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  1. As a side comment. For whatever reason the price of avocado's went crazy here a couple of months ago. We grow them locally but first class was as high as $10 each, approx 200 baht. Now down to a quarter of that but beware of the Chinese middle classes who are flexing their economic muscles.

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  2. What is hitting me is the realisation that 380 Baht is £10 GBP.

    I, like many others, used to convert in my head that £10 was about 500 Baht.

    Now a 20 baht tip to round up a bill is more than 50p. A large Leo in my bar in Roiet is 80 Baht or over £2.10 a bottle.

    To put 800,000 Baht in a bank here as required to support a retirement visa is around £21,000 GBP.

    And the rate keeps dropping.......!

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    For more years than I can recall my "In my head" conversion rate was 25 baht to the $NZ . I see that it's now 20.34. The only thing that I have in my favour is that at my age I don't care!

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  3. I would go with an expat like jacko over me. I have only transfered money once. Expats have the knowledge regarding the real world. Mine is more academic. That said, please let us know what you discover. 
    Like you I have only transferred money once. Before my sending bank gave me a crap rate and charges and then Kasikorn slugged me again I chose not to bother again.

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  4. For anyone else sitting in the stupid section alongside Andy - as mentioned previously, this thread is specifically for 'the rate on the street' as normally seen by anyone walking past an exchange booth. It is not for deep delving questions about quantitive easing or any other such financial discussions or even about Mick Jackson and his recordings (his sister used to cut my hair!). It's  really really simple. Please don't walk up to the line and piss over it to the other side and think we'll let it go, because it's getting a bit wearing.
    Enjoy the site and this thread for what it is and keep it for what it was intended - a quick up to date knowledge of what you'll get when you get there - ok?
    Good post. If I see a new post on the topic I look at it. My only concern is that I am aware of what TT is offering so that I can check it against my local banks. Okay, I buy little at home but a few thousand baht in my pocket for cabs and emergencies is a must. God forbid that I ever buy one sodding baht at an airport exchange. Thanks to those who post photos of the rates and don't forget we others out here looking for the information.

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  5. On 6/24/2019 at 5:38 PM, jacko said:

    I have also heard of hotels refusing to undercut  an agent such as Agoda, a booking I made  March Agoda was better! The reason being the hotel can lose the listing.

    While I appreciate the reasoning I was turned off by the guys pissed off response. If he was going to respond like that I wasn't interested in staying there. 

  6. On 6/20/2019 at 11:59 PM, capdagde said:

    I didn't know about that.... thanks.

    They have boards outside the hotel on both Soi 15 and Soi Diana with this offer. I would think that if you are interested that an email to the hotel reminding them of this deal might pay dividends. I haven't bothered checking the internet rates and they may be different. As a matter of interest these signs and that pricing have been there for possible the last three years and was certainly there two weeks ago. 

  7. The other thing that I think is notable in Thailand at the moment is this. In years past the malls and clubs were full of a great range of European, American and Australasian punters. These have been exchanged for Indian, Korean, Chinese and some Russians. Some have not got the money and others come from places where prices for supermarket and mall products are as cheap or cheaper. This seems to me to be the crux of the problem. Exchanging good tourists (for the economy) for bad. The only place that I see many of them buy anything is the 7/11. I also believe that many of the Indian tourists are using Indian travel brokers in Thailand who arrange super cheap packages. I am also lead to believe that a lot of Chinese money for travel and accommodation never gets to Thailand. It all sounds like a recipe for disaster in what is a crucial part of the Thai economy.

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  8. Yes I can see that conversation taking place. Just as real will be the girls who simply cannot make a living. They have the choice to go freelance, and this is already happening.. The other is to pack up and go home. The other thing that hit me this month in Pattaya is that the large shopping malls must also be doing a freeze. Perhaps the powers that be will take more notice of the big money guys than the entertainment industry. Whatever else, there needs to be some radical changes if the tourist industry is to survive.

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  9. Have simply never used any booking websites and always dealt direct with hotel via email or its own website for the simple reason its always cheaper for obvious reasons.
    Stand on me I have checked ever since these sites sprung up....
    I was in Pattaya and fancied a change of accommodation. I found a place that suited me on one of the booking sites and the price was on budget. I then emailed the Canadian owner and asked him about actually pricing as his web site was dearer than the booking agent. He insisted that if I wanted the lowest price that I use Agoda and he was not lowering the price. It was more his attitude rather than the pricing issue but I never did go there.

