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Found 65 results

  1. https://youtu.be/-hfaUlz4kD8 memories from my previous visit to Pattaya
  2. Taxi for Rent from Pattaya : BKK Airport - Start from 1000 THB DMK - Start from 1400 THB Buriram - 3500 THB / Oneway Drop Kanchanaburi - 3500 THB / Oneway Drop Nakhon Ratchasima - 3500 THB / Oneway Drop Krabi - 8500 THB / Oneway Drop Phuket - 8500 THB / Oneway Drop
  3. I can recommend La Petite Planete for French-style cuisine. It's run by a Belgian who knows his cooking. It's located about half-way down a sub soi that runs along one side of Tukcom, the side closet to 2nd Road. It's small and there's nothing fancy about the place, but the food is excellent. For a quick, unpretentious French-style bistro meal, La Petite Planete is a good choice. It also features a limit menu of Thai food and the girls I've taken there who've sampled the Thai dishes gave it the thumbs up. I've never had a bad meal there and more than one truly good one. He's one of my favorites, couscous with grilled meat and seasonal root vegetables. The couscous had been steamed properly, the vegetables, served as a side dish, were flavorful and the meat (quarter chicken, leg and thigh; some chunks of beef; and two small pieces of lamb) was tasty. It cost 350 baht. Last weekend had the three-course Special of the Day. You get three or four choices each for the starter, main course and dessert. For starters, you can have soup; salad or pate. The four main-course possibilities are a beef, pork, chicken or fish dish, while dessert is pudding, cake, sorbet or fruit salad. The main dish is accompanied by your choice of potato (French fried, mashed, baked or boiled) and a small serving of vegetables as well as fresh French bread. I started with country-style pate (the homemade pickles were a nice touch): and followed with Chicken Cordon Bleu: The chicken fillet had been pounded thin; the slice of ham added the right flavor accent and saltiness; and the Swiss cheese inside was bubbly. The outside surface was browned nicely and added flavor. For dessert, I had creme caramel. The top surface looks dark in the picture, but in fact it was caramelized to just the right level . The sauce wasn't sickenly sweet. It cost 270 baht for the three-course meal and another 70 baht for a bottle of San Miguel Light. Chang, Tiger and Leo are available for 40 or 50 baht, but I prefer SML. One night I wasn't very hungry and just ordered the crab salad. I can't remember exactly how much it was, but about 100 baht. Side note: One night, this young lady was sitting at the table across from mine. She smiled invitingly and asked me why I was eating alone. I smiled back and answered, "Because I am alone - tonight." She laughed, but before she could say anything else, she got a text message on her cell phone and was occupied with it for several minutes, then finished her meal quickly and paid, smiling sweetly at me on the way out. I have to wonder what she might have said/offered without the text message. Maybe she would invited me to join her in hopes I'd pick up the tab, but certain services might also have been offered at some point in the conversation. I'm guessing she worked in one of the Russian places on Walking Street, as those girls all live in the Day-Night Apartments just around the corner from La Petite Planete. Evil
  4. Some recent meals: Sunday roast at the Punch and Judy Pub. I should have turned the plate as you can hardly see the meat (three kinds, beef, pork, lamb). It was probably the best British-style roast I've had in Pattaya. It doesn't look like much in the pic, but the homemade apple crumble with custard was excellent, too! I can fully recommend the Punch and Judy if you're looking for a tasty Sunday meal. A chili burger at the Golf Club on Soi LK Metro: Very good Tex-Mex chili topping on a thick, well-cooked burger. French-style shepherd's pie at Mama's Cafe on Soi 6. Yummy mashed potato topping, seasoned with nutmeg. Grilled squid at a Thai street eatery: and a very spicy dish of octopus with chiles at the same place:
