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  1. In one of your posts you mentioned that you pay your rent on a yearly basis.   Is that correct or are you just accessing the funds on a yearly basis and then paying on a monthly basis?

    If so I'm interested in knowing how to go about doing that should I want to in the future to save effort.  What type of properties, how to negotiate it for best value, etc.       Thanks.

    1. sailingbill


      Short , i'm just lazy,not smart and dont bother with monthly. My Real Estate agency doles it out monthly to the Russian landlord in case they have to pay repairs.  2,000 off the the monthly rent and have had no increases in 6 years. Probably better just to invest in the market if your an American.   I built a house in Issan so will not be doing this anymore. I never paid rent in the US and it always irritated me here .

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