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  10. I recently became the proud owner of a few boxes of Black Ant pills. I see these on sale all over Pattaya but it is years since I have tried them as they didn't do much for me. I haven't tried this latest lot and wonder if I could get some advice. 

    I have done some reading on Google but its all a bit confusing. I also get the feeling that the formula may have changed and the active ingredient for Viagra etc, may now be included. 

    Anyone here want to offer reviews of the product please?

  11. On the subject of joiner fees. I stayed in Bangla Road, Phuket ( Baan Sukhotai) and as was signing in at reception they told me to sign a document stating that I would pay 1000 baht joiner fee. I really had no option and security was tough. It was a major learning experience for me but I console myself with the fact that I will hopefully never pay another JF in Thailand.

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  12. 1 hour ago, helloitsme said:

    I'm in the middle of a month trip. Fortunately I changed a load of sterling at the start of my trip, at, from memory, 39.8ish. 

    My first longer trip was at 45 or so. Before that I was a 2 week millionaire for many years... and long for 60plus again!!!

    These days, what's changed? 

    Gone are the barfines and short times from gogos.  Hello thaifriendly. Short times are now afternoons, not evenings, and mainly with regulars who I know "deliver", although now the gf takes care of those needs. (Gf (a relatively new development for me!) works, often from 10am until 11pm, so I am free during the day and early evening)

    Gone are big spending nights out in gogos. I might visit gogos say 3 times a week, but it's one or two, for a solitary drink, not 4 or 5 for several. 

    Gone are the schweppes  manoa, or coke light at 140b in some places. Instead I, as a relative non-drinker, buy a draft beer at half the price, and it sits untouched infront of me. If I'm with drinking friends, they have it.

    Gone are multiple lady drinks. Tequila is banned. Occasional ladydrinks if a girl is good company, and I'm getting my moneys worth. Tips are now just the lose change, unless there are 10b coins involved. 

    Gone is taking laundry to the little lady in her shop. I now use her 30b machine twice a week... no, I dont iron it, so maybe I look a bit scruffier...!!

    Gone are the daily back or foot massages. Now twice a week, and 20b tip, not 100. My regular massage girl has an aussie bf and understands exchange rates, and is just grateful for the custom as things are slow.

    Gone are the afternoon Starbucks with friends. Cheaper (and better) coffee to be had elsewhere.

    Gone is eating out daily. Even catering for one person, I can eat cheaply in the condo, although the menu is a bit similar from day to day. Yes, I do still eat out, but its thai cart food, rather than top, or even middle end stuff.

    Gone is the 24hour aircon.  If I'm alone, its windows open and fans on. Fortunately I get a sea breeze, can open doors at both ends of the condo, and have flyscreens. Yes, I use aircon to sleep, but at 26, not 24 degrees.

    Gone are the baht bus rides for short distances (I've never used motorbike taxis). I walk, with obvious health benefits. Gone are the 19b ice cream sundaes from Burger King at the end of walks.

    Sounds like I am a real cheap Charlie. 2 years ago I stayed in town for 5 months, and was averaging 90k b a month for everything, about 2k sterling. Ive still got 2k sterling, but need to cut 10k baht from my budget. Its doable, but is it as enjoyable?

    What's the next thing to go? I'm looking at cheaper accommodation for next winters trip.  Currently paying 16k for a nice 1 bed seaview condo. I know I can get a studio without a sea view for half that, but....

    Tipping point? Not sure, but if it hits 35 I'll be seriously thinking about it... but I said that about 40...!!!

    Great post and brings up the question. Its not the 'Tipping Point" rather than when are you going to change your spending habits and can you handle a holiday if you have to make some saving?. There are so many ways to change your spending without down grading your holiday but I accept for some it wont be easy. I have met people who refuse to eat Thai food. I love my condo living in Pattaya and it halved the cost of staying in a hotel. I could go on but I am sure that almost everyone could cut back if they truly wanted a Pattaya holiday. I am in such a good place that I hadnt even considered a tipping point although I admit I was horrified at the airport rates a week or so ago. 

