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  1. Hooters "food" is about one rank above McDonalds standard.


    It does have other attractions though. :)


    With the numerous options on offer presented in this thread surprised you foodies chose Hooters for ya Xmas dinner. Thanks for taking one for the team.



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  2. Personal preference is a strange thing. I have a Wyndham Estate story. Some five or six years ago I was following my normal procedure which is Australian reds and New Zealand whites. I bought some Wyndham Estate red and it was IMHO undrinkable. I contacted the company, met up with the sales rep and without any argument he arranged a full credit. It was horrendous. To the best of my knowledge this was simply a bad wine and wasnt tainted. I have never bought it again.


    A question was asked about the chardonnay. For me, most Aussie whites have a taste of preservative that is off putting but I will concede that at almost any price point they make some of the best reds in the world and even an el cheapo red from Aussie can be value for money. Their Merlots and Shiraz are usually outstanding and the Cabernet /blends are as good as it gets if you like then full of flavour and high in tannin.


    Personally if I was buying Aussie reds (I wont buy their whites) I would simply stick to the international brands that are available in almost any wine store in Pattaya. Having said that I am so spoiled with my (white) wine drinking in NZ that I simply do not drink the stuff in Thailand due to the excessive prices/ho hum quality.


    As a foot note, the only time I have drunk wine in the region is in Cambodia where there are superb French wines available at bargain basement pricing.




    Agree, Kiwi Sauvignon Blanc's are bloody hard to beat, especially for the price. Hard to justify paying double for Cloudy Bay when ya can have 2 bottles or regular Sauv Blanc for a similar price.


    Funny you mention the preservative taste, I find that with some California wines but didn't find that on a recent Hunter Valley tour.


    Good to see more wines choices in Thailand. Though proper storage could be a concern for high-end stuff.



  3. Hmmm, Man City "lucky"?


    They tore Man U apart in the first half. DeBruyne and his midfield were totally dominant. The new keeper was nervous and gifted Man U a few chances. The better team clearly won, IMHO and according to media reports. Shame it wasn't a better game from a neutral viewpoint.


    BTW, how does Fellaini get a game in that company? He was comically pathetic, just jogging up and back but nowhere near the action.


    As for "surging" Stoke City :frustrated1: , no need to panic yet but we need a win to state the obvious. Right now we aren't keeping possession and play too many meaningless back passes that put the defense in danger instead of pushing forward.

  4. Raw beef can be amazing but it needs to be high quality and the right cut.


    Beef tataki, or lightly seared beef, also can be delish.


    A huge Japan food boom seems to be sweeping Thailand. A few select Thai spiced up dishes also seem worth trying.


    Thanks for tthese reviews.

  5. Boardies,


    Returning to Patts after a few years' absence and will again stay near Patumnak Road on the hill. One minor problem with this area has always been the shortage of baht buses. Any improvements? Or are ya still expected to charter one, if a bus miraculously appears, or ride motor bike taxis?



  6. FBF, good points on Giggs, though I wonder how much input he has in LVG's decision-making.


    If I recall Ryann had a short stint at the helm as caretaker manager and did ok.


    Surely one of the most exciting attacking players of his era would coach the same way but who knows.


    Jose obviously has the credentials. Would Fergie consider one last cameo for the rest of the season?


    Interesting to see how much activity Man U gets up to during the transfer window. They have certainly spent (wasted?) their share, but all big clubs can be accused of the same. Look at Soldadildo and Spurs ...


    Meanwhile, Stoke need to score more goals away, just as Lawro says.

  7. Thanks Sam for those kind words and the diplomatic tone ... :lol:


    Agree with all you wrote. Give Giggs a chance to salvage the season. As bad as Man U have been they are still only 9 points behind the leaders.


    On another point, two EPL rounds in two days is too much. Expect some bore draws tonight.

  8. The Leicester Xpress rolls on.

    Stoke crushed an invisible Man City -- best I have ever seen the Potters play.

    Newcastle picked up a huge win. Why did Klopp change the team so much after last week's success? They looked very flat.

    Man U and Spurs both disappointing.

    The Premier League Merry-Go-Round continues, where inconsistency is the norm.

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