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    Hi Guys, I just put the first new ad online, and you should have seen it by now, assuming your not ad blocking. Everyone that comes here needs a hotel to stay at. And getting a good deal is much more important than helping the board keep costs covered... now that said, in most cases you can find as good a deal or better using Agoda, so please give it a look for your dates. If the price is the same or better than where you usually book your tickets, please consider using it. We get a commission of the sale price, and while its not very much, it does add up. Over the last year with the ad being located inline in a single forum only its made about $100. Hopefully with the ad more prominent it will get some more activity and actually be worth the hassle. I will monitor it and decide if it needs to stay or go away based on its performance. And annoying PMs saying "wtf is that ugly thing doing in my way" haha.
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    Time for an update. La Petite Planète has been offering French food for many years now. I don't when it opened, but I've enjoyed meals there since 2008. It's located about half-way down a sub soi that runs along the west side of Tukcom. It's small and there's nothing fancy about it, but the food is excellent. For a unpretentious bistro meal, La Petite Planète is a good choice. I've never had a bad meal there and plenty of truly good ones. It also features a limit menu of Thai food and the girls I've taken there who've sampled the Thai dishes gave it the thumbs up. Last summer I took an American friend to LPP and he's become a huge fan. He visits Pattaya three or four times a year and now eats at LPP several times each trip. Sunday night we had another meal there. As usual, we both went for the three-course "mix-and-match" menu. At 320 baht, it's excellent value for money. He started with the tomato soup ... while I had the couscous salad. The starters came with a basket of warm, fresh French bread and pats of butter. He chose salmon steak with potato croquettes as his main course ... and I went with the chicken breast with mustard sauce. For dessert, he decided on the French classic crème caramel ... and I had raspberry pudding in a cake "frame." No complaints from either of us on any of our choices. All the dishes were prepared with quality ingredients, executed well and were full of flavor. The mustard sauce was outstanding, the highlight of my meal. La petite planète has conquered the bugbear of many small restaurants- inconsistency. Every meal is good. I do wish they'd have a bit more variation with the vegetables- I get tired of the holy trinity of broccoli, cauliflower and carrots- but that's a very minor point. To get three course of that quality for only 320 baht is an excellent deal. Bottom line: Both of us will be going back to LPP, probably this week. One important point of information: LPP is closed Tuesdays. Evil
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    This may be useful new information some of you that TUI Airways have now got direct flights from 3 UK airports to Pattaya Example below. Sent from my ASUS_X00HD using Tapatalk
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    There is no "time limit", except for the default session timeout limit on the server, which is 20 minutes. But to get around that, all you need to do is have the signin option "remember me" checked, which should work for what your talking about. Also, click on reply again on that thread and see if your text comes back up. It does for me sometimes. Also, another trick I use is if I have to do a long post or reply ill type it in Notepad++ first then copy and paste.
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    i have tried as well keeps saying no flights available regardless of the dates you put in also thomson tui normally charge extra for meals drinks and entertainment which can push up the prices quite a bit .......and remember this is a holiday flight so lots of screaming children ......
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    Very probably the case, I've tried myself and keep getting "no flights available" , plus trying to book for May for example gives a message "No flights avaialable in May" A friend recently flew Thompson (TUI) direct to Vietnam, he said it was bloody horrific and not a patch on EVA, Thai or indeed any of the ME Airlines. I have flown (read: suffered) a 4 hour Thompson flight to Turkey, which was made much more enjoyable by a really badly behaved 3 year old we had with us, and a very stroppy Mrs as a direct result. I may be wrong but I think they also do a weak attempt at premium economy (extra legroom seats) - probably the only way to fly long haul with them tbh.
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    Coincidentally I was looking at this only recently. I had been looking at International flights from UTP and what appeared to be a weekly one, every Friday to Manchester labelled TOM (Thompson, or TUI) caught my eye. I did try going to the TUI site and entering some dates but couldn't make it work. The UTP website flight number seemed to represent some completely different routes too. Perhaps have to wait until the situation clarifies. Maybe it is only a charter option or linked to package holidays.
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    I agree, it is sad and it is also a poor reflection on farangs in general. I used to call them "lost souls", the balloon chasing budget watching tightwad expat who never leaves a tip and makes a pig of hmself at any free buffet, that was even a few years ago when it was over 50 baht to the sterling. Then again, it's probably no measure of wealth. I have an expat mate who is as tight as a ducks arse, yet he is pulling in £2.5k a month net and sits on half a million quids worth of property assets, yet he still drinks draft and his wardrobe consists of singha singlets and cargo shorts, he rents a real dump of a place just this side of sukhumvit, so I guess there are exceptions to every rule. I can't think of anything worse than being in funtown with no money to enjoy it. I know that some of these guys live literally week to week, and have a daily budget of a few hundred baht in some cases, so any decrease in the rate or increase in costs will always hit them hard. It's not due to boredom, it's due to falling into a rut and not being able to get out of it. If you ever talk to these guys (and I know a few of them) they always bemoan the 2 week millionaires (but happily accept a drink from them), they have a heirarchy of dislike, with big spending Asians at the top, followed by Thai males, baht bus drivers, two week tourists, bar owners, Indians and Russians (the last few in no particular order). They convince themselves and try to convince you that they are living the dream. Well, my dream doesn't match up with sitting outside a supermarket drinking cheap beer at 10:00 in the morning . They also have a self imposed sense of superiority, on the basis that they live there and I don't, ergo it stands to reason I know fuckall about the place. Perhaps that is one of the reasons I couldn't and wouldn't live in Pattaya. As with anything, the novelty wears off after a while. I'll have even money that the most stalwart of Expats on this board sometimes feel that the hassle of going to a GGB is really not worth it, and they would rather stay at home, as opposed to us tourists who, even if we're laid low with the Pattaya flu will drag ourselves out of bed just to maximise our time there. Anyway, sorry for my TF and going off topic. Don't expect sterling to get any better until Brexit is agreed or over with, meanwhile a stronger Baht will have double the effect. The GBP and PHP rates are not that fantastic either.
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