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  1. What bar does Rex use???? .....I'm a little worried it might be me......in the past of course..
    It could come to me but he was there every day when I passed by. That was less than 2 weeks ago. Funny thing is that I was thinking the other day that since I first noticed him he has turned from brown hair to mostly white. I think that I go to Pattaya too much!

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  2. Indian tailors do annoy me. But they dont seem as aggressive as they were 10 years ago. One small way Thailand is improving...555
    I agree with you but have a look at the average Indian tailor as you pass by. Sure as shit he will be on his mobile phone. I honestly think that this is the reason and one of the greatest things we have gained from the mobile.

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  3. Butch, how right you are. Generally speaking I have had a good relationship with Thai people even when I was shagging their daughters! I have some great memories of just sitting around eating and drinking with the TGF and her extended family. 

    It is a bit difficult to recall all the smaller things that happen but I recall a MC taxi rider happy to give me his chair when I couldn't walk awaiting a new hip. I still pass him and we still share some banter. Just a while ago I was chatting with the manager of my hotel and we touched on the currency woes.  Her reply was to say that I could book at the minimum rate and she would upgrade me on every possible occasion. Its a small thing but I have been introduced to a few of my TG's kids and that to me is going beyond the call of duty. As near as the last week I was invited next time in Pattaya to visit a kid of a lady friend. I can hear the cynics saying, "All traps for the gullible farang".I just dont see it that way. To me its a privilege, not a trap.

    I am sure that I could keep recalling but there is one thing that keeps popping up in my memory. This is the way that some of the ladies have gone an extra mile keeping me happy. Its very difficult if you have taken a "Cynical Pill" this morning to believe that we have anything else than a commercial transaction. Sure, many of them are but that only makes the real special one stand out more. I think for instance that we all enjoyed Awesome's recent TR and what he feels he got from it. The other point to this is that as you get older, slower, more decrepit and look like shit the kindness of some of these ladies comes out in stark relief. Again, money may be the motivation but try to get that in the Western World. Yeah right!

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  4. Interesting topic and brings back a few memories.

    The problem is that every day in Pattaya brings forth some weird sights. As for the Glitter Man. I cannot recall the whole thing but I tried to photograph him one day and he got pissed off at me so thanks for the excellent photo in the thread. There are so many eccentrics floating around but some of my favourites are the Cellphone Man in Soi LK. He goes around at march pace having these long conversations I assume with no one. Then there is the guy who works for Scooters, well I assume he is paid. He is about 4ft 9 and wears western gear including a stetson. I have never figures what he does. Then there is the tall and very busty katoey who works at the Rockhouse. I always have a friendly chat but she/he can be outrageous when in the mood. There is another guy who has sat at the same bar from open to close in Soi Buakhao. I call him Rex but who knows but all day long he sups large Chang's and I haven't even see him go to the toilet.  There are many others but if I was to hand out a prize it would be as follows. 

    Each and every day I see "Mr. Everyman" who is any of a few hundred guys held together with spit and chewing gum who have great looking ladies on their arms looking after their every need. I am all for that but for sheer courage its the guys who have lady-boys for a 'Girlfriend'  and who look like guys in dresses rather than feminine katoey. Vive la difference!


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  5. 9 hours ago, nkped said:

    Looking around, discovered that China Airlines has premium economy on their A350 and 777 aircraft.

    I could have booked a ticket at least $200 cheaper using one of the Chinese airlines,. The issue for me is connecting flights and this is where they are of little use. The other issue is that the vast majority of flights had unacceptable lay overs in China and stretched the flight times right out. IF however the times and flight schedule fit with your needs there is nothing wrong with them. 

  6. 12 hours ago, Butch said:

    Teelack I don't suppose you know the name of the pills do you?.

    I have used Zopiclone in the past but it leaves a horrid mettalic taste in my mouth. To sleep during the day I take melatonin (strawberry flavoured - yummy) but it gives me really weired dreams, in fact in some cases very lucid and frightening ones. I also can't take any Benzodiazepenes as they're forbidden at work, and Mrs Butch would go bonkers if I contemplated using them.

    Back onto topic, I see EVA are having a 30th anniversary sale up until the end of November, anyone checked the prices to see if this is like their other sales, i.e not a sale at all?.

    Butch. Yes your correct. Zopiclone. I admit to using them with a couple of red wines and end up with the horrible taste of cheap red in my mouth! Can you advise me but is Melotinin readily available over the counter? do you get pills or liquid? Never tried it but anything to give me a sleep would be a great help. 

  7. Since arriving home a few days ago I have realised something about currency fluctuations. The tipping point is probably very variable and depends where you live and what currency you live on. In my own case I note that the $NZ is the second worse currency for dropping against the $US this year. It really has been brutal and the rate against the baht even more so. In other words there really is no one answer to the question. I have been hit in a number of ways this time but mainly in the rise of air fares in the last couple of months due to av gas rises and the falling dollar. The only thing that consoles me is that I have just made a booking and it was less in actual dollars than 15 years ago so is about half price taking in inflation. 

