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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. I remember seeing a year or so ago a brochure for a new assisted living old geezer home. I'm not sure but Soi7 may have checked it out already, just joking Soi7.


    This geezer has already started medical preparations for the big move and it saved my life as I found out I had killer skin cancer. It was caught early and so far no problems. I started having all my major body systems checked out as I'd rather have major medical care done in the US.


    Care givers are widely available. Just check any bar on soi 7 & 8. :nod Competent nurses can be hired at a reasonable rate if needed. I sometimes see this old geezer using a walker with oxygen tank with a 20 something walking beside him. He always has a big grin on his face. Few years from now, that will be me.

    :D :lol: :D

  2. Soi7 and Alan are retired there. There is more to this than money. You have to fill your time. It's an interest and a concern.


    I am plenty busy enough have a circle of friends and lots to do one thing for sure you must remain active.

  3. If you don't want to take a chance at pissing him off then DON'T TAKE HIS PICTURE. I don't really care. It was just a suggestion for some fun.


    Fun For Who ??? Must be for you as Not really my Idea of fun in pattaya



    Now let's see Bar Crawl or Stalk Harris Black for his photo Umm its a no brainer IMO

  4. Being stopped in the car park is a definite scam!!!! there is no way "real" customs would do that, they are either off duty or impersonators, as happened to the old guy here in Pattaya a few weeks ago, when "immigration" caught him. If this happened to me I would say fine, lets go back inside to your boss, and get proper receipt etc.

    There was no scam he was downtown 4 hours sorting it out at Immigration .

  5. Yes but not within Thailand I have used them to go to PP Cambodia 2500 baht Round trip couple of months ago now. Now I have tickets to return March 14th 2000 baht R/T and now they are offering prices 1598 baht R/T. I liked them very much no problems and were on time both ways.

  6. L. I think the 10 Euros are for 120 days and then they are gone.

    I looked but saw no time limit on how long the balance would last can you tell mt where you got that Info Please.


    I have added my history of free call and even if thats the case I would have paid less than .75 baht per min with at least 70 days to go till the balance dissappers.


    still unbeatable IMO

  7. I needed to be more specific in that if your only flying once a year then any airline with the best price is the one to fly with. If your flying frequently then you need to check out how each airline's frequent flyer program works. Like I mentioned before, I took an EVA flight back in 2003 before I fully understood UA program because EVA's price was a hunderd dollars cheeper, only to find out later on that the $100 savings cost me about $800 in 2004.


    And you were a numbers cruncher for the goverment ??? :clap2

  8. I also use voipstunt and it is great no delays like skype and calls are free to landlines in lots of countries providing you add 10 euros to your balance.


    I have not had no problems so far but still have skype as a back up.

    Yup thats what I have been using and the 10 euros remain in your account as long as you call the free countrys can't beat it with a stick.

  9. Can't seem to find many reviews about this hotel - at least ones that are within the last year. Anyone have some fairly recent experiences? Also interested in knowing more about their bar, sometimes referred to as the Hippo bar and at other times the No Name Bar. On the Forum of another site I read an older report where this bar is a short time bar and uses the rooms of the hotel. Is this the case?




    Welkom Inn

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