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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. About 40 KM, much closer. The problem is the traffic on Sukhumvit can be a bit of a nightmare.

    If you are on the North side or well East of town you can use Hwy 36/331.

    From Jomtien it takes us 25 minutes via 332/331 to drive to the Queen Sirikit Hospital and 30 minutes to the U-tapao airport.There is a Thai bloke in our condo complex who will take us there for 500 baht in his BMW if needed.

  2. Meets with typical humorous and indignation in equal amounts! I really like it, but won't be doing it !! :lol:

    Would have been better in the Sports section Gonzo or Mods ?

    I thought about putting the video into the sports section, but the Kiwis are really mad about the Hakarena thingo. They say the Haka is a really important cultural thing for them. :whistling:

  3. attachicon.gifDr-Oliver-02.JPG

    Is in the process of moving his office.

    thappraya road is the one Jomtien bahtbus takes from 2nd road & Pattaya Tai , hopefully within walking distance of the lights near the bus station.

    Dr. Olivier moved back to his old premises opposite the Day/Night Hotel in the Soi before you get to Tukcom on Pattaya Tai, coming from Second Road a fair while ago. There is no need to make an appointment with him. Just walk into his clinic and you don't have to wait long. He is a fast and efficient doctor. He dispenses medicines from his premises as well.

  4. Carli Lloyd leads U.S. to Women's World Cup title in 5-2 win over Japan. She scored three goals.

    I was lucky enough to watch every game of the Women's WC on free to air TV here in Australia. Some of the top teams match it in the skills department with the best teams in the 2014 Men's WC, but would not suceed against them as they don't have the same physical attributes. Thank God for that. :thumbup


    Congratulations to Team U.S.

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  5. Couldn't find the 2010 World cup thread quickly enough but this one will do.


    I am so happy about Blather getting fucked..Well done the FBI


    But there will be more and more revelations.. even stuff like this..




    Should have come out of France's pocketor Henri's.

    That day Henri sneaked into the Irish dressing room a went through the pockets of every Irish player and the FAI let him do it.


    I wonder if the English FA got anything for Lampard's goal against Germany?

    Lampard's goal not being given in 2010 in South Africa, when England played Germany, was the greatest injustice in football since England won the World Cup in 1966 thanks to a goal given against Germany, which never crossed the goal line. :D


    I totally agree with Sepp Blatter and most of FIFA being dead cunts since he took charge. There is still time to award the 2016 and 2022 World Cups to other countries. I guess FIFA corruption is is too far entrenchened in many other countries, organisations, companies and Governments, afraid most of what went on for such a long time could be made public.


    Good on the U.S.A. Without their dilligence and comittment all of the FIFA bullshit would have never been brought up for discussion and limited actions. Nevertheless, Blatter and his cronies, which unfortunately includes some soccer greats, could face long jail sentences in time to come.

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  6. The visa run to Ban Pakkad Immigration last week was different from previous visa runs. There is a new Immigration building under construction on the Thai side and until that will be finished Thai Immigration consists of a small building on the right side before the border.

    Cambodian civilians are processing the paper work there as well. Behind the tables with the Cambodians filling in the forms and the new Arrival/Departure cards, there is a shop where they sell cigarettes, pills and beer. There is also a toilet where one can have a piss for 5 baht.

    After getting stamped out by Thai Immigration Departures, the Cambodians paper shufflers will take your passport and then give it a courier on a motor bike (scooter), who takes it across the border to Cambodian immigration to affix their green visa stamp to your passport, which takes up a whole page in the passport. When your passport arrives back with the Cambodian paper shufflers, they call your name and then get you to sign the new Arrival/Departure card. You then get your passport back from them, which you take back to Thai Immigration Arrivals, about 20 metres away in the same building to get stamped back in into Thailand.

    This was the first time I did a visa run to the Cambodian border without actually crossing the Thai/Cambodian border. My passport was taken into Cambodia and I was left standing there drinking a can of Leo, the only beer available in that little shop behind the paper shufflers. I will drive in my own car when the next visa run is due in June. The border at Baan Pakkad opens at 6Am and closes at 10PM. The roads are in fairly good condition from 36 to Hwy 3 and then left on 317 (North) to Pong Nam Ron and from there right on Soi Ban Pakkad to the border. N12degrees55.580’E102degrees29.595’

    There is also a Thai car passport office on the border, which allows one to drive your own car into Cambodia, if one wishes to do so and is in possession of a Thai car passport, which can be obtained at the same place where one gets a Thai driving licence on Hwy 36 near the Regents school.

