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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. 13 minutes ago, forcebwithu said:

    @frostfire thank you for the large amount of time and effort you have put in, and just put in to keep this forum up and running.

    Chances are you encountered the same problems with the upgrade script that PA and then 247 had to deal with during their upgrade. It's to your credit and expertise it took you less than two days to resolve the issues. PA and 247 took much longer.

    As for the theme, I believe whatever customized theme you had in the old version was lost with the upgrade.

    And for BM's that are seeing this upgraded version of the forum software for the first time, off the top of my head some key differences are:
    - no more page numbers (the software guys at Invision decreed they are too old fashion and don't deserve to be in a modern forum)
    - The Report, Share and Edit options are now in the upper right corner of a post under the ellipsis.

    - Under your profile settings you now have Content View Behavior which allows you to change the setting so clicking on a topic title will take you to the latest, unread content in the topic.

    Cheers for that. 

    Sometime today I will actually take a minute and look in to it. And start working on a new theme.... Or maybe ill just hire someone to do a better one this time. If this thing didn't broadside my ass I would have made screenshots etc to "save" what I could of the theme. Live and learn lol.

  2. Hi Guys. 

    A couple of you early birds might have noticed that the site was down for 3 or 4 minutes.... :D 


    So... I am going to give a nice long explanation on what happened later... after I get some sleep. It took me almost 2 days of full time work with almost no sleep at all to get this fixed. In short just so you guys don't go crazy with the speculation, it was a catastrophic failure of invision's auto upgrade script along with my dumb ass not seeing that there was an error message that cancelled the backup I took just before I hit the upgrade button. So ya. That happened. 

    I will update this thread with a longer explanation as soon as I get some rest. 

    Oh.. ya. The theme. I have no idea whats going on with the theme. and to be honest I am too tired to look at it right now. The site works, and while its ugly... well... its better than nothing. Ill get the theme fixed ASAP. 



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  3. 2 hours ago, Grin Grasser said:


    When I registered an account, the forum directed me to go to my email address to verify.  I did.

    I logged in and posted my query. 

    Forum said, a moderator had to check my post before it would appear. 

    Did not see a link to get out of moderation.

    Today, I logged in.  Did not see a link to get of moderation.  Went to my email account.  Saw a 2nd email from this forum, which said that my registration was complete.  Went to the 1st email and click on the verify link again.  Logged into this forum.  Writing this post, I see a window above, "Your content will need to be approved by a moderator."

    What is missing?

    You have done step 1... Just need to do step 2 ?

  4. 37 minutes ago, Bullfrog said:

    I carry 3 when out walking. They quickly get wet and deep breathing is difficult for me. There are a few YT vids of doctors "proving" that oxygen intake isn't restricted .... but they are in aircon environment sitting at their desks.Try the same test in the heat and humidity after walking for a couple of hours..!!!!!

    But yes ...  sneeze into the mask then bin it and replace it...

    Agreed. Even in aircon breathing is .... maybe not difficult, but noticeably more difficult with a mask on. Its doable, especially in public and its totally needed in these times, but lying about it helps nobody. 

    I use washable and re-usable masks tho... so I do not bin them. Just put them in the wash with everything else. Not as good as a N95 maybe, but a lot cheaper and almost as good - at least for here in Thailand where covid is suppressed for the time being. But ya, once you sneeze in to it, there is no more wearing that one lol. Nasty. lol. 

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  5. Not excusing the behavior by any means as it is very rude at the least... but he might have severe allergies. 

    I have really fucked up allergies, and on bad days wearing a mask is like torture, especially if sneezing. And sneezing in to the mask would pretty much ruin it. 

    Again, not excusing him - he should have just sneezed in to the mask and then put on a new one - thats what I do. But you can only carry so many of the damn things. 

  6. I tried editing this so that the video would show instead of the link, but apparently IPB doesn't like that link. But it is a good and safe link, so I'll just leave it. 

    Welcome to the board Manmohan. You might want to follow the directions for verifying your account by clicking on the menu item above and following those directions so that your posts are not moderated. 



  7. Ok guys,


    This change has been made and completed... there was a good 12 hour window where emails were not going out. I am not going to have the system re-send those emails since almost all of them were just new post notifications.

    Looking back thru the logs, it appears that about half of the emails our system was trying to send out were blocked because we were over the limit of that other service... so we should see a much better result now being on our own server. 

    If anyone sees any email related issues from here out, please let me know. 



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  8. Hi guys. Just a quick note to let you know that there will be some changes to the board email notifications system coming in the next 48 hours and that starting tomorrow your thread notifications may be missing or delayed for up to 24 hours. Hopefully just a matter of minutes but it may be longer. I'll post a longer explanation of what I did and why tomorrow.




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  9. Hi Guys,

    So earlier today I took the server down for normal maintenance (installing updates) as I do once every 3 months. Since my last update in November (ya ya ya I know, but come on... things have been fucked up. So I'm a little late!), one of this servers 2 power supplies has stopped communicating with my control suite. That probably means that the power supply has failed. I have redundant everything on my servers, so it didn't just die... but that power supply will need to be replaced, which unfortunately cannot be done while the server is turned on. I have asked my data center to secure the needed parts and schedule the downtime with me to perform the install... as soon as I know a date and time I will let you guys know. Likely to be a 1 hour downtime as I am going to have a couple other things replaced at the same time. 

    When I have the time and date I will change the title of this post and pin it. 

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  10. HI Guys, 

    I am about to reboot the server hosting this website. Sorry I did not give more notice... I am doing my bi-yearly maintenance and didn't notice this was the server housing Ptalk. Its ready for the reboot now, so im afraid most of you won't see this message until after the server is back up from its downtime. I expect downtime to be less than 30 minutes, but more likely just 5-10. 

  11. Hi Mods, Can somebody look at my account please, I have had to set up a new account, as had to clear cache on computer and it locked me out, and the log in email I used is no longer in use,
    so could someone send me a password to the email account I have used to set this account up so I can log back into my old  account,
    Many Thanks
    On it. Give me 10 minutes.

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  12. 31 minutes ago, jacko said:

    Well at least it explains the occasional sluggish responses this morning.

    Jacko can you do me a favor? Click on the little lock up on the address bar, then click on Certificate and then tell me what it says for VALID FROM... looking for the second date. It should be May 28... but I strongly suspect my antivirus is hijacking the certificate and showing a cached copy. 

  13. Just warning you guys... it appears as if the new SSL certificate I just installed may not be working. 

    Problem is... it should be. And I do not fully understand why its showing an expiration date of tomorrow, since the files that do expire tomorrow were deleted as part of the install process, and the server has even been rebooted since then... so I am hoping that it cycles over once the expiration hits? if not, it will go down temporarily until I can fix it. 

    If that just happens to happen ~12 hours from now, the downtime may be a few hours. I will be at a concert and inaccessible. I think we have more time than that... and I will continue looking at it for the next hour or so, but wanted to post a warning just in case. 

  14. 4 hours ago, forcebwithu said:

    The condensed view of activity that was working fine yesterday is no longer working this morning.

    Edited to add: Seems PA has the same issue, but 247 doesn't. @frostfire did anything change on the forum software overnight? If not, the problem might be on my end, unless someone else reports the same issue.


    I did do a forum update a little over 24 hours ago. That may have done it. Ill look at the reports on the forums support site and see what peeps are saying. 

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