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  8. Because I am trying to get 4 trips each year from New Zealand to Thailand and I have domestic travel to add on to the cost I simply could not afford to fly other than Economy. I have however found a few tricks that help. I am always last or near last on the plane and often snag the emergency exit seats or an empty row of 3. Two days ago I wasn't so lucky but told a lady who had 3 seats to herself to move over so I got one and a half seats. I rarely fail to improve the situation. I also spent $5 with a prescription from my doctor on some quality sleeping pills which in addition to a couple of glasses of red wine give me some sleep. Don't get me wrong. I would always fly superior if I could afford to but I can't and I would much rather have a fourth month in Thailand than cut it to 3 and upgrade. If you're retired and want /need to stretch your dollars you need to be realistic. When I was in the work force I could alway rely on money coming in on a regular basis but retirement means that you have the time but not always enough to make luxury purchases which is what Economy or Business is.

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  9. A friend has just returned from a 3 week stay, all in all his trip cost him about 4k Sterling (including flights and accomodation). Not cheap, his biggest gripe was having to buy some toothpaste which came to about £2 lol.
    On the whole, after doing some maths, it worked out the trip added about £20 a day to his usual budget, spread over 20 days came to £400 - £500 extra (sums done on a napkin, rough working out).
    He's not a cheap charlie and spent his days around the poolside, venturing out in the evening and eating in places ranging from PBG/ Sailor Bar through to Hooters. His mongering was reduced somewhat, so whereas in the past Soi 6 or a GC would beckon in the afternoon, he'd just give it a miss and stay at the Hotel. Incidentally, during our chat we agreed there is a serious lack of nearby venues to Bukhao which are open in the early afternoon with a decent selection of girls and some pool tables, where a guy can just go into some A/C, have a few beers and some pool or chat to girls and just relax without having to spend a fortune.
    So the amount extra needed to bring a budget back up to what it is normally for a two or 3 week tourist is not insurmountable, it does need some extra input but the savings can probably be found if a few simple adjustments made.
    Butch. Re early afternoon venues in the Soi Buakhao area. I disagree with the comments in that I can easily find
    a dozen Gentlmens Clubs open from 2.00 pm that I can get to on foot and I am am old man. I have accommodation in central Buakhao so this is fact, not opinion. In addition to this I believe that there are about 5 afternoon gogo places in the two small sois where the Pump House is. Again, a ten minute walk from Buakhao.

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  10. It's a shame Thanya Club didn't survive. Had one of the best bands in the area. I see a few of the band members are now playing at Nonnoi Bar at the rear of Tree Town.
    Yes indeed. I would sit outside and play pool but occasionally I would pop inside just to let the band know that someone was listening to the music. They were good and I miss the place. It is a big space and hope that it will be filled soon.

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    Guess if you were one of their few customers they didn't want to see their  85 baht high tailing it down the Soi.
    Correct but it's demeaning for both the pissee and the pursuer. Anyway Thanya is a shell now that is gradually being vandalised. It is a real mystery how anyone makes a buck here.

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  12. Not sure how to put this but there is a massive erection going on in Tree Town. It could be a covered bar area but I have no idea what. Also some new bars have opened at the second road end this joins up the main road in Tree Town with Soi Made in Thailand. Seems like for each bar that closes one opens.

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  13. Last time in Pattaya I found a copy of an eye opening book even if it was first printed in 1991 and revised to some degree in 2003. Seems ancient but very fresh for me. The book is PARLIAMENT OF WHORES by P.J. O'Rourke. I am sure that many Americans here have read it but for someone who has no understanding of the political set up in the US it is an eye opening page turner. P.J takes no prisoners but seems to be fair and well balanced as he has chips on either shoulder. A recommended read. 

  14. I was reading this morning that Thai Air is badly in need of increased revenue. It is losing billions ( this year expecting 11 billion) each year and I suppose that the fall off in Euro travellers may be biting as well. The reason that I am losing faith in them is that the pricing is all over the place and can vary for me by NZ$600 or so from Auckland to Bangkok return. That's in the region of 12000 baht. Today's announcement was also a pisser in that they are starting to charge between 480 and 3195 baht if you want a "Preferred" seat at the front row or beside the emergency exit. I realise that other airlines also charge for this but add to that the dynamic and ever changing fare structure and I will be happy to use alternative flights where I never seen to pay over NZ$1000 even if there is a small stopover.  One general rule that I work on is that when these austerity moves start everything seems to get cut back including food and drinks. It doesn't look good for the future. 

