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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Why didn't you pick the movie where she was nominated for an Academy Award (Cinderella Liberty) or the one where her co-star, Richard Dreyfuss, won his first Oscar for Best Actor (Goodbye Girl)?


    I've never heard of this movie.


    I think you're trying to make this difficult :P


    Evil choice.


    And the question is still "2 Days In The Valley"


    Went to see this at the cinema......and it was SHITE


    James Spader

  2. Jan Michael Vincent


    I'm ashamed to have this in my collection, on video mind, not DVD


    Escape To Grizzly Mountain


    and it's crap, no wonder he turned to drugs


    :grin-jump :grin-jump :grin-jump :grin-jump

  3. Having a few probs. Wait out.


    Last Sat,


    Work at Soi 4, 2nd Road junctio. Where I think Noi Bar 4 was, all the bars in that complex have gone:




    Soi 2 to 3, along 2nd Rd:




    It was called ''ONE BAR NOI 3'' but you was close mate :thumbup it was run by a good friend of mine, NOK. She is currently looking after her sisters bar next to Yuth Bar at the top of Soi 3 and informed me that her new bar will be in exactly the same place as before and hoping to be up and running for mid November.

  4. I know that other BM's as are interested in this hotel I am, so I will try to post a few pics I took only last week:








    The hotel really does seem to be on the up. I just hope the local area is also.

    The building with the scaffolding, beside the pool, is the extension to the Sabai Wing on Soi 1. Noise minimal. I heard nothing.

    Look at the guys on the scaffold at the top of the building!




    I stayed at The Lodge between 13th Sept to 2nd Oct and the noise was very minimal, never really bothered me at all.

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  5. Terrible news, football is NOT the beautiful game when things like this happen, my sincere condolences to this poor lads family.


    A Welsh player in the match, also posted a condolence message on Twitter.


    Footballer Joe Ledley tweeted: "I can't believe a Welsh fan has (died) tonight shocking. My thoughts go out to his family."


    I'm sorry but does it really make any difference what nationality the fan is who dies???? whether he be English or Welsh, very shocking statement coming from such a high profile player :banghead :banghead

  6. I think you will need to post a link to this story as it is too unbelievable - did he walk back up the 9 floors and throw himself off a second time or was it different days. Maybe he will get lucky the 3rd time around!!! Nagging wives can give anyone a sudden adenalin surge :whistling: .



    He's on his way up to do it a third time, but because of all them damn stairs and the limp he now has you gotta give the guy a little time :rolleyes:


    :grin-jump :grin-jump :grin-jump

  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SFsDGybyIEI




    Last night whilst on the FLB Chat, myself, MM and a few others were discussing this Gents unfortunate demise. Someone mentioned (not sure who, my memory is shite) that falling or jumping for that matter, would not kill you from 4 stories up. Well it got me thinking whilst at work, (easy shift for once, plenty of time to fuck around :whistling:)




    And these are the figures to totally fuckin yourself up and giving you a pine overcoat :nod




    A 30ft drop or 3 stories high onto a hard surface will do the job, falls from above that height are very rarely survivable. The average man weighs 150 pounds ( not sure about that one) and a fall from a height of 30 feet, you will hit the deck in under a second, you are travelling at roughly 44feet per second and landing onto a hard surface such as concrete, your body will be contorted by roughly 13,000 pounds of force, well, you know what that means, MASH :nod IT'S GAME OVER




    So there you have it, don't jump or accidently fall of your balcony :grin :grin :grin

  8. Yep :chogdee this is what its all about.


    Thanks for the nice comments everyone. :clap1


    Life here is or can be, more just the mongering. Girls can have a great time too. Every Bar girl we meet, treats Charlotte like a Princess. This truly is the land of smiles (not just sex).


    The point of this whole post was, if you meet a very special person at "your" home, bring her here! Be honest, tell her what to expect, and be surprised like I was. You truly could have the best of both worlds!!! Like I have.

    If your whole life's existence is about finding a "three holer". Well, I hope you enjoy that too.




    Good post and even better answer, :party She looks an absolute smasher mate, :chogdee


    Hope to see you at the FLB Bar party on 25th September :party :party :party

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    grayray44 answers to earlier post, WTF


    making your own rules as you go along should be the name of this quiz :whistling:


    OK, I will play along


    Audrey Tautou


    Its got FUCK ALL to do with above post but so FUCKIN what, every fucker seems to be playin this way :thumbup :thumbup :thumbup


    And I will continue to give random wrong answers until rectified :grin-jump :grin-jump :party :party :nod :moon :banana :hairout :chogdee2 :clap2 :finger :hijack: :hijack: :hijack: :hijack: :llaugh :lsmile :dhorse :dbh :hijack :bhappy :bhappy

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