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    Interbank/Transferwise is 38.31 at time of post...
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    Back again in a few weeks. Didn't stay elsewhere the last time, or the time before or before that ! It just delivers for me on so many levels. I "want" room service 24/7 and maid service 24/7. I don't want to have to argue or get serviced at their schedule. Fuck that, I'm dictating when. I could save 50% to 75% by going elsewhere which would be great when compared with Bt1000 places but the Hilton charges more and delivers less and others are either too far away or can't deliver IMHO.
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    Don't do it. Much of my anger at BA last time was really delayed shuttles to and from Manchester. But at LHR, from the overcrowded lounges, we were bused to the aircraft. It was still a rubbish old 777, with a bad seat and defective IFE. For the return leg into BKK I did get a particularly good stewardess, kept the liquid flowing, a little bit of a surprise, a heavy Eastern European lady....
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    And it does, but T2 has a Wetherspoon's and also a London Pride pub.🥂
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    In the 3rd picture "Mr white hat" monitoring the concrete pour seems quite happy that the secondary hand held trough is being held at the wrong angle such that the "mix" will seperate. Also there seems to be no evidence of what I call a "scoodger" in between the rebars to give the "mix" the right consistency....If he was working for me I would certainly be asking him to explain or dig it up and start again .All at his own cost.
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