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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. 005B9491-ACF5-4F03-8047-1088724E669B.thumb.jpeg.e837c8039ca6e6c016396a84372deb13.jpeg
    Bugger! I hate to admit it but sitting at the lights today I checked my steering wheel for those bloody dots. I do feel a bloody fool but I knew this already! [emoji30][emoji20][emoji848]

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  2. Oscar Wilde knew a thing or two when he said.

    There is only one thing in the world worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about.

    Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian

    At least as far as the Le Pub is concerned we are at least keeping it front of mind.

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  3. Thanks for the effort Monkey Man.

    Just one comment on an assumption that you make. This is about the future ownership of Pattaya hotels. You may well be right but in my own quiet neck of the woods it seems that the Indians are going boots and all into the accommodation industry. They currently dominate the corner stores and the liquor industries.

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  4. I reached retirement and financial independence goals this year and wouldn't you know it the world shuts down.
    I'm probably going back to work in 2021 and waiting until 2022 to think about air travel.
    Sad sad sad as I thought in 2021 I would be full time party guy in Pattaya.
    I am finding lots of P4P action in DFW and Houston area with lots of cute 20 something white girls but it's 250-300 an hour but with a better menu than some sexy Pattaya girls were offering last year.
    I gotta think those sexy young and old bar girls wont be kicking too many of us sex tourist to the curb when things open back up but who knows how the menu's will change as on my last trip I had a massage girl use a condom for a BJ which was a first.
    Cute, white and up to 10,000 baht for an hour of their time! Your welcome to my share of that.

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  5. A bit more about this new Visa. Don't take it as verbatim as it is early days yet.
    Thanks Jacko. I'll give this a miss. Its more messing around than I am interested in and it will be at least 100,000 baht before I get a beer.

    There is also the issue that many of us don't live in cities and just sorting out the administration could be a bit of a minefield. While I am keen to get back to Thailand it would not be until the borders are open and things are back to near normal. I have accepted that this might be 2022 but what's on offer here (provisionally) has limited value for the average punter.

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  6. Thanks for the update. Always a good read.

    The curry comment reminds me of a travel magazine that I read some years ago in Cambodia.

    "Many people are kept awake with dogs howling in the night. If they stop howling don't eat curry the following day".

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  7. The PBG will always hold a special place for me. It is a reliable place to take any Thai girl to and the pleasure they got from that bloody sontam bar was great to see. Early on I has the odd "date" from there but its bustling food and restaurant side overtook the free lancer idea. I also appreciated the fact that Pete asked for feedback before he opened the place about music, menu and other aspects of the establishment. That so rarely happens but it has stuck with me. The other thing was its ability to keep a stable work force which is a sure sign of good management.

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  8. Maldives, Dominican Republic and many others don’t have quarantines, insurances, Covid tests and ridiculous conditions,  why not Thailand?

    For me I will not go until all silly restrictions are gone.  They is life after Thailand

    It is obvious they don’t want tourists anymore

    Well said.


    We all should be aware that Covid is a hoax and one day it will simply disappear. Add to this the well known known fact that eating hot and spicy Thai food will kill any virus known to man. This is why few tourists use condoms.


    I am happy that with world infection rates on the rise the Thai government let in a few million tourists. In this way they will create herd immunity thereby saving the rest of us from worrying.


    Perhaps they can bottle Thai blood and export it to the rest of us?


    It's great to see places like the Maldives leading the world in virus management!




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