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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Catrina i will be in Pattaya in 2 weeks. Im at Fascino for restocking so will get prices and the possibility of a sell back and post if you haven't an answer by then.    Just to add Bolts(taxi) are cheap and plentiful now. I've used them even for going a few blocks when im toast. If the scooter doesn't work out  consider a day hire as it sounds he can get around shorter distance on his own.

  2. Thanks Force, just moved to the village and had an excruciating experience withdrawing my social security money from BB the lady didn’t want to do it as I needed passport update which could only be in Pattaya!!   My TGF prevailed but said we can’t do that again. I’ll have to go Patts in November.   I need to find another way. When ACH was essentially useless I switched to DD.  Now maybe DD to Schwab and wise to BB.   I have a wise card but I’m not really familiar but perhaps a solution 

  3. Overwhelmingly i book directly with the Hotel or Airline. No price difference at least from American sites.  Yes booking sites work fine most of the time but when they dont i could tell the stories, but you can imagine.  Go over to Flyertalk forum to read some of the difficulties. The airline gate agents are delighted you booked with an agency if it goes tits up. Oh , tight ,missed connection, call Expedia or whoever.

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  4. If i could piggyback.  I have a house in Khon Kaen, moving there next month. The Gf wants to put my name on "the Book" . Told her i didn't care as if she kicks me out ill just go quietly back to Patts.  Is there a reason, immigration advantage? that i should pursue this? 

  5. Thanks for the photos. Made the rounds this past weekend and pretty much echo your findings.Drink prices are a bit high, i paid 140 baht for a rum in simple beer bars on Soi Honey and Diana. Bar fined a beer bar girl ,one from Kinks, and used the ST room at TQ twice. Usual prices.  Lips,Pandoras and Angels were disappointing but don't take that as a review. We know there could be a completely different vibe in only an hour.  Destiny and upstairs at Kinks were our favorites. Taught some girls to play Craps which they really enjoyed though i realized throwing dice with money scattered on the table in a bar opening to the Street was not my smartest move.    TF girl wanted 1,000 LT. She is a hotel cleaner and new to the game. The Zip hotel on Soi Diana was a good value at 600/night as Areca was fully booked. Disappointed as i lost my superstar on Soi 6 to an extentened commitment. Bolt rides still a bargain 95 baht from Diana to Wongamat Beach.   Going back to the States in 2 weeks so plan on making the best of things until then.

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  6. 10 minutes ago, jacko said:

    Booking rooms on NYE is fraught with danger....sometimes get hit up with obligatory gala dinners! Happened to me via Agoda or Expedia and me not paying attention. 

    (Yes still sore about it many many years later.)

    It didn't turn out well, now celebrated on my seawall if at all.

  7. 43 minutes ago, jacko said:

    I don't know if it is an 'industry standard', but I recall Areca saying 1st one free, second is 500 baht surcharge. 

    Can confirm this at the Areca. The 2cd girl stayed in the bathroom,waste of 500 baht. I booked a beach road room on Agoda for NYE years ago. It wasn't until i showed up found they charge 500 for the first guest. 

  8. 31 minutes ago, teelack said:

    Bill. The point I was making is the proliferation of smoke. The air is thick with vapes, Marijuana and cigarettes. It can only get worse.

    I not a non smoking Nazi by the way. Friends and family smokers figure importantly in my life. I am against inconsiderate people.

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    AH Teelack i forgot about Marijuana. I smoke and sold in college but now find it noxious. Cigarette smoke is well regulated.   Point taken.

  9. 4 hours ago, jacko said:

    Certainly an issue...... my pool gets clogged a lot during this time of year due to falling leaves. Guy who does my garden takes away  debris, which is mainly leaves but heaven knows where he puts it. 

    Oh it gets worse. I love strawberries but no luck growing them here. I was searching for a solution and a fellow who had his septic tank pumped asked the driver where the waste goes. Said he goes up north and spreads the raw waste on strawberry farms for fertilizer.  More incentive for me to try to raise them in KK when im settled.

