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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. I have to disagree on one point. I really cannot see the Thai government wiping their hands of Thai Airways.. There are millions looking for internal flights and perhaps even more wanting to fly into and out of the Kingdom. Its too important to scrap and the infrastructure is there now and massive.

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  2. It was odd really, there was quite a crowd of Indian guys milling around  on the outside parking area, maybe upwards of 10 or 12.  I surmised that they had been told that no way would they get any service that day.   They did look pissed off.  They were just run of the mill guys, nothing indicating money.  In the waiting area there were probably around 4 or 5 waiting, but the lady who escorted me past them said that they would not get serviced, but had decided to wait.  The staff were serving them drinks so I guess that they were making some money off them.  She was quite open about it and that the girls were very reluctant to service them. Maybe she was feeding me BS, but Jane later confirmed that no way would she and the majority of the girls go with a Indian or an Arab. I asked why, but she didn't give me a straight answer, just 'don't like, not clean' .  As it was a soapy service, i didn't see the logic of the 'not clean' bit. 
    Good reply. I pass the Honey in Soi Honey on a regular basis and I see the same thing on a daily basis. Indian guys coming or going in mini vans. It's all a mystery to me. I did however expect Rasputin to be a step ahead of the Honey so was surprised to read your comments.

    I would imagine that if this is the case then maybe all the soapies are the same but it just increases the mystery as I have always associated them with the 5 guys for a 1000 baht.

    One other thing. My TGF and I go into Walking Street and I can guarantee that she will complain about the smell of Indian people even when I can detect nothing.

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  3. 12 hours ago, Pine Tree said:

    Perhaps a little more detail then , on my last visit, albeit, pre Covid and pre last Christmas.   Decided that I needed a bit of pandering , so went along to Rasputin. Lots of Indian guys in the waiting  area, as only a  very few of the girls will entertain them.  I was ushered  straight past the waiting area, to the goldfish bowl area and offered a drink.  I had already seen the girl I wanted, she was in the area dedicated to the top, 3,000 Baht range.  Her name was Jane, small, as I like them, slim and very pretty.  She was around late twenties I would guess, I never asked, never married (she said!) and no kids.  Because she was a top end girl, we were given a top end room with a large sunken bath and a large King Size bed, with a nice clean cover and would you believe, actual pillows. It looked like a 4 star hotel room.  Soapy in this big bath was very relaxing, kind off, as much as it can be with a beautiful naked girl rubbing all over you.  20 minutes of so in there and off to the bed.  She was very talented and I tried to give as good as I was getting,  because she was just that kind of lady.  Due to her undoubted experience, it was not at all an unemotional experience, rather it was a short G/F one. After the 'athletics',  we spent a lot of time just cuddled up and talking. She was after a farang B/F and wanted out. I made it clear that I was too old and too knackered to provide that, but I am sure that I wouldn't be long before she was snapped up.   Tipped her 500 baht and promised to see her again. Great experience and well worth the 4,000 it cost me that visit.  I remember very few of the girls that I have been with, but Jane I will remember. 

    Thank you very much for this review. I have passed by the door dozens of times but never entered and if I recall correctly there is another similar place in the Soi.

    Just as an matter of interest, can you rationalise if the waiting Indians were wealthy or was this there once a holiday blow out? We are used to thinking of Indians as poor relations but there seem to inhabit all the soapies. 

  4. Three boys were out hiking one winter day, and heard cries for help coming from the lake. Rushing to see what was the matter, they found Barack Obama who had fallen through some thin ice on a lake and was about to drown. Quickly the boys formed a human chain and pulled him to safety.
    I'd like to reward you boys with something special for saving me, said Obama. Just name it, and it's yours! I want a ride on Air Force One, said the first boy. You've got it!, said Obama.
    I want a medal that I can show the other kids at school, said the second boy. No problem!, said Obama.
    The third boy thought for a moment, and said; I want a wheelchair. But why would you want that?, asked Obama.
    Cause when I get home and tell my dad that I saved YOU he's gonna break my effin' legs!
    Thanks for the joke. I may retell it but the guy failing through the ice may be renamed. [emoji4]

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  5. 11 hours ago, sailingbill said:
    A lovely  video. I was looking for a new place to sail and came across  PT.   I stayed,    Who the fuck is Alice? 

    I will get Chubby Brown to contact you. She used to live next door to him! [emoji12]

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  6. I have to add another few comments onto this topic.

    Yet again sitting here crying into my coffee, thanks for the posts. I just finished viewing FLB from 2006 - 2011.  I realise that many saw this place as a destination and looking at some of the ladies, I can understand why. There have been some exciting ladies over the years. In my case I was more of a night starter person there except when I got dancing to the Philipinos and then I would hang around. Parties were of course mandatory. 

    Back to the video. There are so many faces that leap out but perhaps for me the interesting thing was seeing the rise of Alice. Here was a slightly mousy service girl who eventually did a Hans Christian Andersen from duckling to swan and devoured untold megs of posting on this very site. Also, anyone that doesnt think that the infamous Jaime worked there needs to take a look.

