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  1. Farang u need ur own work permit, if u can manage to get it, if not u need thai staff, like ur gf, or someone.


    its profiting everyday, there is no day without profit, just in high seson u get more.


    u pay rent to the owner of the land, on which booth is located.


    I am not sure about ownership i didnt disquss that with her so i dont want give u wrong answer, but I think it will be person who gets it


    Licence is for exchange money, u need goverment licence for that.

  2. Hi, I am selling currency exchange kiosk on behalf of my gf.

    Kiosk is located on Jomtien beach rd.

    Its operating every day.

    My gf got few, and would like to sell one to get some extra cash to expand her other businesses.

    Its hard decision to sell for her, as its making profit every day.

    In High seson, its quite good, for example in januany, it made over 100 000 profit.

    The rent is 20 000thb/month

    There is one employee right now, but you can put ur own, or work urself, or your gf, so you dont pay salary.

    You dont pay deposit, for rent.

    Best thing about it is my gf is willing to let you work/use her banking licence, more details by email, or call.

    You can start operate next day.

    All you need is cash to exchange.

    My gf will advise you, and help you with her experience, how to...

    I think is bargain.

    When she first got it, she had to pay huge deposit for place, build box, buy equipement, connect electrics, get licence (takes time, and not easy to get).

    So if you are looking for business for urself or your gf, that can be good oportunity for you.

    You dont need buy stock, all u deal with is pure cash.

    Cant go wrong with business.

    And location is on jomtien beach rd.

    Personally if I got money I would buy it from her myself :)

    For serious buyers, I can get price bit down.

    700,000 THB


    087 378 6693




    Thank You















    Hi, got a question, I plan to go to thailand, stay as long as i can with my gf...

    So looking on visa options for myself.

    I am on polish (Poland), passport, I found on visa application form something like this:


    Tourist Visas are available with one, two or three entries. The one (1) entry visa has a validity of three months from date of issue. The two (2) and three (3) entry visas have a validity of six months from date of issue. On arrival in Thailand with a valid Tourist Visa nationals of the following countries are entitled to remain in Thailand for up to 60 days with each entry:

    1. Australia 2. Austria 3. Bahrain 4. Belgium 5. Brunei 6. Canada

    7. Denmark 8. Finland 9. France 10.Germany 11.Greece 12.Iceland

    13. Indonesia 14. Ireland 15. Israel 16. Italy 17. Japan 18. Kuwait

    19. Luxembourg 20. Malaysia 21.Monaco 22. Netherlands 23, New Zealand 24. Norway

    25. Oman 26. Philippines 27. Portugal 28. Qatar 29. Singapore 30. South Africa

    31. Spain 32. Sweden 33. Switzerland 34. Turkey 35. U A E 36. U K

    37. U S A

    Nationals of all other countries are entitled to stays of maximum 30 days with each entry.

    If you have been granted a Tourist Visa please note the following:-

    a) With a ONE entry Tourist Visa you must ensure you enter Thailand within the validity of the visa

    which is 3 months from date of issue.

    B) With a TWO or THREE entry Tourist Visa you must ensure you enter Thailand on your final visit

    before expiry of the visa which is 6 months from date of issue.

    On first arriving in Thailand pass through Thai Immigration where you will be granted either a 60-day or a 30-day stay,

    according to your nationality, and will receive a stamp in your passport giving the date you enter (ADMITTED) and the date by which you must exit (UNTIL). It is most important not to stay in Thailand beyond the exit (UNTIL) date or you will be fined when leaving the country and you could be detained. It is not permitted to stay continuously in Thailand for more than 60 (or 30) days but if you have a visa with more than one entry which has not been used you can re-enter for further stays of 60 (or 30) days until you have used up all entries. If you have a visa with more than one entry and wish to stay in Thailand for a further 60 (or 30) days it is necessary to visit a Thai Immigration Border Control Office before your 60 (or 30) days the stay expires, exit Thailand into a neighbouring country and re-enter to activate your next 60 (or 30) days. You can keep doing this until you have used all your entries provided this is within the validity of your visa. At the end of your only or final stay you must leave Thailand and you cannot re-enter until you obtain a new visa.

    A visa cannot be saved for use on a second or third visit on the basis that first entry is for a stay of 30 days or less.

    Exiting Thailand within the length of stay granted means forfeiting any remaining days granted for that visit."

    Poland is not on the 60 days countries list, is that means i would get 30 days, then after 30 days have to go laos and back to activate second 30 days entry?

    Is it 3 x 30 days in total ?

    like 3 months, not 6 ?

    Thank You

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