  13. Just read this on Pattaya news. 


    The Tourism Ministry of Thailand reported yesterday, June 20th, 2019, the following news in regards to tourism arrivals in Thailand and the news isn’t positive:

    -A total of a 1.03% drop in the total number of tourists year over year in May.

    -A total of 2.7 million tourists in May.

    -Spending of 135 billion baht, down 0.95% from the prior year.

    -Chinese tourists declined 8.55% year over year.

    -Total tourism dollars in May accounted for about 12% of the gross domestic product.

  14. 6 minutes ago, jacko said:

    Optimistic. Since everyone arriving or leaving will have to do this extra step I doubt it will speed things up. How is it used, it will ensure you and your passport are the same person. Getting a new passport will not hide past indiscretions. Those of dual nationality who switch between passports can be linked. Data will likely get shared around the world. 

    You may be completely correct however when the Smartgate system started I doubt that anyone realised just how efficient it would become. The one  step that has been dropped for some years in NZ is the stamping of passports. I would imagine that whatever else they will still want to bang that stamp and earn their baht. In the final analysis perhaps all they will achieve is to filter out some of the people on duals such as you have mentioned. 

  15. It must be me but on arrival I used the priority lane (over seventy) and same on the way out. I was the only traveler who in the line on both way in and way out. The biometric info was completed on the way out in possibly 2 minutes. Ok, I realise that this is not typical but works well for me. I have no idea how the info will be used but my experience with Smart gate technology in New Zealand has been brilliant. Through in less than a minute and zero queuing. We can only hope that in the long run this will speed the process up.

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  16. I understand there may be reasons prices are not indicated, but even a range between cheapest rooms in low season and dearest rooms for the same period, plus a similar range for high season would be of benefit, and you could add that an email or phone call "COULD" find occasional 'specials'.  As mentioned above, it does make such choices much easier.
    I have racked my brain and can't think of any reason why prices would not be shown. I guess that 99% of hotels etc are on Agoda and suchlike and they all manage to put prices on the rooms. Personally, nothing would get me anywhere near a place where I wasn't 100 % clear on the pricing structure.

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  17. Neither sterling or the $US are typical currencies for reasons mentioned in the topic. To get a better perspective look at the Dollars for Australia and New Zealand. Both currencies have tanked by around 25% against the baht in recent years. This is not weakness in either country, more the appreciation of the baht against many currencies.

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  18. I had a monthly plan but I ate up the data quickly. The one way to handle this (well as far as AIS goes) is that there are regular bolt on packages sent to my phone on almost a daily basis. I keep these and top up with what seems appropriate to my needs. all told in a month I spent an extra 100 baht using this method. 

    As a side issue. During the month I downloaded the AIS app and then got it converted to English. There is a shit load of info on this app that I am just coming to grips with. 

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  19. I've made a decision: 4 nights at the Sabai Lodge in Soi 2 because I've been there. That will give me enough time to explore other places. Thanks for your input Teelack. And your travel adventures.
    Good plan and one that I usually recommend. Take a look at Soi Diana as there are 3 good hotels but a ten minute walk gets you to Soi 10 which is all hotels and of a decent class. (except for the Sawadee!). Soi Honey has a couple of decent places now and slap bang in the middle of the area is the Base. By the way. At the top of Soi 2 are 2 music bars next to each other and they both have bands trying to outdo the other. To add to the mayhem another band was playing flat out across the road at the Big C mall. Don't write the area around Soi 2 off as there are a heap of bars in the vicinity including Drinking Street. Finally, there are 2 quality places on Second and 2. Siam Siam and Sabai Empress.

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  20. 23 minutes ago, sabaidii2 said:

    1) The Areca has the standard shower-over-the-tub. I want a stand-alone shower
    2) Their promotion for the Standard room(no breakfast) is 1604 baht / night

    Maybe I ought to consider a condo instead of a hotel

    By no means am I saying that you are wrong. Working on the basis that it is 20 years since you have been in Pattaya I wonder if you are aware that this place now stretches from Soi Diana to Soi 15. That's a hell of a lot of construction since you were last in town. 

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