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  1. An exchange in Jomtien a few days ago counted in the favour of a work colleague.


    He was just back from a work trip to Indonesia and was changing 200,000 rupiah, dumb ass desk jockey thought it was Indian Rupiah and gave him bt.95,000 !!!


    not my gf box :)


    but heh poor clerk, will have to pay it back


    lucky friend tho...


    200,000.00 IDR = 565.058 THB


    what box was that? i go exchange 400 000IDR :)

  2. hi, its 9am-21pm


    1 day off / week


    salary might go up in future


    yes if for thai gf, or someone decent u know, who need work, can be thai boy/man tho


    and got to be bit smart, and safe person


    as i had girls coming 1 day and go, they could not count over 10 000 bath, learn slow etc...


    its got air con, and internet

  3. Hi, got job offer, work in money exchange shop

    12 000thb +

    probabely going up to 15 000-17 000thb / month

    Need someone with bit of brain, who cant count, and learn fast (no need degree)

    only thai nationals...

    Jomtien beach area

    need motorbike

    msg here or call 092 764 5350

    ขยัน อดทน ซื่อสัตย์ รับผิดชอบ
    ทำงาน 6 วัน/สัปดาห์ 9.00 น. - 21.00 น.
    เงินเดือน 12,000 บาท + โบนัส + วันพักร้อน
    โทร. 081-152-2205

  4. Working on his English would be a good idea also.

    Why, if he learns Thai that would cover him well.

    I think the Ed visa is the way to go too... and don't get caught 'working'.

    So what if you have to have a language test after a year...... attend the classes and he might well be fluent then.

    Only other visa I can think of is extension for medical treatment.

    Or get married.....

    Or turist multiple ... and do runs..

  5. Its more about visa.


    I help her around anyway.


    Its her who changes i play laptop stay with her. Sometimes drive bike for her do something...


    I reckon an education visa is just perfect for you, it will provide a 12 month visa and as a bonus you will learn the Thai language...


    I know edu visas its ok


    How about they test ur lanfuage skills?


    I still got 2 more entries on my tourist visa. then probabely get anotjer tourist but in mean time want learn about b visas.


    Like i said gd got company got thai staff etc.. she might help me tho. ..

  6. No.


    Its complicated


    Cant get visa without work permit...


    So i forget it for now.


    May b future my gf will register her staff so i can apply through her company..

    I got my Non B multi entry visa without a work permit, as do all other farangs now employed at my work.


    Maybe stop trying to go down the dodgy routes and man up and get the proper legit paperwork..... it is not rocket science.

    I dont want it doggy. My gf will yak yak if i mention anything doggy.


    So can u give me some details on it please.

    Now u confussed as most of guys says u need wp and b visa together...



  7. You have it correct MM.


    Not sure how the OP can get a work permit to run an exchange booth though as I reckon that will be a thai occupation only......... the paperwork presented to both the dept of labour (for the work permit) and the consulate (for the Non B Visa) must be colourful.


    i know russian woman arrested in exchange in phuket, then she went get passport and she had permit in it, so i guess u can do that...

  8. Hi, whats the requirements for B visa? or multi B ?


    My gf got currency exchanges business


    I know I be not able to apply for work permit through her I think, she got like 4 thai staff but pay tax for 1 only, as they choose to get bit more salary etc... I think that what it is..


    anyway, would I be able to apply for B visa instead tourist visa, if she give me letter or something, or company info ?


    if so, what would be the difference, between touris and B for my long term stay here ?



    Thank You


  9. You are correct about the pricing above. The 2.16 mil is my own.

    It is on the 14th floor facing nth at Pattaya. It is also in the foreign quota bracket.

    This price is at the current developers prices.

    From that, I would cover the 50k contract tranfers & an agents commission.

    I don't mind keaping it, but also don't mind selling & making a profit.

    You are very fast at putting agents down, but thats where real buyers look for property.

    Not in a chat forum, you will just get abuse. I'm also a partner in an agency. Here's my link below.


    I sell cheaper then market price thai quotas..


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