    I then moved onto  a Christmas party a the Cherry Bar in Soi 8. This did really remind me how consistent the patronage has been and for such a long time. There are so many memories and I wont mention any of them as there are just too many. Perhaps looking at some of my old barfines from this bar and realising that they were not waiting for my return to Pattaya dented my ego somewhat! (LOL) 

    Anyway, yet again my sincere thanks to all the contributors to this topic. Its been a blast for me. 

  7. I think a lot of us have our own method and as such different approaches are alien to us, I would be confused by, as I never use, Whatsapp. nor Line and am likely as much a Luddite as you because of it. I also only visit the forum when at home on a laptop or pad. It has become my habit to move or copy any pics, which I do wish to post, onto my Onedrive, and this is then accessible to me from my laptop, That step is of course on the phone..... where the pics initially are created.
    Then I open the Onedrive folder on the laptop and drag and drop into the lower area of the posting box, next to the paperclip. Every now and again I cannot find pics I thought I had moved to Onedrive, and I need to sign out of it and back in again on the Laptop, to get it to refresh. I really could not imagine doing this on my little phone screen.....with my fat fingers.
    The point is that photo posting is an important part of the site. The other thing I have noticed over time is the there are some very tech savvy people here who possibly have time on their hands at the moment? Forgetting about we who have some system I imagine that it is daunting for someone new to the site.

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  8. I have to wonder if anyone has the time or interest to write a tutorial re.uploading photos onto the site. I have it sorted to a degree but with a lot of questions. 

    In some ways Google Photos has made ths a bit easier as I find that I at times I can locate photos from third tier apps such as Whatsapp and LINE and from there i can manage it. I have however never mastered a few things.I am still unsure if the experience will be better/easier with Onedrive or Dropbox. 

    I get confused with drag and drop and stopped trying. While I go Google/My Pictures/upload, are there better ways?

    Perhaps the most frustrating has been trying to upload from a mobile phone. For all I know its impossible even with Tapatalk installed. 

    OK, I admit that my board name should be Luddite but I am just as sure that a lot of people struggle with this aspect of the board. If we cannot get back for a while maybe photo uploads will become a more important part of keeping the board alive. I am sure that someone could author a definative tutorial which hopefully results in more photos being uploaded. 


  9. 1 hour ago, yorta2 said:

    I have often been confused as to why NZers call the stuff 'black Ice' anyway. From my time in Canada, it was called 'Clear Ice', and that makes sense. It might seem like black to the Kiwis (and to some extent, Australians), but ice is clear and the black tarmac surface underneath is visible. For that reason, it should not be a racial joke for you, but just a poorly named thing. 😇

    The point that you make is good in that this whole world wide obsession with PC gone mad is either badly named products or sheer stupidity. Really, it doesnt matter what or why anything that happened in a historical sense should be pilloried. I know little about the founding of the USA but I seem to recall a pivotal point was a bunch of white guys dressing up as Indians (Sorry indigenous people.). Try as you might you cannot re write history even if you believe that 'Back to the future' was real!

    Incidentally, normal ice is easy enough to see but what makes black ice different is that it cannot be seen and hence it poses a greater danger, 

  10. Thinking through this topic. Really, does the crime of Multicolour Mail sound better than Blackmail?

    Then there is the problem at the various Retox bars in Pattaya. Will the Big Breakfast have Dark Shaded Pudding on the menu? 

    Like many places, NZ will have to review all those signs that say "Caution-Black Ice". Perhaps Caution - Not White Ice"?

    Then there are all the Welshmen who have been with Blackface Sheep. Perhaps they can be simply be called "Sun Tanned Sheep". 

    The mind boggles but I cannot have black thoughts about it. 


  11. Thanks for the topic. As you say, its not Thailand but I am interested in hearing anyones take on the good and bad differences between the two destinations. Its a long while since I was in Spain and as I recall it I seemed to end up in those little dive clubs that la8rat mentions where the white rum was cheaper than the Coke. That was a sure way to obliterate yourself!


  12. Hi there Pete and be thankful that you are not freezing your bits off in Christchurch. I admit that I don't visit the PBG as much as I did in times past. I will say however that almost every trip I go there a few times. It is possibly the best place to take a Thai girl in Pattaya when you want a place where the food, ambience and service all arrive in the one place. Best wishes to you and the team there.

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  13. My ideal trip is to double up and spend a couple of months in Thailand. Like everyone else however I have a lot more questions than answers. It really comes down to so many factors and it would require my home, any transit points and Thailand to be done with any form of isolation/quaratine. There is also the troubling aspect of health insurance and I really would hate to travel without it however as I have mentioned elsewhere I would get my bank to extend the limit on my credit card to say, $50,000

    Then there are the costs. Will there still be great accommodation bargains? Will the reduced number of airlines and possible seating changes increase the costs massivly?  Will there be financial disincentives to travel overseas from my own government? 

