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  1. She giving you this bill herself? lol


    My GF has AIS as well, and she chats/sms's her friends all day... and I pay about b1700 a month. The package we are on is unlimited internet (b800), 600 SMS + 700 minutes calling.. and she usually goes over a bit. I think the package by itself is about b1500.


    My package is b1200, with only 200 SMS and 200 minutes and unlimited internet, and I almost never go over, all of my stuff being on the internet. To be fair, a good deal of hers is too - Line/Viber.


    5k baht means your either still using the cards and topping up her phone, or shes pocketing the difference. If your still on the cards... STOP IT lol. Get her to go to Telewiz and convert from 1-2-Call (AIS Pay as you go) to a AIS package that meets her needs... will save you a fortune every month.

  2. The best online translator for actual content is www.Thai2English.com/Online


    It takes a minute to read since it translates every "word" and gives you possibilities for each, and you have to sort of string the meaning together, but the end result is usually pretty close to what was said.

  3. If you ride a motorbike, at least bring a sweater.


    It gets downright cold at night when your going 30+km/hr. Doing 80+ on sukhumvit is downright cold at times lol. First time since ive been here that I actually wear a coat when going places.


    Its been like this for about 10 days now... very strange. But the daytime weather is awesome :)

  4. Agree with MM.


    Am sure they have some meals that are less well prepared than others, but I have actually driven out to BC ONLY to eat at Beavers. I have had a good dozen or more of their meals (over dozens of visits - usually twice or so a month for the last 6 years), and with a couple minor cooking discrepancies they have all been awesome. I just can't say enough about Beavers food.



  5. Short - Germany has declared that, but there is absolutely no way for them to even try to restrict, tax, monitor or even track bitcoin usage or ownership.


    The whole point behind the Bitcoin was to remove the ability of any government to influence the value of it in any manner. Not sure if the architects thought about taxation or not, tho I would guess they did, and the design they came up with is a currency that cannot be tracked or traced in any manner by anybody.


    As to the look of the "coin"... thats just a graphic. The bitcoin is a cryptographic currency. Think of it as a "file", tho that is not accurate. IN any case they are not "coins" as you know of them.


    Cisco - Ya, that is correct. "no log" providers are a scam for the most part. Either they do keep logs and lie about it, or they are running their service on a network that is essentially worthless. Sucks, but with the amount of internet crime going on nowadays its not surprising that the governments are taking such a strong stand against those types of providers.

  6. If you want to break the law... its best to know how the law works.


    First, every VPN provider in the world that actually works well will log your activity and has to respond to copyright infringement or any other illegal activity. Sometimes you see new providers pop up and claim they do not keep logs etc, but without exception I have seen them shut down fairly quickly, either by legal action (if they are in a country that has VPN regulations), or by a mass banning of its IP addresses at major routers in countries that do, effectively shutting them down - a VPN that cannot route thru 1st world countries is worthless.


    Second, even if you do not pay with a credit card (more on that in a minute), if the law(s) broken are significantly major, you CAN easily be found using those logs. Even if you use multiple VPNs routed one from another, there is a trail that can and will lead back to your ISP and then to you. Of course with copyright infringement that doesn't happen in most countries. Some places tho do go to extremes - a number of European countries now track and fine people using P2P, and VPNs will not always protect you.


    So... the best you can hope for then is to make the VPN as anonymous as possible. The only way to do that nowadays is to pay for the VPN via an untraceable source. The best of these is a new internet currency called Bitcoins. Here is a article on the best VPN providers that accept Bitcoins:




    If your a computer guy and have an extra computer or 3 around the house, you can even get bitcoins "free" by tasking those computers to farm out data packets for bitcoins as "pay". Not a simple thing tho, so only people with good computer knowledge should try it. Its not "free" exactly as it will take computer time (and electricity), but it is doable. I am able to farm about 3-4 coins per month right now just by farming while I'm sleeping - each coin is worth around $110, give or take from day to day (its traded as a currency so it goes up and down like any other currency).


    Anyway... hope this helps.

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  7. I hold a British passport, born and bred in England, though to look at me you would think I walked out of Chennai yesterday. Does that matter? Most foreigners don't get the subtleties of accents. Or maybe you mean do I smell of garlic and stale sweat? LOL.


    It matters.... unfortunately.


    There are a number of top end gogo bars with a very strict no Indian policy. Now.. while I am not racist in any way, I have to admit that here in Pattaya that policy is well deserved by the masses.. It is very common here to see indian guys pushing the limits of what is allowed and whats not... but again, beside the point.


    Tho I usually do not suggest carrying your passport in Thailand as pickpockets abound, I would suggest that you do. Tho the door guys at some places won't care, some are smarter than others and flashing your UK passport will get you in.


    Then there are quite a number of bars that will let you in assuming you dress ok... but I am guessing thats not an issue :)


    All in all you can still have a good time here, but you will get knocked back a couple places.. try to not let that bother you.


    Another thing that might work is to meet up with some fellow board members and go out with them... sometimes race is overlooked if your in a mixed company.




    Hi all,


    New to forum and hate to disagree on first post. However, went in Lone Star tonight and it was great. The previous comments seem to disregard the price. Where in the western world do you get a decent rib eye for 199 baht. It's decent, it aint great, but I'm not paying 400 baht plus for it.




    I paid for the premium imported steak... don't remember price but somewhere in the 800 baht range. No it was not acceptable at that price.


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  9. Ahh. ok, that explains it. I hate disappearing posts lol.


    You know... I had a couple good nights here before they got busted. They had a lot of good girls and it was good fun. After Evils review I was really looking forward to it last night... and was sorely disappointed. I am not negative about Spankys in general - but I sure left the place in a negative mood last night.


    one of the waitresses that I have known for years did take the time to come say sorry for no girls tonight. I tried asking her "WTF", but she had no idea. Said had many the night before, but none today. Still tho... something fishy there. No way 20+ girls are barfined by 10pm.



  10. Well.. the post I made last night seems to have disappeared.


    So here it is again:


    I went in last night... 11 girls total, with 6 of those dancing when I got there - all quite on the plump side and none I wanted to even remotely make eye contact with, even tho they did try pretty hard to get me to.


    The last 5 had 2 cuties in the bunch, with one I would have called over if she hadn't spent the whole time on the stage trying to make eye contact with the 2 groups of THAI customers.


    All in all, a very bad experience. This was at 10pm on Saturday night. 30+ girls my ass... and more Thai customers than falang. Don't know why, but that just makes me uncomfortable, especially considering what happened at Baron.

  11. I was in tonight... 6 ugly fat girls on the stage, replaced by 5 different girls (all that were in the club) with 2 ok looking, and 1 I would have bought drinks for if she didnt ignore me for the thai customers sitting opposite me.


    So... apparently that was a temporary situation (the 30+ girls). This was Saturday night at about 10:30 or so at latest.. maybe only 10. The place was empty of girls :(


    Ill give it one more try next week.. but nothing in there worth going back for that I saw tonight.

  12. lol. Nice bike, and may well be worth 295k, but... who on here would pay 70k for a damn license plate? I mean.. come on. Sure some Thai's would... and they believe in ghosts too.

  13. Love to have one... but thats too spendy for a toy I would not use very often. Nice little thing tho...


    Why ya packin up and leaving? Thought the boat business was going good?

  14. Thanks Evil... I didn't know that.


    My grandmother is dead now, a long time past... but I had my sis copy her recipe down for me... Was a pain finding a couple of the spices, but I managed to find it all... and the recipe explicitly calls for Evaporated milk... so I didnt want to substitute anything else. She made one hell of a pie back in the day :D

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