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  1. Hi, Im doing IPTV, Its huge server with over 4000+ live channels +VOD, from all over the world, they categorized by country, you can see channels at: http://bit.ly/iptvfeed


    It works on MAG boxes, Android boxes, KODI, PC, even mobile phones.


    Easy order by PayPal


    Can help set it up



    Free 24h test email iptvfeed1@gmail.com





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    My phone little demo


    I don't want to hurt your business, but it is simple not true..... Nowadays I enjoy a group of some germans and a few hungarians,( not the nightmare trip I told you ) we renting out a big boat ( of course more modest, than yours, without the extras you can offer ) We usually meet at 8am.... going to fishing, during the island hop, snorkeling etc. they cook the fishes we catch and we usually catched a LOT...( fish filet orly style, grilled fishes, tom yam pla, fried rice, steamed vegetables, salad, fruits etc... ) relax in the afternoon.. and we return at 5-6pm to the harbor...When we are usually 12-15 persons on the board ( not crowded at all ) we pay on the end of the day 300-350 baht / person for all in all... The only challenge is, to collect 12-15 persons for the tour..

    Still doing it?

  3. He means Thai consulates in border countries are sometimes fed up with issuing back to back tourist visas, so you go to Laos and they say no. No visa, so you fly back and get 30 days on entry at the airport.


    If you only need 30 more days then why bother with a new visa at all?


    Note - It is easier to answer your questions if you write in English as well. Like don't write  "difficult ybof" whatever that is.


    You can write whole words here and should try that. It isn't Twitter with 140 characters or SMS either.


    Ok professor spell


    When typing on the phone its easy to misspels...

    And english is not everyones first language is it..





  4. Hi, I got question regarding as in topic.


    My passport got 4 sigle pages left, which is 8 sides to put stamps (4x2 each page got 2 sides)...


    My triple entry visa is going to run out and I got flight to laos soon, to get double entry thai visa, in Vientiane..


    May b someone is good about it cuz got a lot experience, like how many pages do I need for laos visa (is it take whole page?)


    Then thai double visa, and then cambodia visa on my second entry + local immigration 30 days extension


    How much pages all that would take


    I think I got enough, but after that my passport will be used up....



    My tripple visa used 3 pages = 6 sides with 2 cambodia visas and 3x30days extensions and all stamps...



    I plan to swap passport, I already called consulate and thay said its no problem they will issue new, its 1 month wait...



    So I try plan for it as I got to get new one anyway, when it would be best time to do it ?


    Right after I enter thailand from laos, or right after my second entry then I got 60 days in thailand, apply passport wait 30 days recive it, then I can use old one with visas in it (show both to immigration)


    I dont have any back to back visas, just full of thai tourist visas, but 3 weeks holidays


    Im first time on tripple visa...


    Exchanging passport will clear it means its easier to apply for visas even in the same place? As passport be with no visas in it...



    Thanks for info


  5. My question is is it.much harder to get double in Vietnaine?






    We've already been down this road ...




    "I got in mind Laos, as its cheap to get to, and I read its easy to get visa.."


    Of course, on any given day they could tell you, quite rightly, to piss off.  


    What do u mean?


    On thaivisa thatmy say its quite same getting double vietnaine and suvankhet


    Is that correct?






    I want to know about difficult ybof getting visa more then about flight prices hehe.



    And where should i go to make it smooth









    You answered your own question ...  :clueless 



    Well not that easy to get there as no direct.flights.


    And hk is nicer place to see but not sure about getting visas there...

    "I got in mind Laos, as its cheap to get to, and I read its easy to get visa.."





  7. Hi, I got extension till 1 march, and then I plan to go get double visa, somewhere around.

    I am now on 3ple entry tourist from UK, its my first stay that long, I got few other visas in pasport all from UK, and all like 3 weeks holiday and go back to uk, then 6 months later come for another 3 weeks, i got few of them used...

    Now my 3ple visa is going to run out, and I like to stay more in thailand, so I plan go somewhere to get it.

    I never did it before so would like some help...

    I got in mind Laos, as its cheap to get to, and I read its easy to get visa..

    And my other destination in mind is Hong Kong, as I would like to travel a bit with gf there..., from what I read it might be more hussle getting visa in HH, like more questions, and may b show bank acc...

    I am not sure

    Is it much hasla in hh with first visa in asia ?

    and how about laos? where to go there what city?

    Or may b some some other destination info please

    can i fly to cambodia direct to capitol and get it there?

    i like hk but worry i might not get it or too many questions there... sort of speak

    is it direct flights to laos city where u get visa from air asia?

    i want use air asia the most

    I want it to be smooth...

    Is it Vietnaine in laos nice city?

    I run out of time need book flights soon

    I want go by air btw.

    flights to hk now around 5000

    laos 3000


  8. Hi. I bought clocking device from Home office store in sukumvit by big c.

    After while it stop working so we took it with my gf back to shop for repairs as we thougjt still on guarantee.


    It was with them like 3 weeks.


    After 3 weeks we got call from store its ready to pick up and its 1800 for repair. Device cost was 6000 btw.


    We was like ok.


    Then next day we got call from manufactuer and after shor talk thay say its free repair cuz on warranty, so then i knew whays going on. Gf called shop complained about 1800 then thay said sorry i mistake!


    Ok next day gf daid go pick it up and dont yak as i shop thete offten.


    Listen this i go there i give recip and the cun_t gives me device with recip for 1800 attached to it....


    I say what this about i talked with manufavturet and you lot and u said its free and now u gives me bill again


    U should see them faces


    I talk mad


    Like what kind of fuc_ki g business u do here. . U bettet sort it out between urself


    Manager was there sitting quiet


    They try get angry but i told them u fuc_king angry or i should be.


    Then they call somewhere and suddentely i sorry mistake mister...



    So well as u see they even do scams on guarantee repairs..


    Be aware. Dont get scamed.


    It appeared to me they all in to it...


    They knew well what they do.


    Propabely split profit...












  9. There is a new one on Wat Bun Road (aka Boonkanjana) on the north side approaching Sukhumvit.

    It is airconditioned and all, but is expensive. BearGym, and the cost is 2300 a month, or 7500 for a year.


    7500 for a year is good deal


    Wysłane z mojego GT-I9505 przy użyciu Tapatalka



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