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  1. They will do this because they know they have got you by the bollocks and you have got no choice other than lose a lot of money on this stupid deal that you went into without checking all the details first . There is an old saying...." Always look before you leap " in your case you didn't......!


    i dont know what u dont understand here


    i said its my gf condo, and shes not in that much need of selling it, just try


    and she paid less then acctual market price


    so where she is losing money, prices going up all the time


    when they finish it, i am sure it wont be 1.8 or 1.9 mln


    when they start selling it price was 1.5mln now 1.9+

  2. Just in case you don't know ,or think we don't know , Thai Quota is much cheaper than Farang quota. So you are trying to sell for farang price a Thai condo.


    I sell it cheaper


    Google it


    Same condos 2.25 mln


    I would even drop price more


    I told u agency told me this condo is 1.9 right now i sell 1.8


    And they even offer buy it back, thing is they charge huge fee so I dont want.






  3. I think its time to give up, you are obviously out of your depth and everything you post is only digging you deeper in the mire. Every question asked has been questions that any buyer should be asking before investing a sizable chunk of change, you don't seem to have grasped the simple fact that you have no sensible answer to their sensible questions. So unless you want to keep being played with I would give up your quest to sell this "Property" to anyone on this forum or any other forum. Look for a drunk in a bar and sell it to him, that way you will both be talking shit and that makes you equal..

    Not mine condo i only post it




    F. O.

    Only question i dont know is about quota. And not sure how to find out. If someone explain i will.






  4. Its not mine its my thai gf.

    U got not a clue

    Yes may b its small

    But it is what it is, even for small personally i think its nice for 2 ppl.

    So if u can afford buy urself a mansion and stop moaning.

    I sell it cheaper then acctual market price and u still moan.

    If u dont think buy or interested why u even reply to say how shit ad is.

    May b it is but if u got bit of brain its nothing that cant be sorted out.

    Want buy it come talk to me. Simple then u will know all...






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  5. Given the amount of questions you already do not know the answers to why not take them and go educate yourself so that you can reply, assumng you are serous about selling that is.


    i will for serious buyer ofcourse, and i get so many emails hard to reply all, its on few webs.


    its not like dont know anything, not sure about quota, dont know how to find out, anything else its in contract...

  6. my appologies, for lack of details

    all i got is unixx for sale, and most details i know i put in ad

    If someone be serious buyer, I will go futher and present all doc's.

    No offence, to u.

    I understood u say red flag like i try scam someone...


    And I dont know about thai laws


    but if you ask me, I am almost sure it can be transfered without much problems


    why she was able to transfer gallery? was on her name too paid 50 000 fee for it...


    and excuse me language


    serious buyers call please or prv, then we can go in to details i guess...


    not want to argue with anyone


    and i admit, not all details i know...., but can find out if needed..

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  7. Excuse me but at this point i am not sure. Actually I dont know. I will ask about it and answer it.


    All i know its on my gf name.


    But my guess is no company needed. We sold Galery condo before to foreginer and was no problems.



    It is an important factor... if it was originally bought in a Thai name it is likely to be in the Thai quota.

    If that is the case a falang cannot own it....and must form a shell company to put it in or use an existing one. (or God forbid put it into a GF's name!)

    You should understand this is an serious consideration for non-Thai 'ownership'.


    She had Gallery condo in her name. Paid 50 000 to layer firm and they changed name to farang, there was no problems, I would not think there will be a problem.

    How to find out about it? Its in thai quota or not?





  8. I agree ... If in Gf's name it is almost certainly in the Thai quota. This would make it much less valuable to falangs. What really raises the red flag for me is how little the poster knows about the condo....

    What u mean rises red flag

    Dont be an idiot

    Its not a scam

    I know not much. Not even my condo. But gf. And quick sale. What u expect.

    If someone really interested then come i show all documents. Contract bills etc. Got it all, no problem. My gf says it can be in faeang name.

    50000 for change contract name.







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  9. About 27 thqys what they say in contract. Approximately 27


    Anyway its serious sale.

    I am not english i am polish, may b its my language, but i try explain best i can.


    About balcony i not sure contract is in gf parents house so cant look at it and i dont remember. I said in show room they show room with balcony. Before u start complain research urself about unixx. U can contact comoany tho.





  10. The room pictured in the OP looks a lot bigger than the 27sqm offered.


    You can find plans of the condo and units on http://www.unixxcondo.com/index.php/en/unittype

    Here is the plan of this kind of room (1S1) :




    27 sqm is the promoter size... It includes everything, including pillar, separation wall, air-con area,...

    By western standard it would be probably a 25 sqm unit.


    The plan is good. They made a good repartition of the small space IMHO.

    Main problem for me on such condo: no balcony...

    Thank you Brian

    I think it got balcony, cuz i saw show room same type room and it had balcony.


    In contract they say approximately 27sqm so it could be more or less.


    Its nice room anzd not look small for what it is.


    I ask gf about balcony and let u know what she says.


    Also i might have T.W jomtien beach condo 45sqm for sale 2.9mln its build on thepprasit rd.


    And nice house for 4.5mln 3 bedrooms. Almost new on the way to chonburi. In Navy village.





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