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Found 3 results

  1. Is it possible to insure a vehicle with a tourist visa and international drivers license? I know it was in the 90,s just wondering if things have changed.
  2. Just finished O_A visa done in Chicago. Had the Thai wife call to make sure of documents. Be forewarned for those doing O-A visa here you have to prove health insurance. A copy of blue cross/shield card front and back sufficed to pass requirements. I post this for the 2 USA expats (and others) that i read their posts. It is still very easy and fast mail on one Friday get back next Friday. 30 min total all in. to post office and walk to mail box. Have read other post of it starting in Thailand it has started here. Mod feel free to relocate this not really sure where to post.
  3. I hope to be in Pats soon, and would like to rent a scooter this time. I occasionally used to rent cars in the past, but gave up because traffic became too dense and parking a nightmare. Those rental cars did have insurance. I understand that rental scooter, on the other hand, carry almost no insurance. After checking with my German liability insurance company I was informed that they do not cover vehicles in Thailand. Does anybody know about other options, is insurance that covers at least the theft of the scooters available in Pats at reasonable cost? It appears that I am out of luck with Ge
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