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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. 'not' ...... Im not confused. Im saying the form is.

    If you think it's logical and clear to ask for a visa number and expect you to write a permit number....... fine.


    If you think the man-hours, (or Trudeau people-hours), wasted looking for somewhere else on the form where it says, 'enter permit number' and then after failing to find that digging out their visa number and adding their permit number to the end in order to 'logically comply' as being not wasted time........ fine.

    If you think the time wasted by immigration officers deciphering the numbers and thus adding to the queuing time and length of queues at airports unimportant........ fine.


    You think it's trivial..... not important enough for comment, or just quibbling........Fine. What are you making of the, 'How to make lasagna in pictures' thread?


    I'll stick by my comment that the re-designed TM6 needs re-designing. It still sows confusion and wastes time....


    Unimportant you say?.... Fine.


    Atlas gave a gallic shrug.......oops!

    I'm with you on this one Atlas, and my solution is to simply leave that item blank, while looking bemused at the immigration officer who will find the correct number to put in there. Half the time I can't read their writing anyway, so it works out.


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  2. Thanks for the reply's gents, I will be in a house in the Khau Talo area and want to use an android box to watch tv plus stream films on m laptop, hope this helps

    Should be fine. Have a friend off khao talo who uses TRUE and he's happy with it.


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  3. I use NordVpn exclusive and quite satisfied with it.

    When you connect out of country, check the usage percentage. Pick the lowest.

    If the usage percentage continues to grow your connection might start acting unreliably. I'd go back to the VPN I chose and check the percentages of the servers in that country. Sometimes they all get highly utilized. In that case, find another VPN in that country or elsewhere.

    For $78 USD for 3 (or 2) years, it's a great package that requires a bit of monitoring..

    For me, it's the only VPN that gives me access to all the content Netflix hides by VPN checking. They have some way of getting around that check.


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  4. I have a smart watch with a microphone and motion detector. It works with an app on my phone, called "Sleep as Android". It records snoring, movement, pulse rate and categorizes one's sleep as deep, REM, or light.

    It also detects periods where you may have fallen asleep and asks you later if, in fact, you were sleeping. This usually covers the time I am driving long distances (kidding!).

    Anyway, it's good at analyzing your sleep, and having the smart watch do the monitoring is much more accurate than a PC monitoring you from a distance.

    You can also use it without a smart watch, but you need to have your mobile close to you when you're sleeping.


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  5. Bought a series 2 Amazon Firestick yesterday for the TV in the Bedroom. Quite surprised at how fast it is. Loaded the latest Kodi on and then Kodinolimits and again quite surprised at how quick it is and how responsive the Alexa voice control is.

    £29.99 from Argos.

    Amazon is selling them for $34 plus 8% tax here in California now.

    I'm thinking I'll buy one.


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  6. I just discovered that Villa Market sells Crest toothpaste. One of those comfort items for some of us.

    Prior to my trip to the USA, my daughter asked me if there was anything I wanted since she was on her way to shopping.


    The first thing iI asked for was Crest toothpaste, regular.. Like the original.


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  7. On my trip to USA this week, I checked the box that I have trouble walking long distances. Thai Air and United took that to mean I needed a wheelchair for the whole trip.

    When I checked in, they had me sit and wait for a wheelchair. The guy took me to get my re-entry stamp, then to the priority line for search. Then to the gate where I was the first to board.

    At Osaka, my stopover, I passed by the wheelchair waiting, and went thru all the search stuff again. My wheelchair caught up with me somehow, and after that, he took me to my gate where I was front of the line, but not first.

    At SFO, I actually was hoping there was a wheelchair waiting and there he was. It's a long walk to immigration. He took me to the crew section, and we waited a moment until we were waved over. In and out in 5 minutes. My bag was second off the carousel. The guy put it under me on the wheelchair. Off to customs, where we got the pass through to the exit.

    I requested he drop me off outside in the smoking area at the nearest gate where my daughter would pick me up. He said I could stay in the wheelchair and he'd come back for it later.

    My daughter arrived and off we went, as I waved to my handy wheelchair.


    What a way to go!

  8. I've read White Fang, The Prince, and Shantaram long ago, though Shantaram most recently. I have to say, it's a wonderful, engaging, story of an amazing man's life. Some question about the truth to some of his stories, but nonetheless, it's a great read.


    I concur, everyone who hasn't read Shantaram, and would enjoy an exotic view of the lesser known parts of India, should put this on their reading list.

  9. Were the interviewers polite?

    Did they use any language that could be interpreted as being demeaning or intolerant?