  15. I struggle to apply such logic to the usual ongoings in Thailand!
    It is about security, not efficiency.
    The introduction of passport readers in the UK certainly didn't speed things up for me, it never worked, so I wasted time there, then had to go back to fewer manned kiosks !
    Which steps will be reduced or eliminated? At the moment I see only one added one that is a bit fiddly and sometimes takes a moment. Fingerprints will have to be supplied every time one enters. Perhaps no Tm 6?
    In fairness I don't know that your Smart Gate experience is typical. Like I said, for me it is less than a minute and never yet had a queue. I have no idea what the future of Thailand airports will be and I have just read a rant (on Thai Visa I think) saying that around noon it is a nightmare. I can only judge as I find and if a backwater like New Zealand can have state of the art immigration I am sure that Thailand can as well. Things that could be dumped? Perhaps the photos can be taken automatically? I really don't know as I have no experience in the area. Surely there are some airport geeks that have the answers?

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  16. 11 hours ago, jacko said:

    How do you see the addition of an extra step in the process as speeding things up?

    Because in future I would see it cutting down on some steps.Sorry to hark back to the Smart Gate system but now there is no queue, no stamps and its all handled by a machine that's not having a bad day, due her period or going through the menopause. Like it or not the gradual computerisation and AI is displacing people for technology. There would be no reason to spend hundreds of millions of baht on a system that has no advantages or long term savings. 

  17. Just read this on Pattaya News. 

    Thailand’s tourism minister has blamed a surge in the baht for sapping tourist arrivals into Southeast Asia’s second-largest economy and says he’ll take up the matter with the central bank, highlighting rising concern over the currency’s gains.

    Arrivals have dropped because of the baht’s strength, Piphat Ratchakitprakarn, minister of tourism and sports, told reporters in Bangkok after he officially began his new role. Piphat said he’ll discuss with the Bank of Thailand and the finance minister what can be done to help support the industry.

    “The strength of the baht is part of the reason why the number of tourists has dropped as those who come would get less money from their currencies to spend,” Piphat said on Thursday. “Tourism is considered to be one of our country’s main revenue drivers. I will do everything I can to make sure that arrivals increase and more revenue is generated than before.”

    Piphat’s aim to boost the number of arrivals contrasts with the view from his predecessor, Weerasak Kowsurat, who said Thailand should care less about increasing of quantity of travelers and focus instead on improving sustainable tourism to mitigate environmental impacts caused by too many visitors.

    Full report: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-07-18/world-beating-baht-is-a-big-big-headache-for-thailand-s-tourism

  18. It boggles the mind....currencies. Why should the Pound or Euro be valued higher than the dollar? Why should they all be losing against the THB? They are all based on nothing...
    "The value of fiat money is derived from the relationship between supply and demand and the stability of the issuing government, rather than the worth of a commodity backing it."
    Surely the simple answer is supply and demand? There is more demand for instance for the Thai baht that many other currencies. It may not appear rational but it is the same principle as "Voting with your feet" in that you put your money into places that you like and withdraw it from places that you don't. Financiers are not sentimental so perhaps we need to believe that there are good reasons despite what seems apparent.

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  19. I hope that Pattaya news will forgive me for lifting this story. 


    Nikkei Asian Review released an article this week in which they stated that the head of the cities Business and Tourism Association has forecast a total of 19 million visitors to the city this year, a 5% total increase, which is nearly half of the total predicted 40 million visitors.

    Significant work is being done to draw Indian, Muslim and Chinese tourists to the city as a quick walk down Walking Street will show any visitor.

    CP, a $63 billion food and retail group, intends to reshape the flows of people and goods through the region of Chon Buri. A high-speed rail and related projects are designed to attract business professionals, entrepreneurial talent and tourists to the area. CP decides the number of train stations, giving the group the power to determine which areas will be developed.

    Nikkei Asian Review wrote:

    Thai conglomerate Charoen Pokphand Group plans to build a huge commercial and residential complex in the beach city of Pattaya, the Nikkei Asian Review has learned, a project expected to boost the profitability of a $7.3 billion high-speed rail line that the company has been chosen to construct.

    The complex, on a size larger than 480,000 sq. meters will include a shopping mall, hotel, cinemas, and a convention center. The investment budget will be at least 10 billion baht ($327 million), a Pattaya city source said.

    Though CP lacks railroad experience, it has won a contract to connect three international airports, two near Bangkok and the other south of Pattaya. The railway is expected to start operation in 2024.

    The planned mixed-use complex offers a way to boost the line’s profitability. Tourists could take the train to the shopping and entertainment destination, while residents could commute to the airports or other parts of Thailand.

    Pattaya, about 160 km southeast of the capital, serves as a gateway of sorts to Thailand’s eastern seaboard, where automobile, consumer electronics, and other manufacturing industries began concentrating in the 1990s.

    The original article can be found here: https://asia.nikkei.com/Business/Companies/Thailand-s-CP-plans-330m-seaside-hub-linked-to-high-speed-rail?fbclid=IwAR0ILznGlLIL34bFJ-6PLJ6PD0OjZ7WEMfeQ4ciHu2tBbgr9zxybaMrqwH4

    The Thai cabinet approved the train deal between CP and the State Railway of Thailand in June. The contract is due to be signed by both parties this month. The China Railway Construction company is also involved in a consortium to build the railway. The rail is expected to be finished in 2024.

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