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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. On 6/8/2019 at 12:43 PM, capdagde said:

    Booked three weeks at The Base for August through ManyHoliday (Mike's Mall carpark) via Booking, rather than our usual 1 week found on the ground then move on - 3 different hotels.  Not sure if we'll regret it.  We live in 40m2 so don't think size will be a problem - saw all the stuff about illegality later and the Bangkok raid. 


    Hope you speak arsehole, reports are that The Base is overrun by rude Chinese tourists.

  2. On 6/6/2019 at 7:24 PM, martini9946 said:

    Hi i have planned a trip from Pattaya to Kanchanaburi for a few days would you recommend that i hire a car and if so any recommendations that include good insurance and an  idea of prices also i will be accompanied by a Thai lady now there's a surprise ..555  she has a Thai licence so would it be better for her to drive or me ..as i want to do some exploring of the area ..thanks in advance  Ian .p.s will i need an international driving licence to drive in Thailand  Ian

    I've driven here, it's not that bad.  As to an IDP. you'll have to get it in the UK, if you're here already. it's too late.

  3. On 1/12/2019 at 12:16 AM, Britboy said:


    Ah, ok, I'll maybe wait until I get there before ordering it, though have emailed them the question. Let's see if they get back to me.

    This is the one I'm looking at - seems to have all the channels I'm looking for:-


    Interesting what you say about Irish adverts. I'm presuming you can't hold live tv on this like I can here in UK? The no. of ads on Sky really gets on my tits, so for drama or crime I hold it for about 30 minutes, then watch so I can skip through the ads.

    Pause it, no. But you CAN rewind up to an hour (even if you've just changed to that channel) then skip ads when watching - it's more of a "jump forward a minute at a time" than the sort of fast-forward with picture you're used to.  Better than nothing though.  Me, I only really watch sport & news live, with the time difference, most programs I want are on at bad times for me - and on catch-up, you DO have a pause.

  4. 19 hours ago, Britboy said:

    Thanks for this Big Brian, that seems to cover everything I need . . . brilliant.

    I presume you actually order in Thailand rather than order from UK and bring it with me?


    This one, yes came in a few days iirc. I believe there are UK versions, but I have no experience of those - no VPN needed with this, I don't know if you bought in the UK.

    One strange thing though, its UK Sky, but Southern Irish adverts. I'm guessing that's where they get the feed from. Weird though, seeing adverts you recognise, but with totally different accents.  🤔


  5. 21 hours ago, Britboy said:

    As mentioned in a couple of other threads, I'm planning to spend a lengthy period of time in Thailand (12 months minimum, yippee), probably starting in March.

    I'll look to rent a  nice furnished condo/apartment, quiet and near a decent beach, that has good security, a pool, gym and near some local shops with easy access to taxis (that's a task in iteself - I may well book in a hotel for a week first and go the various property places to find the most appropriate place).

    While I'll be enjoying myself in the usual manner, I also plan to be sensible and won't be out on the town every night, so want to ensure I get decent tv access. I see Android devices have been mentioned in this thread - perhaps that's the best way to go? I'm looking to get Sky Sports and ideally BT sport too (though that seems to be tricky) to watch Premier League/Champions League and golf but also really enjoy the crime programmes I can get here in the UK via my Sky subscription (ID - Investigation Discovery, channel 154 on Sky, Sony Crime , Sky channel 157 and CBS Reality, Sky Channel 146 as well as National Geographic, History channel, BBC1, ITV, Sky Arts, Sky News, etc.).

    I won't have a base in the UK during that period, so can't use something like a slingbox to access a Sky subscription via VPN remotely.

    Do you any of you guys living there have any suggestions please? Looking around on the internet it seems a real quagmire, hard to understand what best to do. As I'll be renting, I won't be able to chuck up satellite dishes or drill holes in walls, so looking for the best solution using wifi and a set-top box. I'll need to ensure the wifi is powerful enough, again possibly getting something individual installed or a booster so I have no buffering problems with HD. I guess I could also stream via my laptop and hdmi-it to the tv.

    I'd be very grateful for any advice.

    I use this; https://www.iviewhdthailand.com/

    I can't record, but there's a 7-day catch up on most channels.  You can load the service on your smart TV or computer, but personally, I use the Android box they sell, just link to your wifi and you're off.  Seems pretty bulletproof. 

  6. Found it. 
    Firefox/Options/Language and Appearance/Advanced/  there's an option to allow sites to choose their own fonts, instead of using the ones I prefer.  Unticking that gives me back black lettering.  That'll do me until/unless there's a new skin that does the job better.

    Thanks forcebwithu for the line spacing advice.


    Thanks  all.

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  7. The font is fainter and doesn't display as well now.  Increasing the zoom helps, but the font is definitely a lightish grey now - not so good for older eyes.

    Also, when I post, lines are double-spaced.

    I can't see anywhere in the user settings where I can alter it, am I missing something?


    Using Firefox on Windows 10 if that matters.  Other forums haven't changed, so it is just a Talk thing.



