970's 😀 The 30 minute flight oto Mae Hong Song cost 1850, otherwise it 's 6 hours n a minibus. I took the minibus back to Chiang Mai and stopped off halfway in Pai for 3 days. Mae Hong Son has only 2 bars, easy to meet most tourists in town, usually only a few dozen. Pai is always fun and is overridden with backpackers. It sure was HOT out in the Pai canyon.
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    Qatar also I understand allows seat selection at time of booking for free They are actually in my sights for future as after years of Gold Card with Etihad I am getting royally pissed off with them to the point of walking away despite Gold Membership. You need to check your luggage allowance every time you book (they change it so often) The last reshuffle took me from 92kgs (2 x 30kgs + 32kgs Gold bonus) in normal economy to the current 45kgs (1 x 30kgs + 15kgs Gold bonus) And like the fish stock in a fishing park, you must keep looking for the latest 'hook': be it fees to choose seats, bidding for empty adjoining seats, or now even enduring reduced meal sizes in their endeavour to starve you into buying from the new 'EasyJet' style snack trollies! They've even now relinquished their rather prestigious drop off level check-in counters and customer service office at Manchester (now taken by Emirates as I recall) After having sold off their Lounge at Manchester a good while back. It was a delightful 'bijou' affair complete with 'a la carte' meals cooked to order. You now are given access to the new owners' ensemble (now a pay per visit lounge).... Which you could be forgiven for thinking that you'd turned up late to a council estate wedding !!
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    I think this might have been asked before, but maybe it needs to be re addressed. Years ago, particularly with EVA the disparity between Econ and "elite" (for the purpose of this topic I'll refer to elite and premium economy as PE) was as little as £150 on the price of the ticket, which worked out at £75 each way. That was before higher taxes, fuel surcharges etc etc. At the time of writing, the difference is over £400, give or take. PE from LHR-BKK return is £980 for next April, Economy £540. Cathay for LHR-MNL return are also around £400 per person above the cost of an economy return, so again for purposes of the post lets take it that it's £400 over the cost of a standard basic econ fare. Now, the question is two fold, firstly, is the price difference worth it?. £200 each way for better seating, slightly better food, more luggage, more points, more space and slightly earlier boarding, versus the alternative. It is worth remembering though that EVA are rolling out 10 abreast in econ whereas Cathay are not (referring to their 777-333's). The upside of Cathay is that with the Marco Polo reward scheme, the points and perks soon add up, making the membership worthwhile, even if the enrolment is $100 pa if you don't get 20 points within the first year. With the costs of all holidays going up due to a weak £, the £400 or so extra does have a considerable bearing. Spread over a 14 day holiday, it gives and extra £28 a day, so if, like me you run a budget of £100 per day, that brings it up to £128 which then means instead of 3700 thb a day to spend, I've got 4736 baht (@37 to the £) to spend, and that extra 1k baht can make a difference. It works out less in the RP as we stay for longer, but the principle is the same because there are 3 of us travelling, thus making it £1200. However, once having travelled PE, it is a very hard habit to break. As a family we always travel PE to the Philippines, simply due to it being a hell of a long trip, and it works well as a gateway drug into Business Class. Even from a health point of view, I don't feel so tired having flown PE than I did flying econ which used to give me an aching back, knee joint pain and cramps in my thighs (nothing a good Soi honey massage couldn't fix though 🙂 ) I'm getting old now, but like many BM's here despite having a good job and decent income, I still like to save a penny here and there and I can't help but think flying PE is slightly frivolous in todays economic climate. £400 is a lot of money, for example I wouldn't spend that kind of cash on myself, say for some shoes or a coat, and in spending it to upgrade myself when there are cheaper options out there adds a tinge of guilt, which often hits home when landing in Manila and seeing the poverty everywhere. So, I would ask, is it worth paying the extra given that it is more than it ever has been, and having more to spend on holiday, or is it a case of the fact we all work hard (or have worked hard), life is very short so why not?, after all there's no point being the richest bloke in the graveyard.
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    They have been fortunate that a ruddy great downpour hasn't been along while they are messing about with this. While the covers are off a few Honda Waves could end up in there.
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    They give you an alternative and more comfortable ride and you refused it. So in what way does that make them dishonest? Was the pick up from the airport with luggage for 3 people? I would suggest they wouldn't have enough boot space for all the luggage in a car. Nam also doesn't charge toll fees either. KM
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    I now look at things from a different perspective... - Due to National coaches availability I will only fly into LHR T2/T3 before 1600 so bang goes EVA and BA.. - My preference after that is to fly PE and pay 20 quid with loungebuddy at each departure lounge.. But no PE within my budget to T2/T3 so economy it is. - So for my next flight home it will be a price decision between Emirates or Qatar. Getting tanked up with scoff and wine in the lounge for 20 quid and with 2 short flights of 7 or so hours they won't have time to refuse me drinks unless I vomit... - Austrian/Swiss/Lufthansa are coming in at good prices but I am sure they will stop serving me wine after the 6 or 7 hour mark which is totally unacceptable....
