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  1. I have always flown with Emirates but their asking price of £790 about 3 months ago for my June trip was just way to high for me, I am now flying with Air France £477, I could have got it for £421 but my repeated efforts to contact the office went unanswered as there was no one in the office to take my requested holiday change. Booked it the next day for £477, but still a good enough price.


    Just checked the Emirates Site and they are asking for £616.75 for the same dates. They really need to drop their prices as I have, as well as many, Voted with their feet and went elsewhere.

  2. No votes for England as yet in the poll but 2 votes for Russia.


    Must be a few Russians on the forum, Oh well, it was bound to happen sometime or other. :bhappy :bhappy

  3. I think he wanted Phil, but ..... :clueless These things happen. :ninja: However, if you wanted first-hand advice on how to make it to the top on mediocre talent, Gary would be the guy to ask.



    My apologies, it is Gary I was thinking about, just come off a 12 hour nightshift and a wee bit tired, sorry, my bad :bhappy :bhappy

  4. Why do they have to be English? England can pick a manager of any nationality. There are plenty of managers around who have won more and done better than Roy. I am not talking shit either,Hodgson has won nothing of any note,his last job was with WBA ffs.



    I have always believed that if you are to manage the national side, you should be from that particular country. Whether you have Trophies in the bag at club level or International level is irrelevent. What is foremost of importance is getting the balance of the dressing room correct, creating harmony within those ranks is paramount, this is something that neither Erikkson or Capello managed to achieve. Erikkson was more interested in getting into the knickers of one particular weathergirl from TV AM, Capello on the other hand couldn't even be bothered to learn the language. The other factor in this is what would of happened say England got to a cup final and was playing the National team of where the manager was from? Where would his loyalties be? I for one would think it would not be with the team that he is supposed to be managing.

    I can honestly state, here and now that the F.A got it right in appointing Hodgson, their other good scalp was getting Phil Gary Neville on board. There was far to much red tape for them to appoint Redknapp. His big downfall was the highly published court case for Tax Ivasion, even now I find it hard to believe that he got off with it. I even said back then before he was found Not Guilty that was his one big chance of the England job out the window. I believe we have a good influx of English managers coming through the ranks now, and some that will go on to good success and hopefully go on to manage the national team, but until then I think we should get behind the present manager and support his decisions. Good Luck England, make us proud. :thumbup

  5. Hodgson is not really a quality manager. He has won nothing of note with any of the teams he has managed, I expect him to leave soon after England get knocked out of the Euro's.


    OK Smartarse, tell me of any manager of late (ENGLISH) that has won anything in the top flight, your talking Shite Baht, and you know it.

  6. I'm having the same issue with hotmail at the moment Jacko, ran scans, the lot cannot find any problems, though friends have informed me that they are recieving emails with a link. I have advised them not to open and delete. I will keep you informed mate on any progress on this matter, Oh, happy Birthday :thumbup :thumbup

  7. England are going into the Tournement with low expectations, this could be an advantage to us as no-one expects them to get through The group stage.


    Germany, in my opinion, the greatest footballing machine the competition has, you can NEVER write them off, will be there at the death.


    Spain, IMO have gone off the boil abit, last 2 competitions have came through, Euro 2008 winners and the World Cup in 2010, but I dont think they can make it 3 in a row.


    Netherlands, a good side at the World Cup, and now two years on look a more solid team altogether, they are my tip for winning the competition




    Hunterlaar.......Netherlands. Great finisher of the ball, given half a chance, he will bury it.

    Muller..............Germany. A class player who can play out wide and loves to cut inside and shoot, good goal tally.

    Carroll.............England. Love him or hate him, he is big, strong and a great header of the ball. But will he get that service??

    Benzema..........France. This guy is so hard to knock off the ball, will be a handful for any defence.

    Van Persie........Netherlands. His Premiership record this season has been magnificant, always a handful.

    Mesut Ozil........Germany. What a handful this guy is, a quality crosser of the ball who can score at will.

    Ronaldo...........Portugal. Always plays a bit deep but comes up with the goals, watch the free kicks with this one.


    And that is it, yes I could have put alot of players in, like Ribery of France, Iniesta of Spain but I'm going with these guys above that will be the match winners for their teams.


    By the way I have got a £150 Double on with Hunterlaar being top goalscorer and Netherlands to win the Tournement at odds of 40/1. Thats £6000 back if it comes off, but Im hoping England bring the cup back......HOME. :thumbup :thumbup

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