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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.

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Found 4 results

  1. I can recommend La Petite Planete for French-style cuisine. It's run by a Belgian who knows his cooking. It's located about half-way down a sub soi that runs along one side of Tukcom, the side closet to 2nd Road. It's small and there's nothing fancy about the place, but the food is excellent. For a quick, unpretentious French-style bistro meal, La Petite Planete is a good choice. It also features a limit menu of Thai food and the girls I've taken there who've sampled the Thai dishes gave it the thumbs up. I've never had a bad meal there and more than one truly good one. H
  2. New York Diner opened the first of August 2014. It's run by Insomnia and in the back, has access to the IBar back area. NYD is in the same location as the venerable Don Joe Italian restaurant (Walking Street) was located for many years. When I asked, I was told NYD is open from 4pm till 8am. This makes it ideal for a late late meal or snack on Walking Street. These photos were taken over 5 late night visits to NYD where I stopped in for a snack or light meal. The service is excellent, as is typical of Insomnia staff who are very well trained. The interior is nicely done up to show walls wi
  3. Layla's is on Soi 16 off of Walking Street. It's a nice clean interior, is almost capable of cutting out the sounds of the Arab section (unless someone opens the door). They have a varied menu with reasonable pricing (for the area). The google map street view is at http://goo.gl/rMQS2p. To see the map location, click the box that says BACK TO MAP in the lower left panel. This street view shows the front of the restaurant. We had chicken curry, chicken tikka masala, and butter nan, water and pineapple lassi (not shown). The total bill for what is shown was 580 baht (two diners). Service w
  4. This is one of many Indian restaurants on 2nd Road near Marine Plaza. This one is right next to Wattana Market You can see the street view athttp://goo.gl/428IRC I'm not a connoisseur of Indian food, but this was good according to my tastes, and I'd go back for what I had or one of the many other choices on the menu. The service was excellent, and I had only been set for a few minutes when my meal started coming out...all assembled within a few minutes. I wish I'd asked for a doggie bag! Total cost was 320 baht, including the bottle of water I didn't order but needed after diving into
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