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  1. If anyone knew what the fares are now we would know if there was an increase.

    Most trips in central Pattaya are 50B for locals 60B for farangs on holiday. My Thai girlfriend could negotiate lower fares of 20B or 30B per person for very short trips. I took a picture a couple of years ago of a price list posted at a taxi stand that listed quite a few destinations. I will post the picture if I can find it.
  2. Thanks for your comments Barcode. Will look into it today as the long-braised duck is usually tender and fall off the bone. Not had negative feedback on the sauce before, I shall try it myself later. Along with the gratin. Will revert back here as soon as possible.

    As for the wine, it is the cheapest table wine bar Mont Clair you can find, and sold at a correspondingly low price, so I would always advise wine connoisseurs to opt for an alternative - premier cru, it is not :)

    The duck did not fall off the bone. It had to be cut off and more than a little was stuck to the bone. I was judging the wine by what I've been served in other Pattaya restaurants at the same price, not what I drink at home in California.


    Thanks for your response.

  3. I had a wonderful sashimi lunch today at Sushi Hiro in the newly renovated Big C shopping mall. The food, service, and ambiance were excellent. Because of the grand opening they have some fabulous discounts if you are paying cash.


    I had akami and salmon sashimi with miso soup and water to drink. Huge pieces of fish beautifully served in a bowl of crushed ice. The quality of the fish was outstanding. The akami is normally 1000 thb but I paid only 400 thb. Salmon is usually 235 thb but I paid 110 thb. Miso soup was free with the meal. Total bill was 540 thb.


    Some menu items were discounted up to 70%. Try it out before the grand opening discounts are gone.

  4. Last night I had my first dinner at Bite Me Bistro. I had duck confit with salad and potato gratin along with a glass of Italian Merlot. The meal was very disappointing. I hate to be negative but I have to be honest.


    The best thing was the salad. It was excellent and perfectly dressed. I could have eaten a large plate of the salad. The wine was undrinkable. The gratin was very watery, almost like soup, and had little flavor. The duck was tough and under seasoned. It didn't seem to be a confit but just a boring brown sauce. I wouldn't have cared what it was called if it had been good.


    With all the positive reviews I will try it again some time but I know two Italian restaraunts in Pattaya where I can get an excellent first course salad, entrée, and glass of wine for what I paid for my poor meal at Bite Me Bistro.

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