    Chantaburi  IMMI border crossing.JPG

    Chantaburi  IMMI new building.JPG

    Chantaburi  IMMI Cambo Visa.JPG

    Chantaburi  IMMI tobacco.JPG

    Chantaburi  IMMI toilet.JPG

    Chantaburi  IMMI back to Thai.JPG

    Chantaburi  IMMI by car.JPG






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  7. To be honest Gonzo I would be quite pleased for that to happen, I might well put my card in twice and get a thick wad of 500's .

    Always seem to be short of change and find the 500s more useful!

    Good idea Jacko and I never gave it a thought before. :frustrated1: . If I find an ATM stocked with only 500 baht bills again, I will do likewise. I feel at times embarrassed to walk into a 7/11 to buy a bottle of water with a 1K note just to get change. That also reminds me of the good old days when one could ST for a purple one. :cry2

  8. I was actually feeling quite content watching that silly video, sitting in the back of the room, as I knew it would be issued my renewed licenses after that. No need to go through the same idiotic procedure with Immigration and the licensing center until February 2021. :thumbup

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  9. I have accounts with Kasikorn, Siam and Ayudhya (Kungsri). All their ATMs dispense 20 bills maximum. I usually withdraw 20k at a time.There have been occasions when an ATM had run out of 1000 bills and all you would get were twenty 500 baht bills (10000 baht). When that happens, I cancel the transaction and look for another ATM stocked with 1000 baht bills.

  10. This is a great thread, keeping us informed about this huge road construction project and how it affects people living or visiting Pattaya. The construction work on Sukhumvit seems to be better organized than what happened when they built Jomtien Second Road, which was absolute chaos and took at least 5 years and is now an important arterial road, but with a rather poor quality surface. They still haven't finished the footpath (sidewalk) and probably never will.


    I walked over to the corner of Soi Watboon/Jomtien Second Road the other day, where they tried to fix an underground problem for the last few months. Now when I thought the work was all nearly finished with this important intersection with its traffic lights being fully functional again, they are digging it all up again.


    Sorry, if this post is not really relevant to the work done on Sukhumvit Road.


    Road works Soi Watboon Jomtien second Road 1.JPG

    Road works Soi Watboon Jomtien second Road 2.JPG

    Road works Soi Watboon Jomtien second Road 3.JPG

    Road works Soi Watboon Jomtien second Road 4.JPG






  11. Thanks for the pictures. I used to go to Bali Pier to buy seafood from the vendors when fishermen supplied them with shrimp, squid, octopus, etc to be cooked at home. Looking at your pictures shows what a desolate part of town the boat yard and marina are. I have not been back there for quite some time. Theses days we drive all the way to Ang Sila to stock up with seafood at the market near the Chinese temple.

  12. This wasn't at the balcony, and I saw him do it at 2 different places.

    He has always eaten like that, no pattern left on the plate type of guy.

    Bloody hell, your mate sounds like my mate Brutus. He is known to have eaten old tyres, batteries, attacked outboard engines from smaller fishing boats, trying get to the people inside the boats and anything else that moves.


    Now that he is getting older like some of us, he is content to hang around his small territory near the Adelaide River bridge, a short drive out of Darwin, waiting for tour operators to let people feed him with small pieces of meat offered to him on the end of a stick. The NT Government and the wildlife rangers allows tour operators to use a small stretch of the river to feed the crocs, as it attracts tourists to come to the NT.


    Brutus Adelaide River.JPG

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  13. I recalled this post recently as I watched an old friend demolish with relish a bowl of Tom Yam Khung.......

    There was nothing left, nothing, no shrimp casings, bits of lemon grass, chunks of ginger root, nothing.


    I must try him on ribs.

    The Balcony Restaurant must be an incredibly good place to eat then , or your friend had not eaten for a week or so. It wasn't atlas 2 trying to change back to a normal diet after trying the 5 days food and 2 days nothing one? :clueless

  14. I have only gone the other way and it cost me 800 baht but the trip is about 50 minutes and the taxi might not get a return so IUnderstand the pricing. Best advice is to pre book and talk to other passengers in Phukhet. You are bound to find someine who wants to share..Who knows you might start a conversation with someone who wants more than a taxi ride.

    Someone who wants to join the Mile high Club? :thumbup

  15. No problem providing contact info for a good worker!

    Thanks for that.I told him I might be able to help him find more work by recommending him on a message board with a large membership. I will do so on a different thread with a few pictures after he finishes the work with the plumbing in the bathroom and in the kitchen and replaces the old kitchen desk made from wood with one made from what he calls granite, probably like the one I had installed with my bathroom sink when I had my condo totally refurbished by another good trades man after I bought it from a friend in 2007. The bathroom door is made from PVC, which not only looks very nice, but like granite does not absorb any water when wet, unlike material made from cheap timber. The new entrance door is made from solid timber, unlike some of the cheap 600 baht doors some people use, not a good idea as they can be knocked down with a good shoulder charge. :ninja:


    In the meantime I can give you his phone numbers.


