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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. I guess that near the end most of the ladies in Crazy House were not worth putting 'hands on' but I see your point. I guess that CH was itself getting to the stage where it needed to be gutted anyway and few things stay the same. Pacha is a different concept in that lookers seem to have replaced doers. There are still enough hands on places in Pattaya to ease the pain! 

  2. Thanks as always for taking the time. While Pacha may not be wonderful it is still possible the best 95 baht cheap draft intro fee on Walking Street. 100 plus girls, some of who are very desirable, for that price is the November bargain.

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  3. There is a dreadful amount of angst in people’s minds regarding the value of the Thai baht and their respective currencies. To be honest I cannot recall rates from years past and its all a bit irrelevant but here is something to chew on.

    In the sixties many commonwealth countries decided to decimalise and I was a constant visitor to four of them, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and the UK. I am aware of the history of these four places and it might interest you to know how things stand today in relation to Thailand.

    The UK was the only country to retain the pound sterling as its main unit whilst NZ and AUS and SAR used half that amount, or ten shillings as it was then. Who, after all these years are the winners and losers? The following figures are reasonable averages of today’s exchange rate against the baht.

    Pound sterling,            38.5 baht

    NZ Dollar 19.1 x 2=     38.2 baht

    AUS Dollar 20.5 x 2 =  41.0 baht        

    SAR Rand 2.00 x 2=     4.00 baht

    So there you have it. The $ AUS is a slight winner while the SAR is a vast loser. There is only one point to add to these numbers and that is that the three commonwealth countries had issues with importations unless you had currency stashed away overseas, mainly in Britain. For this reason people would pay a premium for pounds and dollars, often as high as 25% therefore the UK loss has been even greater.


  4. I admit that I have never given up trying to learn. There is however a middle course that I have aimed for. This is the area that I am involved in and constantly try to add words where it is part of my holiday. I added 'Greedy" the other day! In other words I want to broaden it out from the basics but only into areas that I think that I will use. 

    There is another consideration and that is as follows. many of us guys and girls on the forum have some mileage on the clock. It seems to be generally believed that for older people language learning is conducive to good brain health and anything that will slow down dementia can only be a good thing. I have my lists and flash cards out daily and also have Pimsleur cd's but like Jacko, my spoken Thai never seems to be right to the locals but on the occasion that I get a compliment it can bring on a big smile. 

    If you are going to be a constant visitor to Thailand or could possibly decide to live there then every effort that you make will be rewarded. Also something that I have noted. is that the bar girls (When not speaking Issan, Khymer or Lao) have evolved an understanding of Falang Thai. They seem to be able to overlook the tones and poor pronunciation and sounds that are exclusive to Thai. Am I the only one who has sensible conversations with bar girls and are completely not understood by their parents?

  5. No, same rates apply if you use the bank exchange kiosks. There is a slightly better  rate applied to doing a telex transfer into a bank than if you changed cash in there, then they also make a charge for conversion. Transferwise is usually regarded as the best option for wire transfers.  In reality, if you are going to be exchanging cash, you would be a schmuck to use banks. Go to TT Exchange kiosks where the rate is far better. In Bangkok Superrich offers better cash rates. 
    You mentioned that anyone would be a schmuck to go to a bank ahead of TT. Completely agreed but I wonder if (A) Anyone knows anywhere better and (B) Does anyone use a bank rather than say TT and why? There are 5 TT within about a kilometre of each other in Soi Buakhao of which 2 have off street areas for a bit of privacy. There must be others similar around the place.

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  6. Thanks yet again. Good to see that there is still enough news happening in Pattaya to warrant a monthly post. Please keep going as so many on the board seem to have given up!
    One place I think that I will definitely avoid will be underground toilets in Beach Rd. Sounds like a perfect description of hell to me.

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  7. The answer is to get a Thai bank account. 
    First day in Thailand I change most of my cash for baht. Trot across the road to Kasikorn and pop it into my account. I then spend day by day whatever overseas or retained cash that I have and leave my bank money until I run out. I can then access 24/7 using my ATM card. I always keep something in the Thai account for emergencies, last day accounts to settle, taxis and so forth. Could not be easier.

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  8. As I wander around Pattaya I often see those barrows with toys piled high. I also note that there some really ugly looking plastic pigs, dogs, cats and what have you. I have never even bothered to look at them until a couple of days ago. 

    The TGF usually calls me when she finishes work and with the time difference this is manageable. The other night she was sitting on her bed bashing hell out of a large plastic pig. When that was finished she started on another one of similar size and after that yet another one. The story is that each day she puts her change and some of her tips into a piggy bank and as she is heading home it was time to smash the shit out of them and see what she has to play with. Its her sons birthday and this is her party/present money. All up about 10,000 baht. I always have believed that Thai girls have zero forward planning skills but I now have to eat my words. 

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  9. [https://mail]


    Irish Sawmill Accident.

    Paddy and Mick are two Irishmen working at the local sawmill.

    One day, Mick slips and his arm gets caught and severed by the big bench saw. Paddy quickly puts the limb in a plastic bag and rushes it and Mick to the local hospital.

    Next day, Paddy goes to the hospital and asks after Mick.  The nurse says, "Oh he's out in Rehab exercising".

    Paddy couldn't believe it, but there's Mick out the back exercising his now re-attached arm. The very next day he's back at work in the saw mill.