    I wasn't there, but the purpose of the interview is an interrogation, so as polite as one makes it, the interviewee is still likely to be on the defensive. My wife did not complain about their tone or attitude, only the lack of information about what they wanted from her with regard to my visa status. I never bothered to share that with her. When 90 day report or annual extension time came up, I just told her I was going to immigration. I didn't feel that going into more detail was any value or interest to her (leaving aside my opportunity to visit soi 6 next door without a time constraint :P ). They made her feel deficient for not knowing more about my visa situation.

  10. Have a good stay Martin, hope Pin can eventually join you despite what appears tantamount to a vendetta on the part of your Bangkok embassy.

    They denied her visa again. From what she says, they were more interested in my Thailand Visa status and either failed to find something they wanted, or think they found something prejudicial to her case.


    I feel like Josef K. in Kafka's, The Trial, confronted with unknown accusers who won't tell me what the crime is. In this case, they've turned her down without explanation for failures on my part that they won't tell me, nor will they give me a chance to defend myself.


    In the second of 3 interviews they couldn't find my valid retirement visa extension in my passport. It was there, just not where they thought it should be.


    The third and last interview, she provided a copy of my extension, good until Nov 2018, and they asked how many extensions I had had, which she could not answer. Because I had already left Thailand with my passport, they couldn't go searching for them. If I knew what they wanted, I could provide photos of every extension, but I'm afraid if I do that, they'll come up with some other hurdle and send her packing. Hence, the apparent vendetta, as Bushcraft put it.


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  11. Well, the "system" (getting local Italian content into wider distribution) is working very well.


    Gomorra, season 3, episodes 7 and 8 were broadcast two days ago, and video files are already available along with English translations in the usual Dropbox directory.


    Note that these are small files as well.

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  12. After the dramatic finish to episode 4, there was an agonizing wait for the following episodes. They take a while to make their way from the Italian sources to the multilingual general sites. Hence, the long delay between pairs of episodes.


    Finally, episodes 5 and 6 are available in the Dropbox.




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  13. To finish my bit off............


    Went to 4th floor of Pattaya International for EN&T........Knew I was in the right place when as the lift doors opened I saw a, Hadj'ed-up and Burqa'd old couple each with their fingers up their noses picking out something to leave on the arm of the chairs they were seated at.


    Well we've all done it!


    Had my vitals checked again.........After a brief catch-up with the new Dr he decided it called for a better view and pulls out what reminded me of Wyatt Earp's 'Buntline Special' with a longer.......much longer barrel.


    'Tell me if it hurts'..............Bloody right mate!


    He dabs the 'barrel' into some antiseptic focuses the end of the camera and sticks it up my nose.


    'My Buddha' says the Dr laughing..... 'it's full ...Your nose is full'


    I thought of a number of funny replies but with a Buntline Special up your nose you lose the power of speech!


    All I could see were pale pink bubble-like buds.......'Full of snot' I was told. But this was just the beginning...... I was about to lose what the bar girls call the 'pomajali' or the virginity....... of my right nostril. Probing upwards he hit the spot we all know is somewhere up our nose but even back in infant school our fingers have never reached. He found the spot and pushed through.


    I couldn't see what he saw, (probably the dark cavity where my brain should be) as my eyes were closed tight shut and streaming.


    'Does it hurt?'


    'Hmm.... a bit'


    Out comes the 'Buntline Special' and Wyatt sits back.........'No tumour or infection'


    Tumour!! Tumour!! I hadn't even considered that....Thankfully....Or my blood-pressure readings would have been very different.


    'Allergy 100%'


    He proscribed some high power antihistamines and spray and promised they'd sort things out. I wiped my streaming eyes, thanked him feeling better already.......... mostly because it wasn't a tumour.


    Bht 4600.


    Worth it to me.

    Did it work?

  14. Ok, it is Box. The username is taltos1802@Gmail.com and password reykjavik75. I am still working on the upload and will let you know when it is all finished.

    Are they uploaded yet? It looks like you have a bunch of books already, but I don't know if they are complete.


    This is great! Thank!




    just last night I had a meal where the lady asked if i was ok with 'spicy.' i said 'spicy ok.' The kitchen staff must have thought ' we show falang what spicy means' and made it, shall we say, err spicy!!


    To be fair it was bloody good, but it cleared my sinuses in a jiffy - although I replaced the lost bodily fluids with copious amounts of beer. You cant be too careful these days!


    If all else fails, Atlas, ask them if you can get spicy meal on prescription!



    Snorting wasabi works wonders too!


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