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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. My worst trip was  probably 12 years ago, pattaya to airport. Unfortunately,  my cab was booked for 5am on January 1st, and yes, i guess the driver had been partying. Fortunately the roads were clear, but the driver appeared to keep nodding off, his eyes getting heavy until they closed and his head dropped..... this latter movement waking him  up. I had deliberately sat in the front of the vehicle, and formulated a plan if he had fallen asleep.... gear lever (on dash) into neutral, grab the wheel to steer, and pray ....

    As it was the driver stopped at the service centre, and when he returned he found me in the drivers seat. He didnt argue, and I drove to the airport....fortunately I'd got a few trips under my belt and roughly knew the way.

    When we arrived I stopped, got out, retrieved my luggage,  and left, leaving the driver snoring gently on the passengers seat. Being a kind sole, I did leave the agreed fee on the dash, but surprisingly, no tip! 

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  2. I'm thinking that personally (and somewhat selfishly) this might be a positive...

    For the past few years I've escaped the UK winters, spending 5 months I thailand. A snowbird, I think we're called.

    I've just about got my mind around spending the winter in the UK, stuck indoors out of the rain with the heating on, but this might be doable. Yes, there are hoops to jump through, and it will cost a bit more than normal, but.... 

    But no, it wont be any good for the 2 week tourists.

    I think the only issue will be getting the embassy to agree to your application.  If they're only expecting/allowing 1200 per month, worldwide, I'm guessing there wont be many flights/seats available from the UK...

    But let's wait and see (a) if it is passed by the govt, and (b) what the actual conditions are ...

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  3. 42 minutes ago, yselmike said:

    I flew back from Bangkok to Amsterdam with KLM on Wednesday and the evening before I got an email that if I had made other arrangements could I please let them know as there were a lot of people desperate to get back and they could use the seat.I replied I would be on the flight.

    Saw a report that the cabin staff of KLM were understandably worried about the virus and then got another mail saying there would be limited service on board,no alcohol,hot drinks and one hot meal, " bring snacks" and I did no problem.thats how it was.

    Once we took of they repeated what was in the mail no booze,tea,coffee one hot meal.....and no service water,juice,soft drinks bits and bobs would be in the three galley's and it was self service,no problem I thought I have my own snacks and water.

    BUT it was a non stop people coming and going to get liquid and my seat was on the aisle by the middle galley and half the people on the plane passed by my seat multiple times,I am home and waiting with trepidation for the fever to hit me.That flight did not have a free seat and they took two other flight and cabin crew back as well.



    That was very much like my Emirates flights on Monday.

    Like you, I am waiting with dread.... I've got a sore throat, but always have that on my return, and my temperature is 35.7, so I think I'm ok at the moment. I'm just keeping myself to myself...

  4. 8 hours ago, Bazle said:

    Got this message from a mate earlier this morning (Wednesday):

    "I decided on Monday to come back after talking with Emirates, they were most helpful & for all the people who write crap on social media there must be arseholes bcos I haven't experienced anything bad with them.
    I think booking direct with them is a bonus also.
    Anyway I got the same flight I would have got on the 30th March, yesterday Tuesday and arrived in the Evening, all well.. but a little bemused by the social distancing in the airport arrivals and luggage pickup area, but most of my journey I wore a mask."


    I booked direct with Emirates as well, and tried twice to talk to them. I was a business class customer, but gave up having been on hold for 40 minutes, and 50 minutes.

    The couple next to me on the first flight had been told by Emirates that there were no economy seats available, so they bit the bullet and paid the difference for a business class flight home.

  5. Emirates got me back to the UK.

    The bkk-Dubai was delayed for 2 hours, meaning I had a -5minute changeover in Dubai, but they held the gatwick and Heathrow flights as there were loads of us in the same predicament.  The first flight must have had 40 cabin crew/flight officers on board, in full uniform, as passengers, presumably being shipped back to Dubai for transportation back to their own bases. 

    Service on both flights was basic, cabin crew rarely appeared in the cabin. Many, but not all, wore masks.

    Cant comment on Dubai airport, as my incoming and outgoing flights were 3 gates apart, but bkk was quiet, not empty, but noticeably quiet, and gatwick was deserted, I think we were the only flight to land between 6 and 7am

    Lots of comments about how people would still be oblivious to Emirates cancelling flights except for "word on the street", and saying Emirates communications with pax was fairly dire.

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  6. I've just checked in online for my Emirates flights tomorrow evening.... I'm guessing their website is rather overloaded as it took some time to do, and it doesn't want to email my passes to me.

    In my mind it's one less opportunity to be bumped off the flight, and I'm sure i can talk to a human at swampy and get them to issue passes.


  7. 19 hours ago, garytheanimal said:

    Booked to arrive 7th May, should I postpone until later in the year? Booking.com are giving me the chance to change dates at the hotel, but as yet Emirates have said nothing aside from they’re still flying from the UK to BK.


