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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.

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Found 3 results

  1. Taxi for Rent from Pattaya : BKK Airport - Start from 1000 THB DMK - Start from 1400 THB Buriram - 3500 THB / Oneway Drop Kanchanaburi - 3500 THB / Oneway Drop Nakhon Ratchasima - 3500 THB / Oneway Drop Krabi - 8500 THB / Oneway Drop Phuket - 8500 THB / Oneway Drop
  2. To stay within the intent of Teelack's recent thread thread, I would like to share my positive story for 2014 A good friend of mine made up her mind a couple of months ago that she needed a change of career. The old career was reasonably lucrative, but had a few aspects that she had grown tired of, and she decided a clean break was what she needed. So she set up in business as a Taxi driver, based in Pattaya, providing rides to and from airports, and various other destinations us mongerers want to go from time to time, golf courses, BKK, tourist attractions, in fact, anywhere you want to go. She engaged my assistance, and that of a few more BM, here and on a couple of other boards, to advise members of her new service. She charges a little above the cut rate fares charged by some providers, but for that, you get your Tolls paid on Airport runs, you get Ford Focus with plenty of space, as opposed to a smaller Vios, you get a lady driver, very careful, instead of an adrenaline, testosterone or Yabba fueled male driver, so the experience isn't as hair raising as it often can be. And a few snacks and cold water thrown in. Added bonus, she is cute, and speaks O.K English, and is happy to chat on the way to your destination. Now, after her first full month driving, she has proved to be quite popular with our members. A true success story. Most of her income goes to support her mother, grandmother and her two young children back home. No freeloading boozing gambling males in her family! You can book her on email namnamthailand@gmail.com, or look at her Facebook page "Nam's Taxi Lady Driver Pattaya" She is busy designing a webpage right now... Give her a try, she deserves a shot at making herself and her family a better life....
  3. Stayed at the Areca so I thought it would easy to book with Mr T which is just across the road. We need a mini van to drop of family members at the old airport and return. The return was just 2 people so asked to change to a car but they did not have a driver returning so had to pay 1500 baht each way for a mini van no problem. The next day at 11.30 am this dirty old van arrives with an oldish driver by the time we got to soi longkee I wanted to get out he was jerky on the throttle and weaving in out of the motor bikes parked on the sides and beeping to all the taxi stands. Pauls says wait till we get to the hiway he will smooth out my last chance was on Sukhumvit should of got out then. He took the motor way avoided as many tolls as possible and took two and half hours. Don't know if he was on some type of drug but he was frigidity and sniffing the nose tube , tugging his ear and eating the coffee lollies the whole time. The aircon packed in once we reached the traffic in Bangkok. The card we had for Mr T the office number was disconnected and the 2 moible numbers I couldn't read one of the digits on each. When we got to the airport I asked him to ring the boss on my phone but he wouldn't and used his head set, I told him we were staying there and would give him 2000 baht he said the boss said ok. When I gave him the 2000 baht he said what no tip I just shoved it in his hand and walked away. When we got the girls through to imagination we went outside and flagged down a new taxi with a bit of Thaiglish we were able to get across that fast okay but good safe drive. 1500 baht express way include all tolls and no tip. It took 1.45 minutes and the driver didn't know Pattaya so we had show him how to get to soi Diana. Went straight to Mr T offices it took the girl a bit to work out that we were the couple that did not return with driver. Then I told exactly what I thought of the driver. All she could really say was she would pass it on to Mr T. We have done 14 return plus trips all different times and companys and this was the worst ever, never ever will use Mr T again.
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