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  1. On 8/5/2022 at 7:26 AM, Olded said:

    Did anyone recently stay at Nana Hotel? Years ago it was turning into a dump, Did a new owner take it over? The internet has it as a 3.5 star hotel now?

    Friends who stayed at the Nana in the past few months have mixed opinions.  Some say it's a dump to be avoided, others say it's at least  acceptable. I believe the difference is whether you get a refurbished room.

    It's been 10 years since I stayed at the Nana and that was only for one night.  I got one of the (then) recently refurbished rooms and it was OK.  The hotel itself was quite shabby, with dark and dingy corridors. The Nana was built quickly and cheaply in 1963 and very little money has been spent on maintaining it.  The Nana needs a massive renovation, but that's not likely to happen.

    Bottom line;  Much better options than the Nana can be found nearby. The only reason to pick the Nana in 2022 is to say you've stayed there or for a sense of nostalgia.



  2. 11 hours ago, kratos said:

    its almost 3 years and now planning  a trip to pattaya next month, i have the Cc discount card  is it still valid? and is it at the same place in bukhao?

    I haven't been in Pattaya for 30 months, but I try to contribute to the board by re-posting FB and Web site menus and specials for inexpensive food.

    To my knowledge, Cheap Charlie's is still on Buakhao, but I don't know about the discount card. Maybe someone with boots on the ground can ask or you could send a message via CC's FB page?


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  3. The Queen Victoria Inn is a venerable and popular restaurant and guest house that's been serving visitors to Pattaya for more than two decades.  I always found it a reliable and inexpensive place to have a meal or an ale while taking a break from the bustle of Soi 6.

    My standard disclaimer:  I haven't been in Pattaya since late January 2020, so I can't know what's happened ass Pattaya emerges from the Covid restrictions.  I'm posted the Queen Vic menu for informative purposes.  Those with boots on the ground will have to write the reviews.

    The queen Vic has plenty of specials and ordinary menu items under 300 baht.  It also has three weekly all-you-can-eat buffets, but the curry and U.K.-style Chinese buffets are 325 baht and the Sunday carvery is 370 baht.  You can find more info on the buffets on the Queen Vic Web site.






    The QV Facebook page says they have begun offering Philly cheesesteaks, but I couldn't see any details regarding price.


    The Nordic breakfast (scrambled eggs and smoked salmon) at 180 baht was a favorite of mine.










  4. I saw the Wombat & Kiwi Bar (corner of Soi 9, Jomtien Beach Road) mentioned on another board, so I went to their Facebook page.  The prices are very low:


    This is their Monday special:

    They also have "all-you-can-eat" specials for 99 baht!  I don't like to link directly to Facebook, but it's easy to find the details for anyone who's interested.  They also have a Sunday roast for 99 or 150 baht.


    Since I've been in the U.S. for the past 30 months, I can't vouch for the quality of the food.  But at least one "boots-on-ground" reviewer whose judgment I trust says it's good and definitely value for money.


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  5. 4 hours ago, maipenrai said:

    Yes, they own some condos themselves and act as agents for many others; I've stayed at 16 of their condos in various locations over the last nine years and have almost always been happy with the arrangements - they do tend to be a little more expensive than some of their competition but the condos are all well-equipped and maintained and you know what you are getting, and Tik and the crew are great people to deal with - 

    My friend isn't exactly effervescent with praise,  but he has only good things to say about Tik.  On the few occasions there has been a problem with his booking or his stay, she has always resolved it quickly and to his satisfaction.  He's impressed  by her professionalism and he is not easily impressed.

    Unlike some farang with similar operations,  DW has always remained within the boundaries of Thai law.  Farang can rent out condos they own without a work permit, but a Thai subject has to manage the rental.  Farang are only allowed to be passive owners; they can't handle bookings or maintenance , nor can they do marketing without a work permit.  Because Tik handles the business side, everything is legit.


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  6. I'm kicking this thread alive again. There's always a need for information about inexpensive restaurants which serve good food. I'm trapped in the U.S. due to Covid, so I can't offer dining experiences more recent than two years ago, but I can help out by posting menus and info on specials from restaurants' Facebook pages and Web sites. I would advise everyone to check the restaurants' social media sites to be sure the information below is still accurate.  Things change fast in these strange times!

    I'll start with the LK Metro area.  The Rockhouse has a new menu. Whenever I ate there, the food was good and value for money.


    Harry's is another dependable restaurant in the LK Metro area.  It offers Swedish and international dishes at reasonable prices.