  5. Hi all members of PattayaTalk, My name is Kanokwan Tangchitnusorn, I'm a Ph.D student of the College of Population Studies (CPS), Chulalongkorn University, and currently I am doing a Ph.D. dissertation about the international retirement migration (IRM) of Westerners in Thailand, in which, the research is about the study of the migration-to-Thailand decision-making process, well-being, assimilation, and impacts of Western retirees in Thailand. As part of my research, I have to distribute around 400 questionnaires to Western retirees in Thailand nationwide who came from developed countries in the Western world. For Pattaya, I sent the hard-copied version questionnaires to Pattaya Immigration office, and already collected a good number of it. However, I think the on-line distribution of the questionnaire is also a practical and savvy approach. Hopefully, the research results will become part of policy recommendations, which aim to constitute mutual benefits for both retired expats and Thai society as a whole. So, if you want to be part of the study, please go to http://goo.gl/forms/d0M1ldM2H7 and then submit your information. In addition, please be informed that Information related directly to you will be kept confidential. Results of the study will be reported as total picture. Any information which could be able to identify you will not appear in the report. Thanks a lot for reading this post. KANOKWAN TANGCHITNUSORN, Ms. Ph.D candidate at College of Population Studies (CPS), Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand
  6. APUS CONDO FOR RENT IN PATTAYA Room Detail Size 34 sqm Studio room 1 Bathroom 18,000 Baht per moth Contact 089-896-8966 Jeremy , 092-254-5364 Faii Email info@zetestate.com ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ THE CHEZZ CONDO FOR RENT IN CENTRAL PATTAYA Room detail 1bedroom size 38 sqm 22,000 Baht per month Contact 089-896-8966 Jeremy , 092-254-5364 Faii Email info@zetestate.com ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The trust residence central pattaya Room detail Studio size 23 sqm 8,000 Baht per month Contact 089-896-8966 Jeremy , 092-254-5364 Faii Email info@zetestate.com Thank you for watching
  7. Bought a property from a property developer in pattaya name matrix. No title deed and unable to reach at all from overseas.
  8. Hi all I am in Jomtien and am looking to buy a good quality telescope. My budget is flexible and what I am prepared to spend is dependent on what I will get for my money. Do not want to buy a new one as they are over priced in Pattaya. Thankyou in anticipation
  9. Hi, I'm recently moved to Pattaya and offering music lesson. I'm an expert in guitar. I graduated from 3 Conservatories of Music in Germany, Italy and USA and received an award to study at University of Music in Graz, Austria. I have performed in many venues around the world from Barcelona to Jakarta. etc. Please check me out at www.yaiguitar.com or send me an email at yutkomjorn@gmail.com Lesson can be in German, Italian, English or Thai. Thank you so much. But
  10. Several Facebook users have been updating a restaurant map for Pattaya City area. You can find it at https://www.google.com/maps/d/u/0/viewer?mid=zxcFzB698YEg.kbhItz0iYtTM Using this map, you can find many of the restaurants reviewed here. If you are on Facebook, you can view (and join) the Group "Pattaya Restaurants" to find reviews of most of the restaurants on this map. Here is the map displayed in this post
  11. Hi, My wife recently accepted a teaching position outside of Pattaya and her school is providing our whole family with resident visas to stay in Thailand. However, they are not employing me so as of now I am just a "trailing spouse". How difficult will is be to obtain employment in Pattaya once I arrive? Are there many companies that consider a "farang" and how easily do you obtain a work permit? This is a real concern for me because I'm not sure I can live there two years without working. Mat
  12. Its been a while as I had problems logging in, not sure why but found I can now so would like to say "Hi" again and update Canterbury Tales. W e have a huge amount of books, more than ever and we have worked hard still to have the best choice in this great City. We still offer a reasonable breakfast as have been doing so since 2005, 2 eggs, 2 bacon, sausage, beans, tomato, toast, tea or coffee & orange juice for 90 baht, we also offer other main meals and Thai food. we have 25 rooms in 4 buildings all close together in the soi ranging from 400 per night for a smallish budget room to 700 for a really big studio style room, all as standard have A/C, fan, en-suite hot water shower, large fridge, kettle, TV, DVD player, most have either 3 piece suit or sofa/sofa bed & recliner, 32" flat screen TV, balcony etc We offer discount on a week or more booking and monthly rates.all the best Dave
  13. How Pattaya can change in the space of a few months. These were taken in October, and the last time i was out here was only back in June, and how much it has changed that short space of time. The sale was so good, it sold out!!!!.................................... How things change in such a short space of time...................................... The beach is such a fucking mess now. Dont know how people can sit around this south area of the beach all day............................................. Competition must be quite fierce between these 2 giants on Walking Street...................................