    There is however one other thing that I keep hearing that I am unsure about. This is the savings to be made by not travelling. All very well but the interest rates universally are still dropping so my investments have taken a hammering and like others I did some dollars on the sharemarket retreat and the volitility could cost m more in the future. I have been buying shares while prices have been down but I am still uncertain if its the "Never try to catch a falling knife" syndrome and I will get burned further. 

    I guess the bottom line is that none of us know how this will pan out and making plans is an exercise in futility. 

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  14. Thanks for taking the time and effort with this TR. While its a bit sad seeing Bangkok as it is now it did bring back memories. The Soi 20 area including the Rembrandt are all part of my history in the place, not forgetting the Crazy House as well. It does also show that even in these strange times an interesting trip report is always possible especially when you are stuck at home without an actual date to return. 

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  15. Yes I saw that...I would liked to have given my experiences of learning Thai, Isaan Laos/Kmer over the past 25 years living in the village here but it became more about speaking and reading Thai correctly which is something I haven't a clue about....As a comparison I even wanted to give my input on learning Swahili then forgetting everything I learnt after leaving Africa as an example of "use it or lose it" ... but because I would have no practical input on speaking Thai correctly I didn't bother joining in...Sorry mate!
    In fairness, I believe most casual forum members are looking to converse informally. As I tell people, I don't need to know the Thai word for philately as I don't come to Thailand to collect postage stamps! It's as much about daily usage and an addition to the Thai holiday experience as learning the language. As I have already conceded, at my age tones are almost impossible therefore I am always looking for ways to communicate with the locals wherever I go. Incidentally, experience has taught me that a few minutes with a good Thai speaking Farang is always time very well spent.

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  16. It seems a very seldom replied to section (2013 by the looks of it), would it not be better archived somewhere and replaced with something new to inject some new discussion and topics ?. I understand the topics were posted by Martin and are all locked. Perhaps a new "archive" or "Epic threads from the past" section would be made up?.
    Maybe open up a thread for discussion and a vote?.
    Do we need any more or new sub forums on PT?.
    Just throwing an idea around...
    This has been tried in the past but to no avail. As I read it the forum has not grown at all. It's years since I have seen a post in Hotels /Accommodation. I suggested a regular forum to assist people wanting to learn Thai but there was no interest. Seems like most people want to discuss politics judging by the number of password protected topics. So very sad for something called Pattayatalk.com.

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  17. https://www.tatnews.org/category/thailand-tourism-updates/
    Probably the best website to keep an eye on for travel information for Thailand.... Situation updates posted every day and includes updates on airports and travel restrictions.
    Thank you Mr. Fiend. I have downloaded the app and yes, good stuff. I also noticed yesterday that I in the first week of August Thai Air is due to fly to almost 50 destinations including most Australia main centers and in my case, Auckland. Needless to say, the devil is in the detail and it's all irrelevant if there are border controls in the various destinations that put people into isolation or if there are onerous conditions for insurance and health documents. Also and just as important, I won't be traveling to Thailand just to go to a beer bar. Some of the attractions that set the place apart from vanilla world need to be reopening. It is at least a positive move and gives hope.

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  18. Yet again well done for making something out of almost nothing. Perhaps a new career as a chef beckons?

    There is one sub culture that I believe should get your investigative juices flowing. As I understand it there are a hell of a lot of falang bar managers and owners assiting each other to look after the girls and get totally pissed on a nightly basis. Its a way of keeping their bar aired and to stop the draught ale getting stale. its what you know is who...


  19. I really wonder, unless your living in Asia now what the relevance of exchange rates are?

    Who can possibly see what the rate situation will be a year from now? I guess that none of us know which countries will bounce back and go full steam and consequently have an appreciating currency. There will be countries that tank and in addition to that we dont know for instance if all the bad news regarding Thai tourism will lead to a devaluation. I also note this on my bank web site. It is indicative of the lack of knowledge about the current and near future situation. Then there is the inponderable. If and when Thailand opens up will it still be the place to go? Will it take the opportunity to become the long promised 'Familly destination' or will it be business as usual? 

    There are so many issues and so much water to flow before most of even contemplate a return visit, that its all irrelevant. The only real down side to the low exchange rate with the Thai baht is that its yet another impediment to sending money and supporting anyone who is doing it tough. 

    PLEASE NOTE | TSB is currently providing limited foreign cash services until further notice - View changes here. We have also had to pause all foreign cheques and the sale and reload of Cash Passports in branch until further notice. 

  20. Friend of mine lives in a condominium complex and he owns one of the larger one. When we chat the things that he mentions are the corporate body fees, annual company accounts and health costs. He had a bad time recently and the first tranche of payents were over 400,000 baht and getting the money from his insurance isnt that simple as this was an emergency and not a planned hospital stay. There is still the ongoing costs and testing to face up to. Seems to me that whatever your budget you also need a nest egg for those major issues that crop up. 

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