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  1. I asked a number of people about the Lek before I booked and I would like to share some thoughts with you.

    The good news is the location. No problems and great for everywhere.


    The bad news. Well it is cheap. I had a standard room on the 6th floor for 700 baht but decided to up grade to the new block. The room I had was on the front and facing No2 Road and had no balcony.

    The rooms I was offered were at the back away from the pool and were either 1200 or 1300 and there was little real benefit so I stayed where I was.


    The meals are cheap at 95 for breakfast and 165 for dinner however I stopped after 2 days as the food was never hot enough for me and sits for hours.


    I would go back but I would demand a room overlooking the pool and would eat out every meal.

  2. I have mislaid the emails that I was sent regarding Bangkok to Pattaya travel. I will be at the domestic on the 8th of September at 1.00PM.


    Seems that there is a dumping place in the area where cabs from Pattaya await people wanting to go there. As I understand it you phone a number from the airport, pay your 900 Baht and thats that.


    Has anyone used this service. Can you confirm the details. And of course any one going to Pats at the same time and wanting to share, let me know.



  3. Thanks for the great replies. I have a solution and here it is.

    I have in fact booked a room in the old wing at the Lek for 700 Baht a night. I spend little time in the room so no issue. I have however every intention of up grading to the new wing when I get there, find out the quiet and noisy side and if I believe that the 300baht a night is justified.

  4. I have had some good feedback here but I now want to get a booking into the system for Pats. 21 days to wheels up!


    I want to stay in the central area, Soi 7 down to Soi 13 say, but not stuck in concrete, and for less than 1000 per night. User friendly, preferably in-room safe and good pool.


    Please let me have your suggestions for the best deals at the moment.

  5. I asked a question here recently re the Lek Hotel. I am totally confused by the contradictory responses. Some love it and some hate it.

    This was on the list of places to try and I have today received the following email from the hotel. This is in my response to 8 nights in September.



    We would like to inform you room are during low season, on September 2005 standard room new wing is baht 1,000.-/night and standard room old wing is Baht 700.-/night, please reply to us again for reservation and advise your flight number and arrival time at Lek Hotel.


    My questions are:

    1. This sounds like a good deal. Is it worth paying more for the new wing?

    2. Does the old wing have in room safes?

    3. Is this place user friendly. Some say yes and some say no?


    Any thoughts appreciated.


  6. I am flying from Phuket to Bangkok and then travelling down to Pats. I assume there will be a lot less opportunity to share cabs etc however I was wondering if there was any up sides?

    I also assume that if I wanted to go by bus that the airport bus calls into the domestic terminal as well?

    Any thoughts

  7. I have stayed at the Marriot in Pattaya and BK. Liked them both except for the pool in BK. The great thing about BK Marriot is that it is next to Nana and is the best located place in town. I think it is the perfect place to stay in the night before your flight out as you can leve the bags there and its easy onto the motorways and simple to all parts of the City.

  8. My count down meter tells me it is 59 days to go so I should start thinking about bookings.

    Can people who have been in Pattaya recently suggest the best deal up to 1000 baht.


    For me I like to be in the action, from Soi 7 into town best suits.

    Good swimming pool.

    User friendly.

    Breakfast part of the deal if possible,

    In room safe if possible.

    Not too much construction noise.


    I would really like some suggestions please.


  9. Thanks Pete. Another gem of erudition. Have to say that if you chose to move to another third world country in the future, New Zealand would be a good choice.

  10. Just wanted to say that I thought that the standard of writing and use of the language is a credit to you. I usually like what you say but whatever else the standard of 'journalism' is always excellent. Your still setting the pace Pete.

    Regards from the Shaky Isles

  11. Have stayed there before but I was just as happy when I went down market a bit. The drinks and meals at pool side are expensive and to be honest most of the women staying there were well out of my league.

    This is a good hotel, central but if the option is that I get a lot less money to spend on the true luxuries of life (women and drink), give me the 1000-1500 baht places anyday.

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