  10. 1 hour ago, jacko said:

    If you can get the cover off use a dip stick to see how it is doing. Mine seem to go a long time (over a year)... but you are an American, so likely need it emptying more often. (Sorry, could not resist it!😄).

    Being a septic I know my shit and have dipped my stick in some dodgy girls here.  Back home I owned a house and the family home had tanks but we also had drainage fields which I didn’t see them install here. Just a large black tank. As I remember it was about 1-2 years between pumping so I’ll give it a year and see what goes.   Thanks 

  11. Sad Rhino, thats just violence . I was in Issan and they were going at it with vigor. But if a motorcycle extended their arm palm down they were not doused. More often the M/C drivers would slow and allow water to be poured. Songkran really means something to the Thais i think.

  12. 2 hours ago, nkped said:

    My biggest problem with the 800K was that it would have required me to make a taxable transaction.  As to having a monthly annuity check deposited to Bangkok Bank, sometimes it will catch the exchange rate up, sometimes down.  I believe the term is income averaging.  I get through most months without additional Wise transfers.

    Exactly my position. To be specific the 800k would cost an additional 4,000 usd in taxes  one time as well as the loss of investment income, maybe 2000 usd a year if i guess right. Admittedly i sometimes need to go to Wise but personal choices in women an alcohol. 

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  13. It’s really shit that everyone on this thread legally qualifies for a visa but we use agents. As Jacko said the agents don’t want to do the income method. The US and UK Embassies are useless.  My friend in Bangkok charges upwards to 80k for a visa but those boys are not expats, Perhaps not eligible and I fear may someday bite us. He is offering me a Permanent Resident option but the cost is high. For me when I move to Khon Kaen I may try to go through the hoops for the 65,000 method myself. I’m not putting 80k here though I respect not everyone has a verified US or UK pension. 

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  14. 11 hours ago, hyku1147 said:

    Did you know that they fixed the path that connects Wong Amat Beach to Pattaya Beach?

    Good to know, thanks hyku, you mean in front of Dusit? My knees are toast now so not a lot of walking anymore. Am checking with Bumrungrad to see if there’s a solution.  But I do Kayak a lot and will head south and take a look.  Target rich environment of Toplessness along this stretch of North Beach.   

  15. Our ice truck comes down the street every morning. I thought I’ll just buy an ice maker . Looking into it they are complex, prone to needing repairs and will get dirty and difficult to clean.  Sometimes the simplest things are best. And the ice guy is nice, stopping to talk. I’m still a bit of farang oddity here .

  16. 1 hour ago, jacko said:

    Comparing to UK and Oz Thailand comes out pretty good!  Coincidentally someone told me how much their Sky costs them in UK, TV and internet I believe... like wow!

    The family home in Annapolis is paying 3400 baht equivalent/month for internet and TV with less tv than i get here with IPTV. 

  17. Force it is high.The data sim sounds nice as im paying 600/month for Dtac in addition to CAT and only use a small amount of the allotted data.  When i move to Khon Kaen 3bb hard wire fiber from the street looks to be 700 to 1300 for 1gbps/1gbps. I am a tech idiot and don't know what that means so probably buy more than i need. The IPTV guy is kind and send emails to his clients to clear this ,download that ,correct this.He then sends me a email saying Bill i know you won't do any of this,next time at i'm at Northpoint i'll do it.    It appears True is also an option up there so maybe i take some time to get educated.

  18. Cat had fiber wired in the Hallways . Paid a separate fee for a private company to run the line into the condo. Then the CaT techs hooked the box and TV . The guy who installed my IPTV said it was very fast.  Reliable and no problem streaming.   Cat is 1200/month.  I’m looking to get similar in Khon Kaen if anyone has a recommendation.   3BB seems best so far.

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