    19 hours ago, Bazle said:

    My opinion is that you should get back as much of your money as you can, by whatever means possible. Forget postponing - it'll be many months (possibly years) before you'll want / be able to do the trip.

    FWIW, I've just walked from 2nd road soi 15, to and road, down 13/3 to beach road, right to royal garden, back to walking street, up soi diamond, up pattaya tai to buckhou and back to condo. 

    It was between 8pm and 8.30, so early.

    I think I saw 20 other tourists,  mainly Russian youngsters i think.

    Walking street had 2 or 3 hello people outside each of the restaurants.

    Beach road had maybe 10-15 girls, no more. I saw 3 others as I walked back.

    Even the tourist police have reduce numbers!!!

    If I was coming for the girls and beer, I wouldnt bother.

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  8. On 3/21/2020 at 1:55 AM, helloitsme said:

    Hmm. I fly into London gatwick on the 25th.... or I did!

    Update. Thanks to @Brown1950 for this thread. I'd heard nothing from emirate by 2.30, so I tried to ring Emirates bkk office.


    Gave up at 40 and 50 minutes, and rebooked online for the same flight numbers but 2 days earlier. Had to pay the change fee, (think I read that the website had to charge it) but will argue the toss with Emirates about this when I'm home. 

  9. 7 hours ago, Brown1950 said:


    Emirates’ flights to London Heathrow will be reduced to two flights a day, while Glasgow, Manchester and Birmingham will be served with one flight a day from 25 March to 30 June, 2020.

    These destinations will all be served by Boeing 777s. The airline will also temporarily suspend its fights to Newcastle, London Stansted, London Gatwick and Edinburgh over the same period.

    Hmm. I fly into London gatwick on the 25th.... or I did!

  10. Go after about 55 days. Any earlier and they have been known to turn people away telling them to come back nearer the expiry date. Remember that they're closed at weekends, and therefore Friday and mondays are busy. If you turn up after 11 and before 1 (I think) you'll have along wait as they're allowing time to finish the morning's session,  and have lunch.

    You'll need other paperwork, but your hotel should be able to provide all you need.

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  11. I've been watching this being built over the past few months. At one time, part of it was going to be unenclosed, with a "bar" along the road, but plans changed, a newly built wall was demolished and another window appeared. They were hoping to be open in early January, but things have taken longer than they thought.

    I wish them luck.

  12. I was offered a KLM flight, lhr-bkk via Amsterdam, on the KLM website, with a 40 minute stopover on the outbound flight. 

    As I had never been to schiphol before, and feared getting lost, I declined and took an earlier lhr-ams flight.

    I do wonder if I'd have made that connection,  or if there'd have been an escort meeting me off the first flight and dragging me at a quick March to the next departure gate...

  13. I know London is not Sweden, but I applied for, and got, a METV from London back in Sept. Applying online was a pain, often because of my own misunderstanding of their website.

    From memory I had to upload the previous 6 month bank statements showing 5k gbp balance each month (mine didnt, only 800gbp for 3 months, then 15k gbp for 3 months), proof of accomodation (agoda booking for the first week, cancelled after printing and scanning), copy of ticket (my departure date was 5.5 months after arrival), copy of my passport, copy of proof that I was resident in the country I was applying from (same copy of passport attached again), and a passport type picture. I dont recall having to supply any evidence of employment or retirement. Presumably your embassy is different. 

    Visa was applied for online, payment made online, then receipt printed out, and this and passport sent to London. Returned 4 days later with Visa attached.

    Not sure if this is any help to the op, but might help someone, sometime...

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  14. 11 hours ago, tallguy said:

    They are doing delivery via Grab now. I haven't had a delivery since they started using Grab but a mate has and said it was very efficient.

    The delivery to me via grab a couple of weeks ago was extremely efficient.

    Max's Menu is in addition to their full menu, and is, I think, only available until early evening and not on ?sunday?. It is advertised via laminated cards that are easily missed on each table, not given to you with the full menu.... at least, they were last Tuesday!

  15. On 10/25/2019 at 10:24 AM, awesum4 said:

    I would love to be there to watch the All Blacks beat those boys in white. Would be a great time being had in a great wee bar, with a couple of very cute tiny girls dressed as schoolgirls.


    I was there as the boys in white beat the All Blacks....

  16. My earliest memory was about 2004 or 5. I dont remember much, apart from staying at areca lodge, and my first barfine.... I think it was called Spicey gogo , the girl had a tattoo of a  genie coming out from her belly button, and everytime she came she appeared to doze off very briefly, which she did often. No idea what her name was...

  17. 4 hours ago, jacko said:

    No 70 miles for Manchester, and most UK airports.Some variation depending on where from internationally. It is 60km for Bangkok. Pattaya is fixed price of 2800 baht so I certainly don't use that!




    You're correct....May have been Oman when they offered a limo service, but I know i was, at 48 miles, only just in the limit on one occasion.

    Agree about not using them to get to pattaya! 

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