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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, I am selling currency exchange kiosk on behalf of my gf. Kiosk is located on Jomtien beach rd. Its operating every day. My gf got few, and would like to sell one to get some extra cash to expand her other businesses. Its hard decision to sell for her, as its making profit every day. In High seson, its quite good, for example in januany, it made over 100 000 profit. The rent is 20 000thb/month There is one employee right now, but you can put ur own, or work urself, or your gf, so you dont pay salary. You dont pay deposit, for rent. Best thing about it is my gf is willing to let you work/use her banking licence, more details by email, or call. You can start operate next day. All you need is cash to exchange. My gf will advise you, and help you with her experience, how to... I think is bargain. When she first got it, she had to pay huge deposit for place, build box, buy equipement, connect electrics, get licence (takes time, and not easy to get). So if you are looking for business for urself or your gf, that can be good oportunity for you. You dont need buy stock, all u deal with is pure cash. Cant go wrong with business. And location is on jomtien beach rd. Personally if I got money I would buy it from her myself :) For serious buyers, I can get price bit down. 700,000 THB 087 378 6693 Thank You Kris
  2. From BIG to small we store it all. We are the first & only, newly constructed, purpose built, Western Style self storage facility in Pattaya. We have various sizes to meet all your storage needs starting as low as 450Baht/month with up to 30% disc. We can store luggage to motorcycles to household furniture and even automobiles (with start service). We provide convenient container drop-off & pickup service FREE of charge. Please contact us for details. Your valuable is important to us. We provide 24 Hour Manned Security with 3 meter barbwire walls, security cameras and flood lights. All our units are ground level access with 2 meter doors for easy access. Please contact us for additional information and special monthly rate discounts. 09-01-402-402
  3. An exciting new online branding and marketing platform ‘FreePlayo.com’ launched in Pattaya in January 2012. Encouraged by its early growth in user numbers, an impressively high ratio of repeat visits, and favorable user behavior trends, FreePlayo is keen to broaden its focus nationwide. Front and Centre Conceived and developed in Thailand, FreePlayo is a simple website in which users play a free game of chance every eight hours to accumulate FreePlayo points. Players can exchange their points for sponsored cash and prize rewards. Repeat branding is the core benefit of FreePlayo to sponsors, whose logos are the focus of the rewarding online game. “Whereas most online advertising plays second fiddle to content, advertising is front and centre on FreePlayo,” said FreePlayo Director and Co-Founder David Gillbanks. “Everyone I have asked who has played FreePlayo more than a few times can name most if not all of the sponsors of our website.” FreePlayo user Pavit Grover, whose family owns the long-established Ali Baba Indian Restaurant (a FreePlayo sponsor), agrees: “There are sponsors on FreePlayo that I had never heard of before, but because of FreePlayo I know that they exist and if I ever need their services I could go to them.” Compelling FreePlayo gives sponsors the opportunity to build upon players’ brand awareness through tactical promotions or strategic marketing messages. Sponsors’ messages and promotions are linked to their respective logos during game-play and are compiled in a searchable directory of promotions that site visitors spend on average three minutes browsing. Users may act upon these messages via email and web links or share them on social networks. FreePlayo can help sponsors conceive, write, and design compelling promotions and messages. FreePlayo’s directors have more than three decades of advertising, communications, graphic design, and online marketing experience. “The more compelling and interesting the message, the higher the click-through and share rates,” said FreePlayo Director and Co-Founder Matt O’Sullivan. “The most effective sponsor content on FreePlayo is enjoying click-through rates that are far higher than the industry average.” FreePlayo adds further value by pushing out sponsor messages to its followers on Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace. The FreePlayo Pattaya blog offers yet another value-added way for sponsors to get their news out. Read the rest of this story at http://www.bangkokbusinessbrief.com/2012/02/29/new-exciting-online-branding-marketing-concept-launches-in-thailand/
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