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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.

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Found 5 results

  1. Hi, I got question regarding as in topic. My passport got 4 sigle pages left, which is 8 sides to put stamps (4x2 each page got 2 sides)... My triple entry visa is going to run out and I got flight to laos soon, to get double entry thai visa, in Vientiane.. May b someone is good about it cuz got a lot experience, like how many pages do I need for laos visa (is it take whole page?) Then thai double visa, and then cambodia visa on my second entry + local immigration 30 days extension How much pages all that would take I think I got enough, but after that my passport will
  2. Hi, got a question, I plan to go to thailand, stay as long as i can with my gf... So looking on visa options for myself. I am on polish (Poland), passport, I found on visa application form something like this: "TOURIST VISA Tourist Visas are available with one, two or three entries. The one (1) entry visa has a validity of three months from date of issue. The two (2) and three (3) entry visas have a validity of six months from date of issue. On arrival in Thailand with a valid Tourist Visa nationals of the following countries are entitled to remain
  3. Hello everyone, What a long strange trip it has been so far right? Some background info: I am 26 now and been a member of this forum for about 8 years and at last I need some real help from you guys. I have been in Thailand 12 times ( every time 2-3 weeks ) so far with my first time in 2001 as a 14 year old and my last time 2 years ago when i was 24. I might post my big and long Thailand story some time but for now I'll keep it strictly professional. Well the basic idea is to move to Thailand this year. I have an uncle living in pattaya who owns a hotel+bar but I would like t
  4. Thought this be of use for anyone who wants to move to Pattaya but doesn’t know what to do here... A new ebook has just been published that tells you everything about teaching English as a Second Language in Thailand. If you're thinking of getting a TEFL Certificate, this reveals everything you'll need to know to pass the course and land your first job. If you’re already teaching and need inspiration, or just want to hear a fellow teacher’s experiences of life inside a classroom, there are dozens of plug-and-play lessons and even more anecdotes. Teaching English is written by Lonel
  5. Good day to all, I am happy to have found this site and wish to share my experience to all people who are thinking about or currently trying make a Marriage Visa or Fiance Visa for a Thai lady, whether you live in Pattaya or Bangkok or anywhere else for that matter, the process is the same. Please post any other names of scam companies that you may have been victim too and share any info you may have about the visa process to help a future person out. I think by telling you my story, I can help answer a lot of questions you may have, and please, BEWARE OF LAZY/SCAM LEGAL COMPANIES WI
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