    Num's number is 0967098286 and his wife Suk's number is 0926876345. They will be happy to do any job large or small with a lot of skill and dedication at a very fair price. We rang them after we had a look at the totally refurbished condo of an Italian man on the same floor a couple of doors away, which took took Nam and his wife quite some time, as the Italian man was quite demanding to have the best possible job done, Both of them only speak Thai, so it be will necessary to have a Thai speaker to ring them.

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  16. Here is another beauty. Is it something to be concerned about, even here in Thailand or any other country I can think of? I think so. If anyone thinks the oligarchs or other privileged Russians allowed to travel are worried about the decline of the Ruble, they could be mistaken. Most of their wealth has been transferred to other currencies to obliging countries happy to do so, according to different live talk shows on Deutsche Welle, which can be watched on cable TV BTV Jomtien every night from from 9.30 PM, where the moderators allow heated discussion between European and Russian politicians or ambassadors and other Russia experts with a good understanding of the conflict, which has already started a new cold war and could get worse. Putin could be another Stalin in the making, in my opinion.


    If the moderators of Pattaya Talk think this thread belongs into the political section, please put it there. I was not sure whether I should have put it there in the first.place, but I thought the issue could be of interest to members living or visiting Thailand, as it could be a contributing factor of so many visitors or permanent residents here having big problems with their currencies in decline. I have now met quite a few people depending on income from pensions becoming desperate as their currencies have declined by approximately 20% percent against the Thai baht and it is not only people from the Euro zone . When we walk down to the markets in the evenings we see many tourists or residents eating 40 baht meals at the food stalls, whereas in the past they would have meals in the many restaurants and bars, desperately and unsuccessfully. looking for Europeans from the Euro zone and people from countries with other currencies affected as well. There are many Brits, Norwegians, Swedes a few Canadians, quite a few of the poorer Russians with their wives packing or trying to get seats at the small plastic stools of the many food stalls at the Rhompo market or the other market large market on Jomtien Beach Road. naturally there are many other reasons for the decline of their currencies, but the Russian problem is also a major contributing factor.


    The self-funded retirees, especially the ones with larger sums of Thai baht in their banks are not affected so far, but that could also change with all the many uncertainties affecting the global markets.


    I had an excellent Thai guy with the help of his wife doing a great job attaching two new doors in our condo in Jomtien. As well as doing some electrical work on the ceiling fans and attaching new fittings in the bathroom. The cost of the doors and other materials was 7000 baht. When the job was finished with great skill he asked for 1400 payment for three days work. I was actually embarrassed when he gave me the price and gave him another 1600 baht tip, which amounted to 10000 baht for a job well done. I then asked him if he could replace the slightly damaged wooden kitchen top with a granite one and replace all the plumbing in the kitchen and all the plumbing in the bathroom with new good quality PVC parts and steel hoses as well. He will be back next Monday morning to start work again. He quoted 5000 baht for the materials needed and his wages. If he does an another job as well as the one he just completed he will even get another additional good tip and a box of large bottles of Chang Export, his preferred tipple. when he does a job he will only drink iced coffee and water.


    He told the missus he found it difficult to get work these days as not many farangs wanted any jobs done. The missus explained to him that many farangs had financial problems. He used to be the main repair man working for Home Pro next to Big C Extra, where he was paid a commission only for any jobs done mainly for farangs. Now after he started working by himself with the assistance of his able wife, he could not work out why it was so difficult to find farangs wanting new installations or repair work done. Now he knows the reason, after the missus explained it to him. If anyone wants him to do a good job at their condo or house, I will be happy to supply his phone numbers and a couple of pictures of the work he has done, after he returns to our place next Monday and after he completes the new job when it is finished, if I am allowed to do so by this board. He speaks no English, but that should not be a problem. He knows exactly what needs to be done.


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  17. After watching this recent video, I am not surprised there are so many unfriendly and unapproachable Russians here in Thailand. I have met a few decent ones, but not many. I always thought is was always due to coming from a very cold country, where the majority live under very harsh conditions, except their leadership, mainly incredibly rich oligarchs, with their wealth coming from money stolen when the USSR fell apart. Apparently most Russians are heavily influenced by their state run propaganda machine on TV, which does not allow any live talk shows or any other TV programs, unless they are heavily censored before they are allowed to be shown. This video was allowed to be shown only a short while ago. Read the English subtitles.



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