    A couple of days go by, and then Mick slips and severs his leg on another bloody big saw.

    So Paddy puts the limb in a plastic bag and rushes it and Mick off to Hospital..

    Next day he calls in to see him and asks the nurse how he is.. The nurse replies, "He's out in the Rehab again exercising".

    And sure enough, there's Mick out there doing some serious work on the treadmill. And very soon Mick comes back to work.

    But, as usual, within a couple of days he has another accident and severs his head.

    Wearily Paddy puts the head in a plastic bag and transports it and Mick to hospital.

    Next day he goes in and asks the nurse how Mick is. The nurse breaks down and cries and says, "He's dead."

    Paddy is shocked, but not surprised. "I suppose the saw finally did him in."

    "No", says the nurse, "Some dopey bastard put his head in a plastic bag and he suffocated.


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  10. What bar does Rex use???? .....I'm a little worried it might be me......in the past of course..
    It could come to me but he was there every day when I passed by. That was less than 2 weeks ago. Funny thing is that I was thinking the other day that since I first noticed him he has turned from brown hair to mostly white. I think that I go to Pattaya too much!

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  11. Indian tailors do annoy me. But they dont seem as aggressive as they were 10 years ago. One small way Thailand is improving...555
    I agree with you but have a look at the average Indian tailor as you pass by. Sure as shit he will be on his mobile phone. I honestly think that this is the reason and one of the greatest things we have gained from the mobile.

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  12. Butch, how right you are. Generally speaking I have had a good relationship with Thai people even when I was shagging their daughters! I have some great memories of just sitting around eating and drinking with the TGF and her extended family. 

    It is a bit difficult to recall all the smaller things that happen but I recall a MC taxi rider happy to give me his chair when I couldn't walk awaiting a new hip. I still pass him and we still share some banter. Just a while ago I was chatting with the manager of my hotel and we touched on the currency woes.  Her reply was to say that I could book at the minimum rate and she would upgrade me on every possible occasion. Its a small thing but I have been introduced to a few of my TG's kids and that to me is going beyond the call of duty. As near as the last week I was invited next time in Pattaya to visit a kid of a lady friend. I can hear the cynics saying, "All traps for the gullible farang".I just dont see it that way. To me its a privilege, not a trap.

    I am sure that I could keep recalling but there is one thing that keeps popping up in my memory. This is the way that some of the ladies have gone an extra mile keeping me happy. Its very difficult if you have taken a "Cynical Pill" this morning to believe that we have anything else than a commercial transaction. Sure, many of them are but that only makes the real special one stand out more. I think for instance that we all enjoyed Awesome's recent TR and what he feels he got from it. The other point to this is that as you get older, slower, more decrepit and look like shit the kindness of some of these ladies comes out in stark relief. Again, money may be the motivation but try to get that in the Western World. Yeah right!

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  13. Interesting topic and brings back a few memories.

    The problem is that every day in Pattaya brings forth some weird sights. As for the Glitter Man. I cannot recall the whole thing but I tried to photograph him one day and he got pissed off at me so thanks for the excellent photo in the thread. There are so many eccentrics floating around but some of my favourites are the Cellphone Man in Soi LK. He goes around at march pace having these long conversations I assume with no one. Then there is the guy who works for Scooters, well I assume he is paid. He is about 4ft 9 and wears western gear including a stetson. I have never figures what he does. Then there is the tall and very busty katoey who works at the Rockhouse. I always have a friendly chat but she/he can be outrageous when in the mood. There is another guy who has sat at the same bar from open to close in Soi Buakhao. I call him Rex but who knows but all day long he sups large Chang's and I haven't even see him go to the toilet.  There are many others but if I was to hand out a prize it would be as follows. 

    Each and every day I see "Mr. Everyman" who is any of a few hundred guys held together with spit and chewing gum who have great looking ladies on their arms looking after their every need. I am all for that but for sheer courage its the guys who have lady-boys for a 'Girlfriend'  and who look like guys in dresses rather than feminine katoey. Vive la difference!


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  14. 9 hours ago, nkped said:

    Looking around, discovered that China Airlines has premium economy on their A350 and 777 aircraft.

    I could have booked a ticket at least $200 cheaper using one of the Chinese airlines,. The issue for me is connecting flights and this is where they are of little use. The other issue is that the vast majority of flights had unacceptable lay overs in China and stretched the flight times right out. IF however the times and flight schedule fit with your needs there is nothing wrong with them. 

  15. 12 hours ago, Butch said:

    Teelack I don't suppose you know the name of the pills do you?.

    I have used Zopiclone in the past but it leaves a horrid mettalic taste in my mouth. To sleep during the day I take melatonin (strawberry flavoured - yummy) but it gives me really weired dreams, in fact in some cases very lucid and frightening ones. I also can't take any Benzodiazepenes as they're forbidden at work, and Mrs Butch would go bonkers if I contemplated using them.

    Back onto topic, I see EVA are having a 30th anniversary sale up until the end of November, anyone checked the prices to see if this is like their other sales, i.e not a sale at all?.

    Butch. Yes your correct. Zopiclone. I admit to using them with a couple of red wines and end up with the horrible taste of cheap red in my mouth! Can you advise me but is Melotinin readily available over the counter? do you get pills or liquid? Never tried it but anything to give me a sleep would be a great help. 

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