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    I'm in the middle of a month trip. Fortunately I changed a load of sterling at the start of my trip, at, from memory, 39.8ish. My first longer trip was at 45 or so. Before that I was a 2 week millionaire for many years... and long for 60plus again!!! These days, what's changed? Gone are the barfines and short times from gogos. Hello thaifriendly. Short times are now afternoons, not evenings, and mainly with regulars who I know "deliver", although now the gf takes care of those needs. (Gf (a relatively new development for me!) works, often from 10am until 11pm, so I am free during the day and early evening) Gone are big spending nights out in gogos. I might visit gogos say 3 times a week, but it's one or two, for a solitary drink, not 4 or 5 for several. Gone are the schweppes manoa, or coke light at 140b in some places. Instead I, as a relative non-drinker, buy a draft beer at half the price, and it sits untouched infront of me. If I'm with drinking friends, they have it. Gone are multiple lady drinks. Tequila is banned. Occasional ladydrinks if a girl is good company, and I'm getting my moneys worth. Tips are now just the lose change, unless there are 10b coins involved. Gone is taking laundry to the little lady in her shop. I now use her 30b machine twice a week... no, I dont iron it, so maybe I look a bit scruffier...!! Gone are the daily back or foot massages. Now twice a week, and 20b tip, not 100. My regular massage girl has an aussie bf and understands exchange rates, and is just grateful for the custom as things are slow. Gone are the afternoon Starbucks with friends. Cheaper (and better) coffee to be had elsewhere. Gone is eating out daily. Even catering for one person, I can eat cheaply in the condo, although the menu is a bit similar from day to day. Yes, I do still eat out, but its thai cart food, rather than top, or even middle end stuff. Gone is the 24hour aircon. If I'm alone, its windows open and fans on. Fortunately I get a sea breeze, can open doors at both ends of the condo, and have flyscreens. Yes, I use aircon to sleep, but at 26, not 24 degrees. Gone are the baht bus rides for short distances (I've never used motorbike taxis). I walk, with obvious health benefits. Gone are the 19b ice cream sundaes from Burger King at the end of walks. Sounds like I am a real cheap Charlie. 2 years ago I stayed in town for 5 months, and was averaging 90k b a month for everything, about 2k sterling. Ive still got 2k sterling, but need to cut 10k baht from my budget. Its doable, but is it as enjoyable? What's the next thing to go? I'm looking at cheaper accommodation for next winters trip. Currently paying 16k for a nice 1 bed seaview condo. I know I can get a studio without a sea view for half that, but.... Tipping point? Not sure, but if it hits 35 I'll be seriously thinking about it... but I said that about 40...!!!
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    I first visited Pattaya years ago when the GBP bought us 32 baht. It was a wonderful holiday and the people had a much better attitude and could not do enough to please you. But as you can imagine financially that was pretty dire, so much so that I never even considered returning till years later in 1999 when we got 62 to the Pound. Obviously things were much cheaper in 1984 but our income was also much less. In '84 we'd had a 19 day holiday, 3 nights in BKK with 16 in Pattaya. My pal and I realised we were running out of money but as luck had it he had recently acquired a Visa credit card and that saved the day as he drew about 400 quid from a bank on the sea front and lent me 200 of it till we got back home. Back then no one else I knew had a Visa card. But we were two week wonders and that's not the case any more. I now come for extended holidays, have a Thai bank account that I transfer a few thousand quid into a couple of times a year and have several Visa cards of my own but they are specifically for medical emergencies should they arise. When you remember 500 + 1000 LT deals (23 quid around about the time of the millennium) with GGGs when 1000 baht was about 15 quid it's hard to adjust to let alone accept 1000 + 4000 deals (125 quid) with 1000 baht now costing us 25 quid. I just won't pay it out of principle and neither will any of my chums I've got to know in Pattaya over the years apart from a German who BFs out of Sapphire at least a couple of times a week. But he's a three week wonder who earns good money as a train driver in the Fatherland. The visa crackdowns are eventually going to see off a lot of ex pats and long termers and it's the young people and their dependents up in Isaan who will suffer rather than the millionaire businessmen who own the hotels and who benefit from the Chinese visitors. The Chinese don't put a penny piece in the pockets of the girls from Surin and Korat who work the bars in Pattaya, neither do the Russians while the Indians haggle over every rupee when they're doing their thing in the Coconut Bar. The girls who come down to Pattaya all hope to one day snare a falang husband or Sugar Daddy to give them and their families a life on Easy Street. Few of 'em succeed in this venture and soon even less of 'em will manage it. Unfortunately I think we'll be witnessing the end of an era in the coming years and the ultimate demise of a holiday destination and adult playground that many of us have become devoted to and in some cases obsessed with.
