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Found 9 results

  1. I read on FB that this place had a soft opening today. Having had my fill of Sunday Roasts, my friend and I thought it would be worth a look and a taste of some of the daring items on today's menu. I had the bruschetta on house made focaccia bread. Lots of bits of good things on it around it, including some very nice tomatoes. I decided to try the seared tuna as a starter, and the owner Ewan wisely suggested I eat that and then decide if I wanted a main course. He was right..remember, this was my breakfast (as in "break fast') for the day, and so I wasn't ravenously hungry. The tuna came, an
  2. Some recent meals: Sunday roast at the Punch and Judy Pub. I should have turned the plate as you can hardly see the meat (three kinds, beef, pork, lamb). It was probably the best British-style roast I've had in Pattaya. It doesn't look like much in the pic, but the homemade apple crumble with custard was excellent, too! I can fully recommend the Punch and Judy if you're looking for a tasty Sunday meal. A chili burger at the Golf Club on Soi LK Metro: Very good Tex-Mex chili topping on a thick, well-cooked burger. French-style shepherd's pie at Mama's
  3. Which are currently the best Thai restaurants in Pattaya? All suggestions will be gratefully received. (…and before anyone says that ALL of the restaurants in Pattaya are Thai restaurants, I mean the best restaurants serving Thai food.)
  4. Several Facebook users have been updating a restaurant map for Pattaya City area. You can find it at https://www.google.com/maps/d/u/0/viewer?mid=zxcFzB698YEg.kbhItz0iYtTM Using this map, you can find many of the restaurants reviewed here. If you are on Facebook, you can view (and join) the Group "Pattaya Restaurants" to find reviews of most of the restaurants on this map. Here is the map displayed in this post
  5. The mrs and I had some business to take care of out in the hinterlands of Soi Arunothai (not an area I am very familiar with), and on finishing it, we spotted this place. We checked that they had both Thai and Italian food, and decided to stop here. It's simple, basic, and has little in the way of "ambiance ", though it was quite busy for an out of the way eating venue. I ordered a caesar salad, spaghetti bolognese and a coke zero. The mrs ordered tom yam goong, pad kapao moo and water. After about 10 minutes, the dishes arrived sans the caesar salad, which took longer. I thought the wai
  6. In collaboration with some Facebook friends, including Beerbelly from the forum, we are developing a map containing the locations of many of the Pattaya restaurants that are reviewed in the Facebook group "Pattaya Restaurants" and sometimes here. I will post my reviews in this subforum from now on, since Evil has been doing such a bang up job keeping us all entertained with his food porn. I am also going to try to get a bounteous breast shot in at least one of the photos, circumstances allowing. Pattaya Restaurants Map is at http://goo.gl/1YNwul. Check it out and if you have any fa
  7. The Sailor Bar and Restaurant is well-known for its cheap drinks and food. Since cheap booze in and of itself isn't a big attraction for me, I've never had a drink there and can't comment on the bar side of the business. But I have eaten twice in the restaurant and I strongly doubt there will be a third time. On the upside, it's clean, well-lighted and above all, very cheap. Some of the Thai dishes you can get for 20 or 30 baht and most farang food runs between 80 and 150 baht. The breakfast has to be one of the least expensive in Pattaya. The down
  8. I've had some very good meals recently at the Saigon Bistro on the sixth floor of Central Festival Mall on 2nd Road near Pattaya Klang. Prices are reasonable, portions are large, service is attentive and most importantly of all, the food tastes great! We ordered the appetizer combi plate and the warm beef salad, plus I had pho dac biet (rice noodle soup with beef brisket, beef balls and slices of rare beef) and my companion had a shrimp wrap dish. The total cost was 890 baht, which included the four dishes, two SMLs for me and a large Coke for her. We couldn't finish all the fo
  9. In non-linear, non-dialectical fashion, I'm going to start this review with the bottom line: Hajime is a great place to take a Thai girl for dinner, mostly because of its Wow! factor. The food is standard teppanyaki fare. It's not cheap (500-600 baht per person, including beer), but it's worth every baht. Hajime Robot Restaurant is a teppanyaki-style restaurant on the 5th floor of Central Festival Mall. As you walk towards the Beach Road side of the mall, it's on the last restaurant on the left before the elevators. Teppanyaki is a Japanese method of cooking in which raw ingredients are
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