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    The food court at the Second Road end of the basement of Central Festival mall will be closing today. It is moving / has moved to the Beach Road end, next to Micky D's. I suspect shortly a larger area will be open than is currently the case.
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    I 1st watched breaking bad about 6 years ago..the whole series in a week and i thought it was great...watched it again recently and was still caught up in the characters again especially jesse..a brilliant show.
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    Bedlam in Sukhumvit at that time. If your hotel is close to Sukhumvit Road, I advise that you get the taxi to stop on Suk. Rd. before Soi 4 (if he goes that way), or on Soi 3 before Suk., then walk to Soi 4. It will save at least 20 mins. Or at least that has been my experience. Getting through that intersection can be a nightmare.
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    So that's why there was hardly anyone on Soi 6.😃
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    They're now backfilling around the Easy R-Con open sewer project. Sure hope they're going to use more than just sand as a road base. Wonder if they'll move the garbage can, or just bury it. With the backfill in place you get an idea of how the new road surface level will impact the businesses on either side. I'm leaving Pattaya for a five day holiday. Hopefully others walking around the area over the next couple of days can post pics of the progress.
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    The Avenue's new decorative concrete walkway The simulated wood looks good Shame they didn't use the same on the Bali Hai walkway.
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    That project looks like a total and complete fuck up. I did peruse it during my time in town recently, after that massive storm that flooded Bukhao, the follwoing day it looked to be overflowing there as well. Hope you don't mind FBWU, here are some pics I took while wandering about recently: An updated view of one of my other pics, LKM as it is today. "Tiger" - Cat belonging to the Golf Club, it then adopts whomever will feeds it. Very friendly little thing, doesn't mind his belly being rubbed. Certainly the nicest pussy I encountered this trip (badum - tish) Bukhao around mid day. Quiet. Same same. Like King Canute, they won't stop the tide. They'll have a damn good go though... Soi Pothole reverting back to form. This will be back to as it was, or worse within a year. Once Rainy season has got a firm grip on things, it'll be a bloody deathrap again.
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