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  1. Oh, and ya... before someone says it... no I could not just open it and check, because I doubt I will ever be able to tell the difference between the several different types of baking milk. Maybe after I use each once... but I never have, so ... :D

  2. Perfect. Thats what I was shooting for.


    The problem was there were 2 almost identical cans... one was evaporated (what I needed, and what I bought), and the other Condensed. I needed evaporated...The other can seemed much heavier and thicker contents, so I assumed that was condensed.


    Was fairly certain because the only english wording on the whole thing is "Carnation Evap Extra"... but wanted to be sure.


    Making my grandmothers recipe Pumpkin Pie... and really dont want to fuck it up lol


    Thanks MM

  3. Need to know what product the photos below are... I know what I need but not sure if this is it lol. Don't want to give any hints tho as I don't want anyone guessing... a wrong guess would ruin a perfectly good pie ;)




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  4. Been watching this thread but not put my 2 cents in yet.... but will do now.


    My first experience at lone star was terrible... steak ordered medium rare and came out well done and more like beef jerky than steak. The onion rings were ok... but not great, and the potato skins were just plain nasty - obviously cooked much earlier in the day (many many hours) and microwaved before they were served.


    At the time I could not get internet on my phone so I didnt even check in, but related the report to a few friends here...


    Now... that all said, after reading Evil's review I am willing to give them another go... but no more after that if it turns out bad again.


    I will say that there was a good flavor to the meat... even tho it was way too cooked. If they had cooked it properly it would have been a excellent steak. Too bad they fucked it up beyond repair lol :D


    I will give it a shot again some afternoon in the next couple weeks and update this report... sounds like one of the shifts just totally blows and one may be good... need to figure out which is which.

  5. So... me and a couple fellow BMs decided to swing by and take a look at this place today (heaven, not the yard bowling or whatever that is place).


    It is very very very much NOT heaven... or even remotely heavenly.


    First, there was 2 girls sitting when we came in. I think one of them may have been young enough to not have been my mother, but I kinda doubt it. After some yelling about 6-7 more came down, all about the same age group and varying degrees of fugly.


    Then... the prices. Originally he shows prices of 2000bt and 2500bt... but after some discussion in Chinese (thanks to Gaijin) he figured out that we were not brought by anyone (no commission) and dropped the price by 500bt (1500/2000). We got to this point about the same time as the 6-7 other fuglies got sat down. I tried not to look.


    In short - there is a VERY good reason this place is not mentioned here or anywhere else on the net... its not worth a visit. No idea how they make money.

  6. Hi Guys,


    A good friend and fellow BM here is finally making the plunge and moving over here. He will start the process of getting his retirement visa this month, and asked me for input. I had a great contact in the USA for issues like this, but since I moved here she has retired and is no longer available :/


    So... how do you guys that have done this recommend he go about it? Do it himself, or hire a lawyer... come over here first on a tourist visa or get the O visa before leaving the USA (as far as I know he is supposed to get the retirement visa in the USA before coming here).


    Any and all input from people that have been thru this process in the USA is greatly appreciated!




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  7. 1 or 2 of them look doable... but the last 2 times I was there I saw no girls worth even talking to.


    The promotion is a good idea... but a better idea would be to get more girls and let word of that trickle out for better results. For me, right now there is absolutely no reason for me to go there instead of Kinneree, where there are 30-60 girls at any given time, with many of them doable.

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  8. I have found the DL covers me for hotels too.... never needed to cash cheques for a long time.

    There is often a police stop on the railway line bypass road... all they ever want to see is my DL.


    Ya they have those several times a week on Soi Khow Noi, but have never once even stopped me... If I have my visor down they wave at me, but when I open it they pass me thru. Not sure if they recognize me or maybe they are just not looking for falangs.

  9. I have been done twice while riding a motorbike. Once was for an illegal right turn. The second time was for not wearing a helmet. In both cases, the only thing they asked was "what is your name?" I gave them my first name, which they wrote on the tickets. I have yet to have anyone ask for an ID of any sort.


    With that said, I carry my passport with me everywhere, and will until I get a proper Thai driver's license.


    Thats exactly right 99% of the time.


    I think I have had to show my passport page once, and that was on Suk road in najomtien, just before the turnoff to Khow Chee Chan. That was a random police stop, but since everything was in order he let me go with no fine. All the rest of the times either I was not asked for anything at all (usual), or only for the tax paper and international drivers license (which expired in 2009 but they have never noticed). Seeing both of those and without even reading either, they usually just pass me thru.

  10. I keep a copy of my passport in my motorbike with my international license and other paperwork, but I have not carried even a copy of it around with me in 3 years. In the last 4 I have never been asked for it except during minor traffic stops when I am with my motorbike... I have been present during police raids of clubs, after fights, etc but never been asked.

  11. This is entirely hearsay, I've never had a machine eat my card (knock on wood) but they ask you for some sort of ID. AGAIN, though, the emphasis is on common sense. If you did *not* just lose your ATM card in the machine, you'd be taking one hell of a chance to come in and claim you did -- and especially a foreigner, asking for a card with a foreigner's name on it. But more common sense - even if you got the ATM card of the last guy who lost his ATM card and did *not* walk in to try to reclaim it, how useful would it be? It's right up there with counterfeiting 10-baht banknotes - a huge amount of work, plus a large risk, for almost no gain. Without the pin, most ATM cards are useful for springing trashy doorlocks, not much else. You could rush home, try to make an online purchase before the guy cancels his card, but what a lot of work for that unlikely chance.


    So the bank will give up the card *fairly* quickly, but wants some sort of ID, that's what I hear.




    I have had this happen 3 times so far since I have lived here, and didnt get my card back from any of them.


    First they require your passport.. no problem there. BUt they (or at least the 2 banks I had issues with - 2 cards from 1 and 1 from the other) not only required that the signature on the card be there, they required that they be able to read it and that it matched the name on the card as well as the passport. On my first card the signature had worn off - was gone... the second and third times the signature was there, but nobody can read my signature - its a bit of a scrawl, and they said since they could not read it they could not return my card, even tho the name on it was the same as on my passport... er well one one of them it was, the other was a business card with my business name.


    In short, do not expect to get the card back. In all cases I requested that the card be physically destroyed, which they did. Takes 3+ weeks to get a new card :(

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