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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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    A young women goes to the hospital to have her baby. No husband or boyfriend is present. The woman has her baby and then the nurse comes in and says I must warn you that your baby is black. The new mom says "Well I was in desperate need for money and there was a porno and the guy was black." The nurse quickly apologizes and says it was none of her business. Mom didn't seem to mind. The nurse says just so you know the baby has slanted eyes. Mom says "They told me for more money that there was a chinese guy too and I needed the money." The nurse brings Mom her sprog and as she turns the baby over and slaps its bottom so hard it started to cry. The nurse yelled "What the hell are you doing?" Mom looks the nurse square in the eyes and says "I wanted to make sure it didn't bark too."
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    Today, the Porsche, small SUV(!?!) was back along with BMWs parked next to each other. Some years back, I was in Orange County, California on a business trip and was driving a rental Ford Focus. I thought I was going to be ticketed because my car was too cheap.
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    They call that a shag carpet 😊
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    "I would sell my mother to the Arabs for her" speaking of Woody Allen quotes....
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    I had two photo shoots lined up for this visit. The Thais call them trips, so I had two trips this trip. Had the Reuben sandwich at Bourbon Street, after arrival at Ekkami. You see two, but I only ordered one. Definitely not local beef, tender not, but didn't particularly care for the sauerkraut. Of course, this place specializes in Cajun and Mexican, what do they know about sauerkraut? Didn't touch the fries and there was no room for dessert. With an Irish Coffee, about 560 baht. Assigned the 30th floor at the Rembrandt Suites this time, booked 3 nights for 3150 total, excluding breakfast. Anxious to head over to Soi Cowboy, stopped for a cappuccino at Artis on corner Soi 18. Soi Cowboy, again very few customers. The "Arab's" bars closed, as before, as were the ladyboy bars, but I don't visit those anyway. Dollhouse was also closed, however, and Tilac only open outside. In all, I visited Baccara, Crazy House, Crazy Corner, Sharks, Lighthouse, and Cowboy 2 (I think). Next day, lunch at Terminal 21 Fuji Walk down lower Sukhumvit, very peaceful. There were a few freelancers but not many. Soi 7 Soi 5 Soi Arab, i.e Soi 3/1 There's a new place on Soi 13 called the Red Lion, just opened this month. Does good business with expats because of the low prices. Time for my trip, not a Playboy model but busty Later, over to Patpong (didn't visit Nana Plaza this time). Hooters Silom has closed. Took a walk down Soi Thaiya (Little Tokyo), until someone told me "No Photo", even with my cell phone camera. Finally, over to Patpong I and Patpong II, King's Castle I and King's Castle II were having their re-openings. There's also a Kings Castle (without any roman numerals), used to be a ladyboy bar, don't know if it still is. There was no night market, first time I've seen it without one. I was the first customer at King's Castle I, at 7:20 PM. Counted 25 girls on the dance floor, others just arriving. A dozen girls next door at King's Castle II, and 5 customers, mostly farang, one kept tossing crumbled 20 baht notes onto the stage, which really livened things up. 5 or 6 at a time, did it 8 or 9 times. I was the first customer for both bars reopening. Le Bouchon still good for a fine meal, just a few doors from the Star of Light, world famous BJ bar. Mostly boy bars now between Le Bouchon and Pink Panther on the corner at Surawong. Pink Panther has been there for ages, I recall visiting on my first trip to Bangkok in 1992. They feature Thai boxing at 11 PM, I make sure I'm out before then because I'm only interested in the girls. The waitress knows that I always order Long Island Iced Tea and I never have to tell her my drink order. Towards the Silom end of Patpong 2, visited XXX Lounge, used to be a steakhouse and Club Electric Blue before that. More Fuji, salmon steak set with hot saki Playboy Bunny Kanan, as promised, she defines narak. In fact, she's even more cute than the Rhino Tusk! Before heading home, went over to Poseidon Entertainment Plaza, the world's greatest soapy massage parlor. Karaoke and first floor restaurant were closed. Fishbowl was on the second floor, as usual, and they moved the Model Lounge there as well. The Model Lounge used to be on the third floor with girls in evening gowns while the band