  14. Its a dogs life................................................ It was cold today........................................... A leftover from all of the flooding????...............................................
  15. Dear members of Pattaya Talk, Please allow me to introduce to you my company "Siam Secure". Siam Secure is a safe deposit box and mailbox rental facility, located on Pattaya Klang Road, inside the new Welcome Town shopping street (next to PowerBuy). We offer high quality Safe Deposit Boxes starting from 375 baht per month. Our mailboxes are available for only 999 baht year. This includes free SMS notification whenever you receive mail. About our facility We operate a true state of the art security system including 24 hour security on premises by one of Thailand's leading security companies, and round-the-clock CCTV monitoring. Our Safe Deposit Boxes are located in a vault, surrounded by 30CM reinforced walls and a steel vault door. Unlike banks, we are open 7 days a week, from 10AM to 10PM. Including most public holidays. About our Safe Deposit Boxes Our Safe Deposit Boxes are of the highest quality, as you would expect them to be in any professional facility like ours. At the moment we offer two different sizes. Our 3" box is 30.5 x 61 x 7.6 cm, and our 5" box is 30.5 x 61 x 12.7 cm. Both are big enough to fit chanote-sized papers. Our clients receive a set of two keys. We do not keep spare keys. Prices: 3" Safe Deposit Box 1 month 579 THB 3 months 1649 THB 6 months 2999 THB 1 year 4499 THB 5" Safe Deposit Box 1 month 1040 THB 3 months 2969 THB 6 months 5399 THB 1 year 8499 THB Deposit: 1000 THB About our Mailboxes For only 999 THB per year, you rent a mailbox at Siam Secure. This includes free SMS notifications whenever you receive mail. Our mailbox unit is also open daily, from 10AM to 10PM. After registering you will receive a set of two keys. We will be offering scanning services in the near future, so you can read your physical mail online. Note: We recently upgraded our mailboxes to high quality stainless steel units. There are only 36 units left. If you're interested I would advise you to act quickly. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UuRY3DlifLw If you guys have any questions, I'm here to answer them. We are located on Pattaya Klang Road, inside the new Welcome Town shopping street (next to PowerBuy). Visit us online at http://www.siamsecure.co.th or http://www.facebook.com/siamsecurelive or call us on +66(0) 38 410 314. Our exact location in Google Maps: https://www.google.com/maps/place/12°55%2757.7%22N+100°53%2755.2%22E/@12.932705,100.898657,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0x0?hl=nl We hope to see you soon! @mods, forgive me if I am not allowed to post in this section. Please move to the correct one.
  16. Its been awhile,but these photos were taken in January this year. Ive just been to busy to post these any earlier.
  17. This is one of those walks that you have to do at least once when your in Pattaya. For me, i try to do this walk every time im in town, as its a great day, albeit a very hot and sweaty day, but the walk to the top is well worth it for the views. The views from both the Admiral and the Buddha make it worthwhile. The views are amazing from the top. All photos taken during my last trip back in January 2015.
  18. Taken during January 2015. Im sure that Khun Striderman has covered this more than enough times, but i just thought i would give my take on it.............................
