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  1. Soi Baukaow in 2003 was nothing, in 2004 it was a building site with the new Leng kee development between Soi Honey and Soi diana, in 2005 it started to come alive, 2006 is now seeing many of the smaller and less palatial places go with new hotels, bars, restaurants opening on a daily basis. As its populairty increases so will the overall quality of the establishments - landlords will want higher rents (doubled in past 2 years) and the cheaper places will not be able to pay them.


    As the bar and go-go emphasis switches away from Beach Road to more inland Soi Baukoaw is set to be THE main street for Pattaya nightlife.


    Worth a visit now and then keep comming back to see how it is evolving. You will find some good bars and hotels and there are now two or three go-go's in Soi Leng Kee Metro.

    Some one posted this elsewhere while it is a nice little area it will never be the main street for Pattaya entertainment just is not going to happen.

  2. HAHA Soi 7. You the man. I am aspiring to grow up just like you. Really I am envious!!!!!!!


    Take Care Brother!!!!!!!



    You don't wanna be like me ask anyone here :allright Will take care of that Matter for you tomorrow buddy........................

  3. Soi 7.........following me from the other board I see!!!!!!!!!


    Your everywhere!!!!!!!!



    Following you ??


    I have been on this board since 1999 when Pete had the old board before upgrading. I think your following me :allright

  4. I am on my 5th trip to LOS in 2 years. On each occosion I have booked a taxi in advance and have not been let down before.


    I am aware that Mr Toom is saying he was there. He was not. I was in companyat BKK airport with 2 other guys whom I met on arrival. They were both experienced visitors to LOS. They helped me look for Mr Toom. He was not there.


    There is not a lot more to be said. Mr Toom claims he was there. I am certain he was not. You guys must make up your own minds.


    I mean no disrespect whatsoever to Mr Toom. However, I believe he let me down.


    Regards to all.

    This is the first bad thing I have heard about Mr Toom and tend to give him the benefit of the doubt. Everyone will have to make up there own minds on this .

  5. Gary,


    March 28 or 29th I went in as Biggles stated and the young lady that did my retirement Paper work did indeed say that they were raising the Amount needed for retirement to 1.5 Million Baht. But that being said I am also active on the ThaiVisa board and they are saying that it is a rumor only so who knows ??

  6. Anybody you stays there at the price of 500B. needs there head looked. The Apex is 5star by comparison and comes in at the same price. WTF... it is a dismal hole and rampaging buffalos couldnt force me to spend a night in that place :beer



    Please don't hold back tell us how you really feel :beer

  7. I had a look and the fare for the days I wanted was 300 US Dollars. and they fly Pattaya to Siam reap and then to PP. Bad deal


    I am booked with Air Asia Bkk to PP for 55 US dollars that includes Taxes add the cost of a minivan/Taxi to Bangkok still under 100 US dollars.


    Sorry after posting this I notice you are interested in the Siam Reap not PP so that may be a bargain never did that route so can not compare costs.

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