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  1. On 4/21/2022 at 5:27 AM, jacko said:

    Well you are paying more for an accommodation that we all know is a a bit shady. 

    The branch at the top of soi 6 is the one I have always heard of, but you have to imagine the one near immigration, just up on 2nd Rd, is in on things. You might have to buy insurance!



    A few years now but they had wanted to see a long stay visa/extension.  Minor hiccup this year.  Got my statement of deposits from the big office near Soi 6.  Document checker at immigration says where is your certification letter from Bangkok Bank?  No idea what he was talking about.  He gives me a note and says go to the branch on Jomtien 2nd road.  They knew what to do and produced the required letter in a few minutes for 100 baht.  As far as I could tell it certified that I had an open account on that date.

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  2. 17 hours ago, Rawhide2 said:

    Same flight but in Business with same carrier Gulf

    I think any business class will make economy class look piss poor but theres £1897 difference between the two fares and Biz lands 30 metres in front of economy lol

    At 44 to the £ thats 83,468 Bahts worth of bonking.....Economy for me every time. If I was heavily loaded I'd use Eva Elite ( their premium economy) but nahh I'd never pay for Biz myself outright


    Screenshot 2022-04-05 at 15-07-23 Travel Trolley Flight - Search Result.png

    Only flown business class a few times cashing in frequent flyer miles.  First time, on a Delta 767, was so uncomfortable I was glad to get back into an economy seat on the Narita-BKK leg.

    2 hours ago, Rawhide2 said:

    In hindsight no I wouldnt be using Eva premium economy either !!

    Same dates. Thats insane for Elite class......there was a time when they first started flying out of Gatwick to Bangkok around 1993 that it was only £100 more for PE than standard economy




    Screenshot 2022-04-06 at 06-35-18 Travel Trolley Flight - Search Result.png

    I was a big fan of Eva premium economy but it still looks problematic to transit Taiwan.

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  3. On 1/14/2022 at 1:12 PM, forcebwithu said:

    The requirement for a non-ATM account, plus a personal visit to bank every time you want to use your Soc Sec money was the reason I elected to have my Soc Sec deposited in my US bank account.

    Having your government check deposited to a Thai account does facilitate your retirement extension.  On the other hand the day will probably come that I still need the money but can't make it to the bank.

  4. 5 hours ago, Rawhide2 said:

    At the risk of getting another 2 red marks (I know who is doing it rest assured) I still cant see the logic of self insurance because of the 3 biggies I mentioned before Stroke Heart attack or Trauma

    Especially if you're single just tell me who is going to access your "nest egg" when you're in a Coma ?? ICU's are mega expensive no matter what country you are in. 1 Million baht stashed will not last very long

    As someone who has had cancer (and using it as an example ) if I suddenly started pissing blood again I know the reason. Pack your bags straight to airport and 1 way trip home using out of interest £1000 thats been sat in an emergency account since 2002 for that exact reason

    Any number of pre existing conditions we have and you can abort back home

    How do you do that though with the three biggies I mention ??  You need that business card in your pocket with another one in a prominent position in Condo/Hotel so that whoever finds you can (hopefully) do the business in double quick time and get you sorted  ??


    Partial answer, high limit credit card as part of your out the door kit.

  5. 3 hours ago, jacko said:

    Someone I know had a recent incident wrt renewing a Retirement extension based on the 65k/month income. His usual way to do this is to supply 24xbank statements. 12 monthly ones from the Thai bank each showing the 65k coming in, + 12 from Australia showing the same money being sent out. This recent renewal, he was sent off to some special Kasikorn Branch on Klang, where he had to obtain a single 12 month bank statement just showing all the International deposits. An extra effort and major mess about. Asked and he was unsure if this particular statement alone would suffice in the future. 

    The good folks at the Bangkok Bank main office opposite Soi 7 knew what I needed for immigration and generated the required document.  

  6. My eyes glaze over every time I read discussions about the requirements for the 800K in the bank.  The 65K+ a month hasn't been a problem.  My one concern is the US imposed requirement that my monthly check go to a direct deposit account which I can't access electronically.  The day will come, hopefully later than sooner, that I can't make it to the bank but will not yet have made the final visa run.

  7. On 8/20/2021 at 12:17 PM, misteregg said:

    Sorry I’m late to this topic.

    I got my AZ two weeks ago in Bangkok.

    I am slowly getting the staff vaccinated, if they so desire, but it’s a slow process as they do not want Sinovac.


    They were giving sinopharm at the indoor sports stadium last week.  GF said at least it wasn't Sinovac.

  8. On 8/20/2021 at 2:40 PM, awesum4 said:

    I've had several of those internal prostate exams.   Even when it was a very cute Chinese lady doctor I had no desire to masturbate.   

    Am I abnormal?  

    I would say not.  Had a few massage girls in the distant past who included that in their repertoire.  Seems like it should be erotic but it wasn’t.

  9. 9 minutes ago, forcebwithu said:

    I'm happy I was able to get my AZ vaccine last week at BPH, but a bit peeved the govt vaccination program is so disorganized there was no hint that if I would have waited a week I could have had Pfizer. 

    The 10th was the first day Pfizer was offered at MedPark.  I selected that rather than the 9th solely on the general principle of don't go on the first day/Monday.  Sometimes lucky is better than good.

  10. Got this SMS at 5pm.
    Your appointment to have vaccination at building D, Bangkok Hospital Pattaya is on 19/08/2021 at 13:00 - 14:00. The choice of vaccines are Astra Zeneca or Pfizer. Please confirm your vaccine preference by clicking the link https://bit.ly/3maDgio. If you're under 60 years old, you need to present Medical Certificate as proof that you have the underlying 7 medical conditions. Please bring your passport and show this SMS to our staff. Thank you.

    Got the Pfizer vaccine last week so won't be completing the link.  It was the date/time I requested.

  11. Within a few minutes had two phone calls from hospitals about Covid vaccinations.  The first I didn't really catch which hospital, but I thought was Bangkok Pattaya.  The second was in Sri Racha which asked how close I was to the the hospital.  Told them both thanks but I had gotten Pfizer in Bangkok.  Things are beginning to break loose.

  12. On 7/18/2021 at 3:22 PM, nkped said:

    Somewhere along the way, added Vimut Hospital in Bangkok as a Line friend.  This morning got a message, in Thai, at 8:17.  Google Translate is a wonderful thing.  It was offering the opportunity to register for the Moderna vaccines at a cost of 1,650 baht, 1,200 baht to be paid in advance.  They would send a payment link.  Convinced one will need to be proactive, I  registered.  At 10:36am, got another Line message saying they were full up.  At 11:12am, got the SMS with the payment link.  Of interest, the link is good for 24 hours.  After checking Grab Car to see they would take the hospital as a destination, I made the payment and got a confirming email.  No appointment as yet.  Hope it pans out but, if not, it would not be the first non-performer I had in Thailand.

    Having got the first dose of Pfizer and an appointment for the second, relatively certain I won't need this one.  Sent an email requesting refund of the 1,200 baht.  Not holding my breath but it would be a good hourly rate for a couple of minutes to compose and send the email.

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