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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. On 7/17/2022 at 6:59 PM, 9cisco999 said:


    For the life of me I don't recall ever going to the upstairs area and don't know why.    I think it was a restaurant but I never took the time to explore it.

    At one time it was a go-go / night club, not very inspiring, think I lasted about half a beer.

  2. The cultural disapproval of masturbation in western society comes from the christian church's desire to control all parts of daily life. The christian church decided that sex and anything to do with sexual pleasure was evil, the "original sin" was sex and sexual pleasure.This goes into the idea that abstention as a way to glorify their god for the priest class has gone well for them  In cultures that are accepting of sex and sexual pleasure as a part of life also tend to see masturbation as a part of a normal sex life.

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  3. The bike path around Lake Mabprachan is a work in process. Starting at the dam wall it currently goes all the way to the "Pong park" with a running track parallel to most of it. I went around the barrier across the path into the park, then out the other end through the car park. This leads to the road for a coupe of hundred metres, then there is the track that leads from the far end of the dam wall, most of this is tarmac, however it stops or starts (depending on your direction of travel,) abruptly. Access to this part coming from the Pong park requires venturing through a drain with some water flow happening, I assume this will be addressed in the medium term. Will post some photos when I liberate them from the phone.

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  4. Another trap, is the fees that the sending bank want to charge. This might be an Australian thing (one reason why Au banks are some of the most profitable in the world), when I was transferring from my Au bank to Thailand, I would specify that the transfer was to go in AUD as the exchange rate that the bank offered was terrible compared with what the Thai bank offered, as a result they upped the transfer fee about $10, not a significant thing if there is a large amount involved, but the difference in exchange rate was significant.

  5. From a personal opinion, there are a few folk to get the memo that a customer needs to be nurtured. Mr Egg and his crew have it right, on the other hand...

    I was wandering around Jomtien looking for some company, there were bars with ladies most had no or one customer, it seems that the use by date for bar workers has has blown out from mid 30's ish to, will wear a dress and has a pulse. There are some out there who should really be collecting the pension. 

    So, while on my research trip I ended up at a bar with five  ladies and no customers, with several looking OK. I stopped for a drink, It became apparent that one of the ladies was the boss, not entertaining customers, OK down to four with two in over 5/10 range. One was on the phone to the sponsors trying to raise funds to pay room, ignoring the potential donor sitting in front of her. The other possible was on the phone to some family member, and the conversation was not going well from the sound of the conversation, I did not understand what was being said but got the gist of the conversation. So after being ignored by the staff I paid my bin and moved on.

    Then they wonder why we don't want to spend our money with them. 

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  6. It is best to have the money transferred into your Thai bank account with the reason for the transfer being for the purchase of property. When the transfer arrives you need to get some paperwork from the receiving bank (Tor Tor Tor ?) that states the transfer is for purchase of property, this way when the property is sold you can transfer the funds out of Thailand. There are all sorts of issues about transferring money out of Thailand without the paperwork, the government wants the money to stay in the country.

    You may also want to send the money in 2 transfers with the second one being labelled as being for personal use, food and so om. there are categories in the transfer information, that way the money in your account is pegged as being eligible for your retirement funds. This will keep immigration happy.

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  7. 1 minute ago, frostfire said:

    Thanks for posting. Seeing a whole lot of IP activity but nobody posting was making me nervous lol. I can't tell how many of the 20+ "online users" are google bots. Most are guests. But if you can log in and post, then I think its safe to say its working ?

    That is exactly why I posted. I also noticed nothing new but your announcements. I figured you would like something from a member who had logged in.

    Now can we have that "to the top" button please for the lazy sods like me? ?



    No its not heavily censored at all probably the least censored pattaya forum and anyone who can disagree with the owners about anything they like...


    It should be rephrased, as Live is selectively censored or moderated depending on who makes the post. That is one of the main issues.


    Why you invest your time and money into the that cesspit beats me.

    No its not heavily censored at all probably the least censored pattaya forum and anyone who can disagree with the owners about anything they like...

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  9. They have been using speed cameras for a couple of years. A friend of mine has been complaining about it for a while. They are usually on the Pattaya - BKK freeway. I have heard the police are taking them further afield too.


    The owner of the vehicle gets the fine in the mail, I assume they have an opportunity to identify the driver if they are not at the wheel. The lack of plates on many motorcycles is one way around the issue.


    There is some talk of not letting vehicle not being allowed to renew the registration if there are outstanding fines. This would require the police and the transport department to talk to each other, but as there is money involved I'm sure they will work something out.

  10. It's not just in Thailand. You can find people like that just about everywhere. Usually, they have a problem with mental illness, alcohol, or drugs.


    Back in the 70s I lived in NYC, not far from the Bowery and the East Village. Homeless people were everywhere. They'd sleep on the sidewalk, on steps, in doorways, camped out in the park... They'd spend the morning hours asking people for spare change and the afternoon drinking wine or whatever until they passed out. At some point the city of New York made an effort to give them shelter and I suppose that's why they're not still there in such numbers.


    If you want to help, donate to a charity that helps the homeless.


    As I remember it, a lot of those people were put on the street as a result of a (Regan?) federal decision to not house them in prisons/asylums and not given any support as a cost saving exercise. There was not enough support outside of the institutions they were previously housed so most of them ended up on the street.

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  11. As a suggestion try some other countries, Astro Supersport is is showing games in English in my hotel, it is a Malaysian cable network. Might not be usable but you might find one that is. Believe it or not the Lao cable which is also showing here is in English.


    Don't bother looking for the Aussie feed, it is crashing for the locals causing all sorts of problems for the rights holder.

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