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  1. I am in a similar position to Richard, have retired in the UK at 51 and am in Pattaya on a non immigrant visa. I might go for a retirement visa next year and could bring over 800,000 baht. My query is does anyone know if this can be put into an interest bearing account or would I lose the interest on this (sat in the UK that could amount to around £500 + pa).


    Well regardless what a prevous poster said if you bring that money over with you you may well get knocked back. I got my Retirement Visa in March and was told that it had to be wired in from outside the country to even be considered. Now that said another BM here renewed his Retirement Visa and did not wire in the money to top the account back to 800,000 and they still renewed it for him. So who knows changes depending on who you talk to.


    As far as Interest I am getting 5.12% on a 10 month CD with Bangkok Bank was a special deal in April.


    The TMB is offering 5.05 % but not sure the term length.

  2. Probably has. Walker Hill would be a long way from the airport at Incheon. Transit hotel is a civilised way to knock a few hours off the layover. The airport has lots of bars and restaurants and the people watching is pretty good. It's still an airport, but quite a bit better than Narita or Taipei.


    The Walker Hill I used was right at the airport and damn nice as well small room but had everything and was free

  3. As well as the board slowing down to slower than snail's pace at times, I got this error message earlier today. Other boards were OK at the time -


    IPB WARNING [2] mysql_connect(): Too many connections (Line: 131 of /ips_kernel/class_db_mysql.php)


    "There appears to be an error with the database.

    You can try to refresh the page by clicking here.


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    Date: Sunday 27th of August 2006 08:51:52 AM


    We apologise for any inconvenience"


    Refreshing the page didn't work nor did coming out completely and going back in. Any suggestions as to what was wrong?





    Same same here Alan

  4. I fired off an email the other day asking the car service that I use if they would be reducing their prices once the new airport opened. I received a reply yesterday from them telling me that they would be reducing their price from 1200 to 1000 or a 16% reduction. I'm pissed that I didn't take that bet offered by another board member. :D


    Well you better stick with that service as I have been in and spoke to 2 taxi service Companys and was told that There rates will stay the same no change.

  5. Travelling time will be reduced by 30 minutes I would think. Expect to pay the same as the rate currently being charged from the old airport Don Muang.


    I know Mr. Toom as already stated his charges will remain the same.

    I agree the drivers will be charging the same I would be willing to bet.

  6. So when you do the visa run thing, you have to do it every 90 days or so? And what does the big bus deal cost?


    I've read so much conflicting shit about the retirement visa deal that I'm halfway thinking about just doing visa runs every so often instead. It would give me something to do now and then. Fly to KL or Singapore for the weekend or whatever.



    Depends on the Visa you hold some you have to leave every 90 days some every 30 days if they hold no visa but just a Arrival Stamp and some never have to leave the country :finger

  7. Korean Air has become my favorite for trans-Pacific flight. The food is excellent, and thanks to them I've become a big fan of Korean food; yes, even kimchee! Very good service and and attentive, well-trained flight attendants. Those of the female variety are far from hideous, too! Plenty of good in-seat video entertainment options, and the seats themselves are very good. I've flown them business class several times, and their biz class beats any domestic US first class by miles.


    If you have a long layover at Incheon book yourself a room at the transit hotel inside the terminal. It's reasonably priced, very well appointed, and there is a good restaurant immediately adjacent.

    Unless things have changed I was given a room for the 8 hour layover at no cost in the Walker Hill place there.

  8. Hi,


    Somethink to factor in in your favour is the ladies. :banghead You won't get the same standard elsewhere as you get older. About condo's, I think if you are on a budget it would be best to buy and get that variable out of the equation like Soi7. If you have plenty of money possible large increases in rents won't be a worry for you, but would be for somebody on a tight budget.

    Owning My own Place and also motorbike really keeps costs down

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