played soft music. Floors 4 through 8 are suites, and some quite immaculate if you're willing to pay the extra cost. There was no band this evening, but the fishbowl had 15 girls and about 20 girls on The Couch in the Model Lounge, with prices ranging from 4500 to 7200, including the 1000 baht farang surcharge. The mamasan has been the same in the 12 years I've been going there, and she remembers me even though I haven't been there for 18 months, because they don't have a lot or farang customers. The girls are known for their service beyond fucking, but they're good at that too. I heard somewhere this pleasure palace was owned by the father of the Ministry of Commerce. What a country! Hard to say how much the pandemic has affected their business but it was Saturday night and I didn't see another customer. Usually groups of Japanese and Korean businessmen hanging out while the mamasan comes around to introduce some girls. I saw one girl from the fishbowl return to her seat, but maybe she was returning from the ladies room? I chose a girl recommended by the mamasan, not from the referral but because I thought she was the prettiest. She was 27, Bangkok born, and spoke excellent English. She said she'd been working at Poseidon for a year, I guessed she worked in customer service somewhere before. She said the mamasan had instructed her to give me the VIP service, whatever that is. I took some photos of her but she asked that I not post them on the internet. I was surprised she started with a BBBJ on the bed, I'd only had one once before at Poseidon, I expect covered BJ at an exclusive place like this. Reverse cowgirl and other positions, I was surprised to get sex before bathing but wasn't about to complain. She gave a body massage in the tub, her breasts weren't large but natural, just what I like. She kept playing with my dick and said she wanted to fuck some more. I've only had single shot sessions at Poseidon before and this wasn't what I expected. Regrettably, I had to decline her offer as I was exhausted from being on my feet all day and wasn't up for a second round, so she shampooed my hair and washed my face, then gave me a nice massage on the bed. Overall, it was as pleasant a 90 minutes I've had in Thailand, or anywhere else for that matter. She gave me her line and asked to keep in touch and come visit again next time in Bangkok. I'm now three months removed from surgery and thinking about hitting the exercise bike to build up my legs for the next visit. I had a very relaxing bus ride home after this wonderful experience. https://www.poseidon2000.com/index.asp
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    I think around 1,600 baht a month.
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    "I want to have her children"! Quote from Woody Allen to Diane Keaton in "Manhattan",circa 1979. Before he was found to be a perv. She is stunning. Thanks for the wonderful and detailed TR.
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    Standing room on the back?
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    Mine was a dark blue songthaew that seats ~10.
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    Corruption? In Thailand? https://loyaltylobby.com/2020/09/14/thai-airways-debt-restructuring-plan-approved-by-bangkok-bankruptcy-court-corruption-allegations-spread-further/?omhide=true
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    My two trips over June/July/August this year obviously covid cancelled 😢 TBH, cannot see how I can have any plans for 2021. There are so many pieces of the puzzle that are yet to line up to enable even a stab in the dark as to when I will next travel. Might even be 2022 - who knows??? Anyway, will be 70 after May 2022 so airport transit would be easier then... The bad things: Current Oz ban on overseas travel must be lifted. Airlines must schedule return flights . I will not travel while two week quarantines are in force (at either end) as my trips are only 30 days each. In the past I travelled on the complimentary insurance provided by Allianz through my credit card. Any covid insurance would have to be affordable AND available. Covid free certificate might be impossible to get on a <72 hour basis. Then what happens to the booked airline tickets??? Will have to have a good look at what the Pattaya situation on the ground is at the time. Still worth the effort??? The good things: Plenty of funds available (including Thai bank account). Am retired, so can basically leave and return whenever I like, although normally I travel during my local winter.
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    I am in awe. Absolutely outstanding report RT. In all respects, not just the pics of pretty girls.
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