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    A guy goes to a sex therapist and tells him that for the past seven months his wife won't have sex with him. The therapist advises that the wife come into his office herself so he can talk to her. When the wife walks in the next day, the therapist asks her to tell everything in detail. "You see, doctor" begins the wife, "for the past seven months, I am forced to take a cab to work. Since I don't have enough money to pay for the fare, when the cab driver asks 'So, are you gonna pay or what?' I am forced to choose the 'or what?' As a result, I come in late to work. When the boss asks me 'Shall I deduct the missed time from your paycheck or what?' once again I choose 'or what?' At the end of the day, I take the cab home and it's the same story with the driver, and again, I choose 'or what?' So tell me doctor, how am I supposed to fuck my husband after all of this? The therapist thinks for a moment and then says. "Hmm, interesting case indeed. So, shall I tell your husband everything you told me just now, or what?"
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    Eagles Live @ the BBC in 1973. I'd never realized how much Bernie Leadon held the group together early on. I'd always thought of him as totally secondary to Glenn Frey and Don Henley (and later, Joe Walsh, who replaced him). Throughout the concert he plays multiple instruments, and here he does a kick-ass set of solos and fills that transform "Take it Easy."
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    I wish your friend well and I hope he fully recovers in time.
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