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    TT booth on Soi Buakhao at 7.44pm today:
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    Just after 9pm at TT on Second Road:
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    Butch it is of course a personal choice . I have flown business class many years now . Before, because of status miles points i rarely paid for it. Now living here i have lost all of that . My trip home in 3 weeks is $3800 usd . My cheap charlie friend is going back to Philly for $600 usd the same week. It is a tough one for me. I dont even do the table cloth service . "Thanks ,i ate in the lounge, a salad and bottle of Sake will be fine." I'm an well in my 60"s and its not a status thing. I need the flat bed. In the US i am happy to fly Southwest. "Sit down shut up we will get you Baltimore in a couple hours ." Will be explaining to the kids i may not return home every year.
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    No they are not part of the night wish group.
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    Lol the local dump I'd imagine. Seriously though, free food always drags the punters in, just look at how Jade House had about 300 Honda Waves parked outside every BBQ day lol. Are these two bars part of NW?. If they aren't then I'll pop in next time, if they are then I'll walk on right past.
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    What time was that, Jacko? The GBP was 37.30 at around 2.30pm at TT.
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    I winder where the food was FREED from?
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    Boris claimed during the campaign for brexit that a deal would be done within 30 days, Merkel threw it back in his face yesterday.
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    The grinder and jackhammer are back at the Easy R-Con open sewer project. My guess is they're digging up the concrete to put in a metal skirt around drain grates. Wonder if this is the long term solution to the wrong sized covers, hide it behind a barricade. Another goof in either the height of the cover or depth of the supporting framework.
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    I haven't been in Hooters since soon after it opened. There is no gray area between eating and full on GGB, Pattaya style for me. She is a cutie though.
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    Judging by his taste in shirts, I'd say it was Jacko I don't mind the girls dancing there, in fact it's great to see their firm tits staying in place but wanting to burst out, but why the hell do they have to turn the music up so bloody loud I'll never know.
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    Cool. A "I Closed Wolski's" sticker made it to Thailand. Use to frequent the bar too, although never got a sticker. Maybe b/c I never stayed to closing. Thanks for the TR.
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    TT on Soi Buakhao @ 9.13pm today:
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    The Emirates service from Stansted is proving very popular, £462 from Stansted to BKK and the timings aren't too shoddy either. With the new Cathay pacific attitude towards customers regarding privacy etc, we might make the change back to Emirates for any Manila trip, s Stansted is about 40 min away, whereas LHR and LGW over 2 hours.
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    The Food Park on the lower level of Central Festival shopping mall on 2nd Road has been redone. Whether it is an addition to the old Food Park or a replacement for it remains to be seen. The new version is slicker, more comfortable and has a better layout than its hugely popular predecessor. I took these photos at about 8.30 p.m. on Sunday, July 14. The Food Park was busy, but there were plenty of seats available. The old Food Park was often rammed, even in low season. It's also more expensive. I couldn't see any Thai dishes for 45-50 baht; the cheapest seemed to be 90 baht, but I read elsewhere there are 60 baht dishes. The space that housed the old Food Park is still under wraps, but the ads that block off the construction indicate it will be food oriented. Maybe the old Food Park stalls with mediocre but very cheap food will return. I haven't eaten yet at the new Food Park, so I can't comment on the quality of the food. I'm not a fan of shopping mall food courts as better Thai food is available at the same low prices in any number of hole-in-the-wall restaurants in Pattaya. However, I will eventually give the Food Park at Central Festival a try. Just by way of comparison, this is what it used to look like at the old Food Park. It was packed every day with a mix of Thais, foreign tourists and resident ex-pats. Evil
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    Sounds like it was moved. It was up on the top floor Beach Rd side. It had a big outdoor balcony with seating inside as well. Lots of food choices.
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    Just adding to the topic. I took my lady to the top of the bar last night and she was delighted. I ran into a bunch of falang on the Soi afterwards but the 89 baht beer was over the top for them! I have to say that this is a great place to take a lady and in daylight might have the best photo opportunity for the worst cabling cockup in Pattaya. That's saying a lot! Sent from my Nokia 6.1 using Tapatalk
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    Prince Charles is visiting the US.....He's walking down a New York alley wearing a Savile Row double breasted suit and a white stetson ....to fit in. A prostitute calls out an invitation and a price '$500.' Charles tips his hat politely like he'd seen the cowboys do and jokes, '$5' Next day same thing happens......She asks $500 Charles tips his hat and mumbles '$5.' The next day he's walking with Camilla and sees the same prostitute......He thinks, 'Oh my word! What will she say?' The prostitute calls out......'D'ya get change from the $5?'
