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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. You have got to try it at least once in your life. It has amazing views up there, and i think for the price of 1 drink, its worth it.


    But remember, you dont actually have to buy a drink there, you can just gom up there and take some photos and then head back down. No need to buy any drinks!


    I'll be paying it a visit in just over 3 weeks, but won't be getting pissed up there, thats for sure, but 2 or 3 drinks won'r hurt

  2. I suppose he would have struggled to blame second hand smoke prior to his diagnosis.

    I am perplexed why smokers don't chose to use these electronic cigarettes when in a bar, which are cheaper and do not impact those around them.


    Your association of the smoking ban being the demise of pubs in the UK is creative. By that logic nobody would use planes and airports.


    Jacko, I smoke, and I have used these electronic Cigarettes, but only whilst on a flight.


    Now if they were any good, or as good as a proper cigarette I would use them all the time, but sadly they are vile and give me a sore throat. Banning smoking in the pubs in England have contributed to the demise of the Great British Pub, without a doubt, thats the reason I hardly ever bother now, but the plus side to that coin is, I save more money by not going out as regular as I used too and I buy a flight to LOS where I can smoke away to my hearts content. We all have our flaws mate, I like a cigarette, but I dont flaunt it in somebodys face, I never light up in restaurants, and usually smoke outside, (not as cold as England), having said that, go-go Bars are different, and if they allow me to light up, I will.

    A guy at work once got smoking banned in the porto-cabin, so as per usual every Sat night he would come in with his curry, but not the Saturday AFTER he got smoking banned, he tried too,


    Me ''what do you think you are doing with that''

    Him ''I'm gonna eat my curry J''

    Me ''Not in here your not''

    Him ''Oh come on J, its raining outside''

    Me ''So it is, eat it in your car then''

    Him ''Can't, the mrs needs it, she's taking the kids to the pictures''

    Me ''Looks like your gonna get fuckin wet then doesn't it''

    Him ''This isn't fair''

    Me ''Life usually isn't, now outside with that stinking tripe''


    Now I love curry as much as my mate, but I made him eat it outside to prove a point on how it is to be told on what to do, in the end we all came to a compromise and never lit up at break times, we enjoyed our cigarette in peace, and my friend got to eat his curry on a Saturday night in peace, :thumbup


    This is a topic that will undoubtly go on & on & on, ex smokers are the worst kind, they will bitch about the badness of it, (something they never considered whilst they smoked) and the smokers will go on about it being their choice, there are no winners, both are right in their own ways and both are also wrong.

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