  19. Before all you ex pats and Pattaya legends start slating me LOL, i'll admit it, I'm another one ready to bite the dust LOL To get to the point I'm traveling to Pattaya on the 25th of next month for 10 days, I was meant to go to Pattaya with some lads but they dropped and left me to go it alone, I'm a 24yo british Asian and it's the first time I'm travelling alone, I just want any advice or any tips on what I should and shouldnt do, places to go and if there is anyone who fancies a pint when I get there! What can i expect there as a british asian as i've read somewhere that thai peoples attitude towards you can vary based on different nationalities etc? Also any advice on how much cash i should bring and would you recommend i do 5 days Bangkok and 5 days pataya or just do Pattaya all the way!! In regards to the BG,FL's 😉 are there any recommended steps to pick em' up lol or just approach em direct and ask em ow much which would be awkward? Lol Cheers in advanced!!! Thank you sirs! 👍😂
  20. Just a few night shots of Walking Street, taken a couple of weeks ago over the space of a few different nights. You may notice some difference in the photos, as some were taken on my little pocket Casio and the rest on my Canon SLR. Enjoy...............................
  21. I didnt want to thread-fuck Khun Striderman's excellent thread with my piss poor effort at taking photos on the beach, so ive started my own thread for the whales and babe's................................. Something for everyone hopefully. All taken on Pattaya beach and Wongamat. But without doubt, Jomtien is the better beach for viewing the girls, and that thread will follow shortly..................................... Photos taken 3 weeks ago.
  22. If you like to take your sauna's fully clothed, then this is the place for you. I swear it is so dam frickin' hot underneath all of that plastic, i just dont know how those stall holders can do this twice a week. Welcome to the Soi Buckoew market, operating twice a week on Tuesday's and Friday's. Located at the very end of the Soi, connecting onto South Pattaya Road, its quite easy to find. Just follow all the traffic........................... Everything from food and drink, clothing to shoes, plants to small animals. Bring the family, and the mother-in-law, its fun for everyone, especially your wallet. Parking could become a bit of a problem though....................... Mini sewing machines, the size of a stapler.......................... Whose your team....................? Virginal white anyone? Some stall holders dont seem to like you taking photos of their stalls. This lady was going berserk at me for taking a quick snap!! Which is strange, as most seem to actually want you to take a photo, and will even pose for you without asking.............
  23. There i was, about 10 days ago, just sat around Bali Hai pier enjoying my Coca-Cola slushie from 7-11, when all of a sudden, i get interrupted by a huge crowd of Pattaya City Hall's finest staff, and press, who have decided that today is the day that they come and check out their Rat problem down here................................. Good job so far, lets hope that they can keep up the good work, and at least try to educate the local's in how to use a rubbish bin or skip!!!
  24. Stayed at the Areca so I thought it would easy to book with Mr T which is just across the road. We need a mini van to drop of family members at the old airport and return. The return was just 2 people so asked to change to a car but they did not have a driver returning so had to pay 1500 baht each way for a mini van no problem. The next day at 11.30 am this dirty old van arrives with an oldish driver by the time we got to soi longkee I wanted to get out he was jerky on the throttle and weaving in out of the motor bikes parked on the sides and beeping to all the taxi stands. Pauls says wait till we get to the hiway he will smooth out my last chance was on Sukhumvit should of got out then. He took the motor way avoided as many tolls as possible and took two and half hours. Don't know if he was on some type of drug but he was frigidity and sniffing the nose tube , tugging his ear and eating the coffee lollies the whole time. The aircon packed in once we reached the traffic in Bangkok. The card we had for Mr T the office number was disconnected and the 2 moible numbers I couldn't read one of the digits on each. When we got to the airport I asked him to ring the boss on my phone but he wouldn't and used his head set, I told him we were staying there and would give him 2000 baht he said the boss said ok. When I gave him the 2000 baht he said what no tip I just shoved it in his hand and walked away. When we got the girls through to imagination we went outside and flagged down a new taxi with a bit of Thaiglish we were able to get across that fast okay but good safe drive. 1500 baht express way include all tolls and no tip. It took 1.45 minutes and the driver didn't know Pattaya so we had show him how to get to soi Diana. Went straight to Mr T offices it took the girl a bit to work out that we were the couple that did not return with driver. Then I told exactly what I thought of the driver. All she could really say was she would pass it on to Mr T. We have done 14 return plus trips all different times and companys and this was the worst ever, never ever will use Mr T again.
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