    I never had a bad meal at Kilkenny. I found the Sunday lamb roast and the weekly porkchop special very tasty and excellent value for money. Kilkenny was one of my "go-to" restaurants while living in Pattaya. I'm posting a list of their most recent specials.  As I recall, it's the same daily special(s) every week, but check Kilkenny's Facebook page to be sure.

    killogo.png   kilA.png






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  7. I'm bumping this thread to wish everyone 


    Ever wonder why we call a turkey a turkey?  The answer goes back more than 600 years.  In the 15th century, African birds called guinea fowl were exported to Britain by Turkish merchants of the Ottoman Empire.  The birds were called Turkey cocks or hens and the name was eventually shortened to "turkeys" or "turkies."  When English explorers reached North America in the 1500s and saw the bird we today call the wild turkey, they thought it was a relative of the (guinea fowl) "turkey" with which they were familiar.  The name stuck.

    A guinea fowl on the left, a wild turkey on the right.


    The wild turkey was quickly domesticated by English farmers, but was still a very different bird than the one we enjoy today at Thanksgiving and Christmas.  It was much leaner and the tough meat had a gamey taste.  It would not have been roasted whole but cut up and served as a stew or in a meat pie.  The head, neck and wings were used as decorations on festive occasions, as in Still Life with a Turkey Pie by the Dutch artist Pieter Claesz in 1627 ...


    or this painting by G. Vervorn in 1658 ...


    Most Americans believe the Thanksgiving holiday can be traced back to 1621 when the Pilgrims of  Plymouth Colony invited members of the local Wampanoag tribe to a harvest feast that lasted three days. That event did take place, but not in the form it is usually pictured.  The painting below reflects a very romantic version that arose during the 1800s and continues to this day.  More on that in a follow-up post.


    Again, Happy Thanksgiving!


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  8. On 10/12/2021 at 7:46 AM, cunneyes said:

    @Evil PenevilDo i have enough rep votes?

    Your question should be addressed to frostfire or one of the Mods.  I'm a long-time member of Pattaya Talk, but I have no "official" standing. As far as I know, though,  there's no minimum number of rep points required for advancement. I believe MM (RIP), the former owner of Pattaya Talk, required 20 posts to gain full membership, but I'm not sure if that still applies.

    MM put in place the membership requirements and reputation system to deal with problems that have largely disappeared.  The major destructo-trolls no longer have any interest in the Pattaya boards and nowadays prefer to post on private Web sites or in Facebook groups. Some have retreated to bridges in their home countries.


    The commercial spammers who start thread after thread to advertise their dubious products are still a potential problem.  That's why it makes sense to have membership posting privileges in stages.


  9. @frostfire and @jacko I believe the limitations on the Upgrade group go back more than a decade to the days when some individuals, a few  previously banned, would join Pattaya Talk for the sole purpose of voting up a certain member's posts at the maximum number of votes allowed per day.  They would also vote down the posts of members they didn't like, especially the opponents of one hungry little fellow.

    Martin wanted to limit the ability of new members to give reputation votes until they proved they weren't just trolls trying to manipulate the reputation system.  The main reason, though, for the Upgrade group was to block commercial spammers who would start dozens of threads if allowed to post immediately after joining.



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  10. 7 hours ago, Bullfrog said:

    The sausages and rashers look good, and I am sure you'd be given more butter for the toast if required but those eggs look awful with bugger all yoke to dip anything into. Of course that is a personal opinion and I wouldn't be offended if you said they were bloody delicious! 

    Hard-frying egg yolks does appear to be a Thai thing, possibly related to a fear of salmonella but mostly just a matter of taste. I have encountered a lot TGs who were totally shocked that farang ate eggs with runny yolks.  I used to order pad krapao moo at least once a week at a favorite Thai hole-in-the-wall restaurant,  but the cook absolutely refused to lightly fry the egg.


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  11. I know a lot of BMs are interested in breakfast deals.  The mega breakfast at Nicky's for 195 baht looks to put more food (and calories) on the plate at a lower price than any other restaurant in Pattaya.


    The pic above is from a Twitter post. 

    According to Nicky's FB page,  there's also a "full English breakfast" for 99 baht. It's more food than most of us need in the morning. 



    Both the mega breakfast and the full English include a choice of tea or coffee. They look to be proper English fry-ups!

    The Robin Hood Tavern in The Avenue shopping plaza also has some good breakfast options, but the prices given are limited specials. Full Irish brekky including tea or coffee for 249 baht:


    The breakfast bagel or sunrise skillet are healthier options and still value for money.


    I haven't been in Pattaya for 14 months so I can't vouch for the quality of the food these days at Nicky's or the RHT.  But unless things have gone downhill, the food holds a good standard at both restaurants.  


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