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    Big Kahuna is an American restaurant on Thappraya Road in Jomtien, about 100 meters north of the intersection with Thepprasit Road. The name, decor and some of the dishes on the menu are Hawaii-inspired, but Big Kahuna mostly offers U.S.-style finger food like burgers, sandwiches and pizza. It also serves U.S.-style breakfasts, with pancakes a notable item. It occupies the former premises of the defunct Pastrami on Rye and the menu at Big Kahuna reminds of PoR's. There's a big kahuna painting on one wall, but the interior isn't dripping with kitschy tiki symbols. In fact. the main dining area is pretty much free of them. It's a relaxing atmosphere in which to have a meal. In the Hawaiian language, "kahuna" can refer to a traditional priest, sorcerer or healer, but also to an "expert" of any sort. The term "big kahuna" was applied to Hawaii's top surfer and was made popular by a character with that name (played by Cliff Robertson) in the 1959 movie Gidget with Sandra Dee in the title roll. Today it points to the leading expert or most influential person in any field. I made me think about who might be Pattaya's "big kahuna." Link The other day I had the Small Pancake Special at 98 baht. It featured a single buttermilk pancake with syrup and butter; an in-house-made sausage patty; fried or scrambled egg; and your choice or coffee, tea or orange or pineapple juice. Considering the pancake was one of the best I'd had in Pattaya, it was certainly value for money at the price. The pancake was light and fluffy, exactly how a North American pancake should be. The egg was fired nicely and the sausage patty was OK, if a bit bland. It was pancake and not real maple syrup, but you can't expect too much for 98 baht. It wasn't a healthy breakfast unless you're running a marathon directly after, but it sure tasted good. I wouldn't eat it every day or even every month due to the jolt the syrup gives your blood sugar levels and I just can't have pancakes without some sort of syrup. It was a fair-sized glass of pineapple juice, not the thimble full you get in some restaurants. Big Kahuna has some of the best American food in Pattaya, but it's a bit of a trek to go all the way to Jomtien for a burger or sandwich. Fortunately they have delivery as well for 50 baht extra. I ordered the Cuban sandwich for lunch yesterday. It was a bit of a hassle as I've moved out of my condo and am living temporarily in a hotel. First the girl taking orders thought I had said, "Reuben sandwich," instead of "Cuban sandwich," but I caught that due to the disparity in price she named for the order. It also took some time to make clear my new address. I had anticipated that might happen. so I gave her the phone number to the hotel so she could call and get the directions in Thai. Forty-five minutes later my order arrived, which was fairly quick given the distance involved. Big Kahuna didn't use a moto driver for delivery, but the same pretty young waitress who'd served me my pancake breakfast the day before brought me the sandwich. It consisted of ham, pulled pork. Swiss cheese and slices of dill pickle between the halves of a baguette that had been spread with butter and mustard, then toasted in a sandwich press. It came with a choice of one side dish and a soft drink and I had picked coleslaw and Coke Zero. It cost 285 baht plus 50 baht for delivery. Some foods don't photograph attractively and a Cuban sandwich is one of them. I did indeed taste better than it looked and nevertheless was a fair approximation of the Cuban sandwiches you get in Florida or a big city like New York. Cuban sandwiches should be made with Cuban bread, the recipe for which includes lard as a shortening. This helps give the final loaf an exceptionally crisp crust and and airy. light interior compared to its French and Italian counterparts. In NYC, I lived close to one of the best Cuban bakeries in the city, so getting Cuban sandwiches with the authentic bread wasn't a problem. It would almost be an impossibility to find Cuban bread in Thailand and the Big Kahuna's substitution of a French baguette is the only option short of baking Cuban bread itself. In the pic above, I've opened the sandwich and included the coleslaw, Coke and slice of dill pickle that came with the order. Both the ham and pulled pork held a high standard. You can't make a good cuban sandwich from a sow's ear. I would have liked more mustard on the bread, but that's just personal preference. on the sandwich overall. The coleslaw was very good, with freshly grated cabbage and carrots. It wasn't swimming in dressing and celery seeds had been added for flavor. Bottom line; I won't hesitate to return to Big Kahuna to satisfy my infrequent longing for certain types of U.S. food, but I'm more likely to use the delivery option. The restaurant has numerous specials on food and drink. I'll post some menu pages from Big Kahuna's Facebook page as well. Writing this review has made me think about a Reuben for lunch! Evil
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    Agree with everything you wrote. When it first opened it attracted far more customers, and had more ladies available for take out. Not sure why the custom has fallen off. Prices are inline for bars offering live music, and as you stated, the band is very good.
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