  8. 51 minutes ago, Bushcraft said:

    Just come back from the amphur, freshly married but didn't take any pics I'm afraid. I can confirm that you have until the end of the relevant month to register to marry at (Banglamung) amphur, i.e. max. 1 month after you have your embassy confirmation of freedom to marry. In our case the amphur quoted about 1 month after registration to actually marry us, and that was about right.

    We'll have something of a party early next year, but just drinks at Cherry Bar tonight around 9 pm if anyone wants to commiserate.   

    So Ron, gave up on finding a young, pretty one and settled for what you had.... oh wait, that was me!  😋

    Congrats on nailing her down, it's embarrassingly obvious how much she cares for you.  Never mind the age difference, she looks like a strong lass, she'll probably survive the wedding night. 😁

  9. Is there any offices that will do the retirement visa without having 800K in a thai bank? Or recommend one. I don't really want to deposit $25,000 U.S. in a thai bank.I always used the notorized income letter from the embassy. Always had enough income to live on 65,000 baht a month. So no problem then. After 15 years living here. I usually withdraw cash when needed from my ATM card from the states. No problem. If you get a statement from Social Security, 401 annuity and from Office of Personnel Office on line and print them. Would they accept them??? They wouldn't be notorized, just printed.

    It seems unlikely that they would accept those, Immigration can't be expected to understand assorted documents from assorted countries, or to know which are genuine. Sorry.

  10. That machine on the beach, why isn't that going up & down from dawn to (say) 09:00 every day when the beach is empty? Cleaning the surface is all very well, but you have to keep doing it as the crap below works its way up.


    That would mean planning ahead I suppose, not a strong point here.

  11. Worst, dumped a bike doing about 80, flight was only about 30', but the landing was a bitch.


    Air though; Biman. All the quality and cleanliness of your average corner shop. Never. Ever. Again. Not even if it was free.

    Best, got bumped to business for both legs on Etihad once, nice. Single leg though, bump to business on Qatar, that was quality.

  12. Had a para-umbilical hernia fixed 3-4 years back, now have an 8 inch scar just above the navel. Np mesh. Was back at work in 10 days - it was a desk job and I was bored - probably 3-4 weeks before I could move normally without risking messing up the surgery.


    Thank god I had a bum gun fitted at home as I didn't dare reach for my ass for a few days. :o



    You've heard of 'Pennsylvania' US of A........Named after William Penn......Means 'Penn Heaven' ?


    Well the 'Cottage Bookshop Penn'........Is Book Heaven


    Near 'Knotty Green'....You must know Knotty Green?









    Just found out it's closed after 60 years........Bloody shame.........Bloody Kindles.



    I'm afraid I'm a bit guilty, haven't set foot in a bookshop or library since I bought my first Kindle (Sony actually) over 10 years ago. I love the feel of a book, but Kindles are just so convenient.

  14. Thankyou all for your replies. Sounds kind of negative. I still my give it a try when I get to Pattaya.

    Make sure you get the right kind of fish.

    The cheap alternative in Chinese algae eaters, they will rasp over your feet, but that's all, they won't target the dead skin. A typical Thai fake.

    The right fish will be free-swimming, or resting on the bottom of the tank, if they've clamped to the sides with mouth suckers they're the wrong ones.

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    I remember him well, some called him "tony". He was found dead one morning by one of the girls. He had tattoos all over his face paid for by a some farang guys who thought it was "funny", they would get him drunk and then pay him some baht to get a tattoo done. Much like the "pale face lady" who also died a few years ago, mental health was the underlying issue they both suffered. Another person who may or may not be remembered by some is the girl who would walk around Soi Yamato / post office / pattayaland wearing a green T shirt and grey shorts, with a shaved head shouting at farang. Never knew what happened to her.


    It's just crazy that in 2018 there are still examples of farang who have really become broken by Pattaya. It's not the best place in the world to be if you have any kind of mental health or alcohol issues.

    I knew him as "Bird". Used to shag a soi dog if he couldn't get a lady. There's a video of him picking up brains in a carrier bag after a nasty motorbike accident - 2Welsh lads IIRC.

  16. I know it’s been out for a couple of years now, but I just started watching ‘Narcos’ on Netflix really enjoying it.


    I just recently subscribed to Netflix, took up the free month offer thinking there won’t be too much on there that takes my fancy but I’ll give it a go, how wrong I was, my to watch list now is impressively long. I have the two screen option at 350 baht a month, so the daughter is enjoying it also in her student digs in Bangkok University.



    I got it a few months back, it's good. My one niggle is that I'm not long out of the UK, and TV series that I was watching there are a series or two behind on Netflix. Well worth the money though.

  17. I moved here last year, went the "2 weeks in hotel" route. I had several that I'd seen on Facebook to look at, none were suitable, either they weren't as advertised, or there were other issues that only became apparent when I got there - I didn't even go into one building, just called and told her no. The best needed work, but was within my price range to buy even with that. But. The building wasn't properly maintained and I found that it's usually isolated when it rains heavily.


    IMO, there's no substitute for going and looking yourself. I was looking mid-range though, high-end may be more honestly advertised. As said above, there will be plenty to choose from in August.

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