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    We are currently seeing some pretty bad news regarding USD/AUD/CAD and GPB vs the baht. sadly, the signs are that it is still going to get worse, with predictions of 35 / GBP and lower over the coming Q3 and Q4 of 2019. When it reaches parity (1:1) with the Sterling, I'm going to sell my arse in Boyztown. 3K a night sounds pretty damn good, even if it means wearing a daiper for the rest of my life. For many long term visitors and Expats , the situation is becoming rapidly untenable. I expect we all know guys who have cancelled their trips for 2019 and beyond (some on this forum) because p4p is cheaper elsewhere. The RP (Republic of the Philippines) is a cheaper destination if p4p is your one and only aim, with a half decent GFE built in. Currently running at 65 peso to the GBP and LT rates of between 2500 php up to 5000 php for a gogo girl, it effectively almost halves the cost of the equivalent of Thailand. If you can put up with the abysmal infrastucture you're halfway there. Given that you can get a years visa on arrival if you are prepared to take a bit of a chance at immigration, the smart money would be on the RP capitalising on this particular chain of events. Also, it is possible to get p4p for even less than that. In Manila you can hook up with a girl in a Cowboy Grill or even a regular bar for less without any barfine. However, I digress. My personal tipping point, the one where I (even as a non monger) throw in the towel because the value is not there anymore is rapidly approaching. 38 baht to the pound will see me no longer visit Thailand, because in my opinion, there is better value to be had elsewhere. I will miss seeing some friends, and may shorten my visit to a few days even if I do go there, but it is very unlikely. Without bemoaning the expense due to a weak £ and strong baht, even drinking a draft beer which is the bottom end of the drinkers menu at 90 baht is no longer a cheap option. With the tough Visa regs, increasing costs, decreasing levels of service and the white farang being viewed with even more contempt than he ever was in the first place, it is no wonder why there are people leaving and businesses going to the wall. Kudos to all you guys weathering the storm, stand fast, but it is going to get a shite sight worse in the coming months if reports are anything to go by.
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    It's painful to watch the recent fall in the USD, but that pain is somewhat mitigated by climb in value of my investment portfolio. As you posted, the low dollar is good for business. Hopefully my realized gains when I do sell for living expenses will more than offset the increasingly poor exchange rate.
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    I'm not a great fruit and veg eater, but definitely less sugar in food. Dont drink alcohol, but unfortunately consume more sugar in canned drinks than at home. But yes, walk lots more (no car here to just hop into!) and always go home lighter than when I arrive.
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    They have cancelled all flights until June 28 though if they settle they would restore some, somehow. Offering refunds, apparently hours or days for e-mail reply, 800# jammed, people stranded all over hell's half acre. I don't think they are working too hard putting passengers on other airlines, certainly not BA which is not Star Alliance.
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    Well it is a long time ago for me and I had started working in the Middle East, so I had a bob or two and compared to Abu Dhabi where I was a sight cheaper for a beer, Back then I remember the flight was a major component and a reason many didn't go so far afield. And what crazy person was paying the hotel to take a girl back? (Joiner fee) Everyone used the Nana in Bangkok, no charge. First trip I brought a Bangkok girl with me. I got hit a couple of times in Pattaya for joiner fee, but I soon changed hotel. (Pattaya Tower, they were twats, and The Merlin, 500baht, now Hardrock). I was about 28 so rarely without company myself. I still remember it being a cheap destination, not as you make it. Most of the prices you quote there are still buttons compared to now! Sounds like you underfunded yourself, plenty of young lads in Pattaya running low on money, dodged a few myself!
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    Yogi and MLC. Thanks for your posts. They were both sensible, to the point and both hit a lot of nails on a lot of heads. Sent from my Nokia 6.1 using Tapatalk
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    Hang on there.... my early trips were about 1982. I too remember the low number of baht to £. It was far from dire! I wish I had taken notes but everything was dirt cheap. To the point I didn't even think about what I spent. The people were very happy to sell you things and hadn't developed a rip-off or greedy attitude. Seem to remember big bottles of beer in hotels at 25 baht, meals for pennies. A night out at beer bars and you couldn't spend 500 baht! Fried rice, a big lobster and a few beers about $20 in Phuket!
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    Most Americans probably have no opinion whatsoever about the baht. Unfortunately, Trump seems to think he dollar is too strong. So I don’t expect much in the way of dollar strength while he is in office. Maybe the dollar is doomed, in any event? I’m sure the money printing will continue.
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    If I was to take a girl from a WS gogo say 1000bf+4000lt+1000 drinks,that seems to be the minimum from WS now days from what I read at today's rate of 34:80baht for one euro it works out at 172euro.just saying.
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    Regarding your second paragraph... please no visuals. 🙂
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    As of a few minutes ago:
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    Yes enjoyed Wick 3........I always think of these films as a computer game with different levels to defeat....Brief interludes then it's straight into the next level. The dog theme comes into its own here........Good fun.
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    As a host on Booking, booking adds 17% onto my prices when I rent out (I don't drop mine by 17%). My website has the prices available MINUS the "booking" commission. So not really a rule of thumb. I think the couple of days booked in advance plus a "bahtbusabout" or walkabout search on the ground is great in low season, or a websearch for "specials" (see teelack's post) when on the ground. Of course this year I've gone against my own rules and booked a place for 23 nights..... doh! Saw this place on YouTube yesterday, a maybe base for later 3-month stays - but there's a big cock....
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    Well with the Thai letters there I can determine them, I also have the ability to use my phone to help. It doesn't do gibberish. Bloody ex-school teachers! Can't put away their gown and mortarboard and condescending attitudes.
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