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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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    I notice more homeless people sleeping under the BTS stairwells, walking around lower sukhumvit, and fewer street vendors, but was able to find one to buy sunglasses. Soi 11 was very quiet. Had a burger for lunch at Daniel Thaigers, with a couple bottles of Rochefort 10%, and left my mask there. Didn't realize until they wouldn't allow me into Terminal 21. From now on, I'll carry a spare.
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    Back on topic I needed a new laptop, so headed to the Apple store at massive IconSiam mall, the first Apple store in Thailand. There's a free shuttle boat at Sathorn Pier, BTS Saphan Taksin. The journey takes 5 minutes, boats run every 20 minutes or so. Across the river from the mall is the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, rates start over 15,000/night. They have suites named after some of the famous writers that have been guests. They have the Gore Vidal suite, the Tennessee Williams suite, the Somerset Maughan suite, and best in the house is the Mark Twain suite. Others are named after Joseph Conrad, James Michener, and Norman Mailer. Hang out in the Bamboo Bar when the Rolling Stones are playing in town and you'll see Mick Jagger, because this is where they stay. You can see the Lebua at State Tower to the right, with the dome. They serve a special hangover 2 cocktail on the rooftop bar, inspired by the movie, since the hotel was a shooting location. IconSiam mall is over half million Square meters of retail space, it opened less than 2 years ago. Some impressive art work inside. Here's a statue made of hoses. Took a while to locate the Apple store. Also bought some vintage Levi's bluejeans in the Levi's store, as long as I was there. Finished the day with a seafood dinner with river prawns.
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    Another quick visit, arrive Ekkami Bus Station, near Gateway Mall Over to Bourbon Street for a mushroom swiss burger, with Irish Coffee Room 291 at Rembrandt Suites, my home away from home. Booked three nights for total 2840 Stop at Artis for coffee again, corner of Soi 18, across from Lexus Raumchitt Plaza (aka "Room Shit" Plaza), above Thermae Coffeeshop, got a facelift Art Box at Chuvit Garden closed, last day Aug 31st. A real bummer, I really enjoyed spending a lot of time there. I understand a new mall will be taking it's place. There's finally someone home at Q House, I was wondering. Has a very prestigious address: 1 Sukhumvit. No kidding, that's the address. Hope you get more than a studio condo for 147 million baht. Nana Intersection Soi Nana, very quiet, but it's only 8:00 PM There's even a customer in Hooters! Everyone has to be screened entering the Plaza, customers and staff Don't toss your butts off the balcony! I was the first customer in Butterflies, and counted 42 girls on the three stages. Next day, I hung around Siam Square but didn't buy anything. Checking out the new 70-200 mm Nikkor lens, found one shop that had it but they wanted 82,000. Ouch! BTW, Sony wants 90,000 for their version, guess I'll stay with my legacy super zooms for a while. Suddenly, there are Taco Bell's all over. On Soi 11, in the basement of Siam Paragon, this one at MBK. They had a promo, buy any combo and get a free naked chicken taco. A curved piece of spicy chicken serves as the taco shell. I've never heard of this. The staff had to wear hats that looked like a naked chicken taco. I felt sorry for them, reminded me of Brad from Fast Times At Redgemont High. Erawan Shrine, just behind where the bomber sat La Monitas is my favorite place for Mexican in Thailand. I especially like the steak burritos, made with New Zealand Rib Eye. This was in the basement at Siam Paragon, where they charge 75 baht extra for guacamole, it's included when you visit their restaurant in the Mahatun Plaza on Ploenchit Road. I didn't buy the Harley either, can't afford it. But this is my Biker Slut, Bunny Zudeau. She's Hot and Bootylicious! Terminal 21 Tom Yum Goong at Savoey Seafood, you can see Soi Cowboy from the table Great Views And Soi Cowboy was very quite too That's all, folks!
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    Photo update of the state of Huai Chak Nok Reservoir.
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