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    In 30 years of visiting Pattaya the Eastiny on soi 8 probably ranks as the worst hotel that i have stayed at in Pattaya. To cap off a very poor experience the taxi back to the airport arranged through the hotel tried to extort me for a higher fare than agreed by leaving the motorway and pulling up in a very quiet area. Ive no idea whether or not anyone from the hotel was in on this.
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    I agree with that sentiment.... in fact I had a ride around town myself yesterday morning and took some pics, I actually deleted them as they were a bit depressing. I got my wires crossed thinking a few eating places in the Mall might be open, and I could park myself in Subway watching the world go by as I used to. Not really, nobody was going by, and the few eating places that were open were only for take-out. They had the AC on fully, very welcome, and I noticed a few who normally lived outside had moved in, the lottery ticket sellers, and those selling cooked food usually in the car park. I had to laugh at MK, they had set up a little table outside for takeout collection and there is a box with a sign in English, 'Tip Box' prominently displayed. I noticed a lot more people seemed to carelessly ride the wrong way nowadays on Rds that would normally be 1-way, and come at you as if you are in the wrong, have you noticed that on the bike, or are you similarly inclined?
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    Yes, along with a big red button someplace as a separate trigger. Then the system would go into pre-alarm so that the room could be evacuated before dumping whatever chemical.. They can be triggered by rapid rise heat sensors, or smoke detectors automatically. Some systems I recall you could actually block the automatic dump.
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    I certainly "hope!" it will fly...........Im more concerned with any "restrictions", about covid free certificates etc....the 2 weeks quarantine /isolation doesnt bother me that much... Fingers crossed...........but Im not optimistic!
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    Very VERY well said mate ......It would be too crude of me to draw comparisons with other Pattaya establishments on your thread! On my walk today they were giving out free food between Friendship and Tukcom....I'm guessing it was around 08:00 am...They seemed quite upset that I didn't take any!!! Perhaps a note for discussion...not far away from the free food stall were the "regular" beggars asking for money for food ...
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    A few random shots from around Pattaya this morning. On today's bike ride I came across bars on the corner of Nakula & Soi 33 getting set up for distributing free food. The blue line in the screenshot below shows the start and end point of the line when I passed by. The line is 1/2 km long! Didn't take any pics as I feel it's a bit degrading to take pics of people in need.
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    Yes. Or so my wife says...and she is never wrong....though she sometimes says incorrect things to check I am really listening....555
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