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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. 7 minutes ago, tallguy said:

    I believe the next step for Pattaya is that you will have to book into an SHA hotel for 7 days. You are free to move around the area during the day but are supposed to stay in the SHA hotel overnight. 

    I think "the area" is just the hotel and its grounds, plus areas you get taken to if you go on organised trips. 

  2. A word of caution for anyone thinking of travelling to Thailand from the UK.

    With a very large percentage of the adult population now fully vaccinated, the policy of the UK government seems to be that they are not going to be concerned about the number of people who have Covid-19, only about the number who are hospitalised or die. So, with many restrictions already lifted, with more to come on the 19th, an ever larger proportion of the population will be infected with Covid-19. 

    Furthermore, the symptoms (if any) of having Covid-19 after being doubly vaccinated are very similar to having a common cold - e.g. no longer is it usual to have a fever.


    So we now have the situation that there is quite a good chance that any one of us could have Covid-19 and not suspect it. Suppose we set about travelling to Thailand. There is a much increased risk that we will fail one of the several Covid-19 tests that the Thais will require of us, and then have to suffer the consequences of that.

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  3. 5 hours ago, typhoon42 said:

    Getting back shouldn’t be too much hassle as I already have my retirement visa and re entry permit.

    Hopefully upon returning I won’t have to quarantine if vaccinated if the policy remains in effect.

    I don't follow your last remark: the current policy requires quarantine, even if vaccinated.

  4. 7 hours ago, jacko said:

    And the UK is saying it will allow citizens who have been fully vaccinated to return from amber code countries (Thailand is currently one) without quarantine requirements. (Sounds like a vaccine passport coming up.....)

    Sky News.

    No, it isn't saying that! It is saying that it is CONSIDERING doing that.

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  5. 7 hours ago, 4wheels said:

    The PM said today he expects the country to open to those who are fully vaccinated in 120 days w/o quarantine.

    I believe he said haimed to declare Thailand fully open within 120 days and for tourism centres that are ready, "to do so even faster".

    Prayuth urged the public to get vaccinated as fast as possible and said the reopening target could only be met if the vaccines are delivered according to the committed schedules.

    (My emphasis.)


    An "aim" is not the same as a certainty. He's already given himself a let-out.

    I really don't see it happening in that timescale. If, in order to save face, it does, there will be so many restrictions imposed that hardly anyone will want to travel there in any event.

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  6. 17 hours ago, Bullfrog said:

    .... I have been proud to be born English and despise anybody that is ashamed to be English. If they don't like the country then they should fuck off !!

    More than once have I been around bars in Pattaya and encountered English who have fucked off there, and have felt ashamed to be English. 

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  7. 34 minutes ago, teelack said:

    My take on this is that I would rather hold off and possibly pay a premium on my fare than have to worry about cancellations, re-booking, getting refunds or credit notes. Some of the horror stories on this site have made me cautious about air lines and travel agents ability to act in the best interests of the customer.

    Yes, that's my view too.

    There are just so many variables on both the Thai and home country sides to book now. Some of those need to be settled before I book.

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  8. 52 minutes ago, Bullfrog said:

    .. OR .... there is rioting in the streets with people getting shot as is happening in Myanmar??

    Funny you should mention that! 

    I've been thinking how ironic it would be if the Covid restrictions in LOS and our home countries were relaxed, so that we could get to LOS again, only to find that civil unrest meant our governments were advising us not to travel! 

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  9. 2 hours ago, Supersun said:

    I understand from a source in Thailand international tourism will be opened from 1 July 2021. Appreciate any further info.


    51 minutes ago, keyman said:

    Care to quote your source? you're not giving anyone a lot to go on.

    My guess is that the source is a vlogger! ?

  10. 1 hour ago, Bullfrog said:

    Yes I loved the smell of ripe sileage, pig sties and summer harvesting but above all there was no smell like the milking sheds, other than "the gate". The gate wasn't a specific gate but a gate dependent on where the cows approached from. It smelt of cows piss and cow shit.... but it was more than that. The cows' hides buzzing with flies, ears twitching, tails flapping with more fresh piss and shit coming out. 

    Good training for Pattaya! ?

  11. I've just seen this, posted today on a FB group, and think it worth copying here to caution potential users:

    Hi all. Absolutely loving the bolt taxi app, however last night we had a bit of a sketchy experience....
    Halfway through our trip from Jomtien to Pattaya our driver (in a taxi company vehicle) suddenly answered his phone and asked us to get out. His conversation (in Thai) was odd and very brief and he strangely asked us to drop us off ...
    The location he dropped us at was well lit with people around otherwise we we would not have got out...
    The very odd thing was as we were waiting for our next bolt driver to arrive a car stopped and tried to pick us up, the driver said to my lady "I am bolt" , but the licence plate did not match the new number in the app we ordered....
    Fortunately the correct vehicle arrived very within seconds and we got in the correct vehicle...
    The whole experience was quite strange, but I wanted to share. Moral of the story is make sure you check the license plate number and be careful... Lord knows what would have happened if we got in that other car...
    I will be following up through the app with the original driver and report best I can...


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  12. https://thepattayanews.com/2020/12/04/586-million-baht-project-to-expand-jomtien-beach-to-solve-erosion-issues-continues/?fbclid=IwAR3FTLpmJ1N1iFj2lwOa0GpsOBRJacgmL6_eYPVBHnWFUHVRErOL8UNlQSU

    “For the first phase which is 3.5 kilometers along Jomtien Beach on the Na Jomtien Southern End we have a 586,047,000 baht budget.”

    “We have hired an Italian-Thai development public company to do this project. The project contract has started from May 30th, 2020 until November 15th, 2022 and is in total 900 days.”

    “Sand is being taken from Rang Kwean Island which is about 15 kilometers from Jomtien beach. It is the same sand as we took for Pattaya Beach. The goal is to have a similar beach size for Jomtien Beach as Pattaya Beach was expanded to.”

    “When the project is complete, the beach will be about 50 meters wide.”

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